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Super School Student Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

“Boss, it’s already taken care of, six people with a total of twenty cards, amounting to 12.53 million, plus eight mobile phones, various clothes and trousers, shoes, jewellery, and a number of ultra-thin condoms.”

When she heard the word “ultra-thin condoms”, Gu Shiqi’s body inadvertently moved a little, probably feeling a little unbelievable that these teenagers actually carried these things with them.

Seeing the beauty rooted in Ye Luo’s arms, her face buried deep, her two round breasts pressed tightly against Ye Luo’s body, the few butt-naked guys all stared with indignant, or envious expressions, and one guy actually got shamelessly hard.

However, they also dared not speak out in anger, Su Lao was pressing here, who dared to speak out.

Ye Lu enjoyed Gushiki’s wonderful touch, so he looked at these guys and said with a smile.

“Brothers don’t hate me, if you want to hate him, hate him.”

Ye Luo pointed at the triangle-eyed man and continued.

“I made it very clear at the beginning, advising you guys not to gamble with me, but he didn’t believe in evil, I couldn’t help it, well, it’s a lesson, I’ll take the stuff, you guys can go.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, several people were amused and hurriedly turned around and left.

Ye Luo then looked at Su Lao and said.

“Elder Su please don’t let your men give them clothes to wear, let them learn a lesson and change their doggy eyes, it’s also good for them.”

Su Lao said with a smile.

“This is fine, fine, you all listen carefully, if anyone dares to facilitate them, they are working against me, got it?”

The crowd all nodded their heads in response.

They were all respectable people in the city, they were dressed in luxury cars and beautiful women every day, but if they were driven out onto the street butt naked this time, they would be laughed off!

However, since the boss had spoken, they didn’t dare to say anything because, as they often came here, of course they knew the background of the boss, and it was a matter of minutes if they wanted to destroy their family.

“Ai! If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have brought all my family belongings with me.”

“Who says otherwise, it would have been nice to leave a card at home.”

“Hey, hey, it’s a good thing I forgot my wallet today.”

“You grandson, how dare you.”


This several guys chattered depressingly while walking out of the clubhouse door, the antique night market closes at 10:00 p.m. At this moment, 10:30 p.m. is not yet, the street is certainly not without pedestrians, and immediately someone saw them.

“Huh! Isn’t that the broads who like to race cars? How come none of them are wearing any clothes.”

“Is this a preparation for running naked?”

“Guess it’s performance art.”

“Get it on film, it’s rare,”

“Give it to the media to break the news, I guess it will pay a lot of money.”


Seeing such a buzz, a bunch of people gathered instantly.

The six butt-naked guys hurriedly ran in the direction of the sparsely populated area, but immediately someone followed with their mobile phone raised, and the scene was a bit chaotic for a while.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Older brother doesn’t know when he’ll be out of the gate either, depressed!”

He punched his palm in anger.

However, just then he saw a string of shirtless boys running along the road not far away.

“Sh*t! Isn’t that Old Monkey and the others, what does this mean, did they get caught burrowing into someone’s wife’s nest? That’s not right, there can’t be six of them burrowing together! Snow White and the seven little naked men? That’s not right either, there’s not enough of them! Hurry up and stop the car and see what’s going on.”

Zhang Yang looked at the scene with bewilderment, followed by the car then stopped quickly.

“Old monkey, is this some kind of new game you guys are playing?”

Zhang Yang shouted loudly as he looked at the few people who were running away.

Hearing Zhang Yang’s shout, several people were like seeing water in the desert and became completely ecstatic.

“New your sister’s game! Why are you driving such a small car today.”

The three-horned eye was the old monkey Zhang Yang was referring to, and he shouted as he darted over with the crowd and jumped onto Zhang Yang’s convertible sports car.

Luckily, the roadster was a four-seater, so after throwing the driver down, the seven people could barely squeeze in.

Zhang Yang, who had turned into the driver, couldn’t help but laugh at the six guys.

“What’s with this one of you guys, why are you in such a mess?”

Old Monkey said while urging Zhang Yang to drive faster.

“I counted myself unlucky today, being set up by a rabbit and, it’s all because of that B*tch Gu Shiqi, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten into such a mess.”

Following that, Old Monkey briefly described what happened.

“You said that guy was handsome like a demon? And wore a pair of gla*ses?”

Zhang Yang asked with a frown.

“Yeah, could it be that you know that kid, oh yeah, you and that Gushiki chick are from the same school.”

Old Monkey suddenly remembered.

Zhang Yang nodded and said.

“Yes, I do know who he is, and I have a problem with him, this is just right, let’s figure out how to deal with him together.”

While the guys outside were discussing how to deal with Ye Luo, Ye Luo also happened to be inside talking to Su Lao about the main matter, which was the medicinal tripod.

Ye Luo looked at Elder Su and said solemnly.

“Elder Su, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t sell this medicinal tripod to you.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Su Lao’s eyebrows instantly knitted into a lump, in his opinion, it was a waste of time to talk for so half a day.

Seeing Su Lao’s unhappy face, Ye Luo followed and said.

“It’s like this, listen to my explanation, Elder Su.”

“You know that I am Master Yun’s disciple, so I feel that this pill censer should be an ominous object, and there must be no benefit for you to get it.”

As a result, Elder Su said unmoved.

“Little friend, don’t worry, I have my own rules, just say the price.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“How about this, as you can see, I’m not short of money, give me a ‘magic weapon’ that is about the same value as this one, and I’ll exchange it with you.”

Ye Lu was not sure what to exchange with others during the “magic meeting”, so this time it was just the right time to make a deal.

In response to Ye Lu’s proposal, Su Lao thought for a moment and then said.

“Alright, I have a dagger here, which is also a magic weapon, and it can be used as long as it reaches the level of a dark jin practitioner, so I guess you can use it if you go further.”

Ye Lu was kind enough to talk, he said with a smile.

“Fine, I have no use for this pill censer anyway, so let’s change it, you can just bring me the dagger and let me have a look.”

Su Lao waved his hand and called an attendant to say a few words, and in a short while the man brought a dagger.

When he saw the appearance of the dagger, Ye Lu felt a little surprised because it was too short, the length of the blade was less than ten centimeters, and the appearance was very strange, but there was an advantage, it was easy to carry, because the dagger was not opened and there was no need to worry about putting it in your pocket and cutting your hand.

As if he could see what Ye Lu was thinking, Su Lao took hold of the hilt of the dagger and then said with a smile.

“Don’t look at the lack of an edge, but in fact, if you pour in internal energy, it will become incredibly sharp.”

With these words he picked up a copper ashtray next to him, then with a slice of the dagger he eliminated a large piece of the ashtray just like cutting a radish.

Ye Lu was fine, but Gu Shiqi was shocked by this scene.

The reason why he had to perform was because he was worried that Ye Luo would not change it.

However, he didn’t know that Ye Lu would definitely change it, because the brief description of this dagger was like this.

“Name: arrowhead of the Sunset Arrow, Material: ghost-faced silver, Production date: 60,000 years ago, Origin: Haotian Continent, Description: the most essential part of the weapon, although it has experienced tens of thousands of years, the damage is minimal, available ……”

In other words, this item was actually an arrowhead, the part of the arrow that had the most lethality, and compared to the unusable Dan Furnace, obviously this was more valuable.

Therefore, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Fine, then let’s exchange, this dagger is relatively useful to me.”

Seeing Ye Lu exchange it so painfully, Su Lao immediately smiled with his eyebrows, he eagerly took the incense burner then looked at Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi and said.

“I’ll have them transfer the twenty million dollars in cash to your cards later, it’s inconvenient to hold it after all, then the two of you just have more fun in the clubhouse, there’s a lot of fun things to do here, so I’ll excuse myself for a while.”

After saying that, he hurriedly left.

Just as Old Man Su left, Gu Shiqi came up to Ye Lu’s ear and whispered.

“I thought you were going to knock him off hard, but it turned out to be such a broken thing instead.”

Ye Luo, however, whispered with an odd smile.

“Hehehe, don’t worry, I’ll be his saviour in a moment.”


Chapter 46

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Gu Shiqi was taken aback, she didn’t know what medicine Ye Luo was selling in his gourd, however, Ye Luo quietly made a gesture and didn’t let Gu Shiqi continue to ask, because, through the performance of Su Lao just now, he already felt that there was surveillance here I’m afraid.

With that the two of them wandered around the clubhouse and the money arrived quickly. Eventually it was the food and drink place that stayed Ye Lu’s steps because the food here was so tastefully prepared that he couldn’t help but sit down and feast on it.

Luckily, Wang Shiqi was not a svelte girl, although not sloppy, she was quite grounded and sat down with him to have a good meal.

Ye Lu did not have any regrets about not finding the pottery stove tonight, life is like that, how can everything be done overnight?

Before they could talk for a while, there was suddenly a great deal of confusion on the other side of the room, as if something very important had happened.

“Well, it’s finally my turn to come out.”

Ye Lu smiled, then wiped his mouth and walked towards the noisy room.

“What’s going on?”

As he squeezed through the crowd, he looked inside the room, that Su Lao was currently in pain and stretched out his hand and said in a broken voice.

“Quickly …… quickly …… go …… to find Hua Lao ……”

Sure enough, it’s Hua Lao again, it seems that this Hua Lao is quite popular in the city!

However, immediately a person said.

“I’ve just called Elder Hua’s side, Elder Hua has gone out of town for a medical appointment and won’t be back until tomorrow.”

At this moment, a look of despair appeared on Su Lao’s face, in his opinion, only Hua Lao had a ray of hope to save himself in the whole city.

At this time, Ye Lu walked over and said.

“Everyone don’t panic, maybe I can save Su Lao, but my first look at the condition, you guys help me to find the silver needles, be quick.”

Although the crowd didn’t know who Ye Luo was, they were already at their wits’ end, so suddenly a man came to command them, and everyone subconsciously listened to Ye Luo’s words.

I guess everyone was watching the development with the mentality of “treating a dead horse as a living horse”.

Ye Luo walked over and pretended to examine Elder Hua’s wrists and all over his body, in fact, he had already known that Elder Su would become like this.

That medicine pot was indeed a medicine pot, however, what was being refined was not some kind of immortal pill, but a highly poisonous pill, although it had gone through tens of thousands of years, for cultivators nowadays, especially dark jin strong people this stuff was still deadly enough.

Of course, Ye Lu did not want to harm Su Lao, but to sell him a favour, because he saw from the profile that Su Lao had a high status in the city.

Of course, Ye Lu had deeper thoughts.

Soon, someone brought the silver needles, while the few people gathered around the nearest looked at Ye Lu and asked anxiously.

“This little brother, is the boss still saved?”

Ye Luo slowly nodded and said.

“Don’t worry, it should be able to be saved, you guys go and find another big bucket.”

After saying that, Ye Luo opened the box filled with silver needles, and silver needles of various sizes were neatly arranged in the box, but, to be honest, Ye Luo wouldn’t be able to use these things.

Of course, he only wanted to use these silver needles for show, because this time was different from the past, just now Su Lao had said a lot of “dark energy”, “bright energy” and so on, and at this moment he was awake, Ye Lu was afraid that if he directly inputted his spiritual energy, Su Lao would see what was going on, and it would cause unnecessary trouble.

“It shouldn’t zap anyone anyway! Come on!”

Ye Luo untied Su Lao’s clothes, then pinched the silver needle and aimed at Su Lao’s acupuncture point, “Brush! With a single stroke, he stabbed it in, and at the same time, he used the silver needle as a medium to input his aura into it.

The man who had just brought in the silver needles immediately frowned when he saw Ye Lu’s acupuncture technique like skewering mutton, because in all his years of studying acupuncture, he had never seen anyone apply needles like this before.

Ye Lu didn’t care so much, what with the long needles and short needles, a flurry of stabs, in no time Su Lao was stabbed into a hedgehog.

“Alright, let’s turn the patient over and bring the bucket over.”

Under Ye Lu’s command, everyone turned Su Lao over and lifted him up with his head rushing down, then someone put the bucket under his head.

Immediately, Su Lao couldn’t help but “clam up!” He vomited.

After vomiting out a big pile of black stuff, Su Lao’s face was a little better.

He grabbed Ye Lu’s hand and said.

“Little friend Ye Lu, I shouldn’t have disobeyed your advice, if it wasn’t for you, I really would have died this time. In the future, if there is anything that needs to be done with the Su family, our Su family will definitely go through fire and soup.”

Ye Lu, on the other hand, said in a pretentious and profound manner.

“Elder Su is also lucky, it just so happens that I have learnt a bit of the ‘Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate’, so this is also considered a fate between us.”

But after saying that, Ye Lu regretted a little, because he didn’t know if the “Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate” meant using only thirteen silver needles, and he had just used a whole bunch of them.

As expected, someone whispered.

“I remember that the ‘Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate’ is not a treatment for mental illness, depression or something like that?”

“Yes, it seems that what I just stabbed wasn’t a ‘ghost point’ either!”

But immediately someone else said.

“Who has really seen this kind of folklore needle technique before, if Master Ye says it is then it must be.”

“Yes, don’t look at the advertis*ment, look at the efficacy.”


Seeing that there was some chatter among the crowd, Su Lao then coldly hummed, and only then did the crowd all say nothing.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public.

As they walked along the road, Ye Lu could not help but smile, the so-called “a thousand pieces of gold scattered to the winds” was true, he immediately went from being a millionaire to a millionaire overnight, but I think most of those naked boys would not be willing to give up, but in Ye Lu’s opinion, it was just a few small flies, so he did not care about it.

After Ye Yan returned, she started asking him about his studies and urging him to get into a good university or something, which made Ye Lu feel that his sister was not as “imperial” as she appeared to be and was quite warm-hearted.

The next morning during the second period, a rather tall and sensual beauty suddenly appeared at the entrance of Ye Lu’s senior eight cla*s, this woman’s figure and appearance was completely the mature and crime-inducing type, so the moment she appeared at the entrance she caught everyone’s attention.

“I’m looking for Ye Lu.”

She said with a smile from the doorway.

This blew up the cla*sroom.

“F**k! This Ye Luo guy is cool, this sister who’s looking for him has E+ B**bs, right?”

“Yeah, it’s only slightly worse than Liu Mei, extremely good!”

“With money comes B**bs! Ye Luo good mouth blessing.”


The girl’s face, which was originally smiling, sank with a “brush!” when she heard these people’s messy comments. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Seeing the students in the cla*s talking nonsense and whistling more and more excessively, the beautiful woman got really angry.

“Is grandpa getting old and confused, asking me to personally come and invite a poor student, only to suffer this idle anger and not be able to find anyone, this is not my fault.”

Thinking of this, she quickly turned around and left, and the invitation she was originally going to give to Ye Lu was also thrown into the bin.

However, coincidentally, it just so happened that Zhang Yang saw this scene, others didn’t know Elder Shen’s granddaughter, but Zhang Yang certainly did, and after the person came downstairs, Zhang Yang quickly walked to the front of the bin and picked up the invitation.

“What is Elder Shen inviting this trash kid for?”

He got a little suspicious, but then he suddenly remembered the string of naked runs from last night, so he smiled wistfully and called up.

For his part, Ye Lu had a busy day with nothing to show for it, and in the evening Qin Shiyu suddenly called.

“Ye Lu, I have to go to a party in the evening, grandma is not available, but instructed me to go there before I can, can you join me?”

Ye Luo had always been responsive to Qin Siyu and his best friend Zhao Yang, so he agreed to her without any hesitation.

As night fell, the two arrived at the entrance of a private villa.