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Super School Student Chapter 435-436

Chapter 435

Ye Luo did not know what death tasted like, as he had never died either and had little experience, he only felt a blackness before his eyes, followed by nothing, at least he felt that death did not hurt that much.

Following that, Ye Lu’s eyes slowly opened.

After his eyes opened, Ye Lu found that he seemed to have entered another space, as there were no more flames or that scorching feeling here, instead, he felt that all around him was moist, with faint white smoke floating everywhere, and the sound of water, as if it was a fairyland on earth.

“What the hell is this place?”

He quickly looked around, followed by his eyes going straight as he saw a scene that quite surprised him, he saw naked women all around him, as well as pools of water, wine, all kinds of things to eat, aromas everywhere, and beautiful music ……

“Is this place heaven?”

Leaffall muttered darkly.

“Looks like I’m still a good person, I didn’t go to hell after I died, and, holy sh*t, this paradise is too beautiful, with pools of wine and beautiful women!”

Ye Lu looked at the beautiful scenery, and his nose could not help but bleed out again.

At this time, a woman with scarlet eyes slowly walked out of the white mist, this woman could be described with the words “gorgeous”, she was really too beautiful, although her figure was not as exaggerated as Liu Mei’s, but her flirtatious aura far surpa*sed Liu Mei.

“Welcome to the ‘Heaven Beyond Heaven’ of the ‘Six Desires’, this is the ‘Heaven of Ultimate Bliss’, you can do whatever you want here, this is also your blessing in life , I am the ‘Venerable One’ of the ‘Heaven of Ultimate Bliss’, you can call me ‘Venerable One of Ultimate Bliss’, if you have any orders, just mention them to me, I will naturally satisfy you. ”

The woman’s voice was exceptionally sweet, hearing her voice made one’s heart start to surge, especially when coupled with the woman’s figure, Ye Lu felt that he couldn’t stop his nosebleed.

He licked his lips, and then looked at the “Venerable Pole” and said.

“May I ask your Holiness, how long have I been dead?”

The woman with the scarlet eyes smiled and said.

“You have been dead for twelve hours.”

When he heard her words, Ye Lu let out a sigh of relief, twelve hours was good, perhaps if he could get out, there would not be any delay, there was still a little time before the competition between the Yellow Emperor Clan and the Chi You Clan.

Then he wiped his nosebleed and looked lustfully at Venerable Bliss and said.

“That, ‘Venerable Bliss’, I want to choose to have fun with you, do you agree?”

The “Venerable One of Ultimate Bliss” smiled flirtatiously, then twisted her waist and walked over, putting one hand on Ye Lu’s shoulder and stroking his chest with the other.

“Of course I agree, what do you want? Handsome brother, slave can unlock all kinds of poses oh!”

With these words, the woman slowly raised one of her long legs all the way up to the side of her ear, just like a trained dancer, and this kind of middle door opening made Ye Luo’s fierce “snort!” Two streams of blood soared out of his nose once again.

Following that, he said.

“Then open your mouth and let me give you a kiss.”

The woman obediently opened her warm mouth, and Ye Luo brought his most over, followed by a mouthful of white bright flame rushing out from Ye Luo’s mouth into the woman’s mouth.

This scene caused the woman’s brow to furrow.

After that, Ye Luo realized that the strongest attack he had unleashed by concentrating all the flames, which was also his last attack, actually had no effect at all.

The woman rubbed her chin, then smacked her lips and said.

“The flames taste quite pure, I like it!”

Leaf Fall then said with a somewhat sad face.

“Alright, you win, I’m convinced, you want to rob a woman or do something to me, just go ahead.”

As a result, the woman gave Ye Lu a fierce slap and said.

“Come on, you sister! That hit just now hurt me to death!”

Ye Lu fell to the ground from the blow, and he couldn’t help but spit it out.

“Sh*t! You can’t just rush even if you’re called ‘Venerable Ultimate’! D*mn it, killing the baby!”

Then he saw the heavenly scene around him disappear in an instant, and the naked nymphs had turned into all sorts of “fire beasts”, the two most striking of which were a black “fire beast” and a white “fire beast”.

The black one with the hideous face was the one he knew, the one that had just beaten him to death.

The leader of all these “fire beasts” was the beautiful woman with scarlet eyes, but at this moment, her charming posture was completely gone, and Ye Lu felt a murderous intent from her body that could not be melted.

Seeing the woman’s attitude, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Hey, hey, you can hurt too, I thought you were so powerful that this attack wouldn’t hurt you at all.”

As a result, the woman glared at him and said.

“The attack of three origin flames fusing, of course it will hurt, it has nothing to do with being powerful or not, it’s the same as a mosquito bite on an ordinary human, even though it can be slapped to death with your hand, the bite still hurts, however, congratulations, you have pa*sed the ‘Blazing God Blade’ test.”

Hearing the woman’s words, Ye Lu was taken aback as he looked at the woman in front of him and said.

“Lord Blade Spirit, you said that I have already obtained this ‘Blazing God Blade’?”

Ye Lu had heard of the “Blazing God Blade”, the day he heard Ren Yi and Ren Yao brothers mention the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armaments”, Ye Lu looked up the information everywhere, and among them was this “Blazing God Blade”.

According to the legend, this “Blazing God Blade” was a divine weapon that could kill even the ancient gods, and of course, this blade killed countless gods in the “Battle of Extinction”, but it was never heard of again.

Of course, what surprised Ye Lu was not that there was a “Blazing God Blade” here, but that he had pa*sed some so-called test.

The reason was that when Ye Lu saw the woman with scarlet eyes in that “heaven” just now, he read her profile, and in the woman’s profile, it was written that the woman’s identity was written, so Ye Lu knew that she was not a “Venerable of Bliss” at all, she was the “blade spirit” of the “Blazing God Blade”, and her name was “Scarlet Queen”.

It was for this reason that Ye Lu tried to attack the woman from the inside, but it turned out that the difference was too great to be of any use.

However, after Ye Luo finished speaking, the Scarlet Queen shook her head and said.

“No, although you have been recognized by the ‘Blazing God Blade’ in terms of character, heart and battle power, it doesn’t mean that you have it, there is still one last test waiting for you, if you can pa*s this to fully recognize it.”

Hearing that there was still a test, Ye Lu frowned, but then the Scarlet Queen continued.

“In fact, this is not really a test, but a process that cannot be avoided if you want to obtain the ‘Blazing God Blade’, because in all these years, as the ‘Blade Spirit’, I have gathered endless ‘Fury Qi ‘, and when you identify yourself with me, these ‘fierce qi’ you will also bear at the same time, if you do not turn into a ‘murderous demon’ as a result, then congratulations, you have succeeded.”

Ye Luo then asked with a furrowed brow.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“The Scarlet Queen smiled and said.

“If it doesn’t work, you’ve already gone mad anyway, you don’t have your own consciousness, so what’s the point of thinking so much about it?”

Hearing her words, Ye Luo was instantly black-headed.

However, in the end, he sat face to face with the “Fishy Red Queen” and each cut their palms, with their four hands facing each other, and began the final recognition.

Ye Luo felt the endless killing aura coming from the “Scarlet Queen’s” palm and began to invade his mind.


The headquarters of the “Pill Alliance”.

The “Pill Master Teacher” was standing at the window of the central tower looking at the direction of the “Fire Cave”, Ye Lu had been in there for two days and there was no news at all, so she couldn’t help but worry.

This was not only because of the Pill to restore one’s youth for a short time, but also because of the complicated and turbulent situation within the Pill Alliance.

At this moment, Elder Yuxin suddenly walked in from outside and said.

“Pill Master, are you still waiting for that boy to come out? Tell me your decision, which side are you on?”

However, at this moment, Elder Pill Concubine saw that all the people from the Mo Lian Clan who had been guarding the exit of the Fire Cave suddenly stood up.


Chapter 436

“He’s out!”

The “Pill Master of the Highly Complimented Pavilion” looked at the direction of the “Fire Cave”, because she really did not expect Ye Lu to come out of the “Fire Cave”, and she did not expect him to come out so quickly.

The moment before Ye Luo came out, the crowd saw a raging flame rise up from the entrance of the Fire Cave, followed by all the flames converging and disappearing, and then Ye Luo walked out.

The moment Ye Lu stepped out of the “Fire Cave”, everyone subconsciously stepped back, because everyone felt that they were not facing Ye Lu, but an ancient god of killing.

The woman in smoky make-up grabbed Lin Ruyue at once, while Miao Fengling hid behind her father.

And all the demonic beasts and animals within a kilometre radius around this area fled away in all directions at the same time.

The first was that Ye Lu’s eyes had been closed since he came out, and the other was that the “Fire Cave”, which had never been extinguished, had actually gone out.

“What happened in the ‘Fire Cave’?”

“I don’t know, it feels like Ye Lu is completely different from when he went in.”

“Yes, where are the people who went in before?”

“They should all be dead, ask Ye Lu later.”


The people waiting at the entrance of the Fire Cave were all from the Mo Lian Clan, who had been taunted over the past two days, especially by the grandson of the “Pill Xin Elder”, who was called Ximen Youxi, “Ximen” was also the original surname of the “Pill Xin Elder”, but no one had ever called him by his first name.

This “Ximen Youxi” definitely has the bloodline of their ancestor, “Ximen Qing”, and is so cheap that he has become obsessed with these big-breasted female disciples of Mo Lian, and is unable to stop himself.

To avoid being hara*sed by him, Lin Ruyue had wrapped herself up tightly, but, unfortunately, her dimpled lines were just as inviting to crime.

However, compared to this Ximen Youxi’s entourage, Mo Lian and the girls are still too weak. Ximen Youxi is nothing, although he has the cultivation level of “Golden Dan 2nd Turn”, he is actually just a straw man, even Mo Lian can beat him, but none of his bodyguards are easy to beat.

So, without any backing, the Mo Lian Clan could only choose to hold their breath and wait quietly for Ye Lu to come out.

When everyone saw that Ye Luo quietly did not open his eyes and did not say anything, they did not say anything either, but just watched Ye Luo quietly.

At this time, Simon Yau Hei, however, walked over once again.

“Huh! That kid actually came out!”

Of course he saw Ye Luo standing in front of the “Fire Cave” with his eyes closed.

The moment he saw Ye Luo, he was also taken aback because he also felt the difference in Ye Luo, but when he looked at the bodyguard beside him, he had a feeling in his heart.

Although they were both beaten by Ye Lu last time, Ximen Youxi knew very well that it was because he and his father were actually both straw men.

Seeing that Ye Lu did not move, Simon You Xi became even bolder.

He looked at Ye Luo and said with a cold smile.

“Sh*t! Why are you standing there motionless and pretending to be a P***y, playing poser with me right, believe it or not I’ll beat you up.”

Ye Luo ignored him and instead said indifferently.

“Mo Lian, tell everyone not to look at my eyes, I’m about to open them!”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Lian hurriedly instructed down towards his group of disciples, and of course, all of them listened to Ye Luo and Mo Lian.

However, Ximen Youxi did not put Ye Lu in his eyes as he looked at Ye Lu and said somewhat playfully.

“Sh*t! I didn’t expect you to be so good at pretending, so open your eyes! You do open them instead! See if my men don’t gouge your eyes out, my surname is not Ximen.”

At this moment, the “Pillow Elder”, who was watching the scene from a distant tower, cried out in disbelief.

Although he could not hear what everyone was saying at the entrance of the Fire Cave, he understood that with Ye Lu’s character, if Simon You Xi dared to provoke him, he would definitely dare to kill him.

“No, I have to hurry over there!”

As he thought of this, he rushed forward, and as he did so, he drew a circle in the air with his hand, and a circular flame was released, and a circle was cut out of the gla*s.

As he flew, he shouted.

“Ye Lu, how dare you!”

Ye Luo said indifferently.

“What do I dare not do, just kill it!”

Following that, Ye Luo opened his eyes.

All those in front of him who saw his eyes stopped moving instantly, some of them started to mumble and retreated, while some others just stood there as if they were dumb.

The next thing you know, there were screams of horror, some covering their heads, others clutching their chests, and others falling to the ground.

And Ximen Youxi was one of those who fell directly to the ground.

In fact, strictly speaking, Ye Lu’s attack was not a “spell” attack, he did not use any moves, but he could not fully digest the “killing qi” in his body, and these “killing qi” had to find a place to be released, so a terrible mental shock was formed.

This kind of shock is not a big problem for people with strong willpower, but for people with weak willpower, they will be scared to death alive, and Ximen Youxi is a good example.

“Ye Lu, you ……”

At this time, that “Pill Xin Elder” also flew over, seeing his precious grandson fall to the ground, he couldn’t help but yell out, but before he could finish yelling, Ye Lu looked up at him.

This glance caused him to hold back his half spoken words, and following that, he subconsciously stepped backwards in the air, because those eyes of Ye Luo made him instantly to fear as well.

“Do you have any comments?”

Ye Luo looked at “Elder Yuxin” and said coldly.

“Everyone is watching, I took one look at him and he died, so what does it matter to me if I can’t even open my eyes?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, “Elder Pill Xin” glared at Ye Luo and said.

“You …… you …… you …… you ……”

After he said “you” three times in a row, he didn’t know what to say next.

Ye Luo continued to look at him and said.

“You what you, now you have to call me ‘Elder Ye Lu’, have you forgotten the rules of the ‘Pill Alliance’? Deacon Ximen Wuji.”

“Ximen Wuji” was the real name of the “Pill Xin Elder”, however, according to the previous agreement, he was no longer an elder, because as soon as Ye Lu you came out, he would first be squeezed out of the “Ten Elders” position, and at the same time, his position as an elder was also lost, and he had to swap with Mo Lian, and Mo Lian was appointed as a deacon.

Although “Ximen Wuji” was very reluctant, he finally bowed reluctantly to Ye Lu and said.

“Greetings, ‘Elder Ye Lu’.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Well said, well said, but it’s not over yet, I still have some cases that will involve your father and son, so Deacon ‘Ximen Wuji’, stay here, I’m going to review these cases here, right, someone help me to get ‘Ximen Wuji ‘ Deacon’s son too, bring him to me, he can’t get away with this matter either.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, someone immediately said quickly.

“I respectfully obey ‘Elder Ye Lu”s command.”

Following that, there were several people who flew into action.

“Simon Wuji” stared at him and wanted to say something, but he suddenly realised that his words of intimidation and threat would not have any effect on Ye Lu, because Ye Lu obviously did not belong to any power at the moment, he was just a fool and did not know how deep the water was.

So, “Ximen Wuji” looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“Elder Ye Lu, you said there is a case related to me, I am curious to know what kind of person dares to sue me.”

As a result, Ye Lu quickly raised his hand and a large group of people “Hullo!” All of a sudden, they appeared in front of the crowd.