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Super School Student Chapter 437-438

Chapter 437

The Scarlet Queen had actually told Ye Lu that they had not killed all the people who had entered the Cave of Fire, but had conducted soul searches.

Therefore, the Scarlet Queen knew the memories of these people very well, and because of this, she tried to keep the good people alive for as long as possible, but, of course, many of them died because the Cave of Fire was not suitable for survival.

The reason why everyone could not leave was not because the Scarlet Queen did not put it in, but because the only person who could do so was the owner of the Blazing God Blade, and the Blazing God Blade had been unable to claim ownership, so everyone who entered was only able to enter but not leave.

However, even if he had claimed ownership, it would still be difficult for Ye Lu to release people, because he could only release people below his own level, or slightly higher, such as the “Great Elders”, which Ye Lu could not release at the moment.

“Otherwise, release a ‘Supreme Elder’ to scare you all.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

“They were all in the terrifying secret realms found by the Pill Alliance, and only those terrifying secret realms could allow these experts to progress.

In fact, there are secular records of the “Thirty-six Caves of Heaven” and “Seventy-two Blessed Lands”, but the secular records of these places are in fact the secret places on earth, for example, the place where the Pill Alliance Headquarters is located is one of the “Thirty-six Caves of Heaven”, the “Dongyue Taishan Cave”, also called the “Pengxuan Cave of Heaven”.

“However, there were many Supreme Elders who had fallen into the Blazing God’s Blade, thinking that for them, challenges were the right way to progress, so there were many who had challenged the Cave of Fire.

When they saw the sudden appearance of these people, many of the onlookers were surprised.

“Mo Lian” looked down at Ye Lu and asked.

“Master, can I see you now?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“Don’t look at me for the moment, step aside, I’ll take care of this.”

Although the “fierce qi” was strongest when he opened his eyes, Ye Lu’s eyes were still in a “scarlet” state, and it was estimated that this state would last for a long time, more importantly, the “fierce qi” was not yet in a state that Ye Lu could control.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the people of the “Mo Lian Clan” walked to the side.

In fact, Ye Lu was touched by these big-breasted girls of the Mo Lian Clan, but at this moment, he was like a “god of killing” possessed, and could not see the slightest tenderness at all.

After Mo Lian and the others ducked away, Ye Lu looked at Simon Wuji and said.

“Deacon Ximen, you should be familiar with all these people, right?


“Simon Wuji” snorted coldly, but his heart was filled with shock, he didn’t expect Ye Lu to be able to get the people who had gone into the Fire Cave out again, to be honest, he had sent many people to the Fire Cave in order to eliminate dissidents and to help his son and precious grandson wipe his a*s.

Sure enough, the woman led by the woman came forward and began to list the crimes of “Simon Wuji” and his son and grandson.

Soon, the woman’s daughter, the one who had been responsible for receiving Ye Lu, also came running over.

When she saw that her mother was still alive, she couldn’t help but run over and hug her mother and cry, and many other people’s families also came, and there were cries everywhere.

That daughter cried for a while before her mother then asked.

“Have you been well since I left?”

The daughter looked up at her mother with her face full of tears and said.

“Mom, they are simply animals, after you left, that ‘Ximen Youxi’ forced me to sleep with him, I resisted to death, he threatened me, saying that I should go and receive other people, I know, my cultivation is too low and I have no chance to kill him, but, I can’t die, even if I go and sleep with other men I have to try to get their resources to improve myself, I want to avenge you, I want to kill the ‘Ximen Youxi’ family ……”

At the end of her sentence, her eyes were already as red as they could be and she was gnashing her teeth.

Ye Lu sighed somewhat helplessly, only now did he fully understand the true thoughts of this seemingly charming woman, it turned out that everything was pretend, I’m afraid only she knew the bitterness in her heart.

So, Ye Luo sighed and said.

“Sister Ruhua, you should join our ‘Mo Lian clan’, Mo Lian take this disciple.”

After saying that, Ye Luo looked at the direction of “Ximen Wuji” and said.

“Your revenge, no, the revenge of all of you, I will avenge it for you today!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ruhua realised that Ye Lu had saved her mother and killed “Simon Youxi”.

She didn’t even bother to wipe the tears on her face and quickly ran over to hug Ye Lu.

Ye Luo quickly closed his eyes, Ruhua’s cultivation level was too low, plus his mind had already suffered a major blow, if he saw his own eyes again, Ye Luo didn’t know what would happen.

Following that he felt Ruhua’s enchanting body hugging him, not to mention, Ruhua’s figure was really good, Ye Lu gently patted Ruhua’s back, then said softly.

“Go, from now on, Mo Lian is your master, we’ll cover you if anything happens, don’t worry.”

After Ruhua left, Ye Lu then looked at “Ximen Wuji” and said.

“Deacon Ximen, do you have anything to say about the accusation and the evidence you just made?”

As a result, “Ximen Wuji” denied it.

“What a load of nonsense, it’s all just a falsehood.”

Seeing that he had shrugged off everything, the onlookers all showed their disdain and anger, but they did not dare to say anything because “Ximen Wuji” was not just one person, he represented one of the “Ten Elders”, and it was quite dangerous to go against him.

At this time, his son “Ximen Jian” was brought over by the others.

Ye Lu ignored “Ximen Wuji” and turned his attention to “Ximen Jian”.

The fact that “Ximen Wuji” was able to achieve what he had now meant that he was still quite good in all aspects, so it was not possible to subdue him at once, but his son was very unpleasant and was a good target for him.

“Simon Jian, do you admit the charges against you or not.”

After the crowd made their accusations against “Simon Sword”, Ye Lu opened his eyes and looked at “Simon Sword” and asked.

“He was already shivering when he saw the corpse of “Simon Yau Hei”, and when he saw Ye Lu’s terrifying scarlet eyes, coupled with the “fierce aura” released by Ye Lu, he immediately shivered. “When he saw Ye Lu’s terrifying scarlet eyes, coupled with the “fierce aura” released by Ye Lu, the B*****d was instantly frightened and P*ssed. He knelt down on the ground and said.

“Yes! I did it, I killed her husband, I dominated her daughter, and I also caused this child’s father to die ……”

He immediately confessed to all kinds of crimes, including many things that his father “Ximen Wuji” helped him to wipe his a*s for.

When he saw that he had confessed completely, Ye Lu looked at “Ximen Wuji” and said coldly.

“Deacon Ximen, what else do you have to say?”

“Ximen Wuji” said coldly as he glanced at his indisputable son.

“It’s all a conspiracy, you must have just done something to my son, that’s why it happened, moreover, I can’t just forget about you conspiring against me like that.”

With his words, Ye Lu saw that from behind you, many disciples of the Pill Alliance and even other elders were coming towards this side, it seemed that Simon Wuji was ready to take a hard line.

Seeing this scene, the Mo Lian Clan, the Pill Highly Commended Elders and many others all frowned and sweated for Ye Lu.

He was now fighting against Ximen Wuji, a major power that had been in the Pill Alliance for many years, with his own strength, and the situation looked a bit bad!

“Ye Lu, you’re still a bit young to play with me.”

“Ximen Wuji looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

However, Ye Luo laughed and said.

“You want to compete with me, I’ll show you what despair is!”

As he said that, an exaggeratedly shaped scarlet long knife appeared in Ye Lu’s hand, and at the same time as the long knife appeared, countless “fire beasts” appeared densely behind Ye Lu.


Chapter 438

The number of these “fire beasts” was simply too large, spreading out from behind Ye Lu as if there were no borders, and some houses were set on fire because of the appearance of the fire beasts.

Seeing the sudden appearance of so many “fire beasts” emitting a terrifying aura, “Ximen Wuji’s” pupils dilated, this scene was completely out of his expectation, not only him, those who came to his aid were also shocked by this scene, because many people could feel that these “fire beasts” were not just some cats and dogs, each of these guys had the cultivation level of “Ninth Circle of Golden Dan”.

“Brothers, let them know what it means to have many people!”

With Ye Lu’s words, all the “Fire Beasts” roared in unison.

This roar shook the heavens and the earth, as if the entire “Sacred City” of the “Pill Alliance Headquarters” shook.

Many people were scared by this roar and sat down on the ground.

Seeing this scene, the “Pill Garden Elder” and the “Pill Garden Elder” also showed frightened expressions, because they suddenly realised that if Ye Lu let these “Fire Beasts” go on a killing spree, I was afraid that the “Pill Alliance” would be in danger.

Of course, many people were looking at the long scarlet knife in Ye Lu’s hand, which was emitting an endless “fierce aura”, and they felt that the knife was staring at them as if it was a living beast, which made people feel a little chill in their hearts.

Then, Ye Lu turned to look at “Ximen Wuji” and said.

“Ximen Wuji, Ximen Jian, I pronounce you guilty as the ten elders of the sect.”

As a result, “Ximen Wuji” said with a cold smile.

“Humph! What can I do if I am found guilty? I would like to see who dares to execute us. I tell you clearly that we have killed more people than that.

After “Ximen Wuji” finished speaking, no one dared to say anything.

This made Ye Lu feel a bit surprised, it seems that the water here seems to be very deep, Ye Lu did not think that “Ximen Wuji” was the strongest among the “Ten Elders”, he saw that those who were much higher than him were the “Pill Garden” and “Pill Premium” Elders, in fact, at the beginning, he had some doubts why “Ximen Wuji” would become one of the “Ten Elders”, in Ye Lu’s opinion, he should not be qualified for this.

Now it seems that this guy should have some kind of backing, that’s why he is so emboldened, and the reason why the others are so afraid of him is probably the same reason.

Seeing that no one dared to speak out, “Ximen Wuji” was satisfied with the result, and he smiled and said.

“I’ve done a lot of things in the Pill Alliance, and no one has ever dared to say a word against me. ”

When he said “BullSh*t ‘Ten Elders'”, Ye Lu saw the “Pill Garden Elder’s” face twitch a little but did not dare to say anything.

However, just when everyone thought that there was nothing more Ye Lu could do, Ye Lu laughed.

“I’ve said more than once that I hate it when people pretend to be P***ies in front of me, but unfortunately there are always people who want to pretend to be P***ies in front of me, so to tell you the truth, to deal with this scum like you, I alone am enough.”

As Ye Lu said that he slowly raised the scarlet long knife in his hand.

All the dark red patterns on the long blade then lit up in white at the same time, and the endless flame aura rose up to the sky pushing all the weak cultivators around Ye Lu into the distance.

“What kind of weapon is this?”

“What a terrifying thing!”

“Could it be something obtained from the ‘Fire Cave’.”


The “Blazing God Blade” had been suppressed in the “Fire Cave” for too many years, and when it saw the light of day this time, it was already excited, plus it was originally a blade made for killing, so it had the aura of going crazy after being urged by Ye Lu.

Ye Lu’s eyes also began to turn bloodshot.

However, seeing this scene, “Simon Wuji” did not panic too much, because he knew very well that even if he was not good enough, he was so much higher than Ye Lu that he did not think Ye Lu could have any decent chance to kill himself.

Immediately after, Ye Lu’s slash slashed down, and the man rushed through the air after him.

The white flames tumbled and this slash was full of power, but of course, Ye Lu’s real killer was not this slash, this slash was indeed powerful, coupled with the sharpness of the Blazing God Blade, if the blade really touched “Simon Wuji”, Ye Lu was confident that one slash would kill him.

However, the difference between their cultivation levels was too great, and under normal circumstances, “Simon Wuji” would definitely not give him such an opportunity.

Ye Lu’s real killer was the endless “Fury Qi” on the “Blazing God Blade”.

The “Fury Qi” on the blade was much heavier than the one in Ye Lu’s eyes, so before the flames and the “Blazing God Blade” arrived, the “Fury Qi” arrived first.

Everyone saw that “Simon Wuji” seemed to be stunned by Ye Lu’s slash, he actually froze on the spot at such a critical moment, not even making a counter-attack, but his pupils dilated as if he had seen a ghost.

So, without any surprise, Ye Luo’s slash split him in half, and from his body, white flames lit up, burning him whole into nothingness.

Of course, this effect also far exceeded Ye Lu’s expectation.

“This thing can really increase the attack of flame drastically!”

Ye Lu held the “Blazing God Blade” and sighed with emotion, this thing deserved the word “Blazing God” in its name, it could really burn even gods to death.

When they saw that “Ximen Wuji”, the former “Pillow Elder”, had really been killed, everyone drew in a breath of cold air.

This was because no one had expected that Ye Lu would really dare to kill Elder Yuxin, and that he had actually done it.

“Since the disappearance of the Alliance Master, Elder Pill Xin had been running rampant in the Pill Alliance for many years, and had also formed an alliance with the other Elders, so no one dared to touch him.

Of course, to be honest, Elder Yuxin was a bit overbearing and vengeful, but there was nothing wrong with him, it was his son and grandson who were the problem, and with these two troublemakers, he had caused so many problems.

Seeing that Ye Lu had killed “Simon Wuji” with one blow, “Simon Jian” was already too scared to get up.

However, Ye Lu did not kill him, but said indifferently.

“Our ‘Pill Alliance’ is a place of rules, and only those who have no rules will be dealt with in a way that has no rules.

The “Pill Alliance” was just like a country, of course the various institutions and departments were very complete, so Ye Lu felt that the rest should be left to them to deal with internally.

When Ye Lu finished speaking, the “Pill Garden Elder” was the first to say with a smile.

“Congratulations to ‘Elder Ye Lu’ for becoming one of the new ‘Ten Elders’ of our ‘Pill Alliance’.”

Hearing the words of the ‘Pill Garden Elder’, everyone said in a loud voice with a sudden realization.

“Congratulations to ‘Elder Ye Lu’!”

“Congratulations to ‘Elder Ye Lu’!”


In any case, it was an indisputable fact that Ye Lu had become one of the “Ten Elders”, and the crowd then congratulated “Mo Lian” who had also become an elder, and the people of the “Mo Lian Lineage” had also ascended to heaven together.

However, Ye Lu was not interested in being an elder here, as there was not much time left before the meeting between the Yellow Emperor Clan and the Chi You Clan, and he had to prepare more for this event.

However, at this time, the “Pill Master Elder” came over and whispered.

“Ye Lu, there is something I need to talk to you about.”

Ye Lu reckoned that what she was going to say had to do with his killing of Elder Pill Xin, so he nodded and followed Elder Pill Fai to a room in the central tower, accompanied by Elder Pill Garden.

As expected, the “Pill Garden Elder” looked at Ye Lu and said with some concern.

“Ye Lu, that ‘Pill Garden Elder’, no, it should be ‘Ximen Wuji’, he is someone who is related to the ‘Supreme Elder’, so I am afraid that this matter I’m afraid it won’t be that easy to end.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu nodded and said.

“I also know that I’m afraid it won’t end that easily, tell me, what should I do would be a safer way.”

Ye Luo could probably guess that since the “Pill Garden Elder” was so unafraid, he must have something to fall back on.

At this time, the “Pill Garden Elder” suddenly said.

“The safest way is to make some contribution to our ‘Pill Alliance’, because there is more than one ‘Supreme Elder’, so as long as someone supports you, things will be fine.”

As a result, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“This is easy.”