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Super School Student Chapter 443-444

Chapter 443

In fact, Chi Yang had been there watching all this, and through observation, he felt more and more that Ye Lu was just a reckless man with some skills.

What kind of place is this? This is the clan territory of the Chi You clan, to come here to cause trouble is either a blister in the head or a mental illness, and to be so arrogant, without any brains at all.

As for the envoy that Ye Lu killed, he was just a “seventh turn of Jindan” guy, although he was considered to be the elite of the clan, but he was still far from a real expert.

Seeing the attitude of the patriarch “Chi Yang”, Ye Lu understood that there was no way to settle this matter, so he looked at the people and said.

“I don’t have a plan to bleed into a river, so I’ll advise you one last time, don’t force me!”

As a result, Ye Lu’s words once again drew a burst of ridicule.

“This guy really thinks of himself as an onion.”

“A late stage of middle-aged disease!”

“I’m dying of laughter from him.”


And at this time, that Chi Yang said coldly.

“Kill him!”

His words undoubtedly gave Ye Luo a death sentence, and the experts surrounding Ye Luo all rushed over.

There was no shortage of experts who were trapped at the peak of the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, and they were very confident because they didn’t put Ye Luo in their eyes at all.


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu, who was holding the “Blazing God Blade”, suddenly laughed.

He looked at the sky and said indifferently.

“It’s hard to persuade a D*mned ghost with good words! Since that’s the case, I’m not going to be polite!”

As he said that, he looked at the first guy who rushed over, that Chi You clan member was quite tall, several times the height of Ye Lu, and was carrying a Chi You clan spear in his hand, however, when he saw Ye Lu’s eyes, his movement stalled for a moment, and then revealed an extremely frightened expression.

With a flick of the “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand, his head flew up.

This guy’s cultivation was not low, he had a cultivation level of “Golden Dan 9” and was considered a genuine elite of the “Chi You Clan”, but to be killed in one go was a bit too terrifying.

Seeing this scene, the people who were rushing over were all surprised, but the “Chi You Clan” has always been brave, so they hesitated for a moment and then rushed over again shouting loudly.

“Seeking death!”

At the same time, he waved the Blazing God Blade in his hand, and a circle of fire blades like coils went in all directions. This strike was also the strongest strike that Ye Lu had made without using the “Exploding Yuan Dan” increase.


After the strike, the dozen of strong men closest to Ye Lu were all cut into two pieces by this terrifying slash.

After seeing this slash, everyone was stunned, including that clan leader Chi Yang, who also did not expect Ye Lu to have such fighting power at all.

It was a little too terrifying, and coupled with the terrifying fierce aura that Ye Luo emitted, this caused all those who saw this scene to feel inexplicably chilled inside.

“Don’t be afraid, he definitely can’t last long with an attack like this, go again.”

Another person bravely rushed up.

As a result, Ye Luo still used the same move, the terrifying “Fury Qi” impact, coupled with a terrifying slash, and a dozen more people fell into a pool of blood.

Now everyone was really dumbfounded, because they saw that Ye Lu did not spend too much effort, it was as if he had killed so many people with one light blow.

Moreover, it looked like Ye Luo still had a lot of strength left, this was not good!

However, immediately after that, something even more unpleasant happened.

Ye Luo bowed and slapped the ground with his hand, countless blood was released from Ye Luo’s body, anyway, the other party already knew who he was, so Ye Luo didn’t need to hide anything anymore, it was important to the moment when the bottom card that should be played could be played as much as possible.

“Come on! Nine Infants!”

A terrifying demonic beast with nine heads flew out from the red light, and of course this creature had already surpa*sed Ye Lu’s cultivation level and had truly crossed over to the realm of “Golden Dan Avenue”.

Therefore, after this water and fire beast appeared, everyone’s eyebrows knitted together. The “nine infants” were already huge, plus their cultivation level was so high, so their aura was even more terrifying than those of the “Chi You Clan”.

The fiery fire and poisonous water, coupled with the Nine Infants’ ability to be almost immortal, turned the Nine Infants into a killing machine, completely free to roam around.

However, Ye Lu’s summoning did not stop there.

He unleashed his blood again, this time summoning “Chiseltooth”.

“The bloodline of the “Chiseled Tooth” was relatively complicated, so this time Ye Lu summoned not a “Tiger Chiseled Tooth” but a “Leopard Chiseled Tooth” covered in leopard prints, which was not only strong but also extremely fast.


The “Leopard Chiseltooth” roared out, and then rushed towards the crowd.

But of course, Ye Lu’s summoning would not stop there, to beat the opponent must be completely painful, once again a huge bird with wings hanging in the sky appeared, it was a new “Great Wind”.

After the “Great Wind”, there was a huge boar-shaped demon beast called Minister Feng.

Seeing four terrifying demonic beasts appear one after another, the patriarch, Chi You, was really scared this time.

“Sh*t! You old mother.”

He couldn’t help but lament.

“I D*mn well looked bad, this guy is really a god of killing!”

At this moment, he also understood that he seemed to have really provoked someone he shouldn’t have, however, he didn’t completely despair, because he still had a killer move left to play.

“Go, bring me the ‘Chi You Go’, I don’t believe I can’t handle him.”

However, after he finished speaking, Ye Lu’s scarlet eyes looked at him and said.

“Is this the thing you are looking for?”

Then, in Ye Lu’s hand there was a several feet long, formidable, ancient long gorilla, which emitted an endlessly terrifying aura, making people shudder.

Seeing his family’s “Chi You Go” in Ye Lu’s hand, Chi Yang’s surprise was unparalleled, as he had never expected such a thing to happen.

The same surprised expression was on the faces of those guys around him who were being chased by the demonic beasts. These guys had originally thought that the “Chi You Go” would be so powerful that it would be able to kill Ye Lu, but now it seemed to be out of the question.

Of course, the one who was most surprised was the chief smith “Chi Fire”, who hadn’t figured out how Ye Lu had taken the “Chi You Go”.

However, he understood that he had caused the trouble this time, if he had not been greedy for the “weapon pattern” in Ye Lu’s hand and overconfident, this would not have happened.

However, he really wanted to know how Ye Lu had managed to do it.

So, he looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Ye Lu, can you tell me how you entered the secret room and stole the ‘Chi You Go’, I don’t think you can enter there unnoticed.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s simple, I used a formation, so I directly teleported there and then re-teleported back, so you guys didn’t have any idea.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, “Chi Fire” shook his head and said.

“No, I went back to check the ‘secret room’ and I didn’t see any changes. I was also worried that you would do that, so I checked all the places including the open space, and I didn’t find any traces of formations!”

This is where “Chi Fire” was extremely puzzled, logically speaking, he felt that what Ye Lu was saying was right, because apart from this method Ye Lu really had a hard time, and “Chi You Go” they had to look at it regularly, so Ye Lu must have gotten it recently, so it was even more unlikely to be any other way.

However, if it was really the same as what Ye Lu said, then he would be even more puzzled, because he hadn’t even found the formation, how could this be possible? He was a real old driver, if there was a formation he felt there was no way he couldn’t discover it.

As a result, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“The way of formations is vast and profound, there are still many things you don’t know, I have drawn a new weapon pattern based on the existing ‘weapon pattern’, so naturally you can’t see it.”

However, just when Ye Lu thought he had a sure win, the “Chi Yang” clan leader spoke up.


Chapter 444

“Ye Lu, I do have to say a word of admiration to you, you are really good, in fact, about the whereabouts of that girl called Gu Shi Qi, I am not unable to tell you, but since the road has come to this point, I think it is really time to decide whether to live or die.”

To be honest, Ye Luo didn’t know why that “Chi Yang” would say that, but since he said that, it meant that he should have other back-up measures.

Otherwise, he would not have had such a serious expression and said such a lot of bullsh*t, obviously because he was very reluctant to use this move.

The people of the Yellow Emperor Clan who were watching from afar were shocked by the scene before them, especially the guy who had provoked Ye Lu, the Ji Clan member of the Twelve Surnames of the Yellow Emperor, who suddenly felt a cold chill down his back.

The other members of the Twelve Surnames of the Yellow Emperor were also filled with horror, for none of them had expected the Ren Family to have invited such a terrifying worshiper.

In fact, not only the Twelve Surnames, but also the Ren Family, including the two brothers Ren Yi and Ren Yao, were filled with surprise.

“How did this Ye Lu become so strong?”

Ren Yao rubbed his chin and muttered to himself.

“You guys have found a good friend!”

The Ren Family’s family head couldn’t help but feel emotional as well.

However, everyone was a bit worried because this was the home turf of the “Chi You Clan”.

As expected, Chi Yang then nodded to Chi Fire.

The “Chi Fire” master sighed helplessly, then took out a round ball-shaped object and pressed it quickly.

As soon as he pressed the ball, Ye Lu felt that something was wrong.

However, there was nothing he could do to stop it. The formation was activated as soon as Chi Fire finished pressing the button, and Ye Lu saw countless bright lights from all over the Chi You clan’s territory, forming a rather bizarre pattern.

Ye Lu felt that it might take a lot of energy to activate this formation once, perhaps because it was so worn out that it could only be used once, which could be seen from the expression of the “Chi Yang” as if he had died.

But, to be honest, the aura of this formation was really quite strong. Soon, the light pillar formed a huge minotaur figure in the air, wearing armor of some kind and holding a long-handled weapon that looked exactly like the “Chi You Go”.

After this figure appeared, it unleashed a terrifying strike at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu originally thought that this shadow was so big that it would be slow to attack, so he couldn’t run away if he couldn’t beat it.

He found out that he was wrong. For one thing, the speed of this strike was really very fast and he was afraid that he would not be able to dodge it at all.

It was also the strongest demonic beast, and the one that caused the most damage.


The huge shadow of the “Chi You Go” smashed down on the body of the “Nine Infants”, smashing the “Nine Infants” into pieces with a single blow, which was a clear indication of the terror of this shadow.


After that, there was a succession of attacks, one after another, killing all those demonic beasts.

“Sh*t! What a terrifying formation!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu was also astonished, this was the first time he had seen such a large attacking formation, he had only seen large defensive formations before, that is, those “Great Valley Protection Formation” and other defensive formations on the same level as the “Great Valley Protection Formation”, he was not really familiar with this kind of attacking formation.

It was not that there were no such formations in the Gla*ses, there were all kinds of formations in the Gla*ses, but it was just because usually such large formations were not used.

At least Ye Lu wouldn’t use such a large “attack formation”, this formation was quite large in area, and it was too difficult for one person to draw such a large formation.

Therefore, Ye Lu had never studied such a thing before.

However, although he had not studied it, through his understanding of the formation, Ye Lu was very clear that this formation was definitely in need of a charging process.

This was because it was almost impossible to condense such a terrifying contraption by immediately absorbing the Yuan Power of Heaven and Earth alone.

The fact that this thing had just killed those four demonic beasts that had already crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue” and had thick flesh and skin was an easy task, which was enough to show how strong it was.

Seeing the huge shadow killing the demon beasts one by one, all the Chi You clan members were excited because of Ye Lu’s powerful kill, the terrifying fury, and the fact that he had taken the Chi You Go before the enemy.

Now they could finally raise their eyebrows.

“Haha, now that kid knows the power of our ‘Chi You Clan’.”

“That’s right, what kind of grandson are you pretending to be with us, you’re still going to die in the end.”

“But, forcing us to this point, this one is really strong.”

“Yeah, don’t want to admit it, but, it’s still true.”


Just as the crowd was waiting for Ye Lu to be beaten to death, Ye Lu smiled.

Seeing Ye Lu’s smile, the people of the “Chi You Clan” all felt something bad, and sure enough, the next moment, they realized that Ye Lu had actually disappeared.

“Holy sh*t! I forgot, he still has a teleportation array.”

“Yeah, he probably teleported to our ‘secret room’ again.”

“We can’t smash the ‘secret room’ too.”

“Smashing my a*s, that ‘secret room’ is old and sturdy!”


The man was right about this, because in order to make the “secret room” really dense, there was a lot of effort to build it, and it was as solid as gold.

However, this time, the solidity became the biggest problem.

“Chi Yang frowned, but finally he let the terrifying Chi You Void wave the Chi You Go in his hand and attacked the chamber.


The building around the chamber was destroyed by the gusts of wind, and the terrifying wave of air rippled around the room like a shockwave, much like the fable “Paradox”, but the shield turned out to be stronger than the spear, so nothing happened after the chamber was hit.

At this sight, everyone frowned.

This thing was as bad as a turtle’s shell, it was a bit of a problem!

At this moment, the door of the chamber suddenly opened, and out of the chamber came a family member with blood on the corner of his mouth.

This guy covered his chest and looked at Chi Yang and asked.

“Patriarch, why did you attack the ‘secret room’?” I was scared to death.

Now everyone was confused.

What was this all about, so “Chi Yang” hurriedly and quickly asked.

“Did that Ye Luo not enter the secret room?”

The guy who ran out shook his head and said.

“No, we have been watching the chamber, no one has come in, but when we were doing a routine check, we found that ‘Chi You Ge’ was missing, so I was just about to come out and report it.”

“Of course, Chi Yang had already known about the disappearance of Chi You Ge, but what he was wondering was, where had Ye Lu gone?

However, at this time, from the entrance of the secret realm, a voice said in a loud voice.

“Don’t look for it, and there’s no need to smash things around, I think that thing’s energy should be limited, I’m afraid that thing won’t be able to support itself for long if we smash it any further.”

Following that, the crowd saw that at this moment, Ye Lu was hovering in the place of the doorway.

Seeing this scene, Chi Yang’s heart thumped, because this location was too suitable for escape, and it was also a dead end where the big formation could not attack.

In other words, there was no chance of catching Ye Lu.

“The Great Formation has been activated, but we still let him get away, hey!”

“Chi Yang” couldn’t help but sigh helplessly.

However, what he didn’t expect was that soon Ye Luo came back.