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Super School Student Chapter 445-446

Chapter 445

Before coming back, Ye Luo flew to a high place and looked at “Chi Yang” and said.

“Chi Yang, did your ‘Chi You Clan’ ever think of restoring this ancient formation?”

Chi Yang did not know why Ye Lu asked such a question for no reason, however, he still said coldly.


Ye Luo, on the other hand, continued to say with a smile.

“Is it that you have found out that this big formation is one, because it has been too long, it has become so worn out that it can barely withstand the operation of the formation, and two, because there is a place where it is broken, so, when attacking, there will be a dead corner that cannot be attacked, right?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, “Chi Fire” was the first to be surprised.

Such a large and complicated formation, Ye Luo could actually see the flaws in it at a glance, this level was really not something he could expect.

“Chi Yang” was also astonished, but he was more puzzled because he did not understand what Ye Lu was talking to him about, but he had a vague feeling that something was not good.

Of course, he didn’t know that Ye Lu had actually used his “gla*ses” to scan the “big formation” in the air, and the “gla*ses” had easily found the problem of the big formation.

However, at this moment, Ye Lu also let out a long breath in his heart. If he hadn’t prepared for a rainy day and had been making preparations since he entered this secret realm, I’m afraid that this time he would really have been unable to escape.

But, no matter what, it was all over now, so, with a long breath, Ye Lu looked at Chi Yang and said with a smile again.

“If I say that I can destroy this broken formation of your family, do you believe me or not?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, “Chi Yang” froze.

Not only him, but everyone was frozen, including the people from the “Chi You Clan” and the people from the “Yellow Emperor Clan”, all of them showed expressions of disbelief.

“Sh*t! What a braggart!”

After a long time, a refiner from the “Chi You Clan” could not help but mutter.

This formation was so big that it was not that easy to destroy it, and what’s more, the formation had already been activated, so even if there was a small dead corner, it was useless to destroy it, because that dead corner was originally broken.

If you want to destroy any other place, you will be within the attack range of the “Chi You Void”, so it is not easy to destroy this formation.

Unless Ye Lu has an extremely destructive and death-defying army, they all rush into the formation and destroy it while the “Chi You Void” is overwhelmed, it might work, but Ye Lu doesn’t look like he has such a team.

And at this time, Ye Lu continued to smile and said.

“I’ll give you one last chance to tell me the whereabouts of Gu Shiqi, otherwise, I will make your ‘Chi You Clan’ disappear from this lineage.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, everyone started to talk.

“Is this B*****d crazy?”

“I see like, I guess he’s trying to cheat.”

“You mean, he’s fooling us into falling for it, right?”

“I suppose so.”


These guys’ chatter, of course, Ye Lu heard it all, he looked at the crowd and said with a cold smile.

“Fooling you guys, you are also worthy, is having a broken formation great? Let me break it for you!”

That “Chi Yang” didn’t answer for a long time was in fact the answer, and then, Ye Luo flew towards the dead corner of the formation.

To Ye Lu’s surprise, no one stopped him, so I guess they really didn’t think he was capable of breaking the formation.

In fact, it is not all like this, because everyone is waiting for the order of the “Chi Yang” clan leader, and the “Chi Yang” is a rather arrogant person, at least he has the “Chi You clan” unique kind of pride, and this pride makes him not the first time to issue the order to attack.

Because, if he attacked, it seemed to mean that he believed that Ye Lu could break through the formation.

However, in the middle of his hesitation, Ye Luo was already in place.

“Go you!”

After reaching the “dead end”, Ye Luo quickly released the “Tong Tian Vine”.

“The “Spirit Field” had already harvested once, so the “Heavenly Vine” was now quite strong, with ten vines, and now ten vines rushed out in ten directions at the same time, just like ten rays.

However, the artifact patterns of these formations were all over the area, and there were artifact patterns everywhere, so Ye Lu didn’t need to release the “Heavenly Vine” too far to destroy many of the artifact patterns directly.


Nine of the ten vines were actually cut off by the sword, but the remaining one destroyed part of the “weapon pattern” on the ground, and it was the most crucial part of that small area.

In front of Ye Lu, all the formations had no secrets to tell.

As expected, after this area was destroyed, another part of the “dead corner” of the entire formation was added.

The broken “Heavenly Vine” did not stay idle, as they once again stretched out in a wild and unrestrained manner.

The larger the dead space, the more direction the “Heavenly Vine” has to expand, so, this time, when the “Chi You Void” swings the “Chi You Go” again, there are two vines left behind.

These two vines, of course, would not be idle, and they once again wreaked havoc.

Seeing this scene, “Chi You” finally did not feel calm anymore, because he understood that once Ye Lu really destroyed the “formation”, there was no one who could stop Ye Lu.


He shouted.

“All of you, let’s kill him.”

At this point, he couldn’t care less about the dignity of the “Chi You Clan”, if he didn’t kill Ye Lu, the “Chi You Clan” would be lost.


As a result, Ye Lu gave a cold snort.

He didn’t dodge, nor did he make any attacking movements, but let a few of the vines fly around his body, like a dumpling.

Soon, countless attacks fell on Ye Lu’s body, but, to everyone’s despair, these attacks were useless in front of the “Heavenly Vine”.

The “Tongtian Vine” had already reached the level of the “Golden Dan Dao”, also known as the “Golden Dan Ninth Aperture”, so it was not something that these rotten fish could handle.

Even that “Chi Yang” can only hurt the “Tong Tian Vine” but cannot really cause any serious damage to him.

Only that “Chi You Void” was so powerful that it could cut the “Tong Tian Vine” into two pieces just like slicing vegetables.

“Holy sh*t! What the hell is this thing? It’s too strong!”

“Yes, it’s so tough, it can’t be cut!”

“This is the end!”


So many people attacking together were actually unable to break through Ye Lu’s defense, which made everyone feel desperate.

The “Chi You Void” was not long before one sixth of the area was unreachable.

The “vines” were also gradually approaching the core of the entire artefact pattern area.

Once the core was destroyed, the whole formation would definitely collapse.

“Alright, alright, we admit defeat.”

Seeing this scene, Chi Yang gave up all his pride and put away his weapons, signalling all the clansmen to stop attacking, there was no point in fighting any longer.

Although after absorbing the “Fury Qi”, Ye Lu had become different from before, he was not a murderous person after all, so Ye Lu stopped attacking and looked at Chi Yang and said.

“I advised you a long time ago not to take any chances, what I said is true, because I am a person who does not like to pretend, but unfortunately you do not believe me.”

To be honest, at this moment Chi Yang’s heart was full of regret, if he had known that this was the end, he would not have fought with Ye Lu to the death, and as a result, so many people had died, and in the end it was a helpless end.

Ye Lu looked at “Chi Yang” and said.

“Tell me, where exactly did you get Gu Shiqi, in addition, I have to remind you that I can also break the broken formation outside your secret realm, so you’d better tell the truth, don’t take any chances.”


Chapter 446

This, Chi Yang believed very much, he had seen Ye Luo’s kung fu in destroying the formation with his own eyes, and he knew very well that Ye Luo could definitely destroy their big formation outside.

Thus, he sighed and said.

“Well, it’s actually not a secret that can’t be disclosed, because even if you know it, it’s still a waste of time, that little ninny was brought to the ‘Ancient Clan’, which is the legendary ‘Pan Gu Clan’, in In the ‘Ancient Clan’ people like me are nothing more than ants, and even if you are strong enough to go there, you will still be dead.”

Hearing Chi Yang’s words, Ye Lu sucked in a breath of cold air.

Although Chi Yang’s words might have been exaggerated, this “Ancient Clan” must be terribly strong.

This reminded Ye Lu of Kunlun, which had also casually sent a strong person who had crossed the Golden Dan Avenue.

Chi Yang then continued.

“I can also tell you the location of the Ancient Clan’s secret realm, so you can go there yourself if you want to.”

After saying that, Chi Yang then sighed and named a location, honestly, he was chagrined at the moment, if he had done so long ago, he wouldn’t have ended up in such an end.

Seeing that Chi Yang did not seem to be lying, Ye Luo then nodded and said.

“Good, then I believe you this time.”

“However, I have to ask you another thing, is it because of the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’ that you took away Gu Shiqi?”

Hearing Ye Luo talk about the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, Chi Yang was slightly surprised, then he looked at Ye Luo and said.

“You also know about the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’? It seems that this matter has been widely circulated! You’re right, and I won’t hide it from you, that Gu Shiqi is the person that the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’ is looking for, which is one of the ‘Sons of Heaven’s Destiny’, so you don’t have to worry about her dying, at least until the ‘Immortal Mansion opens ‘ before, she will not die.”

Hearing Chi Yang finish, Ye Luo also let out a sigh of relief, to be honest, he was really quite worried about Gu Shiqi.

Now, it seemed that at least her safety was not something to worry about, however, one could not just leave Gushiki alone.

“I must raise my cultivation level as soon as possible and then go and save Gushiki before I do.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then he looked at Ren Zun and Ren Yao and said.

“Ren Yao, Ren Zun, I’ll leave you two to live a good life, remember to look for me if you need anything, since I’m an offering to your family, don’t worry, I’ll give you the appropriate benefits.”

Then, Ye Luo flew towards the door and then disappeared into the secret realm.

Everyone looked at Ye Luo’s back and sighed with emotion.

“This youngster is not simple!”

“Yes, the future will definitely be limitless.”

“At first, I thought it was a two-stroke youth who liked to talk big, but I didn’t expect it to be a guy who was quite something.”

“Hey! Just don’t mess with him.”


Amidst the sighs and laments of the crowd, Ye Lu had already left this “Chi You Clan” clan’s territory.

Outside the secret realm, Ye Lu couldn’t help but have a headache, because he felt that this “ancient clan” had become a big mountain in his heart, and it would take some time to overthrow it.

However, Ye Luo was not in a hurry, because it had only been a long time since he started to become a cultivator, and he still had a long way to go.

“Next, I finally have some time to activate the four totem plates, this thing should be related to the ‘Immortal Palace Key’.”

So, Ye Luo went back to the capital first, because although he had the blood of the Four Sacred Beasts with him, he was worried that he would waste it if he didn’t have enough blood, and because if he ran out of blood, he would still have to ask Long Fei Xue and the girls for it, but of course, Long Fei Xue wasn’t in the capital at the moment.

Ye Lu first found Jin Kun and used his blood to activate the “White Tiger Totem Board” belonging to the Jin family.

“A mountain, I wonder what’s on the other pieces.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, and then went to Qin Siyu’s place, as Lin Danni, who had the pure bloodline of the Lin family, was filming a scene with Qin Siyu.

Qin Siyu was very safe under the protection of the “Shadow of Death”, and she was very happy to see Ye Lu coming, so she took some time out of her busy schedule to invite Ye Lu for a meal at a big hotel near the film city.

During the meal and conversation, Qin Siyu said that their film was progressing very quickly and the shooting was going very well, so it would probably not take long for it to be released.

What surprised him even more was that Qin Siyu’s cultivation level was as good as a hang-up. In just a few days’ time, she had crossed the second turn of the “Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir”, which was no weaker than his own speed.

However, Ye Lu felt that he only had to do a few more hard fights before he was ready.

During the meeting, Ye Lu showed the photo to Qin Siyu.

“Do you know this mountain?”

As a result, Qin Siyu said as she looked at it.

“You don’t say, I seem to have really seen this this mountain somewhere.”

With that she dragged her chin in thought, and following that, he said as if it had dawned on him.

“This should be the ‘Mount Olympus’ of Europe, I’ve seen it in the atlas.”

Hearing Qin Siyu say “Mount Olympus”, Ye Lu’s heart was moved. The guy who possessed part of the “God of War” bloodline had chased after him before, and at that time, he was determined to take revenge.

However, since “Olympus” was called a divine mountain, it should not be easy to mess with. Therefore, Ye Lu did not impulsively set out right away, and it was not enough to know this, he needed more information.

So, after finishing his meal, Ye Lu called Lin Danni to come and used Lin Danni’s blood to activate a totem plate again, this time getting a very near and dear building, which should be an artificially built extremely small decorative thing in the courtyard, and it looks like the other key is in this thing.

Of course, only these two pieces would not do, so Ye Lu went to the “Vermilion Bird Clan Land” to look for his elder sister Ye Yan.

“Good, you kid, it’s been so long and you haven’t come to see me, see if I don’t burn you to death.”

As a result, just after we met, Ye Yan threw a blazing fire at him.

Seeing this blazing fire, Ye Lu smiled, indeed, Ye Yan had already crossed into the “Golden Dan Ninth Turn” realm, only one turn younger than Qin Siyu.

If it was placed outside, it would be a “Saint”, which was definitely a strong existence in the secular world.

Of course, compared to a master, it was indeed quite inferior.

At this time, Ye Lu also discovered something else, that is, his sister Ye Yan, like Qin Siyu, did not simply possess the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird, Ye Lu suspected that she was the original body of the Vermillion Bird.

Seeing that Ye Yan had casually reached out and caught such a powerful flame of her own, Ye Yan was a little deflated.

“When am I going to be able to surpa*s you?”

She muttered in a somewhat depressed manner, while Ye Luo told her the purpose of her visit, and indeed, after activating the “Vermilion Bird Totem Plate”, Ye Luo got a picture that resembled a divine temple.

“It looks like these four pictures are really in a progressive relationship, so if we find Long Fei Xue next, we’ll have everything.”

Just as Ye Lu thought, after the “Green Dragon Totem Board” was activated, it showed one of the many peaks of “Mount Olympus” again.

Combining the four plates, the conclusion was that the “Immortal Palace Key” was placed somewhere in the temple on one of the peaks of Mount Olympus.

“Looks like it’s time to see the level of the Greek gods.”

Once he broke through, he would become a cultivator of the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, and only then would he really be able to fight with cultivators who had achieved the “Golden Elixir Path”.

So, after thinking about it and making all kinds of preparations, Ye Lu went to Mount Olympus in Greece.

Of course, he did not go straight to the mountain, but first arrived at a small town under Mount Olympus.

In Ye Lu’s opinion, the main purpose of this time was the “Immortal Palace Key”, so he would not fight if he could, but could things really go as he wished?