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Super School Student Chapter 447-448

Chapter 447

The name of the town where Ye Lu lived was “Litoholon”, it was also the base camp for tourists climbing the mountain, so the population was small, but there were many hotels and restaurants, and the town was still quite lively.

Ye Lu changed his appearance by means of a disguise technique, because the internet is so advanced nowadays, he didn’t know if he would be found out, so he made a big deal of it and made himself look like an old man, or a European gypsy old man, with a long white beard and deep eyes, not to mention that it was really like that.

Of course, if you want to ask for information, you have to go to a place like a “bar”.

So, Ye Luo went to the bar, ordered a gla*s of spirits and sat there, waiting for the big fish to bite.

Anyway, Ye Luo was in no hurry this time, he had to find all nine keys to the Immortal Palace before it could be opened, and he already had a plan on how to proceed this time.

However, looking ahead, Ye Luo didn’t see any valuable people in the biggest bar in this town, most of them were sightseers.

So, he took out a piece of material and started to practice engraving the “weapon pattern”. Both the “weapon pattern” on the “Chi You Go” and the “Blazing God Blade” made Ye Lu feel enchanted, so he decided to spend more time studying the “weapon pattern” and try to master the refinement of more advanced treasures as soon as possible.

The biggest difference from before was that people would have different attributes, which were related to the attributes of the “Golden Elixir”.

For example, some people may have the water attribute, others the fire attribute, but of course, these are the most common attributes, and there are also more rare attributes, such as the thunder attribute, or the more rare dark attribute, etc.

Before this, even a “Ninth Golden Dan” expert could only use “Innate Astral Qi” or an attribute attack borrowed from external forces, such as “Beast Fire”, so the attacks of a true “Golden Dan Avenue” expert were much more complex and terrifying.

For these true “Jindan Dao” experts, a weapon that they can use is particularly important, as it allows them to use 100 per cent of their abilities, or even more.

For many cultivators, such a “magic weapon” is unattainable, but if it can be tailor-made, it is worth a lot more.

He felt that once he broke through to the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” realm, this dream would come true.

Right now, he was still one step away from his dream.

In fact, this was also related to the fact that Ye Lu had been focusing on refining pills for a while. With the three types of Origin Fire, Ye Lu could refine too many pills, but his next biggest goal was to refine pills that could cross the “Golden Dan Avenue” because he had already discovered that the women, even Long Fei Xue, who was slightly less fit, were already at the “Golden Dan Ninth Turn” realm, and at this rate, they would soon be facing a breakthrough.

The style of this bar was to leave the drinking cups in front of the drinker, presumably for the convenience of settlement, so a large number of cups were placed densely in front of Ye Lu’s face.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, still had no intention of getting drunk.

At this time, a decent looking practitioner finally arrived, this guy’s cultivation level wasn’t too high, but he was probably not small, because Ye Lu saw through his profile that this guy had the bloodline of “Thor”, but this “Thor” was not the Greek god of thunder “Zeus”, but the “Thor” from the Norse gods.

The Norse gods live in a place called Asgard and would not have come here. Of course, if Ye Lu could not see the information about the person, no one else would have been able to tell that the person had the blood of the Norse gods.

Ye Lu didn’t make a sound, but ordered a drink again.

Sure enough, the guy noticed Ye Luo.

It was almost impossible for a non-cultivator to drink so much strong wine without changing his mind, and the presence of a cultivator here was slightly suspicious.

“Most shouldn’t have anything to do with this operation of ours.”

The guy glanced at Ye Lu in some suspicion and disbelief, and finally sat down beside him and said.

“Old man, did you come here to worship the divine mountain?”

Ye Luo said indifferently as he drank.

“This is not the god I believe in, so why should I worship it.”

This statement made the man called Swemlin feel a lot more secure, because in his opinion, a person would not betray the god he believed in, and since this man dared to say this, at least it meant that he was not a believer of the “Greek gods”.

Then, looking at Ye Lu, he said.

“Look at your capacity for wine, this wine is not going to do much for you, how about trying my wine?”

As he said this, he took out a bottle of wine, and when Ye Lu looked at it, he saw that it was indeed a kind of wine, but it was more like an anaesthetic, for wine itself is also a kind of anaesthetic, but it is really not harmful to people, so Ye Lu smiled and took it over, saying as he poured the wine.

“Have you come from the distant Northlands for some purpose?”

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, the corners of Swemlin’s eyes immediately jumped, and he looked at Ye Lu with a wary face, as he was a little worried that his identity had been exposed.

On the other hand, Ye Lu smiled and continued.

“Swemlin, that little buddy of yours when you were thirteen, what was his name again, yes, Hoym, do you think he’s alright on that side?”

Now Swemlin was even more surprised, he had never said his name, here they used aliases, and the little mate that Ye Lu said was the very first person he had killed in his life.

“What the hell are you …… you ……?”

Swemlin’s face had changed a little, if Ye Lu could know his name, this might not be surprising, because it was possible that he had investigated himself, he was not famous in Northern Europe, but it was still not difficult to find out the name.

However, he hadn’t said anything to anyone about being thirteen years old, so it could be said that heaven knew and earth knew as well as himself, so how did this old man across the street know about it?

“Oh, is that strange?”

Ye Lu said with a smile as he drank.

“I know a lot more, like when you had your first time with Carrianna, what position you used, how much time it took and so on, I know it all, want me to tell you about it?”

Ye Lu’s words surprised Swemlin, he looked at Ye Lu not knowing what he should say.

For his part, Ye Lu drank up his wine and then said with a smile.

“Young man, don’t you think our meeting is fate’s arrangement?”

Swemlin nodded somewhat mechanically and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Are you the legendary ‘Great Seer’ among the Gypsies?”

When he heard what the hell a “Great Seer” was, of course Ye Lu didn’t know what it was, but he immediately crawled up the pole and said.

“Oh, maybe you should introduce me to someone who needs me, I think you don’t want this ‘trip to Olympus’ to end in death either.”

In fact, although Ye Lu could see a lot of details of a person’s introduction, what he saw could only be the past, so he really didn’t know much about what Swemlin’s group actually wanted to do here.

However, this pushy Ye Lu was definitely going to pretend, not only this pushy, he had more pushy to pretend on, thought he felt that these strong people from Northern Europe must have impure motives, only, this guy called Swemlin was a small character, so he couldn’t see what exactly they wanted to do.

Hearing Ye’s whispered words, Swemlin was basically convinced that this guy was indeed an extremely powerful “diviner”.

The Gypsies were the most adept at divination and using all kinds of weird spells, and were also one of the most mysterious people, so he did not think that Ye Lu had mysterious problems.

So, he thought about it and said.

“Good, then you can follow me, perhaps our meeting is really fate’s arrangement.”

When he heard Swemlin’s words, Ye Lu smiled happily, it looked like these powerful people from Northern Europe were finally going to start having bad luck.


Chapter 448

The reason why Ye Luo pretended to be a gypsy was because he could use the “divination technique”, which is also known as “Zi Wei Dou Shu” or “Four Pillars and Eight Characters”, “Tai Yi”, “Qi Men Dun Jia” and so on in China, but he was not particularly proficient in any of them, because those who were the best at this were the experts who had mastered the laws of time.

At this moment, Ye Lu had not yet embarked on the “Golden Elixir Path”, which meant that he had not yet awakened the power of any laws.

However, he possessed spiritual power, so he could use some divination spells, and since the level of his spiritual power was extremely high, he could use it with ease.

This still made Ye Lu feel quite confident.

As he walked along the road, that Swemlin looked at Ye Lu somewhat puzzled and asked.

“Great Prophet, just how high is your cultivation level? It feels like you are unfathomable, this kind of wine makes me too drunk with just one gla*s, and you drank a bottle of it and nothing happened at all.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s not worth mentioning, in fact it’s your wine that’s no good, I have a ‘Monkey’s Wine’ that not only tastes good and is strong, but is also very helpful in improving your cultivation, I’ll treat you to some of it when I have the chance.”

This guy was also an alcoholic, and when he heard that Ye Lu had a good wine, his eyes immediately glowed up and he couldn’t wait to have some right away, at the same time, he said with a smile.

“You may not know, we Nordic people all like to drink, if you have good wine, you must not hide it from us!”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, this is natural.”

But, to be honest, he didn’t have any bullSh*t “monkey wine”, so let’s just fool around and talk about it when the time comes.

With that, the two of them soon arrived at a hotel in town.

The town was full of hotels, bars, restaurants and tourists, so it didn’t raise any suspicion.

After entering the hotel, Ye Luo saw a man sitting in the lobby leisurely flipping through a magazine, but this guy’s cultivation level was very high, he had already crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue” and his proficiency was very strange, he was actually good at sensing laws, that is, he could sense the other party’s cultivation level and other information.

Therefore, the moment Ye Lu walked in, this guy froze, because he found that he could not detect Ye Lu’s depth at all.

Of course he couldn’t detect it because, at this moment, Ye Lu didn’t use “spells” such as “the art of concealing the sky”, so he couldn’t detect it at his current level.

However, this guy was transparent in Ye Lu’s eyes. This guy was obviously placed here by these “Nordic Powers” to observe the reality of the people who came in.

This way, once a practitioner came in, he would be the first to sense it and send out the corresponding message and signal.

So, Ye Lu looked at him and smiled and said.

“Mr. Jerno has worked hard, how is she doing in Osfir?”

At this word, the guy who was reading the newspaper almost dropped the newspaper in his hand, because that “Osfir” was another name of their leader’s woman, and it was also a name that only the two of them would use, mainly because this guy’s sensing ability had an extended direction similar to mind reading, although it was not necessarily possible to really read the mind, but it was possible to guess a woman’s mind, so he was able to get the hearts of many women.

However, he knew very well that his chief had quite a bad temper, and if he knew that he had touched his woman, he guessed that he would be finished, so he hurriedly stood up and said with a smile.

“Where is this honoured guest from? Welcome, welcome!”

As a result, Swemlin said with a smile.

“This is the ‘Great Seer’ of the ‘Gypsy’ clan that I found, isn’t it quite powerful?”

Hearing Swemlin’s words, the guy called Jerno immediately picked up his thumb and smiled as well.

“Awesome, really awesome!”

As he spoke, Jerno felt a little chill down his back, he would really be in for a treat if this matter was poked out.

However, Ye Lu patted his shoulder and said.

“Young man, don’t worry, my old man has always known more and said less.”

This pat came somewhat suddenly, and Jielnuo was also a highly alert practitioner, and as a result, he found that he could not avoid it, which made him feel somewhat appalled.

“This person might really be unfathomable!”

He muttered in his heart, but he did not know that this was due to the high level of the “Martial Skill” that Ye Lu used. Besides, Ye Lu’s real level was already comparable to that of a practitioner who had crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue”, but this guy, although his level was also good, had not yet crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue”.

At this moment, that Swemlin said with a smile.

“With the help of the ‘Great Seer’ this time, I think we should be able to succeed in our matter.”

Jerno, of course, had to go along with it.

Following that, Swemlin then led Ye Lu up to the third floor, and in a room on the third floor, Ye Lu saw the leader of the group.

What surprised Ye Lu was that this guy was so strong that he was actually a super expert beyond the “Golden Dan Avenue”, that is, the legendary “YuanYing old monster”.

To be honest, when he saw this person, Ye Lu regretted a bit, because if the other party wanted to crush himself, it would be as easy as a hand.

“How could there be such a strong person?”

Immediately afterwards, Ye Lu felt something weird touching his spirit, as if he was scanning it, making it feel very uncomfortable.

“It looks like it’s a ‘divine sense’ that only ‘old monsters of the firstborn’ possess.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

“It looks like these European Gods can’t really be underestimated!”

Previously, Ye Luo had a fight with the “Blood Race”, so he had always felt that the so-called “Greek Gods” bloodline practitioners of “Mount Olympus” should not be anything more than that.

He had always thought that the so-called “Greek Gods” with the bloodline of “Olympus” should be no more than that, and the fact that he had subdued the “War God” bloodline of Kara*sis had given him the impression that he had been wrong.

However, even such an expert had appeared this time, so it seemed that things must be very big.

After scanning Ye Lu with his Divine Sense, Brannoy frowned because he found that he could not detect the cultivation level of the other party with his Divine Sense.

“Could it be a super expert who has surpa*sed the ‘YuanYing stage’?”

He muttered, but then he thought it was unlikely, he was still not sure if there was such an expert or not, and more importantly, he did not feel the aura of a supreme power from Ye Lu’s body.

“What an odd old man.”

He muttered secretly as Swemlin had smiled and said.

“This is a super powerful wandering Gypsy ‘Great Seer’ that I happened to meet, I think with his help, things will definitely go more smoothly for us this time.”

As a result, that Brannoy looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“It’s certainly good to have the help of a ‘Great Seer’, but I feel that you are being fooled, how do you prove that he is the ‘Great Seer’?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Mr. Brannoy, it looks like you are very suspicious of me! Don’t just because you are a YuanYing stage expert you can know everything, in many areas you are actually very ignorant, by the way, while we are talking, tell that henchman of yours called ‘Sinoli’ not to disturb us.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Brannoy was really surprised, because he had no idea how Ye Luo knew about this, if he had good hearing, he could indeed hear someone coming upstairs, but to know who the other party was unless he also used his “divine sense” to scan and know, but Brannoy did not feel Ye Luo’s “divine sense”, so how on earth did Ye Luo do this?

At this moment, Ye Lu pointed to the window and said.

“After five counts, there will be a ‘O’pigeon’ flying through the window, from left to right.”




As Ye Luo’s number, everyone looked at the window, and when Ye Luo counted “one”, an “Ou Dove” flew past, and at the same time, a knocking sounded outside the door.

“Boss, it’s Si Noli, can I come in?”