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Super School Student Chapter 455-456

Chapter 455

The shield is called the “Shield of Aegis”, which is said to have been made by Hephaetus, the Greek god of fire, for Zeus and Athena.

The shield is said to be superbly defensive, but of course it is still slightly different from the other shield, the Shield of Zeus, which is a “medium grade” “magic treasure”.

According to the instructions, the five motifs on the Shield of Athena could be activated for use, especially the “Head of Medusa” in the middle, which would have the ability to petrify people once activated.

Of course, what Ye Lu is seeing now is not a real thing, but a simulated image of the “War God’s Temple”, including his real self, who is still sitting on that chair.

After completing the “Top Trick Realm”, Ye Luo began to reach the second level of the “Golden Dao”, that is, the “Intent Trick Realm”, and after entering it, Ye Luo found that all his tricks were no longer effective this time.

Because not opening a single one of the “nine orifices” was a small leap, in the face of such a realm gap, small tricks seemed a bit pale and powerless.

“It looks like the next step is to cultivate obediently.”

In fact, the original purpose of the “War God Temple” was to let people cultivate through it, not a real game of breaking and entering, but of course, now that there was a little time to spare, Ye Lu looked at the situation of the other people.

It was too easy for Ye Lu to give them some help with the “gla*ses”, such as transforming them into some spells, although what Ye Lu was doing seemed unheard of to these guys, but to Ye Lu it was just a matter of handy.

Soon, several people’s attitude towards Ye Lu changed, from initial curiosity, to surprise, and finally to respect, and among those being instructed were three “YuanYing old monsters”, which made the others feel that Ye Lu was simply amazing.

“This guy may not be human.”

“He’s like a gypsy god!”

“That’s right, it’s too powerful, I’ve met a high achiever today.”


In this way, Ye Luo while constantly cultivating, while giving guidance to these guys, of course, the other he at the same time did not idle, is in the hotel of that own doppelganger puppet.

The reason why the “magic puppet”, a “magic treasure” without any attack power, was of such a high level was because of its two abilities, one was of course the transformation, and the other was the equivalent of a doppelganger’s ability.

Even if Ye Lu was in the secret realm, this person and puppet could still turn into one person through their interconnected vision and accomplish various things.

Moreover, as if in two minds, the actions of both parties were not affected at all.

In the hotel, the “magic puppet”, Yelu, is also doing well. Not only is the “wine” very popular, but he is also trusted by everyone because of his performance, and of course, after a day, the powerful attacker, the “frost giant”, is secretly brought to the vicinity of “Olympus”.

In Norse mythology there are four other beings besides men: giants, gods, elves and gnomes, and many people may think from the surface of the text that the “gods” are the strongest, but in reality this is not the case.

In Norse legend, the “giants” gave birth to the gods, while the elves and gnomes were the servants of the gods.

The most distinctive feature of these frost giants is that many of them have multiple heads, are large and brutal in nature, but have a slightly dumber head.

Ye Luo, the “magic doll”, told everyone to fix up and follow his orders.

In this way, on the morning of the next day, Ye Lu finally pa*sed another test, the “war training” of the “Yi Qiao Realm”.

However, unfortunately, he did not receive a reward, as he had already broken through to the “Golden Dan Second Turn” realm when he cracked this level.

The feeling of sudden progress made Ye Luo not want to leave this place, after all, this place was simply too helpful to him, if he were to close down and cultivate, he would not be able to break through one turn a day.

However, this place was only opened once a month, and Ye Lu did not think he would have such an opportunity again, so at noon the next day, he left this “War God’s Hall” that he could not leave behind.

As expected, Athena and the remaining eleven experts from different Gods were waiting for him outside, but what made Ye Lu happy was that the rewards were given out in private, so no one knew that Ye Lu had already obtained six treasures in the War God’s Hall.

“You are the gypsy girl, Yil Fan, I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful!”

A few experts who had never seen Ye Lu looked at Ye Lu and said in surprise.

Of course, when Ye Lu entered the “War God’s Hall”, what Ye Lu showed was actually his original appearance as a man, but Ye Lu was good at “disguise” so he changed his appearance when completing the mission, so in fact, the few people who saw his appearance only saw him disguised as a gypsy girl.

Even if what they said was correct, Ye Lu was only a practitioner who had just crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue” at the “Yi Jiao Realm”.

Even if such a cultivator had some magical powers, he would not have made these people so respectful.

However, this was not what Athena was concerned about at the moment, she was more concerned about something else, so she looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Tell me, what exactly did you get in the ‘Temple of War’?”

Hearing Athena’s words, Ye Lu’s heart thumped, because he did not want to give away all the treasures he had obtained, especially the “Athena’s Holy Cloth” and the “Athena’s Shield”, which he was going to leave to those women, Liu Mei and Qin Siyu each needed these two items very much.

Of course, Ye Lu had his own “Heavenly Vine” that kept growing, so he didn’t need these things.

So, Ye Luo said tentatively.

“I did get one thing, but shouldn’t the thing I got belong to me?”

As a result, “Athena” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Haven’t you got enough benefits from the ‘War God Temple’? You can’t be insatiable!”

After “Athena” finished speaking, Ye Lu said with a pained expression.

“Isn’t that a bit too much?”

However, as he spoke, Ye Lu took out a long-handled weapon, a staff-like object with two half-moon shaped rings at the top of the staff.

“Athena’s scepter!”

“It’s Athena’s sceptre, it’s so powerful!”

“No wonder this guy didn’t want to give it, so it’s such a powerful thing!”

“I’m so jealous!”


The scepter is the most powerful thing in the world.

The scepter was in his hand and Athena smiled. Of course, Ye Lu swore that there would be nothing more, then he told Athena to tell her the news and left.

“Of course you have to tell us the news, but your people can’t leave, come on, tell us what you know.”

“Athena” said with a smile as she looked at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu laughed bitterly and helplessly, but of course, in reality, all this was pretence, he originally wanted to stay, because there were still very important things waiting for him to do.

Then he took out his mobile phone with a sad face and opened it, saying.

“I’ll start with the facts, let’s talk about the prophecy later, the truth is that the ‘Norse Gods’ want to deal with you.”

After saying that, Ye Lu handed some photos he had taken to “Athena”, who was also a powerful European practitioner, the “Greek gods” certainly knew the “Nordic gods” very well, “Athena” immediately distinguished “Brannoy” and others, and then nodded.

Ye Lu continued.

“Next, I will talk about the part of prophecy.”


Chapter 456

Ye Lu looked at Athena and said.

“The prophecy says that these people will a*semble in an unnamed valley about fifteen kilometres from here, and that they will attack this evening, at midnight, and that someone will break through the corner of your formation and draw the water from the most famous poisonous river in the Nordic ‘Land of Mist’, Niflheim, into your secret realm. The water from the most famous river in the Nordic ‘Land of Mist’, Niflheim, will be drawn into this secret realm of yours.”

Hearing Ye Luo mention the poisonous river in Niflheim, the “Athena” also frowned, indeed in the “Nordic Mythology”, that poisonous river was a very difficult place to deal with.

Because that river and the “Fountain of Helvargemil” that Ye Lu had mentioned before were on a par with each other, the “Fountain of Life” and the “River of Death”, both of which were extremely terrifying.

Of course, the area of the secret realm of Mount Olympus was so large that it would be difficult to rely on the River of Death to finish off Mount Olympus in the short term, but the poisonous water could indeed control those with lower cultivation levels or render the army of demonic beasts of Mount Olympus useless in a very short period of time.

The water of the poisonous river, if combined with the Frost Giants, the king of terrifying single combat power, the two together would indeed be enough for the gods of Olympus.

However, what Athena didn’t understand was why the other side had to do this.

Ye Lu did not hide this, but said directly.

“They are doing this because of something called the ‘Immortal Palace Key’, which is actually related to eternal life.”

Hearing Ye Lu mention the “Immortal Palace Key”, “Athena” nodded as if she had a sudden understanding and said.

“Oh! That’s right, no wonder there is such an action, it seems that the rumor is true.”

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t know what she meant by “true”, but he didn’t ask, because it seemed that his foolishness was quite successful.

So, she continued.

“There’s still a lot of time before they get angry, so you guys can go and do something about it yourselves, I don’t care what kind of action you want to take, just remember to let me out afterwards, I don’t like to be tied down.”

With those words Ye Luo stretched his back.

Gypsies are most spontaneous and unrestrained, it’s in their bones, so everyone didn’t feel any surprise at Ye Lu’s words.

So, after hearing Ye’s words, Athena quickly left the Temple of Athena and teleported to the Temple of Zeus, which was the highest point on Mount Olympus.

From here, looking down at the cloudy mountain below, there is a real feeling of being at the top of the highest level and being above the world.

On the highest level of the temple sat a tall figure with a bearded face, holding a long thunder staff with thunder flashes on it, and it was Zeus, the strongest god in this generation of bloodline.

“Lord Zeus, I have a strange situation to report to you.”

As she spoke, “Athena” briefly told him what had just happened.

“Zeus frowned, then nodded again and said.

“I have carefully investigated the matter of the ‘Key to the Immortal Palace’ and the news is true. I’m afraid it’s really coming, and all of us need to be aware of it before we do.”

“I will ask the heirs of ‘Hermes’ to look into this matter, and if it is true, we will show the people of ‘Northern Europe’ what we are capable of.”

“However, it is really depressing to have the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ with us and we ourselves do not know about it.”

After saying this, Zeus arranged for Hermes’ men to go outside and investigate.

“Hermes was one of the twelve gods, and he was also the god of thieves, who was the best at scouting.

This was the home turf of the Greek gods, so it didn’t take long for Hermes to find out and bring back definite information.

“We did find the Norse in the place that Athena mentioned, and there were spatial fluctuations there, so there must be something hidden, but we didn’t dare to go near it to avoid alerting the snake. ”

“Zeus nodded and said.

“On the one hand, we have to fortify the guard formation, and on the other hand, we have to gather good men, we have to make these people from ‘Northern Europe’ come back without a return!

“After dark, we’ll start moving.”

While Zeus and the others were planning, Ye Lu wandered around Mount Olympus, his aim was to take a closer look at the entire mountain, but of course the most important place was the “weapon pattern” near the entrance and exit.

Sure enough, Ye Lu saw that there was a control room at the entrance and exit of the mountain, because most of the formations, unless they were the “bloodline” formations of a certain race, had to be controlled by human beings, otherwise it would be difficult for the “formations” to determine who could enter and who would be kept out.

What Ye Lu wanted to do now was to quietly seize the control, which could not strictly be called seizure, but rather sharing the control.

So, he began to analyse and observe, and when he had everything figured out, he found a sister in the Athena Temple who was similar to himself in terms of cultivation and looks, and then subdued her and turned her into himself, while he turned into her, pretending to rest as an excuse to swap the pillars.

He then quietly went to the bottom of the mountain and started to find a way to share the control of the formation. Of course, he had to use the “mirage” created by the “mirage” to confuse the guy who was in charge of guarding this place, and the guy’s cultivation level was not low at all, he was an expert who had opened “five” out of “nine”, but the power of the “mirage” lies in its accumulative nature.

This was the home of the gods of Olympus, so all kinds of information was soon gathered.

This convinced the “Greek gods” of this.

So, after darkness fell, the Greek Gods flew away from the mountain one by one and began to rush towards the valley where the Norse Gods had gathered, in order to wipe out the Norse Gods.

The woman under Ye Lu’s control was still sitting in her room with her knees crossed as if she was in a state of meditation.

The real Ye Luo was staying in a corner at the bottom of the mountain, waiting for the experts of the Greek Gods to fly away from here.

Once the last of them had flown away, Ye Lu asked another “magic doll”, Ye Lu, to quickly send a message to the “Norse gods”, asking everyone to quickly enter the secret realm of “Mount Olympus”.

Such a large number of people certainly attracted the attention of the man in charge of the gate.

However, he found that he had temporarily lost control of the Great Formation, although only a small part of it, but it was enough to let the other side’s people enter, and the one who entered was a YuanYing expert with the bloodline of the Norse God Odin.

He was holding the most powerful weapon possessed by the Norse gods, the “Gunnar”, which is called the “Eternal Gun”, meaning “penetration”, and just after entering the secret realm, the terrifying “Gunnar” completely penetrated the temple where the control room was located.

The gun, said to be made from the Nordic world tree, was indestructible and destroyed the control room in an instant.

“Gypsy Girl Irvine, let the people in!”

As he spoke, the man in the golden helmet shouted, and two ravens, symbols of “thought” and “memory”, flew up quickly, while two huge, terrifying wolves appeared at his feet.

This shout of course alerted everyone.

Those who were left behind in the main shrines flew out, and some immediately saw Ye Lu standing beside the “Odin” bloodline expert.

“It’s that gypsy woman, she tricked us!”

Someone shouted in surprise.

Ye Luo turned to look at them and said with a smile.

“You were right, it was you who I cheated!”