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Super School Student Chapter 457-458

Chapter 457

After saying that, Ye Lu began to control the exit quickly, manipulating the formation was easy for Ye Lu, so soon, the team outside was transported in.

This time, Ye Luo also saw the appearance of the “Norse gods”, especially the god of love “Frigga” blond hair and blue eyes wearing a white robe with a golden belt, looking beautiful mess, and the descendants of “Thor, the god of thunder”, each with a sturdy body and a red beard, especially the “hammer of the god of thunder” with a roaring thunder in his hand, looking extremely horrifying.

However, the most frightening of all were the “frost giants” who were already tall and then suddenly became taller. These guys were covered in white armour and carried a cold aura, and were really frosty wherever they went.

In fact, these “frost giants” are not strictly human, they are more like humanoid demon beasts, not only in their low intelligence, but also in their ability to use the frost laws by nature.

Even humans with a “bloodline” have to go through a process of “bloodline awakening”, but these guys were born with such a terrifying ability.

However, it was definitely not the time to study this at the moment.

Ye Lu took the antidote to the “poison river” and then brought everyone in.

After these guys came in and saw all the strong people and demonic beasts flying up from Mount Olympus, they began to splash out all the toxins extracted from the “Poison River”.

There were two ways of pouring it out, one was like spraying pesticides from the air, and the other was to put it in the water and spread it along the various rivers on the mountain, this poisonous water had obviously been specially prepared, as it evaporated extremely fast, and soon “Mount Olympus” became more like a divine mountain, as there was white poison everywhere.

At the same time, Ye Lu saw the appearance of countless elves with pointed ears, each of which led a number of “fairies” and “goblins”, which in fact resembled elves, but elves had no wings, whereas “fairies” and “goblins” had butterfly or dragonfly wings.

The role of these elves was to release poisonous water by surprise, because Ye Lu had already understood through the profile of the leader of these guys that the other “Immortal House Key” was somewhere in the “Temple of Zeus”, so their target was the “Temple of Zeus”, which was the highest and most sacred place in “Mount Olympus”.

“No wonder they’ve been planning for so long.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo understood why these “Nordic Gods” were so cautious, because at first Ye Luo was a bit surprised that they didn’t choose the same way as himself to steal from them.

Although it would have been extremely difficult, it would have been better than such a ma*sive operation!

But if the item was in the Temple of Zeus and in an important place, there was no chance of stealing it.

“Frost Giants, let’s go!”

With a command from the Odin-blooded master, the tall “frost giants” began to move, each of them with huge wings of ice crystals on their backs, and they flew straight towards the highest level of the “Temple of Zeus”.

“The Greek gods saw this and countless experts and demonic beasts flew up from everywhere, trying to stop the onslaught of the Frost Giants.

“Frost Blast! Rise!”

At this moment, the Odin-blooded master unleashed a terrifying ice dragon, and standing on top of it, he wielded the Eternal Spear and followed the Frost Giants towards the highest temple of Zeus.

With this guy’s order, all the “frost giants” wielded various weapons in their hands, and the fierce frost blasted towards the “Temple of Zeus”, and Ye Lu saw that the masters of the 12 main pantheons of “Mount Olympus” also quickly took up their positions and began to guard.

“The Norse gods knew very well that this battle had to be a quick one, otherwise the main forces of Mount Olympus outside would be in trouble if they returned.

Moreover, judging from the speed of the operation, this matter should be revealed immediately.

Therefore, the importance of Ye Luo at this moment is highlighted, because if the formation outside can hold off these “Norse gods”, it can hold off the “Greek gods” for a while.

It was for this reason that a tall Norse god stood next to Ye Lu.

“Girl, your name is Irma, isn’t it?”

He looked at Ye Lu and asked with narrowed eyes.

Ye Lu smiled and nodded.

The guy then said again.

“I’m curious, at such a young age, how are you so powerful that you can be so proficient in the ‘formation’ aspect, you’re practically a formation master!”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“First of all you got one thing wrong, my age is much older than you think, and it’s something you can’t imagine, because I got an elixir called ‘Face Fixing Pill’ in the mysterious East, which can fix my appearance at a certain age, that’s why I always look like this. ”

Hearing that Ye Lu had actually possessed something like a ‘face fixing pill’, this guy was also taken aback, and then he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Do you still have that kind of ‘face fixing pills’?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Of course not, moreover, this kind of pill takes a long time to take effect, I just got a random messy pill and gave it to you, you wouldn’t know, would you?”

This guy smiled when he heard Ye Lu finish speaking and said.

“You’re right too, and also, what I’m curious about is, what exactly is the relationship between you and that ‘Sheik Sincere Yayi’ old man, both of them are so powerful?”

Leaffall said with a smile.

“About how powerful this matter is a secret between the two of us, we gypsies run all over the world, the relationship between me and Sheik Seiye is that of a partner, this is not something that needs to be hidden from you.”

Following that, Ye Luo then looked this guy in the eyes and said.

“What? Are you guys not too trusting of the old man?”

This guy hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“How could it be, of course we trust you guys.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course I know that, this old man has never been wrong about anyone.”

After saying that, Ye Lu left the control room and headed outside the secret realm.

“Huh! What are you going to do?”

Ye Luo then said indifferently.

“Going outside to change the pattern of the formation, otherwise do you think you can really keep your enemies locked up with their cages?”

After saying that, Ye Luo had already walked out of the secret realm, while outside the secret realm, the “Greek gods” had already flown back in anger, but it was indeed quite difficult to enter the formation, and Ye Luo did not care about them, and began to draw a new “formation” in the “formation”.

“Looks like we’ve been fooled.”

“Athena said with some regret as she looked at Ye Luo, who was busy.

Ye Luo said indifferently while drawing the “formation”.

“Don’t jump to conclusions so early, we ‘gypsies’ are always profit-oriented, maybe we have a chance to cooperate too, things in the world are indefinable.”

While Ye Lu was making the formation outside, the battle inside the secret realm had already reached a feverish stage, with the army of the Frost Giants, the team of the Twelve Nordic Gods and the team of the Twelve Gods of Olympus already in full battle.

Of course, the Norse gods were not aiming to destroy Olympus, so the leader with the Gargantua signalled a summoner to start a “blood summoning”, and a huge, terrifying cow appeared, the Norse “creator god” called Odemra, who had raised the giants.

“As soon as Odemra appeared, he charged towards the Temple of Zeus and, as expected, a gap was opened around it.

The man with the Gargantua entered the Temple of Zeus as fast as he could.

Then, the Temple of Zeus collapsed with a crash!


Chapter 458

Of course, not the whole temple had collapsed, just part of it, and then the Odin-blooded master shouted.

“Let’s go!”

Hearing his words, the crowd rushed towards the entrance.

Ye Lu stood in a corner outside the secret realm and watched the “Nordic Gods” appear one by one from the secret realm, looking at their expressions, it was obvious that they had already won.

The Greek gods, on the other hand, looked at the scene with some depression.

It was obvious to them that the stuff had been taken away, and that the “poisonous water” would no doubt haunt them for a long time to come.

“Oswald, don’t you fear the wrath of our gods?”

“Zeus said coldly, looking at the big man with the Gargantua.

The big man laughed and said.

“Well, we, the Norse Gods, welcome you at any time, but unfortunately, I feel that you have no way of finding us.”

Indeed, the Nordic Gods were different from the Greek Gods. The Nordic Gods were not only low-profile, but also mysterious, just like Kunlun, everyone knew where they were, but no one could find them.

Anyway, the actual situation was the same as this guy said: the “Greek gods” really didn’t know where the other side’s secret realm was located.

After that, Oswald put the Gungnir away, took out the phone and dialed a number and said.

“Okay, we’ve got it on this side, you guys just kill that ‘Sheik Sincere Yai’, that guy’s ability is too terrifying, keeping it will be a scourge sooner or later.”

Hearing these words, Ye Lu frowned.

These people of the Nordic Gods were too desperate, they were so obvious in tearing down the bridge, they had no regard for themselves.

I guess the reason why I was able to blend in with these people so smoothly was also related to this.

In the eyes of these “Nordic Gods”, I’m afraid that when they first entered their stronghold, they had already treated him as a dead man.

“It’s dark!”

Ye Luo lamented in his heart, while on the other side of the room where the “magic puppet” Ye Luo was in, two people had already walked in, one was the Swimlin who had brought Ye Luo here earlier, and the other was the beautiful blonde woman, Sinoli.

As far as they were concerned, these two men were enough to finish off the old man, the “Sheik Sincere Yai”.

The reason was that Snorri was a powerful person who had crossed the Golden Dao, while Sheikh Yayi seemed to them to be just a person with a special bloodline who was not bad.

“LOL! Mr. Sheikh Ziyai, aren’t you a very good diviner? What is the purpose of our visit to you?”

The woman, “Sinoli”, looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Obviously, she wanted to flirt with Ye Lu before he died, but what she didn’t expect was that Ye Lu looked at her and said indifferently.

“You guys are coming to kill me, of course I know this, however, I have to advise you, this will not do you any good, it will also invite death, don’t blame me for not advising you.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, that Si Noli froze for a moment, I guess she was a little surprised that Ye Lu could know that she was preparing to kill him, after all, this was also an order that she had only just received suddenly.

However, when she thought about what Ye Lu had done before, she was somewhat relieved, Ye Lu’s prophecy was indeed quite powerful.

Following that, her brow furrowed.

Because, when she saw how calm Ye Luo was she was a little unsure of herself, after all, in her opinion, this old man was almost omniscient, so perhaps what he had just said was also true.

But, on the other hand, the old man could be scaring himself, because she couldn’t see how he could have anything powerful enough to kill her.

So, she looked at the “magic puppet”, Ye Lu, and said with a smile.

“Master, you’ve been naughty again, trying to scare me, haven’t you? I’d like to see what you have that can hurt me.”

As she said this, she drew out a half-foot long red half-moon shaped scimitar, and while saying this, she waved the scimitar in her hand.

However, just as she swung the scimitar, an explosion sounded.

The explosion was so powerful that it reduced the entire hotel to rubble, and in the rubble, the doll was revealed in its original form, and then it got up and ran away.

There was still some of Ye Luo’s blood in his body, but if he wanted to maintain his form again, he would have to return to Ye Luo’s side.

On the other side of Mount Olympus, Oswald turned his head to look at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Now that we’re out, it’s useless to keep you, so you can go to hell with that old geezer ‘Sheik Seiye’.”

As he said that, he swung the “Eternal Gun” in his hand.

He did not use any “spells” because this man’s cultivation level was there, this guy was a “YuanYing old monster” while YeLu was just a person who had just crossed the “Golden Dan 9th turn”, the difference was simply worlds apart.

However, what he thought would happen with a single blow did not happen, and to his surprise, Ye Lu also waved his hand.

An invisible “barrier” blocked the blow, and everyone saw a gla*s-like defensive wall appear in front of Ye Lu, which was quickly dented by Gungnir’s attack, but stopped a few feet away from Ye Lu and bounced back.

Seeing this scene, that Oswald’s eyes were as big as ping-pong balls as he had no idea how Ye Luo had managed to do this.

For his part, Ye Luo looked at him and smiled calmly and said.

“Going back on your word, repaying a debt of gratitude, and tearing down a bridge over a river, this is the style of your ‘Nordic Gods’, isn’t it, I’ve seen a lot.”

“Only, unfortunately, I am not easy to die, I am here to tell you responsibly, I am very angry and the consequences will be severe.”

With those words, Ye Lu waved her hand once again.

A light lit up, and Ye Luo disappeared.

He felt as if he had just made an extremely wrong decision, so he quickly took out his mobile phone and started to call “Si Noli”, but as he had feared, no one answered the phone on Si Noli’s side.

“Could he really be the ‘Great Seer’, so he could have seen through everything and prepared in advance.”

Oswald muttered somewhat puzzled as he looked at the place where Ye Lu had disappeared.

In fact, Ye Lu did not foresee that these “Norse gods” would be so sinister in advance, he only came out to change the structure of the formation for the sake of caution.

The “Greek gods” including the “Athena” were also surprised to see this scene, because they thought that Ye Lu and the “Nordic gods” were together, but now it seemed that the “Nordic gods” had used Ye Lu, and now after using him, they wanted to kill him.

Hearing the busy tone on the other side, Oswald hung up the phone.

He was a little worried, but on second thought, even if Ye Lu was really the Great Seer, what could he do? He didn’t think Ye Lu could make too much noise, he would only cause a little trouble for the Norse.

So, he quickly adjusted his mood and looked at the Greek gods and said.

“See you all in Greece!”

The Greek Gods could not let them get away, so they quickly started to attack and chase after them, but since the Norse Gods had prepared for them, they had little success.

“I can’t believe these Norse B*****ds got the drop on us… I wonder how much damage we’ve done?”

Zeus, holding his thunder staff, sighed as he watched the Norse gods disappear in the distance.

“Yes, they have taken the key to the immortal palace from under our noses.”

“It’s a shame we didn’t know about it.”

“But, in fact, it was that gypsy woman who really spoiled things for us.”

“Indeed, that woman is also powerful.”


Just as everyone was talking, Zeus’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

“Hello Mr. Zeus, it’s that gypsy woman Irfan, I think we both need to have a good talk.”