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Super School Student Chapter 459-460

Chapter 459

“Zeus” froze for a moment when he heard it was “Irfan”, then asked alertly.

“How do you know my number?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Have you forgotten that I’m a gypsy? Of course we have our own methods, just tell us, do you want to work with us?”

“Zeus thought for a moment and said.

“Cooperation is fine, tell me, how can we cooperate?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I have a grudge to pay, so I can’t spare those ‘Nordic’ guys, so I will help you find their secret realm, you can’t swallow this, right?”

To be honest, Zeus had a lot of anger in his stomach.

Of course, this anger also included the anger towards Ye Lu.

So, he thought for a moment and said.

“If it wasn’t for you just now, we wouldn’t have been so miserable. How do I know that you weren’t acting or playing some kind of trick with me just now?”

It was understandable that the other party would think this way as he had just hidden himself too deeply, however, Ye Lu did not want to explain anything to them, but said directly.

“We gypsies look for favors, before they gave us favors, of course we have to pay for the labor, but now it’s different, this revenge has been made, we must take this i revenge, if you are a man, give a painful word, fight or not?”

As a result, “Zeus” said without hesitation.


Ye Lu said with a smile.

“I will find the location of their secret realm, then I will take care of the formation at the entrance of the secret realm, you will be responsible for killing people, after this is done, I want the ‘Fountain of Life’, the ‘Fountain of Helvargemil’ in their secret realm. Can you agree to this condition?”

“Zeus was very quick to agree, and he said straight away.

“Yes, it’s a deal, it’s all theirs anyway.”

That was the right thing to say.

Anyway, it’s robbing don’t heat your stuff, so give it away.

Of course, Ye Luo did not dare to believe in this matter completely, but the “Nordic Gods” were so ruthless, Ye Luo did not want to let them go.

“Gla*ses, we’re relying on you next.”

Ye Luo touched his gla*ses and said to himself.

One of the functions of the gla*ses’ auxiliary ability was “Find Secret Realm”, which could scan a certain area and find the secret realm that existed in that area.

Moreover, according to the gla*ses’ instructions, it would show all the secret realms with a ground area of more than ten square meters, so Ye Lu felt that the workload might be rather heavy.

After all, it was still quite troublesome to confirm the situation of each secret realm.

However, before that, Ye Lu first had to go to Northern Europe, the birthplace of Nordic mythology in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, etc. Ye Lu’s method was to fly to high altitude to conduct a simple scan of the secret realms in these countries, and then summon a demonic beast to investigate.

Standing on the back of “Big Wind”, Ye Luo looked at the red light dots flashing in several countries, each light dot represented a secret realm, as a result, Ye Luo found that there were actually dozens of secret realms in these countries.

“It looks like maybe there really are thousands of mysteries on our planet!”

Ye Lu looked at the dots of light everywhere and sighed with emotion. Earlier, that Master Tie had told himself that this part of the Earth was called the “Small Thousand Worlds”, which meant that there were probably thousands of small secret worlds around the Earth, which together formed the real world.

Now it seemed that what the Iron Master had said might be true.

“What to summon to find out?”

Ye Lu began to think, he had never forgotten to collect all kinds of beast blood, so in the “Sumeru Ring” all kinds of beast blood was very sufficient.

“First of all, it has to be small and then it has to have some intelligence, if only the ‘Ghost Bat’ was around.”

Ye Luo secretly muttered, in fact, the “ghost bats” were very suitable for this, however, right now, the “ghost bats” were charging to raise their cultivation level rapidly, of course, it would not work, the “fire beasts” in the “Blazing God Blade” were large enough, but that thing was too eye-catching, it would definitely not work either.

“Okay, that’s you guys.”

After half a day’s thought, Ye Lu decided to summon a small and very agile demonic beast, and these guys were also interestingly named “Elf Rats”.

“Come on!”

Ye Luo found an empty space where no one was around and started summoning.

However, the cultivation level of these “Elf Rats” was not the same, a few dozen of them were “Golden Dan First Turn” “Elf Rats”, while the others were of lower cultivation level, all kinds of them.

“All of you show yourselves!”

Ye Luo looked at those who had reached the fourth rank in the group of rats and said.

The “Elven Rats” were relatively very weak demonic beasts, so their numbers were huge, but in terms of bloodline rank, they were much worse.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that they should definitely be able to transform.

Although these “Elf Rats” looked similar in their rat form, they looked very different when they turned into humans, tall, short, fat, thin, all kinds of people, but one characteristic was the same, that is, all of them had big eyes, white skin, two windy ears, all of them were small and delicate, none of them exceeded one meter six, each of them looked like a little loli that had developed to the point of explosion.

When he saw this group of mouse spirits, “Big Wind” laughed.

“I didn’t expect you to like this!”

To be honest, Ye Lu also did not expect such a result, he looked at these women and said.

“So, why are you all women?”

In Ye Luo’s opinion it should only be half and half for men and women.

As a result one of the female rats smiled and said.

“Because the men are basically all eaten by us.”

Hearing this woman’s words, Ye Lu was really shocked, he had only heard that the female praying mantis would eat the male after mating, but he didn’t expect that these rats also had this habit.

However, Ye Luo couldn’t care less about this, he gave each of them a mobile phone, explained the usage, and then quickly gave the order for these guys to go to various places in groups of two or three to scout out.

After that, Ye Luo went to another country and unleashed the demonic beast “Elf Rat” just as he had done.

Ye Lu used them because they were huge in number and very intelligent, and because they had wings, they were also extremely fast.

In this way, it only took one night for Ye Lu to basically lock in three locations, as all three places were set up with extremely complicated formations.

However, Ye Luo was a bit confused as to which of these three places was the right one.

“It looks like I have to go there and try.”

After basically finding out, Ye Luo sent these “Elf Rats” back to the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” despite their objections, after all, these guys were all seductive goblins, and these guys also liked to eat people.

However, it was still quite difficult to enter the secret realm quietly, but there was a great advantage for Ye Lu, that was, since these places had very elaborate and powerful formations, it meant that the other party should not pay too much attention to this entrance and exit.

So, as long as one could break the “formation” quietly, one would have the opportunity to enter the secret realm unnoticed.

So, too, I went to Iceland first.

This is a very small international country, with only 320,000 people, and there is no army in this country, which is why Ye Lu chose to come to this country first to explore the secret realm.

As expected, the country was a bit cold, but peaceful. Ye Lu quickly arrived at the place where the secret realm was located, and then began to decipher the “formation”.

It took Ye Luo quite a while to crack it.

He took a deep breath and then quietly sneaked into the secret realm.

He knew that these “Nordic Gods” were not to be messed with, and any one of them would be enough for Ye Lu to drink.


Chapter 460

He felt that most of the formations inside would not restrict people from coming out, so it would be relatively easy for him to escape.

After entering, Ye Lu found that he seemed to have found the right place. The place was really a place of ice and fire, with endless frost and mist on one side, which must be the so-called “Land of Mist”, and endless flames on the other side, which must be the so-called “Land of Fire”.

In the middle of the two continents is the gulf known as the “Golden Lunga”, where the legendary “Frost Giant” Yumir and the cow called “Odemra” both appeared.

Of course, that was at the very beginning, and the continent is now a rich-looking continent with countless palaces, but the weather has not changed on either side.

In the “Land of Mist” behind the endless sea of fog, the ice was still inconvenient for ten thousand years, and the “Land of Fire” was the same, with endless flames behind it.

As Ye Lu thought, there was really no one near this entrance.

However, the moment he entered this place, the “Heavenly Vine” on Ye Lu’s body seemed to have gone crazy and began to fly wildly, and all ten vines were reaching in the same direction, as if something was calling it.

“What’s going on? See something delicious?”

Of course, this was definitely a good thing, because relying on the spiritual field to feed the “Heavenly Vine” was still a bit slow, for example, right now, the level of the “Heavenly Vine” was a bit weaker than his own.

However, Ye Lu did not let the “Tong Tian Vine” continue to go on like this, he quickly stopped the “Tong Tian Vine”, let it calm down, and then quietly walked towards the “Land of Mist” and “Land of Fire”.

Whenever possible, Ye Lu wanted to gather as much information as he could, for in these secret realms and battles, there were opportunities everywhere, and he had to seize them at all times.

He found a large tree that was relatively a little taller, then climbed up and began to observe it carefully under the cover of the branches and leaves.

“Most of the things that just made the ‘Tongtian Vine’ excited were that ‘World Tree’!”

Ye Luo said with some emotion as he looked at the big tree that covered the sky on the other side of the “Land of Mist”.

“According to the introduction of the gla*ses, this tree is quite a big deal, it almost has the same lifespan as this secret realm, and that ‘Eternal Gun’ Gungnir was made from the branches of this tree, so you can imagine how powerful this ‘World Tree’ is. ‘ is really how powerful it is.”

“However, with such a powerful tree, can the ‘Tong Tian Vine’ really digest it?”

Just as Ye Luo was muttering secretly, the Tong Tian Vine immediately stretched out a vine towards Ye Luo and nodded solemnly when it heard his words.

This made Ye Luo cry and laugh a little.

There were many tall buildings on these two continents, among which the one underneath the World Tree was the tallest and most glorious, and was the residence of the Norse God Odin, the Temple of Odin.

It seemed that this was indeed the lair of the Norse gods. Soon, Ye Lu saw the guy with the Gargantua coming out of Odin’s temple from afar, but the Gargantua in his hand had disappeared, probably taken by this year’s Odin.

After all, Ye Luo saw from the brief description of the gla*ses that it was a real “Eternal Gun”, definitely a good thing, and probably belonged to “Odin” originally.

After observing for a while more, Ye Lu finally confirmed that this was the secret place he was looking for, and also confirmed a few things, there were several things in this place that he was interested in.

The first was the “World Tree”, which was extremely needed for the “Heavenly Vine”, and the “One Leaf Bodhi” was just the thing to hold it.

Then there is the Fountain of Helvargimir, the source of all the water here.

After that, the demonic beasts in the endless flames of the Land of Fire were also very useful to him. If he put them into the Blazing God Blade, it would be much easier to use them when he wanted to in the future, and the Blazing God Blade was naturally attractive to these fire-attributed demonic beasts and flames.

This was something that Ye Lu had only recently discovered, otherwise Ye Lu would have packed a large portion of the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames into the space of the Blazing God Blade, and those flames were indeed not very safe underneath the Xishuangbanna.

The other thing was the “Eternal Gun” Gungnir, which was definitely the most suitable thing to give to several women as a weapon, especially Long Feixue, who was a wood attribute, and the attribute of the “Gungnir” was just the same.

Of course, if it was possible, Ye Lu would also like to snatch the “Immortal Palace Key” that was taken away by the “Norse Gods”.

However, Ye Lu felt that his hope was rather slim.

“Let’s take one step at a time and see if we can get the other ‘Immortal Palace Key’.”

Having made up his mind, Ye Lu flew out of the secret realm which was deep in Iceland, and of course, all kinds of images and related information were prepared by Ye Lu.

The next step was to contact the “Greek Gods”.

“Zeus was not a suspicious person, but he was still very cautious. After seeing the coordinates and various images provided by Ye Lu, he was convinced, of course, the routine scouting was inevitable, and Ye Lu also had his own responsibility, that is, to help them destroy the “great war”.

This was not difficult for Ye Luo, in fact, Ye Luo could do this when he contacted the “Greek gods”, he made an entrance to the guardian formation, so that one or two strong beings, such as “Zeus”, could enter through the entrance, and then Ye Luo also told them how to enter and control the formation.

Only after everything was taken care of did he sneak into the secret realm of the Nordic Gods in advance.

To be honest, although he was working with the “Greek Gods”, Ye Lu did not trust them completely.

The Norse gods were still fresh in Ye’s mind, so Ye decided to go it alone.

Moreover, in Ye Lu’s opinion, he had the “Concealment Technique”, which could simulate his cultivation, and the “Transfiguration Technique”, which could change his appearance, and with a few more spells, he should be able to impersonate these gods.

After all, Ye Lu had gotten a little bit of the bloodline power of the gods, of course, from the Underworld App at a high price.

With these “bloodline powers” and Ye Lu’s ability in bloodline, he could perfectly simulate a person, but of course, at least a little bit of contact would have a high chance of revealing himself, because there was no way to simulate memories, voices, movements and other details.

In this way, Ye Luo quietly lurked in the secret realm, quietly waiting for the arrival of the Greek gods.

In the Norse mythology, there is a special place called “The Twilight of the Gods”, which is about the Norse gods being almost destroyed in the battle with the giants, and the destruction is inevitable, but after the destruction, the gods will rise again and be reborn to build a new and better world.

Ye Lu felt that now was the time of the “twilight of the gods”.

As expected, a tall figure appeared in the corner of the land. The person who came was the king of the Greek gods, Zeus.

This man is a monster of attack and defence.

Then Poseidon, the god of the sea, with his trident, and Hades, the king of the underworld, with his two-stranded fork, also appeared, and these three were the three heads of the Greek gods, followed by the goddess Athena, carrying her sceptre.

The four of them looked around, and then the “Goddess Athena” walked towards the centre of the control formation as Ye Lu said, and the formation instantly lit up, with countless complex “weapon patterns” all lit up with Athena as the centre.

Immediately afterwards, countless “Greek gods” began to teleport in.

A great battle was about to take place.