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Super School Student Chapter 463-464

Chapter 463 Part 1

The moment he reached out to look, Ye Luo had already used the “Sumeru Ring” to get all the spring water from the “Hvagamir Spring” into the “Sumeru Ring”, and now the “Sumeru Ring” was filled with water.

Many daily necessities were floating on top of the spring water of the “Hvagamir Spring”, because the quantity of this spring water was really quite a lot, Ye Luo’s huge spatial ring with a side length of more than a hundred meters was actually filled with more than half of it, now Ye Luo did not have to worry about his ring being empty.

He had always wondered when such a large “storage ring” would be filled with goodies, but this time he had finally filled half of it.

Of course, the Fountain of Helvargimir was an eternal spring, and as long as it was still there, it would continue to gush out, but it would take some time to accumulate so much.


Ye Lu snapped his fingers and said with a smile.

“One thing in hand, next is the ‘World Tree’.”

Ye Luo looked at the “World Tree” not far away and said to himself.

Although this “World Tree” was very big, the space inside the “One Leaf Bodhi” was also very big, because apart from the place where the “Spirit Field” was located, this “One Leaf Bodhi” still had a lot of space, but it was impossible to grow anything else, so if you wanted to grow something, you could only grow it on the one-mu “Spirit Field”.

Although an acre of land is not very large, in metres it is an area of more than 200 metres square on each side, which can basically accommodate this world tree.

The current situation is that, under the onslaught of the twelve Greek gods, the twelve Norse gods and the warriors of the Temple of the Spirits have retreated to the vicinity of the Temple of Odin, and if the Frost Giants had fought, they would have been destroyed.

This is the lair of the Frost Giants, and they can use their frost power here to attack far more than they can in the outside world.

For example, in some “secret realms”, the laws of time are different, and some people go in for a short period of time, only to come out and find that many years have pa*sed, which is the so-called “seven days in the cave, a thousand years in the world”.

This is the so-called “seven days in the cave, a thousand years in the world”. Some “secret places” are related to the “laws of space”, and after entering, you may come back out and be a thousand miles away.

The strongest laws in the Nordic Realm are ice and fire, so demonic beasts or practitioners of the water, ice and fire attributes can all use their combat power far beyond what they normally would.

However, it was clear that the Norse Gods could not rely on these “Frost Giants” to turn the tide, as the gap between the two sides was still quite large.

If they hadn’t succeeded in diverting the main forces of the Twelve Gods from the mountain, and if they hadn’t aimed to take the Key to the Immortal Palace from the Temple of Zeus, they wouldn’t have succeeded.

However, Odin did not despair, for there were still two legions that were more powerful than the Frost Giants, namely the Flaming Giants and the Kingdom of Death, especially the Kingdom of Death, which was a very powerful legion.

However, what Odin did not know was that at this moment, Ye Lu had already transformed into the special envoy of the leader of the Flaming Giant Army, Stelter, and was on his way to the Kingdom of Death.

In the Kingdom of Death, countless dead creatures and terrifying beasts have gathered.

“The leader of the Kingdom of Death, Loki, is standing on top of a bone dragon looking at the group in front of him, and next to him is the terrible wolf Fenrir, who in the legend of the Twilight of the Gods killed the great god Odin.

Also standing beside Loki were the Queen of the Kingdom of Death, Hel, the bloodied hellhound Garm, and the serpent Yemunga, all of whom were experts in the Kingdom of Death.

Ye Luo is now a “Fire Giant”, named Gadhaina, the right-hand man of the King of the “Land of Fire”, Shirtl, and he has the three great origin flames in his body, so it is easy to simulate the flames of the “Fire Giant” here.

It is a “physical art” that makes the body bigger and stronger for a period of time, but of course it still costs a limited amount of physical strength.

With these two points, as long as he didn’t ask Ye Lu about his daily chores, he wouldn’t reveal anything.

When he arrived in front of the “Army of Death”, Ye Lu gave a salute and said.

“Lord Loki, our King Stelter has made a proposal to you, our two legions should unite and take advantage of the attack of the Greek Gods to destroy the Odin Gods first, and then we will divide the secret realm. What do you think?”

Loki was most cunning and cunning, but at the same time fierce and cruel, he heard Ye Lu’s suggestion and thought for a little bit, then he said with a smile.

“Good! You guys go and storm the ‘Frost Giants’ while we go and take down ‘Odin’ and the others, then, we’ll throw out all those alien buggers.”

Loki was quick to agree, as this was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


“Odin is struggling to hold on, he has narrowed the defense circle to the bottom, all around the “temple of Odin”, now they have only one purpose, and that is to wait for the “legion of fire giants” and the “kingdom of death” army to come.

“The Fire Giants, led by Stelter, were also marching towards the battlefield, but soon news arrived from the front that instead of helping the Norse Gods, the Kingdom of Death had started to attack the Norse Gods.

This made him feel a bit surprised.

The purpose of his visit was to convey the intentions of the Kingdom of Death to the Flaming Giant Army, and Stelter, who had long been filled with hatred for the Norse Gods and the Frost Giants, agreed to do so without hesitation.

At this moment, Odin’s heart was filled with despair, for he had never expected that the army of the Kingdom of Death and the army of the Flaming Giants would turn against him one after another.

Although he understood that these people were not his allies but his enemies, at a time like this when a great enemy was at hand, shouldn’t we all be united?

However, no matter what he thought, due to the joining of the “Kingdom of Death”, the “Odin’s Army” was immediately defeated like a mountain, and in a flash, they were beaten and cowered in the “Odin’s Temple”.

No wonder the “Heavenly Vine” wanted this “World Tree” so badly, it was really weird.

But then, Ye Lu was in a bit of a quandary, how should he get his hands on the World Tree?

This was not the “Hwagamir Spring”, which was hidden underground, so it could be removed unnoticed, but this “World Tree” was so high that everyone would definitely notice it after it was removed.

What was even more troublesome was that the battle was too fierce, with all the old monsters defending hard, so if Ye Lu went over there, it would definitely affect the fish in the pond, and I was afraid that he would just be blown to pieces.

“Sh*t! D*mn it, what’s the point of having such a horrible fight!”

Ye Luo was a bit depressed as he hid in the distance and quietly watched the battlefield. However, Ye Luo guessed that he wouldn’t have to wait too long, as the “Nordic Gods” would basically be finished because of the “Kingdom of Death” army joining them.

As soon as the Norse Gods were finished, the Odin Temple would no longer be the main battle zone, and at that time, he would probably have a chance.

He saw that Brannoy, an expert of the YuanYing realm, who had been in contact with him before, had been bitten off by one of the heads of the terrifying Typhon, and that Oswald, who had tried to kill himself, had also been stabbed to death by Apollo, the God of Light.

The “Norse Gods” were immediately defeated, and the opportunity Ye Lu had been waiting for finally came, as “Odin” waved his Gungnir and rushed out of the encirclement, leaving the “Temple of Zeus” empty.

Little did Ye know, however, that with his departure, death would come at the same time.


Chapter 463 Part 2

He was also worried that he might be targeted, as both sides of the battle were too strong and any one of them would be enough for him to drink.

However, at this moment, he was playing the role of one of the “Greek Gods”, but of course, he did not dare to play too important a role, as it would be too conspicuous.

At this moment, those from the Nordic Gods were busy breaking out of the siege, while Ye Lu followed the group and rushed towards the Odin Temple.

The strength of the Nordic Gods’ elites was on display after they changed from a deadly defense to a breakout.

But his opponent was not weak either. He was facing Zeus, the main god of the Greek gods.


A huge thunderbolt descended from the sky, and it was the thunderbolt power from the thunder staff “Thunder” in Zeus’ hand.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Odin, who was riding the eight-legged divine horse “Sleipleini”, actually waved the Gungnir in his hand and sent the thunderbolt flying.

Seeing this scene, everyone could not help but feel, the Norse God “Odin” is really strong, ah, followed by “Odin” in the hand of the Gungnir shot out, a terrible strike directly poked at “Zeus”.

“The Gunpowder is called the “Eternal Gun”, which means that once it is thrown, it will hit its target and return to its hand again.

In the hand of Zeus was the “Shield of Aegis”, the strongest of all defences, which nothing could pierce.

So, this blow was like the legendary “paradox”, whether the “Gungnir” was stronger or the “Shield of Edexcel” was stronger, and Ye Lu felt some anticipation.


The sound was deafening, and the shockwave from the impact sent all the people nearby flying out, showing how strong the blow was.

However, unfortunately, the blow did not penetrate the strongest shield, the Shield of Aegis, but it sent Zeus flying, followed by a spurt of blood.

“How powerful!”

Everyone was shocked by this scene, this was the leader of the “Greek Gods”, I don’t know if he was the strongest, but “Zeus” was indeed the real leader.


Gungnir returned to the hands of Odin, who rode on his eight-legged horse, Sleplaine, and shouted.

“I, Odin, King of the Gods, swear once again that I will make you pay for what you have done today.”

With these words, he rushed towards the entrance of the secret realm.

However, he had barely made it halfway out when two masters rushed over, one with a two-stranded fork and the other with a trident, namely Hades and Poseidon of the Greek Gods, followed by Zeus with Thunder and the Shield of Aegis.

The three of them quickly stopped Odin, but to everyone’s astonishment, Odin was able to defeat all three of them without losing any ground, and he rushed towards the entrance like the wind.

Seeing this scene, Loki, the leader of the Kingdom of Death, could not help but nod his head.

“Odin, although I hate you, I can’t help but admire you, you really have a way.

Seeing that the great god Odin had led the three giants of the Greek gods towards the entrance, Ye Luo quietly moved closer to the World Tree.

Now that the people had been lured away, no one should notice the World Tree, so it was the right time for him to approach it.

However, as Ye was moving towards the World Tree, a car stopped him.

It was a golden chariot driven by four golden fire horses, and it looked so golden that it almost blinded Ye Lu’s eyes.

“Chariot of the Sun, Apollo, the Sun God!”

At the sight of this chariot, Ye Lu instantly understood who the other party was.

“Apollo, one of the twelve main gods of the Greek Gods, was the most arrogant of them all, and he looked down at Ye Lu with a condescending look.

“What do you want to do?”

When he heard Apollo’s words, Ye Lu was taken aback, he did not understand why this Apollo could know that he had a problem.

“Could it be that my disguise is not perfect?”

Ye Lu frowned and puzzled over it.

Seeing Ye Luo’s expression, “Apollo” looked at Ye Luo and smiled and said.

“You don’t understand why I can find you, do you?”

When he finished speaking, Ye Luo quickly nodded, honestly, he was really curious about this, he felt that although he could not say that his disguise was seamless, at least it was also flawless.

He hadn’t said a word or made any odd gestures, and had kept a low profile, so how could he have been found out?

As a result, Apollo smiled and said.

“Gypsies know the most things, so you are the gypsy girl, right?

“I am the God of the Sun, as well as the God of Prophecy, the God of Music and the God of Medicine, so I am extremely sensitive to smells, and this time, in order to avoid people mixing with us, all our people took a special potion before coming, this potion can make our people’s bodies emit a unique smell, of course, ordinary people can’t detect it. ”

“So even if you had taken on the appearance of this man and everything was exactly the same, you still wouldn’t be able to fool me.”

“As for why I know you are the gypsy woman, it is because I have been to that stupid woman ‘Athena’ and of course I have smelled you, it is only a pity that you are actually eccentric enough not to be able to make any divination on you, otherwise you would have been caught by us long ago. ”

After listening to Apollo’s words, Ye Lu basically understood that most of the gods of Olympus were ready to find him after he and the Norse gods had made a big mess of Olympus, and then asked Apollo, the god of prophecy, to make a prophecy about himself.

The prophecy needed some medium, just like the ancient prophecies of the Middle Ages that used the birth date or something else, so Apollo thought of using the scent of Ye Lu as a medium, but what he didn’t expect was that he would spy on Ye Lu, and because of this, he came up with the idea of using the potion to avoid blending in with them.

He had not been in contact with the Greek Gods before, and had been interacting with the Norse Gods again, so he had no way of noticing this.

“Sh*t! You’ve been counting on a thousand things, but you didn’t count on it!”

To be honest, what happened this time was really beyond Ye Lu’s expectation.

In fact, he was also worried that something might happen, so he tried to use the “Purple Wei Dou Shu” to make a prediction, but he found that “spells” like the “Purple Wei Dou Shu” could indeed be used for divination, but because the cultivation level of the people involved in the divination was too high and the number was too large, it was too difficult to divine.

The higher the cultivation level of the person being divined, the purer the bloodline, the more difficult it would be. I guess that was why Ye Lu and Qin Shiyu could not be divined, because Ye Lu had “gla*ses”, while Qin Shiyu was because of the “candle dragon”.

When Ye Lu was depressed, Apollo suddenly looked at him and said with a smile.

“Young man, don’t you know how to divine, then I’ll give you a chance. ‘, I will spare your life.”

With these words, Apollo took out a silver longbow and a long golden arrow.


Chapter 464

“Apollo is also known as the “Far Archery God”, his archery skills are the strongest, he once shot the ancient demon beast Python Pittong to death, he is absolutely strong in archery skills.

His current cultivation level was at the “YuanYing realm”, so there was no difference between him and YeLu.

“You old brat, playing with me, right? When I have the ‘Shooting Bow’, I’ll shoot you to death.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, but his face did not show it, instead he looked towards the direction of the World Tree.

It was still a long way from the World Tree, and there was a lake on the way, so it looked like this guy wanted to strike when Ye Lu flew over the lake.

It was more open and easier to aim at, and more importantly, it would not spill over to other people.

However, after thinking about it, Ye Lu decided to do what Apollo wanted, so he thought about it and looked at Apollo, who was looking at everything out of the corner of his eye, and said with a smile.

“Okay, then I’ll do as you say, but what I want to ask is, how many arrows do I have to dodge you?”

“Apollo said with a smile.

“One arrow! As long as you dodge one of my arrows, you will be fine.”

Ye Luo knew that this arrogant B*****d would say that, so he smiled and made a thumbs up gesture towards “Apollo” and said.


After saying that, Ye Lu quickly made a seal and quickly used a jutsu called “Shadow Splitting Technique”, he had seen this jutsu in the anime “Shinobi of Fire” before and never thought he would use it today.

It was a pity that he could not use the “Multiple Shadow Splitting Technique”, otherwise he would have created dozens of people to see how this “Apollo” would shoot.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually created an identical doppelganger, the onlookers were all stunned.

If the doppelganger had the same combat power as the person himself, it would be like having one more person, and having one more person was not as simple as doubling the combat power, it was definitely a powerful “spell”.

Moreover, according to Ye Lu, if this doppelganger was killed, it would have no effect on the main body.

“Apollo” also frowned, Ye Luo’s behavior made him feel a bit smacked in the face, but he was not worried, because he had his own backhand, and he only promised to let Ye Luo go, but it did not mean that the others would let Ye Luo go, in fact, from the beginning, they did not want to let Ye Luo out of their control.

They would not rest until they had squeezed the secrets out of Ye Luo’s body.

So, he smiled and said.

“Good, you run, we’ll bet on luck.”

Following that, Ye Lu and his doppelganger ran out wildly in two directions, both of them with the same pace and basically the same speed, completely unnoticeable.

However, “Apollo” had already drawn his silver longbow.


The golden arrow disappeared with a flash, followed by one leaf fall being shot out, but it didn’t stop there, it drew an arc and shot at the other leaf fall.


Everyone let out a laugh, in their opinion, although Ye Lu’s “spell” was a bit surprising, it was not even close to a master like “Apollo”, if “Apollo’s” arrows were no different from those of ordinary people, he would not have been called “God of Long Range Archery”.

This was only a small part of his archery skills.

But then, to Apollo’s surprise, the other Leaf Faller was also shot by him and disappeared with a bang. The man disappeared with a bang.

“Huh! This doesn’t make sense!”

“Apollo muttered to himself, a little surprised.

He was only slightly surprised by Ye Lu’s “Shadow Diversion” just now, but this time he was completely baffled because he had used a “Sharp Arrow”, which meant that it only had a “piercing” effect, even though the opponent was very weak, he would only be pierced with a transparent hole.

Because his aim was not to kill Ye Lu, they were planning to drain Ye Lu of all his secrets.

It would be understandable if the “doppelganger” exploded when the arrow pa*sed through it because it was special, but why did the other one disappear as well?

“That gypsy must have played another trick!”

Seeing this scene, “Apollo” suddenly regretted a little, if he hadn’t gotten carried away and wanted to play such a game with Ye Lu, Ye Lu wouldn’t have had the chance to play tricks, and now he was lifting a stone to smash his own feet.

Everyone around him who watched this scene was also dumbfounded and motionless.

The reason was that no one else could figure out what the hell this was all about.

Only one person, Ye Luo himself, knew what was going on, and at this moment Ye Luo had already hidden in the inner space of the Blazing God Blade.

This was also his last resort to escape.

There was a “World of Flame” inside the “Blazing God Blade”, which Ye Lu had been to before, and this world could accommodate not only others, but also Ye Lu himself, but if he entered the “Blazing God Blade” himself, the “Blazing God Blade” would be exposed to others.

That was why Ye Lu chose to escape from the lake, because when he entered the Blazing God Blade, he could let it enter the bottom of the lake, so that he would not leave it to his opponent.

Otherwise, if he hid himself in the internal world of the Blazing God Blade and then the Blazing God Blade was obtained by his opponent, then he would be making a fool of himself.

At this moment, Ye Lu was in front of that “blade spirit”, the terrifying “Scarlet Queen”.

“You’ve actually escaped into the sword, you’re really in a mess!”

“The Scarlet Queen looked at Ye Lu and shook her head.

“Just those goods outside, I could have wiped them out with my bare hands, including that archer, but you got beaten up like this.

For his part, Ye Lu skimmed his lips and said.

“Don’t be so useless, who doesn’t have children when you’re this strong at birth?”

As a result, the Scarlet Queen said indifferently.

“Yes, I’m strong as soon as I’m born.”

Only then did Ye Lu remember that this creature was a “sword spirit” and not a human being, so he said, scratching his head in frustration.

“Okay, you win, help me observe the situation outside, I have to find a chance to get that ‘World Tree’.”

As a result, the “Scarlet Queen” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Then you’ll have to do it quickly, because that ‘Archery’ one is already starting to suspect you.”

“He was the God of Prophecy and although he couldn’t foretell Ye Lu’s future, his intuition could sense that Ye Lu was definitely not dead.

“Most of them are hiding somewhere.”

If Ye Luo really wanted to escape, he should have run towards the crowd, so that his arrows would have something to worry about, but Ye Luo did not do so, but ran wildly towards the open lake, which was very wrong.

“Could it be that there is something wrong with the lake?”

“Apollo said, looking at the lake with some suspicion.

At this moment, Poseidon, the god of the sea with his trident, suddenly appeared from afar.

“Poseidon, why are you back? Where is Odin?”

“Apollo looked at Poseidon and asked, somewhat puzzled.

As a result, Poseidon shook his head and said.

“Odin ran away, that guy is so powerful and unexpected that there will be a lot of trouble ahead!”

Poseidon frowned when he heard that the Three Heads were unable to stop Odin, who had the Gargantua, and that this was something they had not expected from the Greek Gods.

However, he then said.

“Poseidon, help me to drain the lake, I suspect that the gypsy is in it.”

He then briefly described what had just happened.

When he heard Apollo’s words, Poseidon shook his head and said.

“When will you change your character? This is not the time to play. war.”

As he spoke, Zeus, the king of the gods, and Hades, the king of the underworld, came over in this direction, the triumvirate gathered once again.

Poseidon, the god of the sea, had already raised his trident, and the whole lake began to boil, followed by the rapid upwelling of the water, and countless water flew into the air.

The end of Ye Lu was coming.