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Super School Student Chapter 465-466

Chapter 465

As the waters of the lake flew up, the Three Heads all looked down at the bottom.

Also watching the scene was Loki of the Kingdom of Death, who was standing on top of the terrible wolf Fenrir, with the whole army of the Kingdom of Death standing behind him, the whole legion of Death gathered on one side not far from the Temple of Odin.

On the other side, the legions of the Flaming Giants were a*sembled, and the Lord of Fire, Stel, was watching, waiting for the final battle.

“What are those Greek guys looking for?”

“Loki asked the terrifying-looking god of death, Hina, as she looked at the triumvirate of Greek gods.

“Loki” shook his head and said.

“I don’t know, but this is a very strange thing, that someone could break the ‘formation’ here is unimaginable. I have never heard of anyone being able to break this formation, let alone break it, I feel that there are few people who can read this ‘formation’.”

In fact, “Loki” was right, Ye Luo could not understand this “formation” either, but he had the “gla*ses”, which easily showed all the functions he wanted to complete, Ye Luo just had to follow the instructions to draw the various weapon patterns, no need to understand at all.

“Loki” continued.

“So, I think their abnormal actions are related to this, but let’s not worry about that, everyone get ready and start attacking.”

“Earthly Serpent ‘Yemengard’, Demon Wolf ‘Fenrir’, Cerberus ‘Garm’, you three are the vanguard, take out these outsiders. ”

With his words, a terrifying python, a mountainous wolf, and a hellhound with black and bloodshot eyes all moved at the same time.

Seeing that the “Kingdom of Death” side had already acted, the “Flaming Giants” side, the “Stelter” side, also waved the flaming sword “Sword of Victory” in his hand, and countless “Flaming Giants” rushed towards the “Greek Gods” at the same time.

The centre of the three armies was the Temple of Odin, where the World Tree was located, next to the small lake where Ye Lu was.

While the two armies were rushing towards each other and the twelve Greek Gods were standing by, something happened that no one expected.


The “World Tree” at the centre suddenly disappeared.

The two teams that had immediately rushed to the “Odin Temple” stopped instantly, while the three giants of the Greek Gods also looked at the scene with confusion.

The “World Tree” was so tall that it was impossible for everyone to ignore it.

“Hey, hey! Finally, we’ve got it.”

At this moment, Ye Lu, who was in the mud at the bottom of the lake, was secretly rejoicing.

Just now, after the Scarlet Queen had prompted him, Ye Lv began to appear and move quickly towards the direction of the World Tree at the bottom of the lake.

Ye Lu didn’t know if he would be discovered if he hid in the mud, after all, the “Blazing God Blade” was in a different dimension, and Ye Lu was not sure whether the “Blazing God Blade” would be discovered or not.

However, no matter what, let’s get the World Tree first, and whatever else, let’s take care of the immediate future first.

So, he quickly used the “One Leaf Bodhi” to collect the “World Tree”.

Originally, he thought it would be very difficult to collect the World Tree, after all, it should already have a certain degree of spiritual intelligence and it was hard to say whether it would resist.

However, when it came to the actual operation, he found that everything was easy beyond imagination, and he easily received the World Tree into the One Leaf Bodhi.

Looking at the “World Tree”, which almost filled up a spiritual field, Ye Lu almost laughed out loud in the mud.

The next step was to see if these guys had any way to find themselves.

However, just as everyone stopped and wondered, something even stranger happened.

After the World Tree disappeared, there was a loud and incomparable roar from where the World Tree had disappeared, followed by an earthquake like tremor, and the whole earth trembled as if something terrible was about to burst out from beneath the ground.

All the demonic beasts began to tremble, even people could not help but exude fear from the bottom of their hearts, and so did Ye Lu, he felt that something terrible was about to come out, but what surprised him even more was that he felt that this thing was somewhat familiar to him.

“Loki saw the demon wolf Fenrir, who had lowered his head in fear, and then looked at the earthly serpent Yemengard, who was fine, at least looking down at the ground as if we had submitted, while the hellhound Garm had fallen to the ground in fear, an expression Loki had never seen before.

The situation was similar on the side of the Greek gods, where all the beasts, including Griffin, and even the 100-headed demon king, Typhon, were trembling in fear.

“The leader of the Flame Giants, Stelter, waved his hand and all the Flame Giants started backing away.

Then, Logic muttered a name.

“Nidhogg, the poisonous dragon of hell, it’s Nidhogg who has awakened.

According to legend, the black dragon Nidhogg inhabits the roots of the World Tree and feeds on the roots of the World Tree.

In fact, it was the World Tree that sealed the poisonous dragon Nidhogg, and it was trying to break free from the World Tree so it kept eating the World Tree, and this eating made the black dragon Nidhogg stronger and stronger.

The reason why Ye Lu took away the World Tree so quickly was because the World Tree had already been eaten by the Nidhogg, otherwise the World Tree would not be of this size.

After Ye Lv had taken away the World Tree, the black dragon Nidhogg was no longer bound, and the endless black flames shot up like a whirlwind.

Then a terrifying black dragon with a hideous face and a mouth full of sharp teeth appeared from the ground.


This fellow let out a terrifying wild roar after appearing, as if he wanted to let out all his grievances in this one cry.

And at the same time, Ye Lu understood what it was that made him feel familiar.


Once again, Ye Luo felt the fluctuation of “Hell’s Fire”, which was all too familiar.

“The ‘Devil Dragon’ from hell, is it actually here?”

Previously, Ye Lu had used the four origin flames to summon the terrifying “Hell Demon Dragon”, but at that time, it was only a shadow of the “Hell Demon Dragon”.

At that time, the profile of the “Hell Devil Dragon” said that it came from the “Abyssal Secret Realm”, was this the “Abyssal Secret Realm”?

Although Ye Lu had never been to the “Abyssal Secret Realm”, he knew that this was definitely not the “Abyssal Secret Realm” but a secret realm belonging to the “Norse Gods”.


Seeing the large group of people around him, the black dragon Nidhogg did not hesitate, it opened its mouth and the terrifying dragon flame gushed out in all directions.

This scene was like the end of the world.

Then, its claws slapped the ground, and Ye Lu, who was holding the Blazing God Blade, was catapulted out from underneath the ground and into the air.

Seeing that Ye Lu was actually ejected from under the ground, everyone was astonished, especially Apollo, the Sun God, who had no idea how Ye Lu had hidden himself.

However, everyone understood that Ye Liao was definitely dead this time.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Lu actually scratched his head and looked at the scarlet-eyed “Nidhogg” and said with a smile.

“Hey, hey! Long time no see!”


Chapter 466

Seeing that Ye Lu and the Black Dragon “Nidhogg” actually knew each other, the “Greek Gods” understood that Ye Lu would not die this time, not only would he not die, they would also be unlucky.

“Let’s go!”

“Zeus did not hesitate to give the order.

But the Nidhogg didn’t care about this, it opened its mouth and sucked in a circle, countless experts, including the tall Flaming Giant and many demonic beasts were sucked in by the terrifying suction.

All of them did not dare to fight and all of them were frantically running for their lives.

Only Ye Luo hovered quietly next to the black dragon “Nidhogg”. To be honest, at this moment, Ye Luo didn’t have a clue because this demon dragon from hell was not a pet, who knew what this thing would do?

Ye Lu was worried that this creature would suddenly burst into a rage and burn himself to death.

And just as he was worried, the Hell Demon Dragon suddenly turned its head to look at Ye Luo.


If he hadn’t been wearing his “Athena’s Holy Cloth” and had used his “Blazing God Blade” to block it, he would have been seriously injured.

Seeing the “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand, the Black Dragon “Nidhogg” said with a voice like thunder.

“I didn’t expect that the ‘Blazing God’ was also obtained by you.”

Hearing that this guy did not sound angry, Ye Lu let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

Then he looked at “Nidhogg” and asked with a smile.

“Weren’t you in ‘Abyssal Hell’? Why have you come here again? Are you a ‘hellish demon dragon’? Or are you the poisonous dragon ‘Nidhogg’ here?”

“Nidhogg” said in a loud voice.

“Both, I am the ‘hellish dragon’ and at the same time the ‘Nidhogg’, and the one who thought this was here is just one of my ‘doppelgangers’. ”

Hearing “Nidhogg’s” words, Ye Lu couldn’t help but sigh, what the hell is this?

So, Ye Luo looked at “Nidhogg” and said.

“That …… one, is your ‘Abyssal Hell Secret Realm’ the most powerful secret realm?”

As a result, “Nidhogg” shook his head and said.

“No, the secret realm is not something you can pry into, heaven, hell, it could be a secret realm, gods, demons could come from the secret realm, life and death, past and future, everything could be related to the secret realm.”

Hearing the black dragon “Nidhogg” suddenly said such a philosophical sentence, Ye Lu could not help but be a little impressed with it, at least this guy is not a devil who kills people on sight.

“Thank you for letting me out this time.”

“Nidhogg” said as he looked at Ye Lu.

In turn, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“There is no need for that. It seems that even if I don’t let you out, the ‘World Tree’ can’t stop you, right?”

As a result, “Nidhogg” said.

“No, if you don’t take the ‘World Tree’, even if I eat the roots of the ‘World Tree’, there is no way for me to really escape, because after that I will enter a new reincarnation for eternity. ”

Ye Lu did not expect the Black Dragon to go through such a thing, so he looked at Nidhogg and said.

“So, Mr. Nidhogg, how are you going to repay me for letting you out?”

If he could take advantage of it, Ye Lu would not be soft.

As a result, the “Nidhogg” said in a gruff voice.

“Not killing you is already a favor to you.”

Hearing the words of “Nidhogg”, Ye Luo disdainfully brushed aside his mouth, then looked at the black dragon and said.

“Alright, you’re tough, but since ‘Odin’ and the rest of them are finished, then the rest of the stuff here is all mine.”

“Nidhogg” did not have any comment on Ye Lu’s words, he turned his head to look at the direction of the “Hvagamir Spring”, and then said.

“It seems that you have taken away all the spring water accumulated in the ‘Fountain of Hvagh Mil’, you are quite ruthless!”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Hey, isn’t that the style of things you people do in hell?”

“Nidhogg” nodded and said.

“Yes, it is indeed our style, well, I am not in a hurry anyway, you go ahead!”

Hearing “Nidhogg’s” words, Ye Lu quickly began to look around.

Although the place was almost destroyed, Ye Lu felt that the Norse gods would not have time to take everything away from here, but of course the other “Immortal Palace Key” was out of the question, because if he were Odin, he would have taken the “Immortal Palace Key” with him.

However, now that Odin had turned into a lone wolf, it was questionable whether he would be able to survive. Therefore, Ye Lu did not know where the “Immortal Key” would end up on Odin’s body.

However, the performance of “Odin” really surprised Ye Lu. He originally thought that “Odin” was about the same level as “Zeus”, but who would have thought that this guy would be so strong that the three giants and so many others were unable to keep him.

Next, Ye Lu began to look for things everywhere.

Anyway, there was still a lot of space in the Sumeru Ring, so Ye Luo was prepared to fill up all of it. However, while searching, he released “Gale” and gave her some of the “Hwagamir’s Spring” so that she could improve faster.

Other things that he could use, mainly various materials, raw materials and so on, he collected all that he could.

After he had collected almost everything, Ye Lu returned to Nidhogg and looked at him and said with a smile.

“Mr. Nidhogg, I’ve almost finished packing, but before I leave, I want to ask you for something, and I hope you can give it to me.”

“Nidhogg” looked at Ye Luo and was a bit puzzled, he did not know what Ye Luo wanted.

Then, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“What I want is your blood, without your blood, even if there is a contract, there is no way for me to summon you out, after all, I am still too weak.”

As a result, “Nidhogg” said with a cold snort.

“Hmph! You dare to even take advantage of the Hell Demon Dragon, you really have a lot of guts.”

Ye Lu said with a smile as he spread his hands.

“Hey, boldness has always been my merit, yes, there is another merit, that is, thick skin.”

Seeing Ye Luo’s shameless appearance, “Nidhogg” fiercely stretched out his claws, “Boom!” It slapped the claw in front of Ye Lu’s face with a bang, meaning to let Ye Lu bleed.

Ye Luo also ungraciously let out some blood from Nidhogg’s leg, of course, he did not dare to go overboard, so he only took a part of the blood and then looked at Nidhogg and said with a smile.

“So, Mr. Nidhogg, when are you going out? I mean, we’re friends now, right? When are you going to help me out?”

As a result, Nidhogg grunted and said.

“Hmph! I’d love to go out and live a life of killing and pretending with you, but, unfortunately, I can’t leave this hellish place, I’ve been sealed here, go to the ‘Abyssal Secret Realm’ when you have the chance, find me there, maybe we can still do something.”

Ye Lu nodded hurriedly, but that was not what he had in mind, he thought to himself.

“Gross a career, entering some bird ‘Abyssal Hell’ probably would have killed myself long ago.”

So, Ye Luo echoed his words and then walked towards the outside of the secret realm, he had spent a lot of time to come to “Europe” this time, he still had a lot of things to do next.

After leaving the secret realm, Ye Lu took out the “Immortal Palace Key” with the word “Cang” written on it that he had obtained this time.

“The next step is for you to find the ‘Star Destiny Man’.”

Ye Luo muttered as he dripped blood onto the “Immortal Palace Key”.