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Super School Student Chapter 477-478

Chapter 477


After landing this time, “Big Wind” chose to transform directly, and as a result, a tall and upright woman of nearly two meters stood abruptly in front of the crowd.

Leaf Fall was frightened and hurriedly turned around.

“Good! Is this how sister ‘Da Feng’ changes back every time?”

Seeing this scene, Ye Yan immediately grabbed Ye Lu’s ears.

On the other hand, “Big Wind” began to dress as calmly as if nothing had happened.

“Hey, how come? Besides, I’m a decent guy who doesn’t look at you like that!”

Ye Luo hurriedly and quickly explained, however, it was obvious that Ye Yan didn’t believe him, and Long Feixue and Qin Shiyu obviously didn’t believe his nonsense either.

So, Ye Luo laughed somewhat awkwardly and said.

“Okay, okay, be concerned about these details, let me say, next is the devil training, but again, before, I promised to give you guys the defensive clothes you put on first, this thing is something that can save your life.”

As Ye Lu said that he took out the three defensive magic items.

“Frigga’s Kai”, “Freya’s Armor”, “Athena’s Holy Cloth” and “Edexcel’s Shield” appeared in front of the crowd, all of which were extremely beautiful.

“These three items belong to the ‘Greek Lord God’ and the ‘Norse Lord God’ and are far more powerful than you can imagine. ‘magic treasure’.”

Ye Lu pointed to these few items and said.

These items were indeed rare because, even for the “Lord Gods”, not every Lord God had an inherited defensive “magic treasure”, most of those who had defensive magic treasures were female Lord Gods.

Ye Lu continued.

“The ‘Frigga’s Kai’ goes to Long Fei Xue, the ‘Freya’s Armor’ goes to you, and the rest of the ‘Athena’s Holy Cloth’ and the ‘Shield of Edexcel’ go to Qin Siyu.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s allocation, Ye Yan immediately said with a dissatisfied expression.

“You’re too biased, why did you give her two pieces?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“It’s because those two pieces were originally a set!”

Qin Shiyu then looked at Ye Yan and said.

“If Sister Ye Yan likes it, then this one should be given to Sister Ye Yan.”

As a result, Ye Yan did not appreciate it and said.

“Go, don’t be pretentious, I don’t care, go, Feixue, let’s go and get dressed and stay away from them.”

After saying that, Ye Yan picked up her clothes and dragged Qin Siyu into the woods on one side, leaving Qin Siyu looking at Ye Lu with a puzzled face and said.

“Ye Lu, how did I offend your sister?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“Don’t pay attention to her, she’s having a bout of fits and spasms, go and change too, we’re ready to start training.”

After hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Shiyu nodded and left with her clothes in her arms.

In the middle of the woods on one side, Ye Yan said as she undressed while looking at Long Feixue.

“Feixue, I see, we must take some measures before we can do anything, otherwise my oldest brother will definitely be abducted by that woman.”

Long Feixue, on the other hand, blushed and did not say anything, she did like Ye Lu, and this was something she knew very well, however, she also understood that she had quite a gap compared to Qin Siyu, she could easily see that Ye Lu was obviously more intimate with Qin Siyu, moreover, the two had more in common, even more than with this old sister Ye Yan.

After all, Qin Siyu and Ye Lu had lived together for three years, and the two could recall bits and pieces of their high school life.

Seeing Long Feixue’s somewhat shy and silent attitude, Ye Yan then basically understood.

So, she continued.

“Then you should listen well to Sister, and Sister will help you arrange it.”

Long Feixue did not know what kind of arrangements Ye Yan had in mind, however, she still nodded her head.

Following that, Ye Yan changed into her clothes, and then, she began to spit.

“Sh*t! What kind of clothes did Ye Yan get here, the material is too little, but it looks like it has all the stuff, but it’s a bit covering!”

Indeed, the “Freya’s Armour” could only cover the important parts, plus Ye Yan’s breasts were not what they used to be, so there was no way to cover all the two hemispheres.

Next, Long Fei Xue blushed, as hers was also too revealing.

To be honest, Long Feixue’s piece was actually quite normal, it covered everything that should be covered, except that the armour only reached the root of her thighs, and the part of the breast wrap only covered her breasts and the surrounding area, her thighs and shoulders were exposed, but her whole stomach was covered.

This was much better than Ye Yan’s, as Ye Yan’s water-snake waist and belly button were all exposed on the outside.

“Ye Luo this guy must have done it on purpose, it P*sses me off.”

Ye Yan said with some anger.

After she walked out, she found that the “Athena’s Holy Cloth” Qin Siyu was wearing was a gorgeous mess, just like in the movies or legends, and this Holy Cloth was a perfect match with the “Edexcel Shield” and the spear in her hand.

It was also because of the “Edexcel Shield” that Ye Lu changed Qin Siyu’s original twin swords into a spear, but of course the spear was only a prototype and could not yet be used to its full potential.

Seeing Qin Siyu’s shape, Ye Yan’s heart became even more unhappy.

However, Ye Lu went on to say.

“Don’t look at the big difference in your three outfits, but the defensive qualities are actually not comparable.”

In fact, Ye Yan did not say that the “Edexcel Shield” was actually stronger than these three pieces of armour.

“Alright, let’s not worry about these details, let’s go find the demon beast.”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

His plan was to hone the three women’s combat skills while advancing towards the place where the “Dragon Clan” was located, after all, according to “Big Wind”, this place was still a long way from the “Dragon Clan” gathering place.

So, Ye Lu took the rough spear from Qin Shiyu’s hand and started to make it, while looking for the “demonic beasts” around.

This was not a very deep place, so the level of demon beasts should not be too high.

As expected, it didn’t take long for Ye Lu to see a single demonic beast, a leopard-shaped demonic beast, which was generally known for its speed and agility, but its rank was slightly higher, a “Golden Dan Sixth Turn” demonic beast, a small realm higher than Qin Shiyu, the strongest of the three women.

However, fortunately, both the “Fifth Turn of Golden Dan” and “Sixth Turn of Golden Dan” were still at the “Void Dan Realm” and had not crossed over to the “Real Dan Realm”.

“Which one of you will go?”

Ye Lu looked at the three women and asked.

Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue were both at the peak of the “Third Turn of Golden Dan” or “False Dan Realm”, and Ye Lu felt that the two of them might not be able to make it after all.

However, Ye Yan raised her hand and gestured.

“Let me go.”

Ye Lu knew that she was competitive, but with the protection of the Freya’s Armour, Ye Lu felt that there should not be any great danger, or at least it would give him time to save the others, so he looked at Ye Yan and nodded.

Ye Yan took out her fiery red longsword and rushed towards the leopard-shaped demon beast in the distance.

Seeing someone rushing over, the leopard-shaped demonic beast showed its teeth and rushed towards Ye Yan, following which Ye Yan saw countless ice crystals appear on the leopard’s body, which looked crystal clear.

“‘Ice Lin Panther’ really lives up to its name, this is good, one ice and one fire, let’s see which one of you is stronger.”

Ye Luo watched as Ye Yan, covered in flames, rushed towards the ice crystal-covered “Ice Lin Panther”, both this man and beast had a strong attacking style, and just as soon as they made contact, they went on the offensive.

This time, she was fighting against a “demonic beast”, so Ye Yan had no worries.

However, the difference between her and her opponent was three small levels and one small realm, coupled with her severe lack of experience in combat, which caused Ye Yan to suffer a considerable loss.

Luckily, the armour on her body was really strong and normal attacks could not do much damage, plus the leopard was not a power-type demonic beast, so although Ye Yan suffered some losses, she did not suffer much damage.

The “Vermilion Bird Void” and an incomparably huge fire bird appeared in the air, and when he saw the fire bird appear, the ice crystals on the “Ice Liner Panther’s” body began to thicken rapidly to form thick scale armour.

Then, the fire bird in the air turned into a terrifying fire spear and poked at the Ice Leopard.

However, at this moment, an accident happened.


Chapter 478

The accident didn’t come from the Ice Leopard. Although the Ice Leopard’s defence was very strong, it couldn’t stop Ye Yan’s “Bloodline Avatar” blow, so it escaped injured on the spot. The accident came from the fact that after the Ice Leopard escaped, several good fighters suddenly leapt out from the side.

These guys were all wearing uniform clothing, obviously from the same organisation, and were quite skilled, one of them was already an expert who had crossed the “Golden Dan Path”, far beyond what Fei Ye Yan could handle.


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu, who had long been prepared to deal with all kinds of surprises, finally made his move.

He launched a lightning-fast flame attack, “Rain of Fire in the Sky”, and because he had been waiting for it, it was just like a bullet from a sniper rifle.

Therefore, these guys did not dare to slow down, and immediately either fled or quickly defended themselves, and for a while they were a bit busy, while Ye Lu had already taken the opportunity to stand in front of Ye Yan.

Long Feixue’s battle sense was quite a bit stronger than Qin Shiyu’s, and as the other party appeared, she had already grabbed Qin Shiyu’s hand and led her to run to Ye Yan’s side.

Obviously, if the two of them were isolated, Ye Lu would obviously be somewhat stretched if he had to protect both Ye Yan and the two of them by himself.

It was only when Long Fei Xue pulled her away that Qin Siyu realised this matter, and she looked at Long Fei Xue with some urgency.

She suddenly realised that this pretty, even somewhat high-cold, clean-shaven sister was actually quite a nice person, and Long Fei Xue didn’t notice Qin Siyu’s eyes, she was looking at these guys who had gathered around her.

These guys were eight in total, three women and five men, all clear-cut and dressed in blue and white, with a long sword stretched out on their backs or in their hands.

“What are you people?”

Ye Luo looked at these eight people and asked with a frown, at the same time, he was also looking at the information of these eight people, the information showed that these eight people were from the “Fuxi clan”, however, not the direct disciples of the “Fuxi clan”, several people also did not have any bad deeds, do not know why they wanted to strike at Ye Yan.

Seeing what Ye Lu had just shown, these guys’ previous relaxed expressions instantly disappeared.

After a moment of silence, the one in the lead looked at Ye Luo and said.

“To be honest, we are from the ‘Fuxi clan’ and have no grudges against you all, the reason we are striking is because of your ‘reward order’, so if you are sensible, you better behave and follow us to the ‘Beast Alliance’, and save us from making a move.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu frowned.

It looked like something had gone wrong, so he thought about it and looked at the people opposite him and asked.

“What is the price they are offering?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, the guy at the head of the other party immediately froze, and then said with a smile.

“It’s not a very high price lah, one ‘divine Beast’ egg of 100% bloodline for each of you, and help hatch it out at the same time, why, do you have a better reward, if so we can let you go.”

What everyone did not expect was that Ye Lu actually nodded and said.

“Yes, I do have a better reward.”

This time it was the other party’s turn to feel surprised, the guy at the head of the other party froze for a few seconds before looking at Ye Luo and asking.

“You really have something more valuable than them?”

Ye Luo nodded very definitely before asking again.

“Isn’t it true that all the people in the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ have received this ‘bounty order’?”

Ye Lu had put away the cellphone-like alarm, so he wasn’t sure if that thing was able to receive the messages sent over.

The “Fuxi clan” guy nodded and said.

“Yes, come on, tell me what else you have.”

After he asked, the three women also looked at Ye Lu curiously.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“This thing is your lives, think about it, even if it’s a good treasure, even if it’s a lot of things, you still need to have a life to enjoy it.”

After Ye Luo finished speaking, sure enough those people on the opposite side exploded.

“Sh*t! You dare to fool us.”

“That’s right, don’t you want to live?”

“Are you looking for death?”


All of them drew out their weapons and prepared to make a move, while Ye Lu looked at them and smiled, then took out the “Blazing God Blade” and said.

“I’ll give you one last chance, the benefits are not that easy to earn.”

Of course, these guys all thought highly of themselves, so it was impossible for them to give in to Ye Lu’s words, and they all drew out their weapons and rushed towards Ye Lu.


Ye Lu coldly snorted and swung his “Blazing God Blade”, this time he did not target anyone, but swung it like a spiral.

The terrifying fusion flame was like a swirling “tornado” that struck in all directions, the plants on the ground and the surrounding trees were all burnt into nothingness.





There were no surprises, no one could block this blow, however, Ye Luo did not do it to death, so after the crowd was blown away, Ye Luo put back some of the flames.

However, despite this, these eight guys were in an exceptionally bad shape, with many of them having their clothes burnt to the ground and their spring glory exposed.

After the blow, Ye Luo then looked at these guys and said with a smile.

“Now you know what I said is true, while I’m in a good mood, leave everything on you, including the communicator together, then hurry up and get lost, truthfully master you guys, don’t force me to strike, I once killed tens of thousands of people at once.”

Ye Lu really didn’t pretend to be a hero, because in that battle in Japan he was already in the top ten of the “Blood List”.

However, it was obvious that there were still people who were not convinced, and the guy at the head of the group said with a glare.

“Do you think we are scared ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take off your clothes.

“Take off your clothes, leave everything, get lost, I won’t say it twice.”

This time no one dared to resist, everyone obediently took out everything, including their armour, and put it in front of Ye Lu, then left in a huff.

“Ye Lu, did you really kill more than ten thousand people?”

Qin Siyu asked as she looked at Ye Lu with some surprise.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“You believe even the nonsense bragging about the atmosphere.”

However, what Ye Luo didn’t know was that of the eight alarm devices that were put down, two of them possessed functions that could be tethered to each other similar to a mobile phone, and at the moment one of these two machines was sending everything that was happening here, including the location of the place, to everyone.

Teams from closer to here are frantically coming towards this side.

Of course, the teams coming here were at least at the level of the Fuxi clan, and at least one of them had already crossed the Golden Dao.

“Let’s go, we can’t stay here any longer, it looks like we’re in big trouble.”

Ye Lu muttered helplessly, then gathered up the various things on the ground and led the group towards the direction closer to the “Dragon Clan”.

Now, in the eyes of the others, Ye Lu and the others were four extremely high quality “native spirit beasts”, and they didn’t cost anything at all.

“Sh*t! A moment of good intentions has led to big trouble.”

When Ye Lu picked up one of the alarms, he was depressed because he saw that the cellphone-like thing was taking video and was simulcasting.

“Get out of here!”

He quickly put the item into his “Sumeru Ring” and prepared to bolt.

But it was already too late to leave, as Ye Lu saw a dozen flying demonic beasts flying towards this side from all directions, with more than one person standing on top of each of them.

“There are actually so many people in this bird place?”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu also scratched his head in some depression.

In fact, the reason why so many people had gathered so quickly had to do with two things: firstly, this area was relatively safe, the area where the “Golden Dan Ninth Turn” demonic beasts were located, so it was also the area with the most people, and secondly, everyone had powerful “demonic beasts” as a means of transportation, these things could fly hundreds of meters in a second, and within a minute, people from a radius of tens of kilometres could gather together.

“F*ck you! You want to catch me, don’t you? F*ck you!”

Seeing that so many guys were treating him like fat meat, Ye Lu’s blood energy was also stirred up.

He slowly raised his hand to the “Blazing God Blade” in his hand.