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Super School Student Chapter 479-480

Chapter 479

At the same time, instant messages were being sent on everyone’s communicators.

“New message: eight people from the Fuxi clan have failed to snipe the ‘bounty target’, eight people’s lives are safe, please keep up the good work, the opportunity is rare and will not come around for a thousand years!”

“New message: as the six groups have reached the location with coordinates ‘XX, XX’, the landmark building is the foot of the south side of ‘Fountain Peak’, please keep up the good work and seize the opportunity.”


These updates were provided by the system to complement the “Bounty Order”, which also included some private videos and messages, allowing everyone in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” to share the “Wanted” information.

Within the Beast Alliance, since everyone had a full version of the communicator, everyone knew that the “Wanted in All Realms”, which had not been used for many years, had been activated again, which made everyone in the Beast Alliance excited, and everyone started to gossip about what this was all about.

“It’s said that the grandson of the Grand Elder of the ‘Beast System’ was killed by an outsider.”

“Sh*t! What kind of outsider is that awesome?”

“It’s not a proper outsider coming either, it’s said that the cultivation level is not high, and you know that ‘Tiger’ that precious grandson’s cultivation level is also very low now, it seems to be because of the woman.”

“Wait, you guys are saying that the guy on that ‘bounty order’ has a low cultivation level?”


“Then why are you two still talking here, hurry up and act, the ‘bounty order’ isn’t only valid for outsiders.”

“Sh*t! Yeah, why did I forget, let’s go …… go ……”


In this way, a large number of people from the Beast Alliance also poured into the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

This time, the “Wanted” order just turned the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” into a lively marketplace.

At this moment, Ye Lu looked at the three women and said.

“What is going to happen next may be a bit inappropriate for children, you three do not resist, a friend of mine will take you into the ‘world of fire’, she is the queen there, wait for me there, wait for me to summon you out.”

It was obvious that it was quite dangerous to take the three of them with him as he was now surrounded by enemies, luckily, the space of the ‘Blazing God Blade’ was very safe, which was the real reason why Ye Lu dared to bring a few women.

Ye Yan and the women also understood the seriousness of the matter, so they all nodded their heads.

The Scarlet Queen then began to summon the three women according to Ye Lu’s wishes, and the three women disappeared in an instant.

Ye Lu stood there quietly, holding the “Blazing God Blade”.

The last time he had faced so many experts was when he was playing the virtual game in the War Temple. After that, Ye Lu had experienced the battle of life and death in the clan of the Norse Gods, and his cultivation was close to the edge of a breakthrough.

Seeing the crowd approaching, Ye Lu closed his eyes quietly and began to silently gather his Qi.

What he was about to perform was also a “Saint Level” “spell”, however, it was a somewhat weak spell, as it required the process of gathering Qi, that is, it required a preparation time.

“Pupil Technique was one of the very few “Spiritual Spells”, but at present, Ye Lu only knew one, which was the “Fatal Qi Shock”.

In a duel between experts, even a brief moment of loss of concentration of less than a second was enough to deliver a fatal blow.

The people who rushed over were shocked to see that Ye Lu actually took the initiative to fly up and then sat quietly in the air with his long sword across his chest like an old monk in meditation.

This was because everyone did not know what kind of plan Ye Lu was up to.

“Sh*t! What is that kid doing?”

“I don’t know! Didn’t they say there were three more chicks?”

“Yeah, where are the chicks? Without the chicks, we’re going to be three Super Extreme Beast Eggs short.”

“The information can’t be wrong, or the chicks are being hidden.”

“Quick, shoot the ‘Original Spirit Beast’ to find the chicks!”


Seeing that the target had become one person, everyone immediately focused on the three women who had disappeared, however, everyone understood that the immediate benefit was the most important, even though there were three chicks, it was futile not to know where they were, so everyone did not stop much, but rushed towards Ye Lu in a neat manner.

As far as everyone was concerned, Ye Luo was a piece of fat meat that was handy to have.

“Come on, brothers! If you’re late, you won’t be able to reap the benefits.”

“All ideas, don’t kill, the corpse won’t be worth anything.”

“That’s right, be gentle with the fresh meat.”

“Sh*t! This one doesn’t even open his eyes, he’s a bogeyman!”

“The intelligence didn’t say it was blind!”


As the crowd rushed over, Ye Lu didn’t move, but the “Heavenly Vine” that was wrapped around him was constantly telling Ye Lu the news outside in writing.

Following this, Ye Lu opened his eyes violently.

Many people were shocked to the spot, especially those “demonic beasts”, whose minds were more innocent, so they were more easily shocked.

For a moment, the entire sky was frozen in time, and immediately afterwards, raging flames slashed out from the “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand.

“The more Qi gathered, the more powerful the attack would be, so a shocking scene occurred.

Only a few experts who were above the “Golden Dan Second Truth” or “Will Truth” level were not killed, while everyone else, including the “Top Truth” powerhouse who had just entered the “Golden Dan Path”, was killed by this slash.

“Oh my goodness!”

“Oh my goodness, this kid is too evil.”

“What a horror!”

“No wonder the reward is so high.”


The crowd that was arriving from afar saw the scene from afar and everyone was shocked.

And the prepared data came in immediately.

“New news: six teams were killed by a single slash of forty-seven people by the ‘bounty target’ at the southern foot of the ‘Fountain Peak’ at coordinates ‘XX, XX’. Losses were heavy.”

“New message: the few remaining experts are in a melee with the only man on the other side.”


It was said to be a melee, but in fact, the one who really posed a threat and pressure to Ye Lu was the guy who had opened his “Four Golden Dan”, and it was Ye Lu’s first time to fight someone with such a high cultivation level.





The newcomers who had entered the “Golden Dan Avenue” also joined the battle.

Although this area only belonged to the “Ninth Circle of Golden Dan” demonic beast area, the leaders of the teams were not as simple as “Ninth Circle of Golden Dan”, so there were still some experts.


Immediately afterwards, Ye Lu laughed wildly.

Because just now, his cultivation level had finally broken through the bottleneck again, and he had crossed into the “Golden Dan Third Turn” realm.

In fact, the strongest thing in Ye Lu’s regular battle was not the flame, nor the “spell”, but the “Tong Tian Vine”, which had grown rapidly since it started eating the “World Tree”.

At the time of the fight with the “Chi You Clan”, the “Tong Tian Vine” already had ten vines, which translates to a human cultivation level of “Golden Dan One Trick”.

After cultivation, especially with the World Tree, it had grown to the level of “Golden Dan 5”. According to its terrifying single defense performance, in terms of defense, Ye Lu estimated that even a “Golden Dan 6” or “7” should be difficult to hurt it.

There were now fourteen vines, so under Ye Lu’s control the vines came out and quickly controlled the fourteen people surrounding him, followed by a vine holding the “Sunset Arrow”, while Ye Lu wielded his “Blazing God Blade” to launch a close attack.

Ye Luo’s current cultivation level was not high, so he could not use the full power of the Origin Fire and the Blazing God Blade, but in close combat, he used the sharpness of the Blazing God Blade itself, which was able to make an “Eternal Gun” level “magic weapon”, so it was clear how sharp it was.

“Holy sh*t!”

All the people rushing over from all around saw this scene and stopped.


Chapter 480

Everyone was looking at Ye Lu like a monster.

Just now, in just a minute or two, Ye Lu had already killed over 60 people, and a dozen of them were experts who had crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue”.

“Sh*t! The Beast Alliance has given wrong information!”

“Yeah, this guy is the reincarnation of the God of Killers.”

“I don’t know, but he’s dead either way. The ‘reward order’ has been issued and the entrance and exit must be blocked.

“Hey! It’s a pity we can’t catch a turtle in a jar!”


The first time I saw the terrifying methods of Ye Lu, no one dared to go forward anymore, Ye Lu waved his hand to the crowd with a smile, and then flew into the woods and dashed away.

This is the “All Realm Wanted”, near this area is some weak hands, but, the whole realm, there are all kinds of experts, I am afraid that even the YuanYing old monsters here is not uncommon, so YeLu does not dare too much love to fight, after the purpose of cultivation has been achieved, then rushed to withdraw.

He darted up against the ground and ran furiously.

The trees in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” were so tall and lush that they covered the sky, so he was not worried about being seen by flying “demonic beasts” and cultivators.

Only after running for more than an hour did Ye Lu stop.


Come out, you guys.

As he said that, Ye Luo released Qin Siyu and the others, but as a result, only two women, Qin Siyu and Long Feixue, came out.

“Where’s my old sister?”

Ye Luo looked at the two of them and asked with some confusion.

“She was left behind by the ‘Scarlet Queen’, saying that there was a way to help her improve her cultivation and train her.”

Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu and said.

“What about those people just now, weren’t there a lot of people chasing after us?”

Ye Luo said after smiling.

“They’re all gone, I used the ‘Ultimate Negotiation Technique’ on them and persuaded them all to go back.”

Both women bristled, clearly not believing her bullsh*t at all, while Ye Luo looked at them and said with a smile.

“However, it’s good that Old Sister is being trained by the ‘Scarlet Queen’ inside, she’s fire attribute, and making too much noise when she fights will easily bring people in.”

Moreover, Ye Lu believed that with the cruelty of the Scarlet Queen, she would be able to train Ye Yan well, so he guessed that his sister would have to suffer this time.

“The Scarlet Queen was not only good at training combatants, but also at playing with people’s hearts, and Ye Lu reckoned that Ye Yan would grow up quickly there.

“I just summoned the ‘Chimera Ants’ and they told me that there is a ‘Ghost Faced Lizard’ not far from here. Which one of you two is going?”

This time, Qin Shiyu quickly raised her hand and said.

“I’ll go, I’m too bad at fighting, I don’t want to keep dragging my feet.”

Ye Lu nodded, Qin Siyu’s growth was really too fast, it could be said that she was growing at a visible speed, while making movies in a hurry, her growth speed was far faster than Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue who were growing in the “Vermilion Bird Clan Land” and using the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire”, this speed was simply unbelievable.

However, when it comes to fighting, there is a world of difference, almost zero experience.

And Long Fei Xue said with a smile.

“Then you guys kill the big monsters, I’ll find small monsters around here to practice.”

She didn’t want to be left far behind by Qin Siyu.

Ye Lu looked at the “Frigid Kai” on Long Fei Xue’s body then nodded and said.

“Okay, remember to stay within my sight.”

Long Fei Xue smiled and nodded.

During the time when Ye Luo was fleeing, the entire “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts” and the “Beast Alliance” were buzzing with excitement because Ye Luo’s amazing fight had just refreshed their perception of Ye Luo.

“New news: ‘Bounty Target’ killed six teams in one battle, along with additional cultivators, a total of sixty-seven people, it seems the initial information was slightly faulty.”

“Mao’s slightly problematic, didn’t it say at the beginning that the highest cultivation level of the four people was only ‘Jindan fifth turn’, and it wasn’t even this man, what kind of plan is this?”

“That’s right, this is too different from before saying, isn’t it, killing a ‘Jindan Avenue’ expert is just like butchering a dog.”

“I originally thought that we ‘Golden Dan Nine Transformation’ cultivators finally had our day.”


Because of the danger of the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, at least one of them was a “Saint”, or a “Ninth Circle of the Golden Elixir” expert, and these people were very powerful outside the “secular world”, but in the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” they were the weakest of all.

However, all the experts who had crossed the Golden Dan Path had all acted, and this group was the largest in the entire “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

However, if Ye Luo did not show himself, it would not be easy to find him in such a vast “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

In this way, three days had pa*sed, and Ye Lu and the others had gone deeper and deeper into the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

In these three days, Qin Siyu was the one who made the most progress, not only was her cultivation level improving by leaps and bounds, but her combat level was also growing as if she had been turned on, and at this moment, Qin Siyu was already a “Golden Dan Sixth Turn” practitioner, which made Long Fei Xue secretly anxious.

On this day, he finally met other cultivators again, and Ye Lu, of course, did the same thing as before, loading Qin Siyu and Long Fei Xue into the Blazing God Blade and finishing them off.

In Ye Lu’s opinion, these guys were also a good opportunity to train themselves.

In this way, a week had pa*sed in a flash.

Qin Siyu had already reached the peak of “Golden Dan 9” and was about to enter the “Golden Dan Avenue”, while Long Feixue was only at the level of Golden Dan 6 despite his desperate efforts to catch up.

This day, Ye Yan finally came out of the Blazing God Blade.

“Phew! I’ve finally come out alive!”

When Ye Yan came out, her face was covered in black ash and her body was covered in sludge, she looked in a terrible state, however, her cultivation level had already reached the level of “Golden Dan Eighth Turn”.

“Awesome, awesome, should I also go to the ‘Scarlet Queen’ and let her train?”

This terrifying effect made Ye Lv a bit excited, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t gained anything during this week, he had also crossed the “Pseudo-Dan Realm” to the “Golden Dan Fourth Turn” level.

However, Ye Lu always felt that he was still slow.

Of course, this had something to do with the fact that he couldn’t use the “top-grade spirit stones”, after all, they were only used a little bit, and there was no way to replenish them in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

“I’ve finished refining your three weapons, I’ll give them a try later, they are definitely the strongest tailor-made divine weapons.”

Ye Luo looked at Ye Yan who was ash-faced and said with a smile.

Ye Yan was indeed a bit overwhelmed by the fire world inside the Blazing God Blade, so she quickly walked towards the woods to the side, there was the sound of water in that direction, it should be a river.

She didn’t have to take off her armour, so she went straight into the water and washed herself, as this “Frigidaire” was made of so little material that it looked like a swimsuit anyway.

Of course, Ye Lu couldn’t follow her to watch her bathe, so he could only hope that she would come back sooner.

However, not long afterwards, he heard Ye Yan’s terrified shout.





Ye Luo was depressed and wanted to put Qin Siyu and Long Feixue away before going to save them, but the two women did not agree this time, they looked firmly at Ye Luo and nodded, so there was no choice but to take them and dart towards the woods.

As a result, he saw that Ye Yan had already been caught by the other side.

However, the other party did not gag Ye Yan, but let her shout, obviously aiming to attract himself to the net as well.

However, after Ye Luo checked the other party’s cultivation level through his “gla*ses”, Ye Luo’s brow furrowed because the cultivation level of this group of people was very high, and the leader of the group had actually opened the eighth aperture of the “Golden Dan Avenue”.

“I’m in big trouble now!”

The opponent’s cultivation level far exceeded his own strength, moreover, he still had the hostage Ye Yan in his hands, so for a moment, Ye Lu also felt a bit overwhelmed.

“There’s no choice but to fight!”

Ye Luo muttered through clenched teeth.