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Super School Student Chapter 481-482

Chapter 481

Ye Lu absolutely could not leave Ye Yan unattended, so he once again asked the Scarlet Queen to take back Qin Siyu and the two women, this time they did not resist, at the same time, Ye Lu did not hesitate to swallow three Explosive Pills.

The moment he swallowed the Explosive Pills, Ye Lu suddenly felt a sense of pride in his heart, he hadn’t used the Explosive Pills for a long time and it looked like he would have to do his best again this time.

However, it was fortunate that at least there was no desperate “YuanYing old monster” level super expert.

However, Ye Luo felt that the practitioners of the “Golden Dan and Eight Apertures” had already come, so could those of the “Yuan Ying Realm” be far behind?

“Unfortunately, I guess my opponent won’t give me the chance to summon them.”

Ye Lu muttered helplessly in his heart.

On the other hand, the opponents were surprised that Qin Siyu and Long Feixue had disappeared, they had never seen such people suddenly disappear before.

“What’s going on here?”

“It looks like what was reported earlier about the women disappearing is true.”

“But how did he do it?”

“This guy is really a bit evil.”


Because there were really quite few “magic treasures” that could hold people up, and because of the limitations of these people’s cultivation, almost no one had seen such a thing yet.

However, Ye Luo did not have time to listen to their messy discussion here, although with the increase of cultivation level, the “Exploding Yuan Dan” can last longer, but after all, it is limited, Ye Luo must solve the problem in front of him during the duration of the “Exploding Yuan Dan”.

“Come on!”

As he rushed forward, he first unleashed his “Fury Impact”, followed by the combined attack of “Flame Burning Sky” and “Tong Tian Vine”.

It would be much easier to clear out these guys and then fight the experts.

On each of the fourteen vines were held fourteen sharp weapons of different shapes, these sharp weapons could not be seen to be anything and looked quite crude.

Against such experts, Ye Lu did not dare to use the arrows of the “Sunset Arrow” for fear that they would be taken away by his opponents.

When he saw Ye Luo rushing forward with a furious aura and attack, many of the weaker ones were prepared to dodge first, but the vines of the “Heavenly Vine” were so fast that no matter what kind of defensive equipment they were wearing, they were all pierced by this strange-looking weapon in a single poke.

Everyone was stunned by this terrifying attack.

The main reason for this is the material. Generally speaking, defensive equipment is made of extremely strong material, which ensures that even if the patterns are destroyed, they can still block all kinds of physical attacks.

The fact that they could poke through the protective clothing like slicing vegetables meant that the things held on those vines had superb piercing ability.

What they didn’t know was that these were actually scraps of the “World Tree” that Ye Lu had cut down when he was making weapons for the women.

Although the rumours were exaggerated, the hardness of the “World Tree” was definitely “just right”.

As a result, with just one round of attack, all of the practitioners who were less than “Golden Dan One” level were wiped out.

The remaining experts immediately frowned, and then the leader of the group raised his hand.

As the leader of the group unleashed his “Original Spirit Beast”, the others also unleashed their “Original Spirit Beasts”.

These people’s “Original Spirit Beasts” were mainly in the form of birds, and the strongest one had already reached the level of “nine orifices”, which made Ye Lu feel more and more that he should hatch the beast eggs in his hand as soon as possible.

With the help of the “Original Spiritual Beast”, one person became two, doubling his combat power out of thin air.

After summoning the True Spirit Beasts, the crowd retreated, leaving the round of attacks to these bird-shaped demonic beasts.


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu quickly collected the “Heavenly Vine” and wrapped it around his body, then fiercely dropped towards the ground.

Following that, his right hand slammed on the ground.


A hemisphere of flame rose up with Ye Lu as the centre, blocking all sorts of attacks.

After releasing the “Flame Prison”, Ye Luo quickly released his blood and began to draw up a summoning formation, as he could only summon helpers for now.

“Come on, Nine Infants!”

Ye Lu’s favourite summoning method was the Nine Infants, not to say that one of them was more powerful than nine, but it was definitely more powerful than ordinary “demonic beasts” of the same level.

However, it was a pity that Ye Lu’s current level was only “Golden Dan Fourth Turn”, even though he had used three “Exploding Yuan Pills” to greatly increase his own combat power, it was extremely difficult to summon a demonic beast that was even higher than his opponent’s level.

Ye Luo also knew this, so he mixed the normal “Beast Blood Summoning” with the “Blood Summoning”, and a large amount of blood gushed out from Ye Luo’s arm into the underground blood formation, and then the summoning began.

The attacking crowd also felt the danger, but the white flame barrier was so defensive that even a demonic beast with its “Nine Nodes of the Golden Elixir” could not break through it.

“Holy sh*t! What is this thing?”

“Yes, this turtle shell is too hard.”

“What should we do? He seems to be summoning something.”

“There should be no need to be afraid, what can he summon even with his strong cultivation!”

“No, ‘Xiangjun’ you and ‘Lady Xiang’ use water.”


The strongest bloodline in Southern Chu should be the “Eastern Emperor Taiyi”, and most of the guys at the head of the group were the heirs of the “Eastern Emperor Taiyi”.

“They say that Southern Chu is a transcendent power, but it seems that it is not exempted from this!”

Ye Lu lamented in his heart, and then a monster with nine heads appeared in the red light above his head, and this guy did not disappoint Ye Lu, he was actually a super expert who had opened up his “eight”.

“This saved Ye Lu from having to communicate with the Nine Infants, who were already bad-tempered, and when they were inexplicably attacked, they immediately went berserk, and immediately fought with water and fire.

Although the Nine Infants were strong, their opponents were just as strong, and there were many of them, although only one of them had opened its “nine trunks”, there were many who had started their “eight trunks”.

The Nine Infants were at a disadvantage when the practitioners joined the battle.

Ye Lu sighed helplessly, then quickly began to summon a second time, this time it was “Chiseled Teeth”, after summoning “Chiseled Teeth”, Ye Lu took out a weapon from the “Sumeru Ring” and threw it to him, it was the “supreme divine weapon” of the “Chi You Clan”, which was also one of the “Ten Ancient Fierce Weapons”, “Chi You Go”.

The situation was immediately turned around after the “Chi You Go” with the “Chi Tooth” joined the battle.

This also allowed Ye Lu to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

With two Blood Summons and such a powerful thing, Ye Lu was really a bit overwhelmed.

However, at this moment, the leader of the opponent suddenly took out a magic weapon, a bell-shaped “magic treasure”, which was the most famous “Southern Chu” divine weapon, the “Eastern Emperor Bell”, however, this was not the original, but a replica made by an unknown generation of “Southern Chu” great powers.

After taking out the “Eastern Emperor’s Bell”, the guy activated the “magic treasure” and shook it with force.





The ear-splitting sound was a strange sound wave attack, but it was also a spiritual attack in essence.

Taking advantage of their momentary trance, just like Ye Lu’s previous use of “Fury Impact”, all sorts of terrifying attacks had been directed at the two demonic beasts.

“Sh*t! This is probably going to be the end!”

Ye Luo muttered in a somewhat depressed manner.


Chapter 482

However, Ye Lu didn’t give up, because he still had his only backstroke, although he didn’t want to use it, and that was to greet the projection of the “Hell Devil Dragon”.

At the moment, this was the only thing that could hold the scene, but if he did so, Ye Lu would be so weak that he would probably be less than a normal person.

However, now that the situation was forced, there was no other way out, after all, this was not only about himself, but also about Ye Yan and the three women.

So, the blood in Ye Lu’s arm gushed out once again.

But, just at this time, what Ye Luo feared happened, he saw that there was really another group of people arriving on huge demonic beasts.

“Ye Luo!”

With a surprised and somewhat familiar voice, Ye Lu quickly looked up and saw the beautiful “Pill Shu” standing on a huge demonic beast.

Next to the beautiful Pill Shue stood a woman who looked half-aged, but this woman was not the “Pill Premium Elder”, but a super expert whom Ye Lu had never seen before.

The reason why she was a super expert was because this woman had actually crossed into the “YuanYing realm” and was a “Supreme Elder” of the “Pill Alliance” named “Heavenly Doctor Elder”.

The demonic beast they were riding was also a super demonic beast of the Firstborn Realm. This demonic beast looked really weird, a fox with nine heads and nine tails, and was called a “nephew”.

Ye Lu had only heard of the “Nine-tailed Fox” before, apparently, he was a bit ignorant, this thing not only had nine tails, but also nine heads, so it was obviously more powerful than the “Nine-tailed Fox”, I wonder who was stronger than the Beast King “Ti Feng” who had a hundred heads.

“Pill Shu!”

Seeing Pill Shu’s pretty face, Ye Lu finally let out a sigh of relief. Pill Shu was a good girl, and Ye Lu knew very well that she would help him.

“But can you guys not wait until the last of my blood has been drained!”

Ye Lu secretly spat out in his heart.

Sure enough, Pill Shu quickly said a few words to the Xuan Niang style woman beside her, who nodded with a smile and said.

“Juniors, I don’t want to create sins, leave the man behind, you guys hurry up and leave, we are from the ‘Pill Alliance’.”

Seeing the terrifying demonic beast at the feet of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and hearing that this woman was from the “Pill Alliance”, these experts of the “Southern Chu” quickly stopped.

They quickly released Ye Yan and flew off to the side in a huff.

Pill Shu then flew down and looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“You are really capable of tossing and turning, now everyone in the entire ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ is looking for you guys? By the way, didn’t you say there were three beautiful women? How come there’s only one?”

Pill Shu looked at Ye Yan and said slightly sourly.

“This place is not a good place to stay for long, so we’d better leave first.”

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, who had jumped down from the demonic beast “nephew”, looked at Yushu and said.

“Hurry up and leave, the other teams will be here soon.”

Ye Yan originally wanted to ask something, but seeing this situation, she could only shut up, while Ye Lu quickly said.

“There are two more friends I have to bring with me, wait for a moment.”

After saying that, he darted into the woods, he didn’t want others to know the secret that the “Blazing God Blade” could hide people, after all, this might be their last resort to save their lives.

Moreover, Ye Luo was also worried that the communication devices carried by the “Pill Alliance” people had a listening system.

In fact, Ye Lu was right in guessing that many of these communicators had a back door that not only monitored their location, but also listened to them, and even automatically turned on the camera device.

These systems are placed on the bodies of some demonic beasts and can monitor the entire “secret realm” unnoticed.

It was also because of these auxiliary systems that the Pill Alliance was able to release and collect all kinds of news instantly.

At this moment, the latest news had already been released.

“New news: The ‘Southern Chu’ experts have failed to snipe the ‘wanted target’ and the target is currently in the hands of some of the ‘Pill Alliance’ people. What decision the ‘Pill Alliance’ people will make, we’ll see.”

However, following that, new news soon emerged.

“New news: the people of the ‘Medicine League’ have lost their target and state that the location of the lost person is at the coordinates ‘XX, XX’, everyone can help find it together.”

This latest news was of course released by someone from the “Pill Alliance”, the purpose of which was firstly to clear the relationship with Ye Lu, and secondly to use the power of the “Pill Alliance” to suppress some of the people who were tempted to move.

After all, although the Pill Alliance is not a powerful sect, it is a sect that all other sects need, because if you want to buy pills, you can either go to the Pill Alliance or the Dan Tower, and the Pill Alliance and the Dan Tower are almost dominant in the entire basic market.

“Danta, on the other hand, is a rival to Pill Alliance at the top end of the market.

Of course, regardless of these factors, there is no doubt that the Pill Alliance is powerful, and at least the majority of clans and powers do not dare to oppose them.

Of course, there was another reason: Ye Lu had already discovered through his “gla*ses” that two of the Pill Alliance’s communicators had a listening function, so after making his statement, Ye Lu took out a small blackboard and wrote in chalk.

“I will make up as a woman in a moment, and then give a few of them some make-up as well, everything will be as usual, don’t reveal our presence or show any flaws, there are two machines with a listening function, so everyone should be careful with what they say.”

Seeing the sign raised by Ye Lu, the crowd was first shocked, then a few of them laughed, probably because they thought Ye Lu wouldn’t look like a woman even if she pretended to be a woman like this.

Of course they didn’t know that Ye Lu had his own plans.

There was a saying that “the best place to hide a tree is in the forest”, so if Ye Lu and the others wanted to avoid everyone’s pursuit, blending in with a team was obviously the best option.

Moreover, there were dozens of people in the Pill Alliance’s group, and the group was big enough.

So, the group continued on as if nothing was wrong, while Ye Luo seized the time to disguise and disguise several women.

Seeing that her appearance, including her figure, had completely changed into another person, several women were surprised.

“Ye Lu, when did you still have this ability?”

Ye Yan asked in amazement as she looked at Ye Lu.

Ye Luo, in turn, smiled and said.

“I have a lot of skills, I’ll surprise you guys later.”

After saying that, he went off to tinker on his own.

After Ye Lu left, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” took out a book and wrote on it.

“Shu’er, do you like this kid?”

After she finished writing, she held it up and showed it to Pill Shu beside her.

Pill Shu’s face immediately turned red as she hurriedly wrote.


As a result, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” wrote with a smile.

“Don’t be shy, I’ve lived for a long time, can’t I see such a little thing? It’s a good thing too, don’t worry, I’ll help you get him.”

When she saw what the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had written, Pill Shu became even more shy and wrote with her head bowed.

“These things, let nature take its course.”

As a result, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” immediately wrote with some displeasure.

“Let it be, what the hell, people live in the world, we must be happy and happy, whether you like fresh meat or old meat you must get into bed, do not leave any regrets in your life.”

Then, also without letting Medicine Shue part with it then quickly wrote.

“I’m in charge of this matter, or I’ll send this kid to the ‘Beast Alliance’ to exchange for an egg back.”

When she heard the words of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, Pill Shu immediately silenced her voice, because she knew very well that the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was a person who did what he said.

On Ye Lu’s side, the weakening period had already begun.

He walked back with some difficulty, but by this time, he had turned into a beautiful woman, with a face and breasts, and even his waist and buttocks had been treated.

Seeing the completely changed Ye Lu, Ye Yan couldn’t help but pat and said.

“Little girl, come give master a smile.”

As a result, this pat did not matter, Ye Luo “flopped!” He had just lost a lot of blood and was weak, so this was really enough for him.

At this moment, the smiling “Heavenly Doctor Elder” walked in.