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Super School Student Chapter 485-486

Chapter 485

Long Fei Xue had never expected to see such a scene.

She turned her head away in shame, but then she couldn’t help but quietly turn her head to look.

But, just like Qin Siyu, the medicine from the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” took effect, and Long Feixue’s heart beat faster and her breathing was a bit rapid as she walked towards the bed where Ye Lu was lying ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

And just like the woman just now, another smooth and hot body hugged himself.

However, Ye Lu had just finished, it was impossible for him to recover immediately, and this time the woman was a little anxious, she clamped Ye Lu’s thighs together with her legs and began to ……

The woman was in Pill Shu’s room at the moment, and Pill Shu had finally made up her mind. She felt that even if it was for the sake of Ye Lu and the four of them to leave the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” alive, she should go and do it.

Of course, before she went, she took a few minutes to look at herself again in front of the mirror to see if she looked perfect, and only then did she step out of the tent.

And on Ye Luo’s side, Ye Luo felt the woman on top of him start to tremble all over, as if she was swinging ……

At this time, Ye Luo once again heard the sound of footsteps appearing at the door.

Long Feixue was originally of a very sensitive constitution, but, so quickly this time, it made her face as red as an apple, but, immediately afterwards, recovering her wakefulness, she was startled by the sound at the door, and she hurriedly ran out from the back of the tent, clutching her clothes.

After running out, she quickly found a corner to get dressed, however, she did not go back, she wanted to find a place to calm her excitement first, because she did not know what she should say to Ye Yan next.

She couldn’t say anything at all about the situation she had just been in!

However, as she walked to the edge of the camp, a dark figure in the distance had noticed her.

“I didn’t expect someone to actually sneak around the edge in the middle of the night, and it doesn’t look like they have a high level of cultivation.”

The man hired by the Beast Alliance took out a bottle when he saw Long Fei Xue, then slowly opened it and pushed the gas inside to float towards Long Fei Xue’s direction.

The first to be hit were the demonic beasts in front of Long Fei Xue, several of them closed their eyes at the same time as if they were asleep, followed by Long Fei Xue’s eyes also slowly closed.

And at this moment, Pill Shu had already entered Ye Lu’s tent.

Like Long Fei Xue, Pill Shu was also completely shocked by the scene before her eyes.

Standing dumbfounded for a few seconds, she muttered.

“Is it popular for boys to sleep without any clothes on?”

To be honest, she hadn’t even seen a man who actually wore no clothes since she arrived as a child, so she couldn’t help but look in Ye Lu’s direction once again.

At this moment Ye Luo your heart was mixed.

He had absolutely no idea what was going on.

“It can’t be that this is another woman coming, can it?”

He was now dumbfounded, but his intuition told him himself that this time it would definitely be a woman again, of course, if he was very calm at the moment, he could tell that of course it would be a woman who came, because he was the only man in the whole camp.

Sure enough, following this, Ye Lu found that not only was it a woman, but like the two who had just come, she had undressed and jumped on top of herself.

Some things are untaught, just as animals without intelligence can reproduce, so without being taught, Yushu knew what to do.

Unlike Long Fei Xue, Yushu lasted a long time this time ……

Ye Yan was walking back and forth in the tent while watching the time.

“This guy Fei Xue, how come he hasn’t come back after going for so long, is this an addiction? There’s not going to be any problem, is there?”

She said while sticking her head out of the tent to look once at the tent where Ye Lu was, the tent wasn’t much further away from her own, but not a sound could be heard at all.

“Calm down, calm down ……”

She said to herself as she decided to sit down and wait a little longer.

As a result, after waiting for another twenty minutes or so, Long Fei Xue still hadn’t returned.

She did not know that Pill Shu had actually left Ye Lu’s tent just now. Like Long Fei Xue, she also wanted to find a place to calm down and calm herself down, so she was currently sitting beside her “original spirit beast” and chatting with her spirit beast.

She couldn’t wait any longer, so Ye Yan also walked into Ye Lu’s tent in a blaze of glory.

When she was leaving, Yushu didn’t know if she should dress Ye Lu, because Ye Lu hadn’t said a word, and she didn’t know what Ye Lu was thinking, so she covered Ye Lu with the blanket and left.

When Ye Yan came in, she saw that Ye Lu was lying there sleeping, and there was no sign of Long Fei Xue.

“Could it be that it’s hidden under the quilt?”

Ye Yan walked over and lifted up Ye Lu’s quilt, but did not see anyone under the quilt, only Ye Lu’s naked and fit body.

When Ye Luo felt the quilt on his body being lifted up again, he sighed silently while thinking of a familiar advertising phrase.

“It feels like your body has been emptied.”

If Ye Lu hadn’t been in a weakened state, with his body, which had been constantly strengthened by the “spirit stones” after being “reborn”, this should not have been a big deal, but now he was not only in a weakened state, but most of his blood had been drained, so of course it was not the same as usual.

Soon, Ye Luo once again felt the fire-like body covering him ……

When it was all over, Ye Lu really couldn’t, he felt endless sleepiness invade him, his eyelids couldn’t hold out any longer and he fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing Ye Lu, who was sleeping on his lap, Ye Yan had mixed feelings in her heart, to be honest, how could she have ever thought that such a thing would happen, that such a scene would happen, at this moment, her head had gone blank.

At this moment, the “Beast Alliance” guy who had captured Long Feixue had already finished interrogating her.

She looked into Long Fei Xue’s eyes and said slowly.

“Forget everything that just happened, you never came out and never saw me, you just came out for a walk, remember?”

Long Fei Xue nodded with a dull gaze, and following that, she slowly turned around and retraced her steps back to the camp.

However, at this moment, the voice of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” suddenly sounded out.

“Why are you sneaking around since you’re here? Show yourself.”

Then, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” appeared in front of Long Fei Xue.

Seeing the appearance of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, the guy hired by the “Beast Alliance” frowned, and he regretted a little, because he found that his plan to catch a big fish with a long line had gone down the drain.

“I should have known better than to let this girl go.”

He muttered somewhat depressedly and then walked out.

Following him out were a number of experts, all of whom obviously belonged to the same power judging from their clothing.

“Who did I think it was? It turns out to be someone from the ‘Di Cui’ clan, no wonder he is so arrogant.”

The “Emperors” were also one of the “Five Emperors” in the “Three Emperors and Five Emperors” of the ancient times, and were once a very powerful ancient race with a deep heritage.

This person from the “Emperor’s Çausu” clan looked at the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and said.

“Elder Heavenly Doctor, there is no need to say anything else, I have just learned the truth through hypnosis, hand over the people, as long as we can get the reward from the Beast Alliance, we will not make things difficult for you.”

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” gestured to Long Fei Xue to hide behind him, and then looked at this guy and said.

“I think we can discuss this matter, these few people are also very important to our ‘Medicine League’, how about this, our Medicine League can offer more ‘reward’ to compensate you, you are also doing it for the benefit anyway, right Isn’t that right?”

Hearing the words of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, this fellow opposite fell into deep thought.

At this moment, Pill Shu had come running over.

“Is it done?”

“The Heavenly Doctor asked with a smile.

She nodded with a red face.

At this time, the guy across the room thought for a moment and said.

“‘Elder Heavenly Doctor’ the condition you have proposed does make it difficult for me, because as you know, cheating the ‘Beast Alliance’ is quite a troublesome matter, and we can’t afford this anger ……”


Chapter 486

Hearing his words, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder’s” eyebrows also furrowed.

However, this guy once again smiled and said.

“However, this is not something that can’t be worked around, to give them a wrong result, we definitely don’t dare, but give it to them a little later so that you can have a preparation, we are not responsible for arresting people this time anyway, right?”

When he heard this guy’s words, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” smiled and said.

“Alright, alright, don’t worry, there’s no shortage of benefits for you guys.”

After that, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” walked back to the tent where Ye Luo was, and Ye Yan of course had already dressed Ye Luo and slipped away.

The only one who knew what was going on with Ye Lu was the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, so she patted Ye Lu to wake him up, and then looked at him and said.

“Well, the good dream is over, and I can’t protect you anymore.”

After saying that, she gave Ye Lu an antidote and then said.

“I will exchange the treasure for a chance to escape, whether you can escape or not is up to you, do it as soon as possible, I will delay them chasing you until the latter part of the night.”

Hearing the “Heavenly Doctor Elder’s” gloomy expression, Ye Lu originally wanted to ask something else, but swallowed it at the end of his mouth and just looked at the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and said.

“Thank you.”

Yes, if it wasn’t for the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and the others, he would have basically died. Moreover, although the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had said it lightly this time, Ye Lu knew very well that the price he had to pay to let the other party cheat the “Beast Alliance” in this “Secret Realm” would definitely not be small.

So, he once again looked at the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” solemnly and said.

“Elder’s great kindness, I will definitely repay it later.”

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” said with disdain.

“Let’s talk about that later, but you have to get through this first. Should we go now, or wait for action later.”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“My body is not in the way, it’s better to leave now, so as not to have a long night, who knows what else will come out of the ‘Beast Alliance’ side.”

He had already caused a lot of trouble for the Pill Alliance, so Ye Lu didn’t want to bother them anymore, besides, the Pill Alliance could not cover itself with only the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” raised his thumb and said.

“Not bad, you are a man, it seems that Shu’er is not wrong, go, this trip is destined for nine deaths, when you come back alive, I will treat you to a drink at the ‘Medicine League’.”

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was originally a man who was quick to revenge, so he liked Ye Lu’s character.

Ye Lu nodded, then got up and greeted Ye Yan, Long Fei Xue and Qin Si Yu, and then the four of them quickly left from the side in the night.

Anyway, everyone had no trackers on them, so as long as they didn’t meet up with the trackers they would be fine.

After speaking about the previous extreme battle, Ye Lu felt that by the time he had fully recovered, he should be able to move up a level in his cultivation.

He looked at Qin Siyu as he walked, then took out a pill and said.

“Siyu, this is a pill that will allow you to cross over to the ‘Golden Dan Avenue’, it’s called the ‘Pioneer Pill’, go eat it in the ‘Blazing God Blade’ and break through first to the ‘Golden Dan Avenue’ realm.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at Ye Yan and said.

“Older sister, you too, this is the ‘Nine Revolutions Golden Pill’ break through to the ‘Nine Revolutions Golden Pill’ first, and then be ready to break through at any time.”

Ye Yan, like Qin Siyu, said nothing and somewhat distractedly accepted the elixir.

After that, he looked at Long Feixue again and took out a batch of pills and said.

“Feixue, these pills are for you, I guess there should be a chance that you can improve when you wait for the ‘Dragon Clan’.”

Long Fei Xue as long as Ye Lu was comforting herself as she was the one with the worst cultivation among the four, she took the pills and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I will try my best.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled again and said.

“Good, then I declare that our great escape is exactly the beginning, let’s escape until dawn, then find a place to rest, during the day, we will search the underground cave, and then come back up at night.”

Through his gla*ses, Ye Lu had already obtained the general topography and features of the developed area of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, and he found out that soon, they would enter a place with underground caves and many underground rivers.

Although there was no guarantee that they would not encounter enemies in such a place, Ye Lu felt safer than walking in an open area.

Especially those scouting demon beasts, it was simply impossible to guard against them.

The three women each had something on their minds, so they all nodded mechanically.

Qin Siyu had actually thought of Ye Lu as her boyfriend in general a long time ago, especially during that divination, she said that Ye Lu was her boyfriend and Ye Lu didn’t say anything, but, after all, the two hadn’t explicitly indicated their relationship, so she felt a bit caught off guard when something like this suddenly happened.

Long Fei Xue, on the other hand, was shying away from her outburst, she was a little worried that Ye Lu would look down on her for it, after all, what she had done was too humiliating.

Ye Yan, on the other hand, was struggling with the relationship between herself and Ye Lu.

To be honest, she did quite like this old brother of hers whom she had only just met, no matter what his personality, looks or style of doing things, she liked him very much. Earlier, when Ye Lu saw her body, although she was fuming on the surface, her heart was actually beating as fast as a rocket, and she understood that she did have her heart set on Ye Lu.

However, all of a sudden something like this happened, she was completely uncomfortable, moreover, what she couldn’t figure out a bit was that she wasn’t setting up Long Fei Xue and Ye Lu and the two of them before, how come all of a sudden this was happening?

“In the end, did Fei Xue and Ye Lu fall out or not?”

Thinking about this Ye Yan scratched her head.

She had asked Long Fei Xue before, but Long Fei Xue was shy and stammered, and didn’t say anything, so even now, she didn’t know what had actually happened between the two last night.

And as the focus of the party Ye Lu, he is actually also confused about what happened last night, because he has not yet figured out until now, who exactly were the four people who came here and there last night.

None of the four people had spoken, and he himself was in an extremely poor state, so he had observed the three girls for half a day, but he could not be sure whether there were several of them or not.

“Maybe if you touch them, you should be able to tell by the feel of your hand.”

Ye Luo looked at the three girls and licked his lips and said, however, he did not dare to really make this request.

Soon, Qin Siyu and the three of them entered the Blazing God Blade and began to improve and break through.

Ye Lu flew through the woods, trying to run as far as he could in the time that the “Pill Alliance” could buy.

The “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” was just like what “Big Wind” had said before, it was really too big. “Big Wind” said that the earth was not worth mentioning in front of the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

With the speed at which Ye Luo recovered his strength, although it was much worse than the flying Gale, it was almost the speed of a car.

“I’m afraid I won’t have enough time for a month if I keep going like this!”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

“And, instead, how exactly should we get out?”

Although this matter did not need to be considered now, sooner or later, it was something that had to be considered, and, with more than a month’s time, it was estimated that the other party would almost be able to figure out what they were up to, and whether there would be any after-effects by then, Ye Luo was still unclear at the moment.

At dawn, Ye Luo found an entrance to an underground cave and drilled into it, then followed the underground river for a long way before stopping and summoning all three women out.

“Have something to eat and rest for a while, then we will start training against the demonic beasts in the underground caves.”

Ye Luo said as he turned towards the three women.

At this moment, Qin Siyu had already broken through the “Golden Dan Avenue” and opened the first of the “Nine Nodes”, the “Top Node”, so Ye Lu was going to help her prepare the “Tong Qiao Dan”, an elixir that could raise another node, and the “Nine Nodes Golden Dan”, an elixir that would help to open the “Nine Nodes of the Golden Dan”, as well.

What Ye Lu didn’t know was that in the secret realm above, the Beast Alliance had already begun to lay a net for Ye Lu and the others.