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Super School Student Chapter 487-488

Chapter 487

To be honest, after what the three women had gone through last night, everyone felt a bit awkward when they saw Ye Lu, but, fortunately, after spending some time in the “Blazing God Blade”, plus this underground cave was really very dark, so everyone felt a lot better inside.

“Which one of you will help me guard for a while, I’ll take a rest first, then I’ll help you guard while I refine the pills.”

Ye Luo looked at the three women and said.

Last night, not long after he had just fallen asleep, plus the three women all had their own preoccupations, so, everyone hadn’t actually slept well, so Qin Shiyu, who had just made a breakthrough, raised her hand and said.

“I’ll do it, you take over for me later.”

Ye Lu nodded, to be honest, he was really a bit too tired after being emptied during his weak period and then just recovering and then running wild all night.

As a result, he didn’t wake up until noon after this sleep.

When he woke up, he saw Long Feixue sitting quietly staring at the river in the distance in a daze, and under the faint phosphorescent light of the walls, Ye Lu saw that she was a little flushed and didn’t know what she was thinking about.

“Feixue, how long have I been sleeping?”

Ye Luo said as he stretched his back.


Long Feixue seemed to be shocked, following which, her face turned all red as she quickly lowered her head and said.

“It’s been almost seven hours, and it’s now one o’clock in the afternoon.”

Ye Luo hadn’t expected to sleep for so long either.

“Then, Feixue, next, you take a nap, I’ll refine the potion for a while and start training later.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Long Fei Xue hurriedly ran aside with a red face, got into her sleeping bag and closed her eyes, as if closing her eyes could ease some of her embarra*sment, as she had just thought about last night again.

“Dying, how could I have done this?”

Long Fei Xue secretly muttered in her heart, how could she say that she was a female president across a big company, she had always been a very high and cool person in the eyes of others, how could she suddenly become like this, shame on her.

On the other hand, Ye Luo had already started to take out the “Burning Heaven Furnace” to refine it quickly, because there were still many pills that needed to be refined.

Now Ye Lu’s cultivation level had broken through again and he had crossed into the level of “Fifth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, while Ye Lu’s real combat power without any bonus had crossed over a big realm to the level of “Five Tricks” in the “Golden Elixir Avenue”.

“Still slow!”

Seeing his own cultivation level, Ye Lu lamented a little.

This “nameless technique” relied too much on combat, so Ye Luo’s cultivation was usually very slow, and as a result, his cultivation was obviously not as fast as a few women.

In terms of cultivation, he had become the bottom of the pile.

Of course, in terms of real combat power, it was a different story. Even if he didn’t use any backhand, Ye Lu would be able to compete with someone who was one realm higher, not to mention that Ye Lu had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

“Looks like I’ll have to fight more too.”

Ye Luo was refining pills while thinking about how he could improve his cultivation and combat power, the “Beast Alliance” and the “Pill Alliance” and other “clans” in the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” were completely different, the other “clans” were basically completely developed in the “clan” secret realm, so the real great powers of the clan were basically not in the clan.

For example, most of the super experts of the Hundred Flowers Sect were in the secret realm where they could obtain the “Super Extreme Luminous Stone”, while the “Supreme Elders” of the Pill Alliance were also in various secret realms.

Only the “Beast Alliance”, basically the entire “Beast Alliance” people are in the “Beast Alliance” secret realm and the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” connected to it, so Ye Lu feels that I am afraid that there are existences beyond the “Firstborn Old Monsters” in the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

Of course, for such two dudes, those great powers could not have been alerted.

After another two hours had pa*sed, Ye Lu woke up all three women.

“Alright, all get up, it’s time to take your medicine, and training, first all change into your training clothes.”

Ye Lu threw a flame at the other side of the corner, then turned around and went back to the “Burning Heaven Furnace” and started to refine.

Ye Yan and the three of them had of course already understood the importance of these defensive clothes, so all three of them immediately changed into their clothes.

This time, all three of them had a full set of equipment, especially Qin Siyu, wearing the “Athena’s Holy Cloth”, holding the “Edexcel Shield” in one hand, and holding the “Dark Attribute” spear that Ye Lu had made for her in the other hand, looking quite valiant.

Of course, Ye Yan, who was wearing “Frigidaire” and carrying a red longsword, and Long Feixue, who was wearing “Freya’s Armor” and holding a dragon spear that was even taller than herself, also looked equally heroic.

“Not bad, not bad ……”

Seeing the three heavily armed women, Ye Lu nodded with considerable satisfaction.

Rarely, this time Ye Yan did not say anything while Ye Lu looked at them and said with a smile.

“In a moment, I will light a drug, this drug can attract all the demonic beasts in the vicinity, no matter how big or small, you will all pack them together, what species and what level there will be, it depends on your luck.”

After saying this, Ye Lu lit a piece of incense.

This incense was called “Beast Attracting Incense”, which was specially used to attract demon beasts during hunting. Moreover, this “Beast Attracting Incense” was developed by Ye Lu according to the ancient dan recipe in his gla*ses, so the effect was quite good.

Soon, all the surrounding demonic beasts were attracted by the fragrance, not just those in a few dozen metres or a few hundred metres, but all the demonic beasts in a few thousand metres.

The first batch of demonic beasts were all from the cracks in the cave walls, and from the water, so they were all small in size, but, many of them were bug types, and all kinds of soft-bodied animals, which looked numerous and disgusting, densely packed, surging towards Ye Lu from all parts of the cave.

The three women, on the other hand, stood in an equilateral triangle at a certain distance from Ye Luo.

“Pay attention all three of you, ah, in a moment your training is point based, a demonic beast of the same level as yours is considered one point, a demonic beast one level above yours two points, and so on, the one with the highest final points is the champion.”

As soon as she heard that there was still a competition, Ye Yan’s excitement came.

She looked at the bugs in front of her and said.

“So, is there any reward for the champion?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course there is, the reward is a luxurious presidential suite for one night, including a soft bed, a hot bath, in short, as comfortable as it can be.”

“Of course, the last place also has to have a little punishment, that is to help everyone wash their clothes and clean up a bit, including preparing dinner.”

When she heard Ye Lu say something about a luxurious presidential suite, Ye Yan skimmed her lips and said.

“You can’t be bragging, where are you going to get a presidential suite in this hellhole?”

Ye Lu laughed and said.

“Of course I have a way, the bugs are already here!”

At this time, all sorts of “demon bugs” were already rushing over, and Ye Lu saw that apart from Ye Yan, Long Feixue and Qin Shiyu’s long legs were trembling a little, obviously a little uncomfortable with these bugs.

However, this was exactly why Ye Lu had to train them, to go forward they had to overcome all kinds of difficulties, including all kinds of fear.


As a result, Qin Shiyu was the first to lose her temper, she was the first to swing her spear at the insects, a black moon shaped blade of light spread out along the arc drawn by the spear, blasting the incoming “demon insects” into nothingness.

Other than that, Ye Lu was very satisfied with the power of this strike, which at least showed that Qin Siyu’s fighting ability was quite good.

Seeing Qin Siyu’s attack, Ye Yan immediately attacked as well, not willing to be outdone.

Her attack was magnificent and unusual, flames tumbled and immediately lit up one side of the cave.

Of the three, Long Fei Xue was the best in terms of battle sense. Despite being scared enough by the disgusting “demon insects”, she was still calmly making her moves, as the points started with a demon beast of the same level as herself, so there was no need to rush now.

At the top of the cave, and for thousands of miles around, the Beast Alliance and other forces were conducting a carpet search.

Large numbers of stalking demon beasts have also been released into the waters and caves.


Chapter 488

Ye Luo sat in the middle of the alchemy while the three women fought the demonic beasts next to him, and as the demonic beasts continued to escalate, he of course had no way to alchemize the pills and finally had to fight.

The battle lasted for several hours before it ended, the three women were soaked in blood and had all fallen down from exhaustion.

This was indeed a high intensity battle as the other side was not only large in number but also strong in battle, and another thing was the various modes of attacks, all of them with various attributes.


Ye Yan said as she lay there and let out a long breath.

“I can’t, I’m exhausted.”

The other two weren’t much better, so Ye Yan laughed and said.

“Not bad, not bad, this time the points are Feixue first, Silky Rain second, old sister you are the one who needs to clean up the hygiene in last place.”

She had seen from the corner of her eye that Long Feixue was better than herself in all aspects, including the use of “spells”, the distribution of physical strength, and the efficiency of her moves, while Qin Shiyu was as inexperienced as she was, but that girl’s combat power was exceptionally strong, especially the “dark attribute” which seemed to be stronger than her own fire attribute in killing.

So she didn’t disagree with the result, but said with some displeasure.

“Hmph! Next time, I’m sure I can win next time, but this time there were too many water-attribute demon beasts.”

This was true, because it was in the underground palace, so there were mostly water attributed demonic beasts.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Alright, hurry up and go wash up, then go and rest, there will be a surprise waiting for you guys when you finish resting.”

As soon as she heard that there was a surprise, Ye Yan immediately inquired, but naturally, Ye Lu didn’t say anything, so there was no choice but for the three women to wash up and then walk back again.

Ye Lu took out a storage device and released a separate house, which he had purchased as a separate “presidential suite”, but of course it had been custom-made.

In this day and age, as long as you have enough money, there will be someone to help you with whatever you want to do. And a spatial artifact of several dozen meters square is certainly more than enough to fit such a house.

Naturally, this VIP treatment could only be enjoyed by Long Fei Xue.

Seeing the luxurious decoration in the room, the hot water, the big bed, Long Feixue was also amazed, what she needed most now was a room like this to rest.

“Great, thanks, thanks!”

She looked at Ye Luo and said happily.

Ye Lu gestured for her to hurry up and rest, then took out another wooden hut and gave it to Qin Siyu, the last sleeping bag could only be left to Ye Yan.

“Older brother, I’m not talking about you, you’re just turning your elbow outwards and taking advantage of sister!”

Ye Yan counted on Ye Lu as she slipped into her sleeping bag, the fabric of the “Frigidaire” she was wearing was so small that she didn’t need to change, so she just slipped in and went to sleep.

Soon, all three women were asleep.

Ye Lu began to think quickly.

At the moment, there was only one way to make the escape last longer, and that was to disguise oneself, but it couldn’t be a simple disguise, because if one didn’t have a proper identity, once they were discovered, they would definitely be exposed, so they had to disguise themselves as the designated people and get something on them that could verify their identity.

Moreover, since the protective clothing on several women was female, it was necessary to find three women for the disguise, while one could be male or female.

“This matter can only be found slowly.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then took out the “top grade spirit stone” and began to observe the map of the entire “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” while consolidating his cultivation.

They had now basically left the fringe area and had entered the main area occupied by the “Golden Dan Avenue” realm.

In this area, there was a mix of fish and dragons, and sometimes there were quite powerful demonic beasts that would also visit this area, so many teams in this area were probably led by “YuanYing old monsters”, so YeLu felt that it was a bit difficult to achieve a perfect disguise.

In this way, Ye Lu let everyone rest for a few hours, while he himself spent those few hours making various preparations for the escape, before he woke everyone up.

Having just tapped Ye Yan awake, she screamed in a chicken-eating voice.

“You …… who are you?”

As she said that, the whole sleeping bag was “bang!” The whole sleeping bag was torn into pieces.

“Ugh! It’s me, it’s me.”

Ye Lu said hurriedly.

“Why have you become an old lady?”

Ye Yan looked at the dying old lady in front of her and said with some surprise.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Idiot, of course it’s a disguise change, I’m going to use the ‘Art of Concealing the Sky’ to turn myself into a ‘YuanYing old monster’, then you three are the children I brought here to cultivate, come, child, I’ll help you fix your appearance first, especially these two breasts are a bit too prominent ……”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Yan’s face suddenly reddened, she remembered last night again, when Ye Lu had touched them, but of course, this time she would not let Ye Lu take advantage of them again, because Qin Shiyu who had been woken up was watching from the side.

With that, Ye Luo temporarily turned the four into an old lady leading her three granddaughters.

“Let’s go, it’s getting dark, let’s go outside and also take a look at what the situation outside is now.”

Following that, everyone went outside, and sure enough, all kinds of “detection birds”, that is, flying demonic beasts with detection devices, could be seen everywhere outside, flying back and forth in the air.

They had to avoid these things because they didn’t have any “communicators” or “alarms” on their bodies that could identify them, so if they were detected and didn’t detect that they had these machines on their bodies, they would definitely be suspected.

“It’s really inconvenient, I’ll have to find a way to get rid of some of them.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

If he could disguise himself as someone with the right identity, he felt that he might be able to survive this crisis.

“Let’s go, you don’t have to fight this time old sister, go play inside the ‘Blazing God Blade’, your flame is too big a target, Silky Rain and Flying Snow, you two will find a chance to sharpen your skills later.”

Although Ye Yan was reluctant, she obediently returned to the Blazing God Blade, because compared to these demonic beasts, she felt that the Scarlet Queen was more terrifying.

In this way, Ye Lu and the others disguised themselves and sneaked around while cultivating, moving cautiously.

When they reached the “Golden Dan Avenue” level, Qin Siyu’s improvement was a little slower than before, and she was still at the “Golden Dan Second Trick” level, but she was not far from breaking through.

Under the tutelage of the Scarlet Queen, Ye Yan also managed to reach the peak of the “Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir”, and used the pills to break through to the first aperture of the “Golden Elixir Path”.

However, Ye Lu did not use the Pill to let her enter the second aperture immediately, because her cultivation level had increased too quickly and she needed to consolidate it.

She did not have Qin Siyu’s heavenly body, nor did she have a holy place of cultivation like the “Fire Cave” in the “Blazing God Blade” or a tutor like the “Scarlet Queen”, so despite all her efforts, she was only at the “Seventh Turn of the Golden Pill” level.

But soon, the peaceful days came to an end when, coincidentally, Ye Lu and his group met a group of people in the wilderness at night, and this group of people was none other than Ye Lu’s old enemy, Zhang Tian’s group from the Xuan Tian Clan.

Of course, what Zhang Tian saw was an old woman leading two young women.

Seeing that it was too late to hide, Ye Luo had to stop and quietly look at the Xuan Tian Clan’s people. Fortunately, Ye Luo found that the Xuan Tian Clan’s people were not as powerful as he had thought, but they were equally terrifying, because basically all of them were experts who had opened the ninth aperture of the Golden Elixir Path, but there were no monsters of the Yuan Ying Realm.

What surprised Ye Lu was that “Zhang Tian” had already reached “eight” in the “Golden Elixir Path”, and this fellow had indeed opened his hidden bloodline, a terrifying beast called “Hind”, which was said to feed on dragon brains and was definitely a heaven defying existence.

When they saw that Ye Lu was an old monster of the Yuan Ying realm, the people of the Xuan Tian Clan were also a bit scared, and the leader of the group looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Who are you people? Please identify yourselves.”

Hearing his words, Ye Luo understood that everyone’s good days were probably coming to an end.