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Super School Student Chapter 489-490

Chapter 489

However, since he had to pretend to be a “YuanYing realm”, YeLuo had to pretend to be one that could bluff people. Therefore, the old lady he was playing was a super expert of the “fourth transformation” of the “nine transformations of YuanYing”.

So, Ye Lu ignored the guy’s words and said coldly.

“When did it become the turn of you juniors to dictate what the old body should do?”

Having reached this point, one could only try to see if one could bluff.

As expected, hearing Ye Lu’s words, these guys didn’t dare to make a move, because a big realm crossing was not a small realm, unless there was a heavenly bloodline or something like that that could open up a huge gap, it was basically very difficult to make up for it.

Therefore, even if there were several cultivators at the peak of the Golden Dan Dao, they might not be a match for an Old Monk of the Firstborn.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu smiled coldly and slowly turned around to leave.

However, at this moment, Zhang Tian suddenly sneered and said.

“Don’t pretend, you’re not a YuanYing realm, you’re just a cultivator of the ‘Golden Dan Avenue’ who has changed his cultivation using the ‘Art of Concealing Heaven’.”

Hearing Zhang Tian’s words, Ye Lu was shocked, he didn’t expect Zhang Tian to even know this.

“This fellow might have obtained the inheritance of the ‘Immortal Mansion’.”

Previously, Ye Lu had heard Qin Shiyu’s introduction about inheritance, the inheritance was very complicated, the complete inheritance included all kinds of memories and other contents, moreover, the powerful thing about the inheritance was that many of the inherited “spells” and so on, did not need to be cultivated, it was just like one’s own original knowledge.

In short, the power of inheritance was beyond imagination. Zhang Tian could tell at a glance that the “Heaven Concealing Technique” he used should have been inherited from the “Immortal Mansion”.

“No wonder it’s so powerful.”

Ye Lu muttered with some emotion in his heart, and gave a cold snort of disdain on his lips.


Hearing Ye Lu’s cold hum, everyone thought that Ye Lu was going to say something pretentious, but as a result, Ye Lu flew and collected Qin Siyu and Long Feixue and started to run wildly for his life.

If he didn’t run now, there was no point in pretending to be a P***y!


Seeing that Ye Lu actually sped off, the crowd then reacted.

“D*mn you, I thought this guy was a bully.”

“Exactly, but how did he get the others out of the way?”

“It’s really weird, it must be the ‘Autumn Leaves’ one from the ‘Bounty Order’.”

“Get after it!”


As the crowd caught up, Ye Lu quickly summoned a “demonic beast”, the cultivation level of this “demonic beast” is not very high, is the limit of Ye Lu summoned can control the cultivation level, a demonic beast opened “six orifices”, even more powerful demonic beast, Ye Lu control it will be a struggle.

This demonic beast was not very big, it was a strange demonic beast covered with lightning and metallic luster, named “Lightning Griffin”, with the body of a lion, the wings of a vulture, and a long tail with sharp spikes.

From the name, it was clear that this creature was good at flying, and its speed was not comparable to that of the “Big Wind”, but of course, Ye Lu’s main reason for using it was its small size, which allowed it to travel through the forest.

However, Ye Lu found that it was not so easy for him to escape.

These demon beasts were also similar to Ye Lu’s demon beasts, they were also metallic in colour and their name was the “Blinding Green Gold Panther”.

They are beings with some kind of mechanical properties, and these guys are best at speed.

These birds were not only good at speed, but could also use “thunder” as a means of attack.

“It looks like the people of the Xuantian Clan have made a lot of preparations for this operation.”

Ye Lu muttered with some emotion.

At the same time, he also marvelled at the strength of the Xuan Tian Clan, these demonic beasts with mechanical attributes were not that easy to fuse.

“I guess it’s related to ‘Zhang Tian’ again.”

While secretly observing, Ye Luo urged the Lightning Griffin to quickly weave through the woods.

However, at this time, the Purple Lightning Eagles in the air attacked first.





These guys opened their big mouths to blast the terrifying purple thunder in the direction of Ye Lu’s escape, and everything was blown into nothingness wherever the thunder came.

“This guy is really able to dodge, he’s actually afraid of being struck to death so quickly.”

In the opinion of the Xuan Tian Clan, if Ye Lu wanted to escape the thunder attack, he would have to keep dodging and turning, which would inevitably affect his speed, and taking advantage of this opportunity, the “Blast Green Gold Panther” would have the chance to catch up with Ye Lu, so it was not difficult to catch up with him.

However, they soon found out that they were wrong. Ye Lu hardly changed direction or slowed down, but flew through the woods.

This shield was said to be able to block even the thunder from the “Thunder Staff” in the hands of “Zeus”, so of course it would not be a problem to block this kind of thunder from a distance.

However, what made Ye Luo’s head spin was that he couldn’t seem to run away like this.

In this way, Ye Lu and the Xuan Tian Clan began to chase each other, but it was obvious that it was not easy for them to catch Ye Lu, and it was difficult for Ye Lu to get away from them.

At this moment, Ye Lu saw Zhang Tian looking at him and smiling as he took out a golden longbow and attached a long golden arrow.

Seeing this bow, Ye Lu was once again amazed.

The name of this bow was “Sylvan the Goblin’s Bow”, which was one of the great divine weapons of Northern Europe, and was on a par with the “Eternal Gun” of the Norse God “Odin”, Gungnir.

Ye Lu didn’t know how Zhang Tian had gotten such a heavenly item, but the “Golden Arrow” was already shooting towards him like lightning.

“Holy sh*t! It’s fast!”

Ye Lu did not think that this “golden arrow” could pierce him, but the speed of the arrow was too fast for him to dodge, and the force was too great.

Without any surprise, Ye Lu was directly shot by this arrow and flew out wildly, breaking several big trees before he came to a halt.

Following that, a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly.

“This Zhang Tian B*****d’s actual combat strength is definitely not as simple as his cultivation level.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, if he could fight beyond his own level, other people must be able to do the same, and this “Zhang Tian” might have the strength of a “YuanYing old monster”.

However, just as Ye Lv got up and was about to jump on the back of the Lightning Griffin again, another expert from the Xuantian Sect quickly threw a spear at him.

Seeing this spear, Ye Lu was once again shocked, because this spear was also a very famous weapon in the legends, called the “Spear of Longinus”, which was said to be a supreme divine weapon that killed Christ, and was also called the “Spear of Destiny”.

“As the Xuantian Clan was able to produce such a weapon casually, Ye Lu suddenly felt that he had perhaps underestimated the Xuantian Clan before.

Without any surprise, the Spear of Longinus pierced through the Lightning Griffin in one go.

“This ‘Xuantian Clan’ is going to be unbelievable, no wonder someone said before that the ‘Clan World’ was about to change, it seems to be true.”

Ye Lu did not dare to get attached to the battle, he turned around and ran wildly again, while flying to release a large group of demonic beasts.

After this group of demonic beasts appeared, the scene was in chaos, while Ye Luo took the opportunity to dive into the belly of a Prancing Flame Panther King, and followed these demonic beasts to run wildly.

“Oh, you want to confuse the public! Naive!”

Zhang Tian laughed at these dozens of demon beasts, who were known for their speed and agility, and then once again drew the “Goblin Bow Sylvan”, this time it was not a single arrow, but a rain of arrows, this time it was the real “Goblin Bow” ability.



“Thumbs up!”


The “Goblin Arrow” was so powerful that the beasts were immediately pierced by the arrows and fell to the ground, while Ye Lu used the “Burning Heavenly Furnace”, which had a stronger defense, to block the blow, and then the “Running Flame Panther King” ran away wildly.

At the same time, Ye Lu let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Looks like we finally have a chance.”


Chapter 490

In fact, Ye Luo still had no idea whether he could escape or not, but he had already seen a glimmer of hope, because in the valley ahead of him, there was an amazing battle going on, which could be felt from the aura emanating from the valley.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Luo followed the “Flaming Panther King” into the valley, while a flying “Purple Lightning Eagle” was already pierced by a lance shadow flying in the air and died on the spot.

This scene made the Xuan Tian Clan stop in their tracks. The cultivation level of these “Purple Lightning Thunder Eagles” was already close to entering the “Yuan Ying Realm”, but they were killed by a single blow from the lance shadow.

“What should we do?”

Standing not far from the valley, everyone looked at Zhang Tian and asked.

To be honest, the people of the Xuantian Clan still admired Zhang Tian very much. In their opinion, Zhang Tian had not only brought the Xuantian Clan real benefits that could be seen and obtained, but also improved their own cultivation quickly.

So everyone looked up to Zhang Tian’s horse.

“Gather around and see what happens, once the situation changes, all of you don’t need to gather, just run for your lives, also, take care to stay away from the valley, don’t get involved, that’s not what we came for.”

Hearing his words, the crowd nodded.

The “wanted notice” was just an accident, moreover, the things on the “wanted notice” were not something they really wanted, of course, if Zhang Tian knew that the old lady was Ye Lu, he would definitely not think so.

At this moment, Ye Lu has put away the “Flaming Panther King”, this guy is covered in flames, but of course, even if it is eye-catching, in fact, it can not enter the eyes of the two guys who are fighting, because these two guys are too strong in combat.

The lance figure just now was the “Eternal Gun” of Gungnir.

Ye Lu had a very deep impression of the famous “Odin” spear.

Ye Lu also did not expect that after Odin had broken out of the encirclement of the Greek Gods, he had actually come to the “Secret Realm of the Beasts” alone.

I don’t know if there was a reason for this, or if it was just a simple escape.

Ye Lu felt that another reason was more likely.

The man was of course “Odin”, while the one fighting Odin was a demonic beast with a human body and a snake head, named “Teng Snake”.

According to legend, this creature was one of the protectors of Goddess Nuwa, a male, and a female protector who looked similar to him, called the “white fox”, both of whom were very powerful demonic beasts.

This one is terrifyingly powerful.

“The eight-legged divine horse he rode, the Sleiphone, was equally powerful, and the two crows he carried, called Thought and Memory, the famous spear in his hand and the golden armour on his body, were far from ordinary.

The Teng Serpent with the head of a snake was holding a lance, the head of which was the same as the core of a snake, and the body of the lance was as soft as the body of a snake, but its power was absolutely terrifying, and what was even more terrifying was that this Teng Serpent could use all kinds of things like “mist men”, which appeared in the air and could attack swiftly, but when you attacked it, it was almost immune.

Even if they are scattered, they can be reunited, and now Odin is being tangled up in these “fog men”, and although the shadow of the “Gungnir” is flying in the sky, it is unable to do any substantial damage to them.

This made Odin frustrated, he wanted to leave the “Tengai” snake and it was like an ointment, so she could not leave.

“D*mn it, I’ve never fought a battle so frustrating, if this goes on, will I, Odin, the King of the Gods, die in this secret realm in the East?”

“Odin muttered in frustration. He had heard that the East was mysterious and powerful, but he never thought he would die in this hellish place so soon.

But at that moment, a figure suddenly said.

“Promise to help me, and I can help you.”

The person who spoke was, of course, Ye Lu, but he had already simulated his cultivation level to be “Five Apertures of the Golden Dao”, because he was worried that the “Teng Serpent” would give him a blow when he saw that his cultivation level was still good enough.

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, “Odin” did not say anything, but “Teng Serpent” spoke first.

His voice was thin, not a woman’s voice, but it sounded uncomfortable and made people feel uncomfortable and itchy inside.

He looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Yell! You old lady has quite a big mouth, trying to pick up a muscle man, I’d like to see how you can help him.”

That was what Ye Luo was waiting for, just give yourself a chance.

“Odin was also pestered by the “Teng Snakes”, he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Good, I, Odin, have always been clear about my karma, I will return the favour.”

The bearded man spoke forcefully, like a tough guy who could be trusted.

However, whether it was a tough guy or not, this guy was also the only straw that saved Ye Lu’s life at the moment.

Of course, he couldn’t wear the “Freya’s Armor”, which belonged to the Twelve Norse Gods, and who knew what would happen if Odin saw it.

Qin Siyu was wearing the clothes that the Scarlet Queen had prepared for her, a set of dark red armor, which basically covered her whole body and looked extremely beautiful.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually created a person out of thin air, both “Odin” and “Teng Serpent” were slightly puzzled, as they only knew of such things with their experience, but had never seen a “storage treasure” with a secret realm inside.

Of course, what they didn’t understand was that the person Ye Lu summoned seemed to be even weaker, much weaker than Ye Lu.

“Old lady, are you here to be funny?”

“Teng Serpent” said in a thin voice as she looked at Ye Lu.

“Odin” also frowned and was very puzzled.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course not, Siyu, let’s start, the target is this Teng Snakes.”

Qin Siyu had just been in the “Blazing God Blade”, so of course she was not too clear about the current situation, so Ye Lu quickly helped her to indicate the target of her attack.

Qin Siyu nodded, then looked at the Teng Snake and raised her arm.

The “Teng Snakes” narrowed his eyes at Qin Siyu, he couldn’t imagine what damage this tiny, mole-like woman could do to him.

He felt that even if he stood there and let this woman hit him, she would not be able to kill him.

However, immediately afterwards, he was surprised to find that a bizarre candle had suddenly appeared on his chest.

The candle was burning, though not very quickly, but it was a very strange sight.

After lighting the Candle of Life, Ye Lu and Qin Siyu darted behind Odin and quickly said.

“Attack him, hurry up.”

Ye Luo quickly said.

“Although Odin was a bit confused, he still didn’t hesitate to throw out the Gungnir and launch a terrifying attack.

“Of course, the “Teng Serpent” quickly blocked Odin’s attack, but it found that in the midst of the attack and defence, the candle on its chest was burning fast and shortening at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“What the hell is this thing?”

“The Teng Serpent also finally showed a horrified expression, although it did not know what would happen, it understood that nothing good would come of this candle if it went out.

“This is the ‘Candle of Life’, if it goes out, you will be dead.”

After all, Qin Shiyu was kind-hearted and she could not help but look at the Teng Snakes and remind them.

The “Candle Dragon” was also called the “Candle-bearing Dragon”, and it could reach down to the Nine Underworlds. This mysterious divine ability a*sociated with life by Qin Siyu was really too powerful, and made Ye Lu feel scared.