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Super School Student Chapter 491-492

Chapter 491


“Of course the Teng Serpent didn’t want to admit defeat, because he had another way to do it, and that was to kill Odin before he could defeat him.

So, he quickly gathered all the Mist Men back, and then his aura began to rise horribly, apparently he wanted to use some kind of “trick” to kill Odin in one move.

Of course, Ye Lu couldn’t let that happen.

“Silky Yu, give me the ‘Shield of Edgeth’.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Siyu quickly took out the “Shield of Edelweiss” and gave it to Ye Lu, who quickly threw the “Shield of Edelweiss” to “Odin”.

“Odin, take it!”

Ye Luo threw the “Shield of Eden” at “Odin”.

When he heard Ye Lu call himself “Odin”, “Odin” froze for a moment, because he had never identified himself since Ye Lu came here, and he had never been to the East before, and he had never seen an Oriental before.

However, this was clearly not the time to look into this.

He quickly took the “Shield of Eden”, a shield belonging to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, which he knew of course, because the shield used by Zeus, who had fought him last time, was another “Shield of Eden”, but he did not understand why this shield had appeared in Ye Lu’s hand.

At this moment, the Teng Serpent’s fatal strike was completed, and the terrifying snake spear poked towards Odin with a terrifying aura.


Odin was immediately knocked out of the Sleipnir by the tremendous force of the spear, and the countless snakes formed by the mist flew up in the air, and the violent aura surged out in all directions.

However, it was clear that the “Shield of Eden” had blocked the blow, not to mention killing Odin, who had not even received a decent wound.

The candle on his chest had already disappeared by half.

The candle was still shortening rapidly.

After that, the Teng Serpent turned his head and squinted at Qin Shiyu.

Ye Lu instantly released the terrifying aura of a “Yuan Ying realm” and then looked at the “Teng Snake” and said coldly.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

It was obvious that Teng Snakes wanted to solve this crisis by killing Qin Shiyu, because if Qin Shiyu died, the divine ability she had used would naturally be ineffective.

“My thoughts are the same.”

“Odin’s voice also rang out.

“With Sleplaine around, it won’t be possible to kill the girl, and I have a feeling you’ll have a hard time catching my three attacks.”

With these words, Odin raised the Gargantua in his hand, and endless heaven and earth energy began to gather towards the Gargantua, and he was obviously ready to launch a terrifying strike.

“Teng Serpent knew very well that the eight-legged divine horse, Sleipnir, was no weaker than Odin, or at least he could not deal with it in just one or two blows.

Otherwise, he would not have been tangled up with Odin for so long.

Ye Lu continued.

“Mr. Teng Serpent, I have a proposal for you, establish a master-servant contract with me, otherwise you will definitely die.”

After saying that, Ye Luo quickly stretched out three fingers and said.




Before Ye Lu said the last number, the “Teng Serpent” finally gave in and nodded its head, while Ye Lu quickly began the ritual of establishing the “master-servant contract”, because he found that Qin Siyu was probably not going to be able to support it anymore.

Obviously, lighting the Candle of Life on such a strong creature was still a very laborious task.

“Odin, on the other hand, walked solemnly to Qin Shiyu’s side and knelt down on one knee and said in a loud voice.

“Odin thanks you for saving my life!”

Although he was speaking English, Qin Siyu’s English was not bad and she immediately looked at “Odin” with some embarra*sment and said in English.

“You’re welcome.”

Ye Lu gave a perfect score to “Odin’s” performance, however, he was actually a bit worried just now, because he knew everyone, so he thought of such a move.

With the Teng Serpent in his hand, even Odin should be afraid.

“Silk Rain ‘Candle Dragon”s divine ability is really too heavenly, if it could be sent in a group then it would be invincible.”

However, Ye Lu also knew clearly that this was impossible, at least for the time being, Qin Siyu could not do it, and he had asked Qin Siyu about this before.


Ye Luo snapped his fingers, signalling that Qin Siyu could put away the candle.

Only then did Qin Siyu let out a long breath, just now, beads of sweat had appeared on her face, this “bloodline divine ability” was still very laborious to perform, especially when used on a guy as strong as “Teng Snake”.

Of course, at the moment, if there was no one to cooperate with, Qin Shiyu’s use of this divine ability alone would be limited.

“Alright, Teng Snake, you can follow me from now on, don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly.”

Ye Lu looked at the “Teng Snake” and said with a smile.

“Teng Snake” disdainfully brushed his mouth.

Ye Lu continued with a smile and said.

“However, in the recent period, I guess you’ll be busy because I’m being chased by someone.”

When he heard that Ye Lu was being chased, “Teng Shi” said with some disdain.

“Chasing and killing? What kind of person is chasing you? Leave it to me, I’ll take care of him for you.”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“You are very strong, but you can’t handle this.”

“Of course, the Teng Snakes didn’t believe him, and he said with narrowed eyes.

“What? Don’t you believe in my strength? Tell me, who is actually after you?”

Ye Lu said indifferently.

“It’s everyone who is after me, everyone in the entire ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the “Teng Shi” was really stunned, it looked at Ye Lu’s face and did not speak for half a day, before muttering.

“Everyone is hunting you, what have you done to hurt Heaven and earth?”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“It’s not much, but I just killed the grandson of the grand elder of the ‘Snake Department’ and ‘Beast Department’ in the ‘Beast Alliance’.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, “Teng Shi” suddenly clapped his hands and said.

“Good job killing him!”

Without waiting for Ye Luo to ask, it said again.

“Those guys from the ‘snake system’ don’t know how many brothers and sisters they’ve caused us, nice kill.”

Ye Luo then said with a smile.

“Thanks for the compliment, but can you turn into a human and talk to me, it’s really hard for me to talk to you with my head tilted up like this!”

The “Teng Serpent” had always been a human with a snake’s head, and had always maintained the appearance of a giant man more than ten meters tall, so Ye Lu had always looked at him with his head up.

“Hey, hey! Sorry, master, I’m used to it.”

The “Teng Serpent” smiled and began to shrink to about the same height as Ye Lu before he transformed again, in fact, his head turned into a handsome man with thin eyes.

“To be honest, I’m tired of staying in this boring ‘secret realm’, so it’s good to go out and have some fun in human society.”

“Teng Serpent touched his face and said with a smile.

At this time, that “Odin” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Are you the one on the ‘reward order’?”

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Yes, but I have changed my appearance.”

“Odin then looked at Ye Lu and asked the question he had just been wondering about.

“How did you know I was ‘Odin’?”

Ye Lu didn’t expect to make a mistake in this place, but he was good at making up impromptu nonsense, so he said without changing his face.

“Of course I don’t know you, however, I have had the pleasure of seeing the ‘Eternal Gun’ in your hand, to be precise, a picture of the ‘Eternal Gun’, and the only person who can possess the ‘Eternal Gun ‘ would only be ‘Odin’, wouldn’t it?”

Ye Lu felt that he should be able to give a hundred percent for this nonsense.

Sure enough, “Odin” thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

Their “Odin” inheritors often changed, but the “iron barracks and flowing soldiers”, the famous gun “Gungnir”, like the “barracks”, had never changed, so when Ye Lu said he had seen the picture of “Gungnir”, “Odin” believed it completely.

“Where did you get that ‘Shield of Edgeth’?”

This time, Ye Luo was really worried, this matter seemed to be a bit difficult to explain.


Chapter 492

So he thought for a moment and said.

“It was a gypsy woman, she was on the run and I helped her and she gave me this, of course, that’s not all, she gave me two other things, it was two sets of armour being the ‘Frigga’s Kai’ and the ‘Freya’s Armour ‘, that woman has a lot of good things on her.”

As a result, after hearing Ye Lu’s words, the King of Gods “Odin” smiled and said.

“Actually, you are the gypsy woman, right?”


He didn’t expect “Odin” to be so powerful, he actually saw what he was thinking right away.

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, “Odin” smiled and said.

“Actually, I have been investigating this matter since I escaped, thanks to the two of them of course.”

As he said that, he pointed at the two crows named “Thought” and “Memory” respectively.

Ye Luo also took a look at the two crows and said.

“‘Thought’ and ‘Memory’, right?”

“Odin” froze for a moment and said.

“Oh, you even know about this, you are really knowledgeable, yes, it is them, in principle, one of them can read someone’s memory and the other can get a person’s thoughts, of course, the actual effect is not that good, however, they are really good at gathering information.”

“It is also because they cannot read your thoughts and memories that I believe you, otherwise I would not have cooperated with you.”

Hearing Odin’s words, Ye Lu realized why Odin had cooperated with him so easily, and that he actually had his own considerations.

And “Odin” then said.

“However, don’t worry, even without the ‘Teng Serpent’ I won’t give you a hard time, as I said, I, ‘Odin’, work with a clear grudge. ‘ it is true that we were wrong on ‘Olympus’ and that our people should not have tried to get rid of you, but that was not my intention.”

“I only found out later, they did this to you, and it is only right that you take revenge on them, and what really made us ‘Nordic Gods’ fail was not you, but the inability to unite between our several forces, if the ‘Flaming Giants ‘ and the ‘Kingdom of Death’ could cooperate with us, we could definitely take down those guys from ‘Greece’.”

In fact, Ye Lu felt that “Odin” was right, if they hadn’t fought within themselves, at least they wouldn’t have lost with the convenience of their home turf.

“Odin” then continued.

“I heard that you took the ‘World Tree’ and unleashed the terrifying black dragon ‘Nidhogg’ in the end, it seems that you are really something!

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s also a coincidence, since you know everything, then I won’t hide it from you, the ‘World Tree’ is really here with me, do you want to take it back?”

“Odin” shook his head and said.

“No, since Nidhogg has been released, there is no point in the ‘World Tree’, it exists to seal Nidhogg. ‘, but that’s good, with ‘Nidhogg’ around, at least those Greek guys won’t dare to go back in.”

He could not help but nod as he had personally seen how strong “Nidhogg” was.

Ye Luo felt that it was good to talk to “Odin” openly and honestly, and this guy “Odin” seemed to be in his temper.

So, Ye Luo looked at him and asked.

“What about you, ‘Odin’, what are you planning to do in the ‘Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts’?”

“Odin” said with a sigh.

“I have come here to find the bloodline of the cow ‘Odembra’, the one that fed the Frost Giants and gave birth to the source of our Norse gods.”

“Legend has it that at the beginning of the world, our Norse lands first saw the ‘Fountain of Hvagmir’ and then birthed the frost giant Yumiel in the heat and cold, and at the same time the cow ‘Odembra’ appeared, and after Yumiel grew up on the milk of ‘Odembra’, while ‘Odembra’ licked the salt grains from the cold ice for a living.”

“Afterwards Eumiel bore the Wise Giant and the Giantess, and the licking of the cow produced Bree, the ancestor of the gods, who gave birth to Baul, and Baul and the Giantess together gave birth to Odin.”

“So, we Odin have the blood of giants in our heritage.”

Through “Odin’s” words, Ye Luo understood why he was looking for the bloodline of the cow “Odumbra”, probably because he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to improve again.

Then, Odin said.

“Unfortunately, although I have a ‘mind’ and ‘memory’, I have not been able to find any clues about ‘Odumbra’. ”

Hearing him out, Ye Lu then thought for a moment and said.

“If you believe me, I can tell you the clue of ‘Odumbrara’, we are going to ‘Dragon Clan’, so we will have a side trip, when we get to the fork, we will separate again, how about that? ”

“Odin was quick to return.

He smiled and said.

“Good, if not for this little girl, I’m afraid I would have died long ago, but do you have any plan?”

Ye Luo also smiled and said.

“Yes, and with your help, next, we shouldn’t have too much trouble.”

“Odin was a powerful being in the Firstborn Realm, not just a pa*serby, not to say that he could walk around in the Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, at least in the Golden Dan Avenue area, no one could compete with him.

So, Ye Lu’s original plan could finally begin.

“Let’s go, let’s go out, hopefully those guys from the ‘Xuantian Sect’ haven’t left yet.”

As a result, after coming out of the valley, the people from the Xuan Tian Clan had long since disappeared to who knows where.

“Zhang Tian had always been cautious and careful, so he didn’t want to take any risks, and for Zhang Tian, there was no need for such a small reward.

Seeing that the Xuantian Clan’s people were gone, Ye Lu also felt a bit sorry, but he didn’t think that the Xuantian Clan really didn’t have a backup.

In fact, this was also the case.

“The Xuantian Clan did not dare to let their experts accompany Zhang Tian openly, but they did secretly send a few of their experts into the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” to protect him secretly.

“Alright, everyone can come out now.”

Seeing that it was safe, Ye Lu instructed “Odin” to turn off the communicator, and then let both Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue come out as well.

Of course, Ye Yan knew through the Scarlet Queen that there were other men outside, so she wore another layer of armour given to her by the Scarlet Queen.

What surprised him was not the “Frigidaire” and “Freya’s Armour”, which Ye Lu had just told him about, but the fact that both women were holding weapons that were no less powerful than the Gargantua.

“You can actually make weapons from the World Tree?”

The Norse Gods could not do such a thing, because the Dwarves had lost all their weapons-making skills, so the current Dwarves could not use the World Tree to make weapons.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’m actually a smith too.”

“Odin thought for a moment and said.

“That’s good, the World Tree can be put to good use in your hands.”

Ye Luo said, “If you knew that the “Heavenly Vine” was gnawing on the World Tree all the time, you probably wouldn’t have said that.

Next, according to Ye Lu’s plan, they found a group of exactly four people, and then took this group down in a swift manner.

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t kill all the guys in this team, although he had fused the “Fury”, he wasn’t that cold-blooded, he put all these guys into the “Fire Cave” space of the “Blazing God Blade” for the time being, and then let the “Scarlet Queen” to discipline them.

They were finally living the ideal life, training with the help of Odin and Ye Lu every day, but no one was in a hurry.

More than ten days pa*sed, and on this day, they finally encountered an unusual situation again.