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Super School Student Chapter 493-494

Chapter 493

It was late at night, and since neither Ye Lu nor Odin had to sleep for long, they took turns to keep watch, and while Ye Lu was keeping watch, he saw a group of people.

It was none other than those from the Pill Alliance. Ye Lu did not expect them to go so deep into the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”.

However, what made Ye Luo more concerned was that there was a tail behind them.

The one following them was none other than Xie Tinglin, the disciple of the Dan Pagoda who had been ruined by himself.

There was a large group of people around him, and many of them were experts, including several “YuanYing old monsters”.

“What are these guys trying to do?”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, and then woke up the crowd.

“Everyone wants to hide in the ‘Blazing God Blade’, I’ll go over with ‘Odin’ and see what’s going on.”

After these ten days of devil training, the several women had all travelled a long way, but not enough to participate in a battle of this scale.

After putting Ye Yan and the three of them into the Blazing God Blade, Ye Lu felt much more at ease as he and Odin headed towards the Pill Alliance’s camp.

At the same time, Odin had already released the ravens of Thought and Memory. Although the two ravens were small, they were genuine YuanYing realm demonic beasts, so Ye Lu did not have any doubts about their abilities.

What Ye Lu was curious about was what so many experts from the Dan Tower were doing in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

In fact, Ye Lu was also curious as to why the people from the Pill Alliance had come to the secret realm.

“Those people from the ‘Dan Tower’ are going to use a ‘medicine’, it seems to be called ‘Huanhuan San’, and the target is a woman called ‘Pill Shu’ woman, with the aim of restoring a man called Xie Tinglin to become a man.”

Soon, two crows brought back the news.

After saying that, “Odin” looked at Ye Luo, waiting for him to make up his mind, after all, this was Ye Luo’s business.

Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“With just the two of us, don’t talk nonsense with them, just go ahead, you wait for my message, once I give the signal to attack, you rush over.”

“He had made a custom shield for Odin, and of course, it was made from the World Tree. With such a hard material and the very powerful “weapon pattern” that Ye Lu had chosen, Odin’s defence was now at a level that surprised him.

So, “Odin” looked at Ye Lu and smiled and said.

“Sure, leave it to me later, let your little snake stop causing trouble.”

Ye Lu smiled and nodded.

After that, he quickly ran towards the Pill Alliance’s camp.

“Ye Luo saw that apart from the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” who was holding onto the medicine shou with a grave expression and looking at the direction of the wind, the other people had already reacted to the attack.

Many of the women were flushed and started to undress, while others were hugging each other.

The men from the Dan Tower had already appeared and were heading towards the Pill Alliance’s camp.

“It’s been a long time, ‘Elder Heavenly Doctor’.”

“One of the Dan Tower’s elders looked at the Heavenly Doctor Elder and said with a smile.

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” said with a frown.

“What a coincidence, Elder Dan Qing, what do you mean by that?”

The fellow who spoke was none other than Xie Tinglin’s grandfather, “Elder Dan Qing”.

Hearing the “Heavenly Doctor Elder’s” question, he smiled and said.

“‘Heavenly Doctor Elder’, why are you pretending to be confused, aren’t we all here in this ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ for one purpose.”

Hearing these words, Ye Lu’s heart twitched.

It seemed that his guess was right, these people had really come to the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ for some ulterior motive, and Ye Lu had a vague feeling that perhaps there were more than just these two forces coming here.

“Sending the ‘Supreme Elder’, it looks like this matter is involved in a big way!”

Ye Lu did not rush out, he decided to see what was going on first, perhaps he could get more information, he had a vague feeling that there was something big going on here.

As expected, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” looked at the “Dan Qing Elder” and said with a cold smile.

“Elder Dan Qing, what exactly do you mean by making such a scene? Are you going to tear your face off with our ‘Pill Alliance’?”

As a result, “Elder Dan Qing” looked at “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and said with a smile.

“Actually, it’s not as big as you say, we just want to borrow your ‘Heaven’s Pride’ Medicine Woman for a while, because my grandson has a little problem. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you, and I won’t use your treasure for nothing.”

This time the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was a bit confused, she looked at the “Dan Qing Elder” and asked.

“What do you mean by that? Why don’t I understand?”

Medicine Shu had not spoken to the Heavenly Doctor Elder about Xie Tinglin, so the Heavenly Doctor Elder did not know about Ye Lu’s black hand on Xie Tinglin.

There was no one to explain this to her now, so she looked at Elder Dan Qing and said.

“What exactly do you mean, what is wrong with your grandson that you want our Shu’er’s help?”

There was nothing he could do, so Elder Dan Qing briefly explained the matter, and in any case, all the experts of the Dan Tower around him knew about it, because in order to cure Xie Tinglin, Elder Dan Qing had begged everyone, and he did not let go of even the slightest hope.

However, his efforts proved to be in vain.

After hearing him out, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” said with a frown.

“I understand, but are you kidding? How can our Shu’er cure him, even so many experts from your ‘Dan Tower’ can’t.”

In fact, Ye Lu also felt that what “Elder Dan Qing” said was a bit strange and felt like he was picking a fight.

However, “Elder Dan Qing” laughed and said.

“Otherwise, have you forgotten? Your family’s Pill Shu has the ‘Heart’s Sovereign Fire’ of the ‘Three Flames’, while our family’s Xie Tinglin has the ‘Kidney’s Ministerial Fire’ of the ‘Three Flames’. Therefore, these two children are actually of the same origin, and the ‘Samadhi Flame’ is a symbiotic flame, so if we can make the two flames merge, perhaps Tinglin will be saved.”

Hearing Elder Dan Qing’s words, Ye Lu then suddenly realized that this was what Elder Dan Qing meant, which sounded reasonable.

However, of course, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” would not agree, so the two people were at a standstill.

Seeing that there was nothing more to hear, and that most of the women had already stripped naked, he quickly walked over and said.

“Elder Heavenly Doctor, don’t bother, I’ll help you.”

With those words Ye Luo quickly threw out a blue bead, but on this blue bead there were also several other coloured pills like things attached to it.

“Heavenly Thunder Bead?”

Everyone knew what Ye Luo had thrown out, it was the “magic treasure” most used by cultivators to explode, the “Heavenly Lightning Bead” that was condensed with thunder laws.

However, all the people present were experts, and they had never heard of a “Heavenly Lightning Bead” that could blow them up.

So, the crowd didn’t even pay attention to Ye Luo.


A huge explosion sounded, followed by smoke flying out in all directions, and the women who inhaled the gas immediately regained their senses.





The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was relieved to see this scene, honestly, she didn’t have this ability, not because she couldn’t solve the “Huanhuan San”, but because she needed to analyze the other party’s formula or something like that, and couldn’t solve it as easily as Ye Lu.

After solving the crisis of the women, Ye Luo looked at the people of the Dan Tower and said.

“I advise you to run away, otherwise, it will be a problem when my friend comes, because he is not very good-tempered.”

As a result, all the people of the Dan Tower laughed and said.

“Girl, don’t pretend, what kind of decent friend can you have?”

Ye Lu laughed and said.

“Then you guys just wait!”

After saying that, she flicked her hand and a flame suddenly flew up, followed by the earth-shattering sound of horses’ hooves rushing in.


Chapter 494

This was the code word that Ye Lu and “Odin” had planned.

A huge war horse with eight legs appeared in the crowd’s view, and on top of it sat a tall, powerful and powerful man, covered in golden armour, holding a huge shield in one hand and a lance in the other.

The shield, lance and armour suggest that this man is not an Oriental, but rather a Western knight.

Without slowing down or turning, he charged straight into the crowd of Danta, as fast as lightning.


Immediately, one of the men had no time to dodge and was pierced through the chest by Gungnir, followed by Odin at the tip of his spear.


The body was shattered into pieces, blood and flesh scattering in all directions.

This was Odin’s cla*sic Western knight attack, the “charge”.

To be honest, although they had a high level of cultivation and had experienced some battles, fighting was not something they were good at, so they were all shocked by Odin’s aura for a moment, and no one knew what to say.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“How about it, I just said that when my friend comes, things won’t be any better.”

After hearing Ye Luo finish, the crowd all looked at each other.

Then, “Elder Dan Qing” looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Young lady, why do you want to get involved in this mess, what is your relationship with the Pill Alliance?”

Ye Luo skimmed his lips and said.

“Who are you? Why should I answer this question of yours?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the “Dan Qing Elder” was instantly half-exasperated, and he looked at Ye Luo and said coldly with his eyes.

“Don’t think we’re afraid of you, your friend is just one person, how many nails can he hit if he’s covered in iron?

This was clearly a threat, he knew that they could not do anything to “Odin”, so he used the people of the “Pill Alliance” as a threat instead.

Ye Lu smiled lightly and said.

“It looks like you guys haven’t understood the situation yet, so I think you should meet my other friend again.”

With these words, the slender eyebrows and eyes of the “Teng Snake” appeared.

“Hey, hey!”

“As a demon beast, he loved human delicacies, and then, without saying a word, he attacked.

The crowd saw countless Mist Men appear like an army, surrounding the Pill Alliance people, and then, just like Odin, the Teng Serpent waved its snake spear and directly stabbed a Danta expert to death.


This “pill refiner” was instantly turned into a dry corpse.

After that, the Teng Snake licked its lips and looked at these Dan Tower pill refiners once again, as it saw them as its food.

Seeing the performance of the “Teng Snake”, Elder Dan Qing and the others really felt that this “Teng Snake” should not be weaker than the strong man just now, and that these flying “mist people” felt quite difficult to deal with.

His feeling was right, it was these “fog men” that had almost killed Odin before, and this was also the best move of the “Teng Serpent”.

So, without waiting for the Danta people to make a statement, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Little Teng Teng, let them see what you can do.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, “Teng Chen” gave a ghostly smile, and then a group of “Mist Men” swung their snake spears towards the Dan Tower’s people.


“Elder Dan Qing snorted coldly at first, but his face changed immediately afterwards, because as soon as he did so, he realized with horror that each and every one of these “Mist Men” was actually at the level of “YuanYing Realm”.



Immediately, two experts from the Dan Tower were killed by the Mist Man, and their bodies were carried directly to the Teng Serpent, who began to suck the blood like a feast.

Not only the people from the Dan Tower, but also the people from the Pill Alliance were shocked by this.

This “Teng Serpent” was simply too terrifying, it was like an army of “YuanYing realm”, honestly, even “Odin” could only sigh in disbelief at this point.

Seeing that Elder Dan Qing’s face had turned green, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any grudges against you people, so I won’t fight with you to the death, as long as you leave everything you have with you, I will naturally let you go.

When he heard Ye Luo’s words, “Elder Dan Qing” fell into deep thought, Ye Luo was not in a hurry and looked at him quietly and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I can do more than that.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, “Elder Dan Qing” looked at him and finally nodded.

Following that, he turned his head to look at the others, who also nodded helplessly.

They would not necessarily be trapped or killed in a real fight, but there would definitely be a lot of casualties, that was for sure.

So, it was better for the good guys not to lose anything in front of them, as everything else was an extraneous thing, only life was the most important.

So, everyone quickly taught all kinds of things, including storage jewellery, etc. Ye Lu asked the “mist people” to collect all these things and put them into the “Sumeru Ring”.

Then he waved his hand and said.

“Alright, you guys can go now, welcome to come back next time.”

“Elder Dan Qing gave Ye Lu a fierce look, then turned around and left with his men.

However, on the one hand, he was not sure, and on the other hand, once the fight was over, it would definitely affect the people of the Pill Alliance, and many people would probably die.

Seeing that the people from the Dan Tower had left, the people from the Pill Alliance all came over to thank them.

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” looked at Ye Lu and gave a salute and said.

“Thank you for saving my life, may I ask what your name is and which power you belong to?

Ye Luo waved his hand and said.

“It doesn’t matter about this, I’m just a lone wolf and have no power, however, I’m curious about one thing, what exactly was it that you guys were talking about just now?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s question, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” thought for a moment, then sighed and said.

“You saved us, so you are our benefactor, so I won’t hide it from you, this time the ‘Pill Alliance’ and the ‘Dan Tower’ are here because of one thing, or rather a piece of news, that is the Holy Beast ‘Taiyin Phantom Flux”s egg.”

Now Ye Lu’s interest was aroused, because what he was holding was the egg of the “Sun Candle”, and the “Taiyin Flux” was the counterpart of the “Sun Candle”, which was also called the “Saint Beast made of the Supreme Yin Air and the Essence of Taiyin”, which was an absolutely powerful Saint Beast.

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” continued.

“You should have heard of them, too, the ‘Sun’ and the ‘Taiyin’ are also called the ‘Two Rites’, after which the ‘Two Rites ‘ gave birth to the ‘Four Elephants’, that is, the ‘Green Dragon’, the ‘Vermilion Bird’, the ‘White Tiger ‘ and ‘Xuanwu’, after which the ‘Four Elephants’ gave rise to the ‘Eight Trigrams’, and finally the Ten Thousand Things emerged, so no one would want to miss a beast egg of this level .”

“When Elder Heavenly Doctor” finished speaking, Ye Lu nodded.

“No wonder they came in, so it’s like this.”

Ye Luo finally understood why everyone was so interested in the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, so he looked at the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and asked.

“Apart from the ‘Pill Alliance’ and the ‘Dan Tower’, are there any other forces that know about this news coming in?”

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” nodded and said.

“Yes, moreover, it is said that there are many more, it seems that people from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ and people from ‘Kunlun’ have also come out, in addition to that, there are also people from ‘Southern Chu ‘ people, the ‘Pan Gu clan’ and the ‘Nuwa clan’, people from all the major clans seem to have come to this ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’. “