Super School Student Chapter 495-496

Chapter 495

Hearing the words of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, Ye Lu was indeed taken aback because he did not expect so many people to come here because of the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence”.

This could explain why he had met the people from the Xuan Tian Clan and those guys from Southern Chu.

However, Ye Lu always felt that there was something wrong here.

For example, who had spread the news? If the person who spread the news knew such important information, why would he tell others? Also, this was the territory of the Beast Alliance, so surely the superpowers of the Beast Alliance should also be here, so why didn’t they get there first?

Perhaps there was a possibility that neither the Beast Alliance nor the person who released the news knew where the Taiyin Phantom’s eggs were, and that was why they had mobilised so many people to find them.

Ye Lu felt that this should be the most reasonable explanation.

However, there was also a problem with this explanation, that is, if someone found the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence”, what benefit would the person who released the news have?

According to this thought, Ye Lu could only think of one possibility, that is, the person who released the news was someone from the “Beast Alliance”, because in this “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, only the “Beast Alliance” could control the scene.

“Could it be that the wanted arrest and the blocking of the entrance and exit are all just a cover!”

Ye Lu suddenly felt that things were unusual from the beginning, perhaps what he and his people had done before was just a pretext for the Beast Alliance.

So, he looked at the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and said.

“Elder Heavenly Doctor, can you confirm the news about this ‘Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence’?”

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” shook his head and said.

“No, so the various sects and forces have not sent their true elites either, and we also came because we had other things to do, and I originally did not intend to get involved in this matter either, I came with ‘Shue’er’, only that I happened to meet up with these guys from ‘Dan Tower ‘ These guys from ‘Danta’ just happened to run into each other.”

As she spoke, she turned to Odin and said.

“Thank you for your help, this brother has an aura of a king, he must be no ordinary man.”

“Odin’s Chinese was not very good, so Ye Lu translated with him, and then Odin said to the Heavenly Doctor Elder.

“I am Odin from Northern Europe, thank you for the compliment.”

As a result, Ye Lu served as a translator for a while.

Finally, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” said.

“Thank you for your help, next, we have decided to gather with the other teams of the ‘Medicine League’, will you join us, or ……”

The three of you will be with us, or ” said Ye Lu, waving his hand.

“We won’t be going, we have other things to do, so we’ll take our leave, take care of yourself too, Miss Pill Shu.”

After saying that, Ye Lu turned around and left.

The “medicine” that night had been given by the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, so Ye Lu felt that one of the four women who had come must be “Pill Shu”, but whether the others were other women from the “Pill Alliance” or Qin Siyu and the others, he was not so sure.

He had been wanting to ask these days, but he didn’t know how to ask.

It was fine if he was alone, but there were too many people that night and he was still confused.

However, Ye Lu could also feel that both Qin Siyu and Long Feixue, and even Ye Yan were getting more and more intimate with him, which made him a little scared as well.

“It couldn’t be that the rest of them were the three of them that day, could it?”

He was sometimes secretly guilty of muttering.

However, when it came to dealing with relationship matters, Ye Lu was a complete rookie, he had never had a girlfriend even since he was young, and the girl he had the most contact with was Qin Shiyu, but his previous relationship with Qin Shiyu was not considered a relationship, so he really had no idea how things should be handled at all.

All he knew was that he had to guard these women no matter what.

“We must find a way to find the ‘Pan Gu Clan’, maybe we can find out about ‘Gu Shi Qi’.”

After leaving, Ye Luo muttered secretly, there had been no news about Gushiqi, Ye Luo had been offering bounties in the “Underworld App” for a long time, not to mention the news about Gushiqi, even the news about the “Pan Gu Clan” had not even gotten even a single bit of information.

It was too easy for these super reclusive families to hide their tracks, after all, the people in the “Underworld App” were basically from the “secular world”, and in the “secular world”, a “Golden Dan 9” was already the highest, so the information they could know was actually extremely limited.





The three girls came out of the “Blazing God Blade” this time.

“Ye Lu, how did things go?”

After coming out, Ye Yan looked at Ye Lu and asked with some worry, while Qin Shiyu and the two girls also looked at him with big eyes, as if they were afraid that he would be harmed.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“It’s all right, all the people from the ‘Pill Alliance’ have been saved, and we’ve scavenged a whole bunch of goodies along the way, I’ll share them with everyone later.”

“The Dan Tower, as a sect that was on a par with the Pill Alliance and focused on high-end pills, certainly had a lot of goodies.

In fact, for these people, many things were useless, such as various weapons, defensive gear, etc. However, there were also many useful things, especially various instantaneous consumable “magic treasures” similar to the “Heavenly Thunder Son” but much more powerful, and many more different functions, including pills to regulate the body.

Of course, the best thing for Ye Lu was the various materials, with these materials, he could refine more powerful pills, and for Ye Lu now, he could refine most of the pills.

“Well, the division of the spoils is over, let’s move on, according to the map, in three days we will have to split up, good luck in advance.”

Ye Luo looked at “Odin” and said with a smile.

After this period of contact with “Odin”, Ye Luo found that this is really a good man, the person is big, upright, and has the king’s temperament and heart, in Ye Luo’s opinion this person will achieve something sooner or later.

“Odin” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I think we are already friends, so I won’t say too many polite words, when do you need me, one word, how do you Chinese say, ‘I will accompany you in the fire’.”

“Odin” was learning Chinese in this paragraph, but, despite his cultivation level, his brain was already well developed, however, there were many idioms that he was not very skilled in using.

So, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Well, if there’s anything we need to help you with, just say the word, go through fire and soup.”

In his heart Ye Lu already considered this Nordic man as a friend.

Two more days pa*sed, and this night, it was Ye Lu’s turn to keep watch again, he was bored and took out the “Immortal Palace Key” and muttered to himself.

“The Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, the dragon, the female, the tide of beasts, the Golden Dan Dao, just who could this ‘Man of Star Destiny’ be?”

Up to now, the only information Ye Luo had confirmed was that the person was in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, and that it was a woman of the Golden Dan Avenue, but Ye Luo still had no idea what the rest was all about.

However, at this moment, the “Immortal Palace Key” in his hand suddenly became hot.

“What is it? Has the Star Destiny Man appeared?”

When he felt the heat of the Immortal Mansion Key, Ye Lu quickly looked around and saw a large group of people appearing in the valley to the side.

“The ‘Man of Star Destiny’ is among that group of people.”

After seeing this group of people, Ye Luo stood up violently.

However, the “Immortal Palace Key” only heated up for a moment before returning to its original state, probably because not all the signs had appeared yet, because when all five “keywords” appeared at the same time, that was when the “Star Destiny Man” could be fully confirmed.

Ye Lu reckoned that the reason why Kunlun held the “Pill Refiner Conference” last time was because of the keywords.

“No, I have to go over and take a look.”

Thinking of this, Ye Lu woke up “Odin” and asked him to guard the women, while he quietly sneaked around the group.

Then, he saw a familiar figure.

“Could it be her?”

Ye Luo muttered as he looked at one of the other figures.


Chapter 496

The person Ye Lu saw was none other than Mo Trang from the Heavenly Demon Palace, the woman with the “Candle Dragon” pattern on her body.

This group of people was of course from the Heavenly Demon Palace.

This time, Ye Lu also understood the power of the “Heavenly Demon Palace”, most of the people present were actually super experts of the “Origin Infant Realm”, and each of them exuded an extremely terrifying aura, which looked like the aura of an “Outer Way Heavenly Demon”.

Even if there were Odin and Teng Serpent, the difference between them and the Heavenly Demon Palace was still extremely obvious, so going over there would undoubtedly be like hitting a rock with an egg.

However, since Mo Trang was suspected to be the person he was looking for, or rather, the person he was looking for was among this group of people, Ye Lu did not want to just give up.

So, Ye Luo took out the “Magic Puppet”, which was recognized by Ye Luo and therefore had the same level as Ye Luo.

Then, Ye Lu began to search, he was looking for the “demonic beast” responsible for the vigilance, because the “original spirit beast” Ye Lu did not dare to impersonate, that thing is linked to the master contract, “magic puppet” can simulate the appearance, but can not simulate this connection.

However, these demonic beasts are not in charge of the guard, these are more like mercenaries, controlled by some “native spirit beasts”, of course, these guys usually have very outstanding characteristics in some aspects, such as a keen sense of smell, such as hearing is unusual, etc.

Of course, even so, it’s difficult to get hold of them, because they have to be unnoticed.

So, after a night of hard work and suffering, Ye Lu found a chance to replace one of the demonic beasts called the “Pig Nose Flying Dragon”.

The characteristic of this kind of demonic beast is that it is extremely sensitive to taste. If the Pill Alliance had such a “demonic beast” before, I am afraid that it would have been much more difficult for the “Danta” to poison it silently.

The three women had been worrying about Ye Lu for half the night, and were relieved to see that Ye Lu had finally returned.

“Ye Lu, where have you been?”

Ye Yan, looked at Ye Luo somewhat angrily and asked.

Ye Luo smiled and explained what he had just encountered to everyone.

“Although this matter cannot be confirmed for the time being, I think at least the general direction is fine, next, we are waiting for the ‘beast tide’ to descend.”

Of the five conditions, Ye Lu felt that the other four were all well met, or rather “Mo Tranquil” basically met them all now.

First of all, Mo Tranquility was an expert of the “Golden Dan Avenue”, then she had a “dragon” in her body, she was a woman, and this was the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”. With these points, Ye Lu actually felt that he could be sure that Mo Tranquility was the person he was looking for without the “Tide of Beasts”.

However, through the eyes of the demon puppet, Ye Lu found out that there were several other suspicious people in the Heavenly Demon Palace’s group, besides Mo Tranquil, for example, one of them was a woman who actually possessed the bloodline of the demon dragon Ladong.

The legend says that the “Ladon” is a horrible “demon dragon” born of the demon king “Typhon” and another beast, Echidna, whose upper half is a beauty and whose lower half is a snake.

Another woman has the bloodline of Satan, the legendary demon Satan, who is a terrifying red “demon dragon” with seven heads, ten horns and seven crowns, and this woman has this bloodline.

There is also the woman who has inherited the three-headed fire dragon Gorinich and other women of dragon blood.

Ye Lu felt that the “Heavenly Demon Palace” was too deep, and really mysterious and unpredictable, it was simply a collection of various legendary demons and devils in the world.

Therefore, he did not dare to jump to an arbitrary conclusion.

“The Heavenly Demon Palace is simply a representative of evil, easily don’t mess with them.”

Ye Luo looked at everyone and said, in fact, the main reminder is “Odin”, because next, they and “Odin” will be separated.

“Odin” nodded and said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a reckless person, and I don’t have any grudge against them, the Greek guys are my target.”

Ye Luo nodded, “Odin” was indeed a guy who could be rea*sured.

So, after walking for some time and reaching the point of separation, Ye Lu looked at the tall “Odin” with his giant blood and said with a smile.

“It’s time to part here, if we go any further, it will be quite dangerous on our side and on your side, so be careful.

“Odin” patted Ye Lu’s shoulder and said with a smile.

“I also wish you to hatch the beast’s eggs and find the person you are looking for as soon as possible.

With that, he jumped on the huge Sleipnir and the eight-legged god-horse disappeared into the woods at a gallop.

“Let’s go, we’re on our own now.”

Ye Lu looked at the group and said with a smile.

Further on, the group would reach the area where the YuanYing realm demonic beasts were found, and even the weakest of the “Dragon Clan” gathered at the far edge of this “YuanYing area”, so it was clear how strong the “Dragon Clan” was.

The next step was to be more cautious.

Moreover, although Odin was gone, the Teng Serpent that played with the mist was still there, and together with the Mirage that Ye Lu had summoned and prepared long ago, Ye Lu and the others pa*sed another five days in peace.

After such a long period of time, the cultivation levels of the women had once again increased significantly.

The strongest one, Qin Shiyu, had already opened her “six trunks” of the “Golden Dao”, and her cultivation level was staggeringly fast, followed by Ye Yan, who had also reached the level of “four trunks”.

Ye Lu himself was not ambiguous either, as he was already at the level of “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, waiting to reach the peak of “Ninth Turn” and then forcibly cross the domain to the “Golden Elixir Path” through pills.

Ye Lu felt that once he had truly formed a Golden Elixir, his strength would definitely improve significantly, but at the moment, he was a little confused as to what attribute his Golden Elixir would be.

Ye Yan’s Jindan was of the “Fire Attribute”, Long Feixue’s Jindan was of the “Wood Attribute”, and Qin Shiyu’s Jindan was of the “Dark Attribute”. It was easy to deduce their Jindans before they were formed, but it was difficult to determine the attribute of Ye Lu’s Jindan because the flame on Ye Lu’s body was not his own, but was obtained by fusing the fire spirits.

As for the other attributes, Ye Luo did not find which one was more prominent for himself.

Of course, another thing that disturbed Ye Lu was that he had not found a particularly suitable “original bloodline” yet, and his current bloodline was still the same as Liu Mei’s “Eve’s bloodline”.

The last worry is the “nameless beast egg”. At present, Ye Lu has no clue as to how to hatch this beast egg, as everything about this beast egg is unknown.

The only good thing is that the “wanted notice” of the “Beast Alliance” is basically useless because, after Ye Lu has their official identity, even if they meet other people, as long as they identify themselves, they will be fine.

Ye Lu and the others were training with the demonic beasts when a large group of people from the clan appeared from the woods.

By the clothes on these guys, Ye Lu could tell at a glance that they belonged to the Wuji Clan, and when these guys saw Ye Lu and the others, they stopped in their tracks.

Ye Lu thought that the other party must be just a routine check, but what he didn’t expect was that the other party was not interested in finding people, but in Ye Lu and the others themselves.

“These four chicks are really nice, we’ve been blessed again today.”

One of the guys said with a smile.

However, at this moment, even the people from the Wuji Clan did not expect what kind of consequences their actions would lead to.