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Super School Student Chapter 497-498

Chapter 497

When he heard the words of the “Wuji Clan”, Ye Lu felt that things were not going to be good.

“Since the team from the Wuji Clan had appeared in the territory of the YuanYing Realm demon beasts, it was clear that the other party was very strong in battle.

While Ye Lu was quickly calculating, the people from the Wuji Clan were already smiling and coming over.

The guy at the head of the group looked at Ye Lu and the others and said with a smile.

“After being abstinent in the sect for so long, it’s time to indulge a bit, and the quality of these four is not bad either!”

To be honest, after reaching a certain level of cultivation, there were basically no more ugly women, because although people could not control their looks, but first of all, their metabolism would far exceed that of normal people, so everyone had superb skin, as the saying goes, “A white skin covers up a hundred uglies”, this kind of white and full of healthy glowing skin made people look good in the first place.

After that, people who have reached this level of cultivation can change some minor imperfections themselves, such as the double eyelids of the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the shape of the lips, etc. They can control some of these themselves, which, together with the fact that cultivators have very good figures, makes most female cultivators look very beautiful.

This is somewhat similar to the transformation of demon beasts, why people think that all demon spirits are beautiful, in fact, this is also the reason, because the demon spirits who can transform are all great demons, their cultivation level is there.

Seeing that the crowd had already surrounded themselves long ago, Ye Lu looked at each other and said with a smile.

“Dare I ask which ‘clan’ you all come from, don’t worry, we know many rules, and it’s not the first time we’ve served you male cultivators.”

While holding the other side steady, Ye Luo began to check the cultivation level of the crowd quickly, he was ready to find the weakest link to escape from the encirclement first.

However, what Ye Lu didn’t know was that there were other people watching the scene where they were trapped.

These people were from the Beast Alliance. In fact, Ye Lu’s previous guess was only half correct, the Beast Alliance was indeed using Ye Lu’s incident as an excuse to block the entrance and exit, but the hatred of the Beast and Snake Systems towards him was also true.

Therefore, in the eyes of the Beast Alliance, it was imperative that Ye Lu be captured.

However, what depressed the Beast Alliance was that since 20 days ago, it was as if Ye Lu and the others had evaporated into thin air, with no trace of them.

After all, there were too many people entering the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, and many of them stayed here for years, even decades, so it was difficult to count the number of people in the whole Secret Realm, let alone confirm them one by one.

As a result, all the recent “new news” is just useless news.

“These people from the ‘Wuji Clan’ are too bad, they are simply more beastly than our ‘Beast Alliance’, it seems that these clans are no better.”

A man from the Beast Alliance riding on a red lion shook his head as he watched the scene of Ye Lu and the others being besieged not far away.

“It is said that there are no women in the ‘Wuji Sect’ and ‘Xuantian Sect’, so you think it is like a prison.”

“Hey, hey, that’s true, no wonder the people of these two sects have eyes for women whenever they see them.”

“Those four girls are probably going to be finished, they’ll definitely be killed and exterminated.”

“What, do you pity the jade?”

“Pity your head, their death or survival is none of my business.”


However, immediately after that, his words stopped as he saw an incredible scene, the women who were beside Ye Lu suddenly all disappeared.

“Sh*t! What the hell is this?”

A bearded man beside him suddenly let out an exclamation.

The guy sitting on the red lion, on the other hand, shook his head mechanically without a sound and said.

“It’s not screwed up, it’s that the person we’re looking for has appeared.”

He murmured as he looked in the direction of Leaffall.

“Do you guys still remember, the various messages posted before about those battles, was it also something about people disappearing from each other, especially the one provided by the ‘Xuantian Clan’.”

It was ten days ago, but everyone still had an impression of it, as Ye Luo and the others had been the focus of everyone’s attention, whether it was Ye Luo’s fighting prowess or Ye Luo’s godlike abilities.

Being able to escape for such a long time with the entire territory wanted, and being able to almost manage to disappear, Ye Luo had long been the subject of everyone’s collective research, and of course, everyone basically knew about his ability to change his appearance and disguise.

“Action, cast the net first, then call for people, control the area around here for a thousand miles, don’t spook the snakes, we absolutely can’t let them get away again this time.”

Following this, the others immediately took action, this was the territory of the “Beast Alliance”, of course they had absolute control.

Ye Lu did not know about this scene, he was still thinking about how to break out.

“Sh*t! What is this?”

“It should be a magic treasure that can ‘store people’, this is also the first time I’ve seen it, or a super strong teleportation formation, so strong that even we can’t feel the fluctuations of the laws of heaven and earth.”

“Formation” can indeed transport people away, and can be transported a long way, but it turns out that there is a process to activate the formation, and secondly, the formation needs the help of the laws of heaven and earth to take effect, of course, the most important thing is that these people and Ye Lu and them are just a chance encounter, the other party should not have deliberately arranged a very strong formation on the ground already.


Seeing that Ye Lu might have a “magic treasure” to store people, everyone started to get hot-eyed and followed, everyone gathered around.


Ye Lu threw out an object and it exploded completely.

This was something that Ye Lu had prepared to deal with unexpected events, and it was equivalent to a powerful smoke screen.

Although it is difficult to completely hallucinate in a short period of time, it can be used as an aid.

Although the “Firstborn Realm” has a “divine sense” that can probe and even attack, but for one thing, this divine sense has certain limitations, and for another, the divine sense will interfere with each other, there are so many “Firstborn Realm” here, without discussion, it will inevitably cause confusion.

The white fog also made the Teng Serpent release its “fog men”, which immediately turned into a stirring of the situation, instantly causing chaos.

Ye Lu took this opportunity to follow the Teng Shi out of the encirclement.

“Although the Teng Serpent could fly, it was not known for its speed, so as it came out, Ye Lu unleashed his Lightning Griffin once again, which was still faster than this thing.

“Phew! That was close, I’m glad I was prepared.”

After mounting the Lightning Griffin, Ye Luo ran wildly through the woods with the ground on his back.

“Chase, I just felt like she ran away from this direction.”

An expert from the Wuji Clan said quickly as he burst out of the smoke.

“A junior with such a weak cultivation level, how can she be so difficult to deal with?”

They had just scouted Ye Lu’s cultivation level and that was why they were so careless, but at this moment, Ye Lu had already fled a long distance away.

However, what depressed Ye Luo was that he had just leapt out not long ago when suddenly a large group of guys riding various demonic beasts appeared out of nowhere, as if they were waiting for him.

“Bounty hunter, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

The guy at the head, riding on a red lion, looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Following that, Ye Luo saw that from other discoveries there were also flying demonic beasts quickly rising up, it looked like the other party had already laid out a heavenly net for themselves a long time ago.


Chapter 498

Ye Luo took a quick glance at the details of the guy on the red lion. He turned out to be a great elder of the “Beast Department” of the “Beast Alliance”, his name was “Red Lion King” and the demonic beast he rode was the “Red Fire Fierce Lion”.

“All the supreme elders of the Beast Alliance have names that end in “King”, such as the Grand Elder of the Beast Department, the head of the Beast Department, whose name is “King of All Beasts”.

After seeing the “Red Lion King”, Ye Lu smiled and greeted him.


After saying that, he turned the corner and ran wildly into the distance.

“Hehehe! This guy is quite interesting.”

The “Red Lion King” smiled at Ye Luo, but did not rush to chase after him, because they had already set up a group of people to chase after him, and under the siege of everyone, it would be difficult for Ye Luo to escape.

Sure enough, seeing Ye Luo fleeing, the flying demonic beasts in the air quickly sounded an alarm, while a few of them then flew towards the also’s a*suredly sending out lightning light, just like a bomber in the air.

“Holy f*ck! Sure enough, it’s a net of heaven and earth, lightning and thunder!”

Ye Luo spat out as he ran wildly, while holding the “Edexcel Shield” in his hand, which could prevent him from being struck by lightning, but the attacks from these guys in the air were quite strong, and although they couldn’t really hurt Ye Luo, they made him shiver and his hair stand on end.

“Luckily it was a long-range attack, otherwise it would really be enough to hurt me.”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart as he ran wildly, but the biggest trouble was that there was no way to conceal his figure like this, sooner or later, he would be blocked by some guys.

“If only I had that ‘Sleplaine’ from ‘Odin’, that guy’s speed is definitely just right.”

Ye Luo was a bit envious of the mount of ‘Odin’, that guy was really fast, he didn’t have so many feet for nothing.

In less than ten minutes, the first group of snipers finally arrived.

It was a group of guys like the “flying dragon cavalry” in the movie, and before they even landed, the spears and lances in their hands were in action.

The spears and lances all had different attributes, from fire, to frost, to lightning, to golden light ……

However, fortunately, no one seemed to be prepared to deal a deadly blow, so they did not exert all their power, and probably controlled it to a level that could stab Ye Lu.

He was prepared for this and as these guys fell, he raised his hand and a huge “umbrella” shaped “magic treasure” appeared and flew open to cover Ye Lu and the “Lightning Griffin” he was riding.

This umbrella was modelled after an ancient divine umbrella, the “Mixed Umbrella” of the Four Heavenly Kings, which was particularly powerful in defence, and of course also had the function of catching.





All kinds of attacks fell on Ye Lu’s body, blasting him and the Lightning Griffin directly into the ground, but immediately afterwards, the man and the beast leapt out again and continued to run wildly ahead.

“It is useless to struggle any longer, so give up and be captured.”

A loud voice came from behind, it was the Red Lion King who sat on the body of the Red Fire Lion and looked at Ye Lu and said leisurely.

In his opinion, Ye Lu was dead this time, although he did not know why Ye Lu was still trying to escape when he saw that he was sure to die, but it was obvious that Ye Lu did not have any chance.

Ye Luo did not pay any attention to him, but continued to dash forward.

“Where is this B*****d trying to go?”

“I don’t know, it should be a complete panic, isn’t it actually the same everywhere?”

“Let’s see what’s on that side? Does he think he’s going to escape by rushing into the lake?”


This guy saw a large open lake in the distance, but in the lake there was already a “beast system” of “supreme elders” leading the demon beasts waiting for Ye Lu.

“I don’t think he’ll be able to rush through, he’ll be caught by those guys from the ‘Snake Department’ in advance.”

“I totally agree with you.”


Amidst the chatter of the people around him, Ye Luo had already rushed towards the large lake called the “Nine Mysterious Pond”, but before he reached the lake, an incomparably huge python blocked Ye Luo’s path.

“Heaven Swallowing Python!”

Seeing this snake-shaped demonic beast, Ye Lu’s brows furrowed.

He didn’t expect that he was intercepted by someone from the “snake family”, as some of the snake family’s demonic beasts were so huge and so long that it was difficult to get around them even if he wanted to.

And that was not all, there were many other snake demon beasts around this Heaven Swallowing Python, and at the head of the Python stood an old man with triangular eyes, whose name was “Heaven Swallowing Snake King”, one of the supreme elders of the Snake Lineage.

“Little doll, you are indeed very powerful and I have to admire you, but it all ends here, you won’t be able to get past the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’.”

Hearing his nonsense, Ye Lu did not say anything, but charged straight towards the direction of the lake, seemingly not taking the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ seriously at all.

It felt that it had been humiliated by Ye Lu, so it raised its long tail and swept it towards Ye Lu and the Lightning Griffin like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves.

“I’m counting on you, Silky Rain!”

While the Sky Swallowing Python was attacking, Ye Lu summoned Qin Siyu out of the Blazing God Blade, and after summoning her, Qin Siyu appeared directly on Ye Lu’s shoulders, with her two long legs riding Ye Lu.

Luckily, she was wearing “Athena’s Holy Cloth”, but if it was Ye Yan’s “Frigga’s Kai”, it would have been a bit awkward.

However, neither of them paid any attention to this, as Qin Siyu unleashed her “Bloodline Avatar” belonging to the “Candle Dragon”, called “Dragon Might”, as soon as she appeared.

“Of course, Ye Lu asked Qin Siyu to release her “Dragon Might” mainly to target the “Heaven Swallowing Python”, because strictly speaking, the “snake family” was inextricably linked to the “dragon family”.

Many powerful snakes are mistaken for dragons, and so in the Chinese zodiac, snakes are also referred to as “little dragons”.

Therefore, the effect of this “dragon power” is not only strong for the “dragon” race, but also for the “snake” race.

What’s more, Qin Siyu was a “Candle Dragon”, the so-called God Beast of Creation, and she was not simply a Candle Dragon, but a real “Candle Dragon”. Therefore, after the “Dragon Might” was released, the “Heaven Swallowing Python”‘s breath was immediately suffocated, and it felt a shock from the depths of its soul, from its bloodline, which was not a matter of cultivation at all, but was related to its bloodline heritage.

While the “Dragon Might” had deterred the snake-like demonic beasts, Ye Luo rushed towards the big lake as fast as he could.

However, a large fish with a terrifying shape flew out from the lake.

This fish was red in colour, with a pair of huge eyes and a huge mouth full of sharp teeth, which looked horrible.

It was a legendary beast, the “cross male fish”.

At the same time, there was also a ferocious beast called “Bai Ze”, which Ye Lu had seen once before, and a fish-tailed, human demonic beast called “Shark Man”.

However, Ye Luo did not stop.

As he charged forward, he quickly unleashed a large group of demonic beasts, all of which Ye Lu had summoned earlier to prepare for the unusual situation.

However, Ye Lu could no longer care about that.

As he summoned the demonic beasts, he also dived into the water, followed by a dense array of sardine-like aquatic demonic beasts that Ye Lu unleashed.

Ye Luo quickly dug into the Blazing God Blade and then into the mouth of a fish-shaped monster.

Then, the other side’s terrifying attack began.

“‘Beast Alliance’, you wait, this revenge, I will definitely take revenge.”

Ye Lu muttered depressedly inside the “Blazing God Blade”.