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Super School Student Chapter 499-500

Chapter 499

The Scarlet Queen quickly made the Blazing God Blade smaller, so that even if all these demonic beasts were broken, the Blazing God Blade would still have a chance to fall to the bottom of the lake.

Like Ye Lu, the “Blazing God Blade” was an existence that even the “divine Sense” could not detect, so Ye Lu felt that it would be difficult for the other party to find him.

This was also the last means of escape Ye Lu could think of.

“Silk Rain, thank you, you’re so awesome! Thanks to you, otherwise we would have been finished this time, I wouldn’t have been able to get past those guys from the ‘Snake Department’ you blocked.”

Ye Lu said with some emotion.

The reason why the Red Lion King was so confident was of course because of the result of the “Snake Department” blocking him, but no one expected that Qin Siyu could use her “Bloodline Avatar” to give Ye Lu a chance.

Ye Lu had long felt that Qin Siyu would become a powerful helper for him, but he had not expected that Qin Siyu’s role would be fully highlighted so soon.

Hearing Ye Lu’s praise, Qin Siyu immediately became embarra*sed.

She blushed and said.

“If only I could be stronger, I wouldn’t have to be afraid of those guys.”

Ye Luo then said with a smile.

“Yes, not only you, but also Old Sister and Fei Xue will become stronger, and it won’t take long for you all to become very strong, how is the situation outside?”

The latter half of the sentence was spoken to the Scarlet Queen, as only the Scarlet Queen could observe the situation outside.

In fact, due to the increase in Ye Lu’s cultivation level, the connection between him and the Scarlet Queen and the resources that he could use for the Blazing God Blade had become much more, and according to the Scarlet Queen’s words, I was afraid that the Blazing God Blade would really become Ye Lu’s blade in a short time.

The fire-attribute demon beasts in the Blazing God Blade were extremely strong, especially the two white and black ones.

However, it seems that it is still difficult to fully control the Blazing God Blade.

“Come on, the four of us won’t be able to get out for a while anyway, so why don’t we play cards for a while?”

Ye Lu looked at the three women and said with a smile.

At this time, the “Scarlet Queen” suddenly appeared out of nowhere, then looked at Ye Lu and the others and said smilingly.

“Count me in, I’ll play a few games with you guys, it’s too boring to play with Little Black and Little White and their idiots every day.”

But there were five people there, how could they play?

So, the end result was that Ye Lu silently went to the side and started to take out various things from the Sumeru Ring, while the four women went to play cards happily.

After a while, the Scarlet Queen said as she played her cards.

“Ye Lu, the outside world has already started to search the sky and earth, and has blocked off the surrounding area for a thousand miles, you probably won’t be able to leave so easily, so live your life in the fish belly without worrying.”

Ye Lu replied indifferently, and then silently took out a part of the World Tree and started to refine the puppet.

This was also a plan that Ye Lu had made long ago.

The only things that could not be detected by the “divine sense” were things of a super high level like the “Blazing God Blade”, or things that were like spirit bodies after being “reborn” like himself.

Therefore, Ye Lu was making a “spirit puppet” that even his “divine sense” could not detect, because Ye Lu was worried that it would be too long in the night, and it was not a good idea to be trapped here all the time, and he did not know how long the “Beast Alliance” would trap everyone here.

However, Ye Lu had never made a puppet before, he had only seen the “Blood Puppets” made by the people of Miaojiang before, and they were quite strong.

As a result, Ye Lu found that it was easy to make an ordinary puppet, but it was a bit more difficult to make a “Spirit Puppet”, because it was a puppet that was powered by “Spirit Stones” and needed to simulate the effect of spiritual power, which was much more difficult than making an ordinary puppet.

After many times of refining, eventually, Ye Lu found that he might have to wait until he had really crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue” before he could complete this task.

He thought that what Ye Luo needed now was to pick it up and run.

So, in the end, Ye Luo made a weird thing with two legs and a claw, but this thing could run really fast.

“Brush brush brush brush!”

Looking at such a contraption running around, the four women all stared at it with wide eyes.

“Ye Lu, is this the puppet you made? How come it looks so ugly?”

“The Scarlet Queen kept shaking her head as she looked at this ugly and bizarre thing that Ye Lu had made.

Ye Luo did not care about the “Scarlet Queen’s” teasing, but started to take out a part of the “World Tree” and started to refine it again, he had to improve the problems with this puppet.

Soon, Ye Luo made another puppet that looked just as ugly, and after testing it this time, Ye Luo released this one.

The puppet did not attract anyone’s attention, and because of its small size, the puppet took the “Blazing God Blade” from the water to the shore, then darted into the jungle in the night, and began to move quietly into the distance.

As the “Killing Blade” could change its size at will under the control of the “Scarlet Queen”, the puppet Ye Lu made this time was only about half a foot tall and was inconspicuous in such a dense jungle.

The control of this puppet was handed over to the Scarlet Queen, as she was the only one who could know what was going on outside of the “Blazing God Blade”.

“Hey, it’s finally my turn to play cards.”

Ye Lu handed over the control to the Scarlet Queen and then walked towards Ye Yan and the others.

As a result, Ye Lu threw his cards onto the ground and said.

“Older brother, come and clean up the cards, we’re going to bed, let’s go, sisters!”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Long Feixue obediently stood up, she was now a good bestie in the same trench as Ye Yan, while Qin Siyu made a face with Ye Lu and also stood up.

Seeing that the three women had really all gone to bed, Ye Lu could only sigh helplessly before turning towards Little White and Little Black and saying.

“Little White, Little Black, come and we three play Landlord.”

He had no choice but to play Landlord with Little White and Little Black, and then after a short rest, he started to refine various things again, in this weird “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, there were many experts, he did not dare to relax in the slightest.

Although this little “spirit puppet” was small, its speed was not slow, and the key was that it could run wildly day and night without rest.

So, a distance of a thousand miles was covered in one night plus a little time during the day.

“Hey, let those guys from the ‘Beast Alliance’ go on a blockade, I’d like to see how long they can blockade it.”

Once he was out of the dangerous area, Ye Lu laughed heatedly.

“We’ve been here long enough and the few women have pretty much honed their skills, so I think we should skip the devil training for now and go straight to the ‘Dragon Clan’ settlement.”

Ye Lu changed his mind after thinking about it, he felt that it was better to leave in time to finish what he had to do, there was not much time left before the battle of Mount Fuji, he had to get there in time, he could not let the Japanese think that he was afraid.

In this way, Ye Lu stayed in the Blazing God Blade and then let the Spirit Puppet carry it towards the place where the Dragons were.

Since there were no more worries about being caught, Ye Luo let the puppet start running at full speed, which was much faster than Ye Luo’s usual speed, as they usually had to train with the devil.

It was only after three more days of running that they arrived at a gathering place of the Dragons, which was relatively safer, as no organization had just touched the Dragons, and even the Beast Alliance did not dare to mess with the Dragons easily, as they were one of the most powerful races in the Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts.

“Ho! There are dragons everywhere in this dragon race!”

Ye Luo said with some emotion as he looked at a black dragon that was half exposed from the pool of water.


Chapter 500

Apart from this black dragon, Ye Luo had just seen thunder dragons, flying dragons, all sorts of weirdly shaped dragon shaped demon beasts as well as demon beasts with dragon characteristics.

Because legend has it that the dragon is the most lustful, basically it will bang any demonic beast and basically it will breed offspring, as a result there are all sorts of demonic beasts with dragon characteristics, for example, legend has it that it gave birth to a special dragon with a cow, a dragon foal with a horse, a spring dragon with a donkey, a rampant dragon with a sheep and a debt dragon with a pig ……

Of course, the strongest legend is that it gave birth to the chief of all beasts, the qilin, with the cow. In short, the dragon is a species with a rather strong reproductive capacity.

The black dragon in front of him still looked like a model, and it reminded Ye Lu of the black magic dragon that inhabited the “Abyssal Hell”.

So, Ye Luo chose to show up and talk to this guy.

Seeing that someone had suddenly appeared without a sound, the black dragon opened its eyes in surprise, because its “divine sense” had been covering its surroundings, and it did not think that anything could approach it without touching its divine sense.

However, Ye Lu was indeed an accident.

“Someone’s coming?”

“The Black Dragon looked at Ye Lu and said in a loud voice.

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Yes, I am a human, but I have two friends, one with pure dragon blood, and the other one is a member of your dragon clan, so I am here to ask a favor from the dragon clan to hatch a dragon egg, and I will pay the dragon clan for the hatching.”

Ye Lu heard that the “Beast Alliance” often made deals with the demonic beasts in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, asking them to help hatch the eggs and then paying them a certain amount of money, so he wanted to do the same thing.

As a result, the “black dragon” looked at Ye Lu with a crooked head and said.

“Firstly, I don’t think you have a human friend with pure dragon blood, and secondly, who is this dragon friend of yours? Was it bred by you in human society? Thirdly, I don’t think you can afford to pay for the hatching of the beast’s eggs, but I’m curious to know how you managed to come here with such a cultivation level and just managed to escape my probing?”

The “Black Dragon” had actually been observing Ye Lu, but it could not figure out how Ye Lu had managed to appear here without a sound.

At this time, a few more dragons were startled by the conversation and came running over.

“Old Black, who is this person? Why has he come to our dragon clan’s territory?”

“That’s right, trespa*sing on dragon clan territory, do you know what kind of crime that is?”

“What a bold human!”

“What boldness, I think it’s just ignorance.”


Because the “dragon clan” clan land is after all in the edge of the “ten thousand beasts mysterious realm” is considered to be relatively in the area, so generally come here are some experienced old monsters, for these people will come, they will be careful to act, and will be through the relationship to call on the dragon clan, like Ye Lu such a rash directly barged in almost no one.

Of course, Ye Lu did not want to clash with the “Dragon Clan” people, all of them had an extremely frightening aura, and it would not do him any good to fight.

He had no choice but to tell them again what he had come for.

The “Black Dragon” didn’t pay attention to the other dragons’ comments, and looked at Ye Lu and thought about it.

“How about this, show me the beast egg you said you wanted to hatch, and I will see if you can pay for the hatching of this beast egg.”

The difficulty of hatching different levels of beast eggs and the hatching dragon used were different, so the payment was also different.

Ever since he took the dragon egg, Ye Luo had been using the divine ability in his gla*ses to purify the bloodline purity of the dragon egg, which was now 100%.

“Huh! A pure bloodline dragon egg!”

Seeing the beast’s egg that Ye Lu took out, the “Black Dragon” was also astonished, because such a bloodline “Dragon Egg” was extremely rare in the “Dragon Clan”, although it was only a “Ying Long”, it was still extremely rare.

The most noble dragons are those with pure bloodlines, so they will not have wings like the Ying Long, and the dragons with wings, as well as the dragons born after the “nine sons of the dragon”, such as the “prisoner bull”, “bully”, “jairus” and so on, are actually lower-grade dragons.

Therefore, the Black Dragon was surprised by the purity of the Ying Long’s bloodline, but not by the Ying Long’s lineage.

However, it still did not feel that Ye Lu could pay for the hatching of a pure bloodline dragon egg, so it looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Hatching such a thing is worth a lot of money, are you sure you have the ability?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I am sure, moreover, not only do I want to hatch this dragon egg, I also want to use your ‘Dragon Transformation Pond’.”

Hearing these words, all the dragon guys gathered around them exploded in anger.

A “dragon turtle” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Are you crazy, what are you talking about?”

All the other dragons echoed the words.

“That’s right, the ‘Beast Alliance’ has been here for many years, and there are only a few times that the ‘Dragon Transformation Pond’ can be used, you actually want to use the ‘Dragon Transformation Pond’, do you really Do you really know what you’re talking about?”

“That’s right, the young man is also too presumptuous.”

“What do you think our ‘Dragon Transformation Pond’ is, you can use it whenever you want?”

“I think it’s better to just kill this arrogant fellow.”


The more people said, the more excited and angry they became, and one guy couldn’t hold back already a thunderbolt struck down wildly towards Ye Luo.

Ye Luo was not even expecting the other party to strike at the drop of a hat.

However, he didn’t dodge, the “Heavenly Vine” flew out from his clothes and covered his head, as if the thunder struck a lightning rod, it was directly bounced away.

At this point, everyone was moved.

Because in their opinion, Ye Lu was just a little fellow of “Ninth Turn of Golden Dan”, how could he be able to block such an attack so easily?

What they didn’t know was that the “Heavenly Vine” had the growing “World Tree” to eat every day, and it had grown faster than imagination.

Of course, Ye Lu wouldn’t be stupid enough to fight back, he smiled and then took out something.

“Dragon Spear!”

When they saw such a thing, everyone was taken aback.

“What a strong dragon spear!”

“What kind of material is this made of? It’s of such a high grade!”

“A rare sight!”

“Want it so badly!”


For the “Dragon Clan”, what they lacked was refiners, so they couldn’t make such weapons themselves, so many people immediately became envious.

This dragon spear was made from the same “World Tree” as Long Fei Xue’s. It was a rare treasure of course, as it was of the same grade as the “Eternal Spear” Gungnir.

However, just as everyone was surprised, Ye Lu raised his hand and another “Dragon Spear” appeared, followed by another one, another one ……

In an instant, five “Dragon Spears” of the same rank appeared in Ye Luo’s hand.

Now everyone was dumbfounded.

One gun of this level was rare, but it seemed that Ye Lu had a lot of them in his hand, so it seemed that what Ye Lu had just said was not nonsense.

After that, Ye Lu put back all the extra “Dragon Guns”, then shook the “Dragon Gun” in his hand and said with a smile.

“See, don’t worry, I can afford to pay for it, and I can also customize a certain attribute of Dragon Spear for you, such as this one.”

As he said that, Ye Lu gestured for Long Fei Xue to come out of the “Blazing God Blade”.

In an instant, Long Fei Xue appeared with the “Dragon Spear” of the “Wood Attribute”.

As Long Fei Xue stabbed his spear, countless vines rose from the ground, forming two rows of lush trees on either side of the green light, which was one of the “Bloodline Avatars”, “Dragon Forest Sheltering the Sun”.

Seeing Long Fei Xue, who possessed the Green Dragon bloodline, and seeing this stunning shot, the crowd fell silent.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“The one I said was prepared to use the ‘Dragon Transformation Pond’ was actually her and not me.”