Super School Student Chapter 503-504

Chapter 503

“The “Bird Emperor” must mean the emperor of the Vermilion Bird clan, so it was good that he had the support of not only the Dragon clan but also the Vermilion Bird clan.

Then, he slapped his head.

“You can’t sing a song if you don’t have a good voice.”

It was only then that Ye Lu remembered that he couldn’t sing well at all.

So, he found a place and started to make weapons with specific attributes. In addition to making a dragon spear for the “Cloud Dragon”, he also had to make a general “Flame Longsword” for the leader of the “Vermilion Bird”.

The “fire attribute” was the one that Ye Lu was most familiar with, so it was relatively easy to make, so Ye Lu immediately found a place to start refining it.

The material was the “World Tree”, so Ye Lu did not need to beat iron to make the weapon blanks.

Moreover, Ye Lu had never been exposed to this aspect before.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually taken out a piece of wood to help him make a weapon, the leader of the Vermillion Birds, the Fire Enchantress, looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Honestly, if you weren’t a friend of the ‘Bird Emperor’, I would have burned you to death.

Hearing Fire Demon Enchantress’ words, Ye Lu then laughed and said.

“If you really burn me to death, you will definitely regret it.”

Then, he turned to a member of the Vermilion Bird clan on the side and said.

“Lend me your sword.”

The woman smiled and gave the sword to Ye Lu, who picked up the long sword he had cut and had not yet drawn the “weapon pattern”, and then he swung his sword at the Vermilion Bird clan’s long sword that he had just brought over.


The longsword actually broke with a sound.

Only then did Ye Lu shake the longsword blank in his hand and said with a smile.

“So, I say, if I die you’ll regret it, right, you’ll be missing out on a ‘supremely good sword’, so you better prepare something good to eat and drink for me, most of them will go overboard when I refine them.”

With those words, Ye Lu cut the other sword into several pieces like a carrot.

This scene scared the “Fire Enchantress”, she really didn’t think that such a long sword made of wood would have such power.

She knew the sword that the woman was using, although it was not a powerful magic weapon, it was still good, better than many of the weapons in their settlement, but it was actually so unbearable in Ye Lu’s case.

Then, her eyes looked at the “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand.

The wooden sword cut other swords just like cutting vegetables, but Ye Lu used the red blade to cut this piece of wood with no effort at all, so how strong was the blade in Ye Lu’s hand? It was simply unimaginable.

In fact, it was actually the same, the “Blazing God Knife” as one of the “Ten Ancient Fierce Weapons” was said to be able to kill even “gods”, so of course it was no ordinary thing.

Ye Lu ignored her and began to draw the “fire attribute” weapon pattern, while the rest of the Vermilion Bird clan immediately served Ye Lu delicious fruits and food, which Ye Lu, of course, accepted with a smile.

In the “Dragon Transformation Pond”, Long Fei Xue and Qin Si Yu had both entered the “Dragon Transformation Pond” at the same time, and they had to be naked in the “Dragon Transformation Pond”, otherwise the “Achilles’ Heel” might appear.

The “Achilles’ heel” refers to this story.

“Achilles was the son of the mortal Peleus and the nymph Thetis, who carried him upside down into the river Styx in order to make him immortal, but unfortunately the heel of Achilles, which Thetis held in his hand, was not soaked in water and became a fatal weakness.

Later, Paris shot an arrow at this spot and Achilles died, hence the legend of the “Achilles heel”.

Both women knew the legend, so they certainly didn’t want to leave any dead ends.

It was the first time both women had seen another woman without clothes up close, so both women blushed a little.

“Long Fei Xue, you have a nice figure!”

Since she had to stay in the “Dragon Transformation Pond” for a long time, Qin Siyu said something without words.

Now Long Fei Xue was a bit embarra*sed, because her body was not natural, while Qin Siyu’s size was natural and original, so she also said without saying anything.

“No, yours is the one that is big and shaped ……”

As a result, Qin Siyu “pfft!” said with a sound of joy.

“What are we both talking about here!”

This time Long Feixue also laughed, but the distance between the two people was instantly shortened, followed by the two people began to talk about the sky.

The endless bloodline power of the “Dragon Clan” in the “Dragon Transformation Pond” began to penetrate from their limbs and bones, and gradually changed their bloodlines and bodies.

In no time at all, the two women’s heads were covered with the shadows of “Candle Dragon” and “Green Dragon”, one red and one green.

On Qin Siyu’s chest, the “Candle of Life” appeared again, but although the candle flame wavered, the candle did not show the slightest sign of diminishing.

Seeing this scene, Long Fei Xue could not help but be a little surprised.

She had only heard about Qin Siyu lighting the “Candle of Life” before, but when she saw this scene in real life, she still felt that it was a bit unreal.

On the Vermillion Bird side, Ye Yan was experiencing something similar, but she entered a pool of fire, and the moment she entered, red fire crows instantly wrapped around her, forming a fire ma*s around her.

In this way, all three women began their qualitative transformation, while Ye Lu was refining weapons and observing the movements of the Mo Tranquil group of people from the Heavenly Demon Palace through the Demon Puppet.

Ye Lu found that these people from the Heavenly Demon Palace had really good luck, and had actually gradually found information about the Taiyin Phantom’s beast eggs.

To Ye Lu’s slight surprise, the Taiyin Phantom’s egg was actually deeper in the Mysterious Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, and it was in a place that was said to be quite dangerous.

Of course, the worse news was that there were strong demonic beasts guarding the “Taiyin Phantom” there, said to be a group of bizarre black and white demonic beasts, no one had ever seen such beasts before, and they were ridiculously powerful.

“No, we have to get there as soon as possible, otherwise the ‘Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence’ will hatch on its own and we will have ruined our trip.”

“Mo Tranquil said to the leader of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

The leader also nodded, but he did not rush into action. Instead, he instructed everyone to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances, and at the same time summoned the other squads of the Heavenly Demon Palace to act together.

In order to find the Taiyin Phantom’s eggs, the Heavenly Demon Palace had sent quite a number of people this time, after all, with fewer people, the scope of the search would be limited.

After receiving this news, Ye Lu immediately opened the map and began to calculate.

He found that the place confirmed by the “Heavenly Demon Palace” was not very far from the gathering place of the “Dragon Clan” and the “Vermilion Bird Clan”, so he also discarded the plan to go there right away, if the rumour that the “Heavenly Demon Palace” had gotten was true, compared to the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence”, it was not that easy to get.

So, he quickly contacted the leader of the Vermilion Bird, Fire Linglong, and the leader of the Dragon Clan, Cloud Dragon, and asked them to inform the top bra*s to send some experts over, and then go together to deal with the Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t care much whether the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence” could be obtained or not, but the “Beast Alliance” must be avenged, and he had to make the “Beast Alliance” feel fearful in order to force them to let him leave the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stand the three-year closure.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that he and the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace were not the only ones who were gathering people, the Xuantian Sect, the Wuji Sect, the Pill Alliance, Kunlun, the Pan Gu Clan, the Nuwa Clan, the Southern Chu ……

Almost everyone has gotten the news, and everyone is gathering their hands to head towards the “Taiyin Yufei”.


Chapter 504

However, there were still a few things in front of Ye Luo that had not yet been solved. Firstly, although the “Star Destiny Man” had a suspect, it had not yet been confirmed, and secondly, there were still two beast eggs that had not yet hatched, one was the “Heavenly Sun Candlelight” and the other was his own nameless beast egg.

“The “Sun Candlelight” was Qin Shiyu’s “beast egg”, and now Qin Shiyu’s identity had basically been clarified, the first dragon ancestor bred in heaven and earth.

He had asked “Gla*ses” to analyse all the demonic beasts he saw to see if they could help hatch “Tian Yang Candlelight”.

With the ability of “Gla*ses”, it could easily tell if a demonic beast could hatch the “Sun Candle”, but after being in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” for so long, Ye Lu had not encountered a single such demonic beast, and as for the “nameless beast eggs”, since “Gla*ses” could not identify the “nameless beast eggs” either, there was no way to provide any help.

However, for Ye Luo, most of the things in this trip to the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” had already been completed, and he was satisfied with the results so far, so he was not anxious about the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence”.

It would be good if he could get it, but it didn’t matter if he couldn’t. Ye Lu was not an insatiable person.

What he wanted to know now was who the women he had S*x with that night, and the woman he almost had S*x with, were.

He felt that several women looked alike, but they were all a bit different. However, the woman he suspected the most, or the one he was basically sure of, was “Pill Shu”, and with the wisdom of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, the majority of the game that night was done for Pill Shu, but then something unexpected happened.

“But how many people is Pill Shu?”

Ye Lu scratched his head in frustration.

Three of the four people that night had really done it, and there was one in between who had not really done it with her thighs.

This suddenly reminded him of a segment on the Internet, “There were too many people that night, and I didn’t know who the real father was”, and Ye Lu also currently has such confusion.

“Forget it, sooner or later this matter will come to light, it’s better to take care of the immediate future.”

Ye Lu shook his head and continued to refine weapons, which was also one of the important chips to attract the “Dragon Clan” and “Vermilion Bird Clan”.

The demon beasts in the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” were actually lacking in equipment, because, in the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, there were basically all demon beasts and almost none of them knew how to refine weapons, but there was no need to worry too much about techniques and spells, because many of the “demon beasts” with pure bloodlines could awaken part of their inherited memories, and there was a lot of content about this in their inherited memories.

Each clan has a lot of stuff on this subject in their clan lands, so at least the clan members can use it without any problem.

For demon beasts, they are different from humans, so they don’t need to learn so much.

The combination of all these factors makes equipment a very important part of the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”, as even many of the strongest races, such as the Dragons, have no weapons.

As expected, the senior members of the Vermilion Bird Clan were also amazed by the “Vermilion Bird Sword” that Ye Lu had made, after all, this fire sword was really too strong.

“Little friend, can you make a sword for me as well?”

An old man at the head of the Vermilion Bird hierarchy looked at Ye Lu and asked with a smile.

The Vermilion Bird clan was mostly women, but not all of them were women, there were also many men, contrary to the Dragon clan, which was mostly men and less women.

Of course, Ye Lu agreed to do so, and the others also came to request Ye Lu.

Ye Lu had no choice but to write a blank cheque, promising that he would definitely help them refine it later.

He found that the “Heavenly Demon Palace” had really brought a lot of people with them this time, and, as the rumours had it, the “Heavenly Demon Palace” was filled with legendary evil creatures, and Ye Lu saw Pandora and the snake-haired demoness.

Of course, there were even more evil creatures that Ye Lu did not know. Ye Lu felt that many of the black creatures were similar to the “hellish demon dragons”, but there were no gla*ses on the “demon puppets”, so Ye Lu had no way of confirming what this large group of weird-looking guys were.

Anyway, one thing was certain, that was, the “Heavenly Demon Palace” was not to be messed with.

The people of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” didn’t take too much time, but it still took close to a day to gather and prepare.

However, what made Ye Lu slightly anxious was that after more than a day, the three women had not yet come out. According to the “Dragon Clan” and “Vermilion Bird Clan”, the limit for those who had gone in before was one day, but the two clansmen were also very happy, because the longer it took, the greater the benefits.

At the end of the day and a half, Long Fei Xue was the first to come out.

However, it was not Long Fei Xue who came out, but a real “Green Dragon”, exactly the same as the “Green Dragon Void” that Ye Lu had seen Long Fei Xue release earlier.

“Ye Lu, I’ve turned into a dragon!”

Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile, his voice still unchanged.

With the completion of the “Dragon Transformation”, Long Fei Xue had directly crossed from the “Two Trunks” realm of the “Golden Dan Avenue” to the “Six Trunks” realm, which was much faster than taking any pills.

“As one of the Four Elephant Sacred Beasts, the status of the Dragon Clan was quite high, so many people looked at Long Fei Xue and started to bow, when the “Rain Dragon” came over with a smile.

“Go on, that’s your real master.”

As she said that, she released the cub of the “Ying Long” that had been secretly yours, this one was yellow with a pair of big wings and looked quite cute, still a bit naive as it had just been born.

It had been nourished by Long Fei Xue’s blood since it was a dragon egg, so the relationship between one person and one beast had long been established.

Of course, her body was still immersed in the “Dragon Transformation Pond”, so only her rounded shoulders could be seen, and little Ying Long was standing on Long Fei Xue’s shoulders.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu smiled. With the “Hwagamir’s Spring”, he believed that this dragon would be able to grow up very fast.

As a result, Ye Yan waited for another day before she came out of the Pool of Nirvana, and without any surprise, not only was she able to take on the form of a Vermillion Bird, but she had also awakened her memories of the Vermillion Bird’s heritage.

Ye Yan of course shared some of these inheritances with the Vermillion Bird Clan, and the Vermillion Bird Clan also acknowledged Ye Yan’s status as the “Bird Emperor” by handing her the “Vermillion Bird Divine Ring”, a symbol of her status as the “Bird Emperor”, as well as the fire bird Vermillion Bird that had already hatched.

“Now we’re waiting for Silk Rain.”

After the three of them had regrouped, they looked at the palace where the “Dragon Transformation Pond” was located and said.

Qin Siyu had been in the Dragon Transformation Pond for three days, but there was still no sign of her coming out.

At this time, “Lord Yun Long” came over and looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Lord Ye Lu, Lord Qing Long, the people of the Dragon Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan have all gathered and are ready to go at any time, don’t worry, the top bra*s of the two clans have also come out to crush them, when do we leave, should we wait for Lord Dragon Ancestor?”

To be honest, Ye Lu was quite uncomfortable with calling himself Lord, however, due to his somewhat ambiguous relationship with Qin Siyu and Long Fei Xue, the people of the “Dragon Clan” felt that they should call him Lord.

In response to the question of “Yun Long”, Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“There’s no hurry, we’re not very far from there, wait a little longer.”

In the vision of the demon puppet, the people of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” were already approaching the place called “Death Canyon”.