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Super School Student Chapter 505-506

Chapter 505

The reason why Ye Luo was not in a hurry was because he found that some of the other forces had already arrived at the Death Canyon first, but these people did not make any further moves, but waited quietly on the side of the canyon.

This meant that they hadn’t succeeded, the “Taiyin Phantom Fluorescence” must still be there, and it was obvious that it wasn’t so easy to get it.

The “Death Canyon” was a circular basin with all kinds of strange rocks everywhere, and in the middle of the canyon was a black and white fog, making it hard to see what was inside.

However, Ye Luo could see white and black flames flickering in and out.

Of course, since the people present were “demon puppets”, Ye Luo could not see the exact details, but the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence” was still there, and this should not be doubted.

“The people from the Heavenly Demon Palace did not act immediately after arriving, but looked around.

After circling around, they found that many of the Pill Alliance and other clans and forces had already arrived, and they had each chosen a place around the Death Canyon to set up their tents, obviously preparing for a protracted battle.

In the centre of the basin, near the black and white mist, there were the corpses of people and demonic beasts, apparently many people had tried but failed.

Soon, the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace chose a corner to settle down, but, like the other forces, they definitely had to give it a try.

Sure enough, this time they sent out a hellish dog.

After this three-headed creature appeared, the crowd was taken aback, as this demonic beast had reached the level of “Fifth Transformation of the Firstborn” and was definitely a powerful being.

After this creature appeared, it rushed towards the black and white fog.

However, when it reached the fog, a black and white beast appeared. This creature looked like a combination of Little White and Little Black, half of it was black and half was white, but the black half of the body had a white eye on the other side, while on the white half of the body was a black eye, which looked quite bizarre.

“Heh heh! You guys aren’t dead yet!”

This guy said with a smile as he looked at the “Hell’s three-headed dog” that was staring at him.

“Then let my little brother take care of you.”

As he said that, a golden light appeared, and it was a three-legged bird, which was quite tall, with white flames emanating from its body, and looked quite tough.

The three-legged bird then rushed forward and spurted out a white flame, which instantly enveloped the “Three Headed Dog of Hell”.

“The Hell’s Three-Headed Dog was also good at flames, but in front of this terrifying flame, it was obviously all in vain, and the Hell’s Three-Headed Dog was immediately burnt into nothingness.

“All right, craft!”

The black and white beast snapped its fingers, then turned around and walked back into the black and white mist.

This scene also scared Ye Lu enough, after all, his opponent was already far beyond his imagination.

“It’s really not that easy to succeed!”

The people from the “Heavenly Demon Palace” couldn’t help but lament.

“Mo Tranquility” looked at the direction where the beast had disappeared and asked in confusion.

“What kind of demonic beast was that? It felt so strong and weird at the same time, I’ve never seen such a demonic beast before.”

To be honest, Ye Lu felt very strange too.

After that, a great power of the Heavenly Demon Palace said with a frown.

“If my guess is correct, this should be a legendary demonic beast called ‘Wu Tian’, born out of chaos, possessing both sun and celestial yin attributes, displaying black and white colours depending on the amount of sun and celestial yin attributes.”

“You should have heard of the saying ‘Taiji gives birth to two yin’, they are the monstrous beasts created by combining the yin and yang yin together, hence the name ‘two yin beasts’.”

“It’s one of the demonic beasts closest to the origin of the universe, so you can imagine how strong it is.”

After he finished, someone else asked.

“What’s that three-legged bird that just appeared, and how come it’s so strong too?”

That great power then went on to explain.

“That fellow is even more powerful, you guys remember a legend called ‘Hou Yi shot the sun’, right?”

The crowd all nodded, and only then did he continue.

“The sun that Hou Yi shot the sun with is actually the ‘Ten Golden Crows’, which is a kind of crow with three legs, they a*sume the role of the sun, rising in the east and setting in the west every day, the bird just now is the one with the ‘Three-Legged Golden Crow’ bloodline demonic beast, now you know why that three-legged bird is so strong, right?”

The crowd all nodded, a demonic beast that could rival the sun, that was indeed really powerful.

The “Taiyin Phantom Fluorescence” was worthy of the sky, there was actually such a strong demonic beast guarding it, however, through this formation it was basically certain that the news about the “Taiyin Phantom Fluorescence” sent out before was true, otherwise everyone really couldn’t think of anything worthy of such importance.

“Alright, let’s all set up our tents, we’ll be the only ones to go, so we’ll wait and see what we can do.”

With that, the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace stayed in the Death Canyon.

However, Ye Lu finally saw the person he was looking for, and that was someone from the “Pan Gu Clan”.

“Legend has it that he used the Pan Gu Axe to split open the chaos and create the heavens and the earth, and that the place where the heavens were created was Kunlun.

Ye Luo saw that the “Pan Gu clan” did not have a special tall appearance like the “Chi You” clan, but looked very ordinary, the men were very handsome, and the women were beautiful, because the “magic puppet” saw, so Ye Luo could not see the details of their cultivation.

However, it was obvious that Gu Shiqi was not among these people.

“I wonder if the people from the ‘Dragon’ and ‘Vermilion Bird’ clans can hold the scene?”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, but he felt that there was one thing that was strange, that was, he didn’t know why the people from the Beast Alliance hadn’t appeared, as the “Tai Yin Phantom Flux” had already appeared, and it was time for them to appear.

“Is it possible that they are preparing to play a ‘mantis catching the cicada and the yellow bird in the back’?”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, and then he asked the people of the Dragon Clan to help him find out where the people of the Beast Alliance had gone.

Soon, the people from the Dragon Clan sent word that the Beast Alliance’s Beast Department and Snake Department were stationed at a place not far from the Death Canyon, and seemed to be sitting on a mountain watching the tiger fight.

It was only after the fifth day that Qin Siyu finally came out of the Dragon Transformation Pond, and at this moment her cultivation level had already reached the level of “Nine Apertures of the Golden Dan Avenue”.

This rocketing speed made Ye Lu only envious.

Seeing that Qin Siyu had finally come out of the gate, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Alright, the long wait has finally come to an end, let’s go, let’s settle the score with the ‘Beast Alliance’ first, and then go collect that ‘Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence’ beast egg.”

Ye Luo said in a loud voice towards the crowd.


The people of the “Dragon Clan” were originally good at fighting, so when they heard that they were going to fight, they all shouted loudly, but of course, they were not fighting for Ye Lu, obviously everyone’s eyes were looking at the “Dragon Ancestor” Qin Shiyu.

In this way, the army was heading towards the Beast Alliance’s “Beast Department” and “Snake Department”.

“The great elder of the Beast Department was sitting in his tent at the moment, looking at the people below him and asking.

“Has the man called ‘Autumn Leaves’ not been found yet?”

The subordinate did not dare to look up, and said in a low voice with his head bowed.

“Yes, ever since the battle at the lake people seem to have disappeared, no trace of them has been found.”

Just at this time, a subordinate suddenly ran in and said.

“It’s not good, we’re under siege.”


Chapter 506

When he heard that he was being besieged, Huben said with a frown.

“Which power in the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ would dare to besiege us?”

To be honest, in Huben’s opinion, at least in the developed area, the “Beast Alliance” still had absolute authority, because compared to such demonic beasts, the “Beast Alliance” had an advantage, that is, it could enter and attack and retreat, and if it didn’t work out, everyone could just exit the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, as these demonic beasts inside couldn’t get out anyway.

Therefore, even the powerful demonic beasts did not dare to take any action against the “Beast Alliance”.

After that, the subordinate said.

“Those who came are from the Vermillion Bird clan, and the leader is a woman.”

When he heard that it was the Vermilion Bird Clan, Huben was even more puzzled, for there was no big problem between the Beast Alliance and the Vermilion Bird Clan.

Because the nearest settlement where the Vermilion Bird Clan is located is very far away, we do not have much contact with the Vermilion Bird Clan, and only occasionally cooperate with them.

The reason for this is that the demon beasts in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts” still need to rely on the “Beast Alliance” for certain aspects, such as weapons and so on.

After all, although demon beasts are strong, they cannot leave the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, so the life of demon beasts is completely different from that of humans outside.

As a result, a suspicious Hu Ben came out and saw that there were indeed people from the Vermilion Bird clan outside, and there were a lot of them, many of them with a higher cultivation level than himself.

This really surprised him.

The person at the head of the group was someone he knew, or to be precise, he had seen before, because he was one of the four people who were initially wanted by the bounty.

At that time when they entered this place, only Ye Lu had changed his appearance, while the others were each in their original appearance.

“It’s you!”

Hu Ben said as he frowned at Ye Yan.

At this moment, Ye Yan was already a strong person who had opened the eighth aperture of the “Golden Dan Dao”, with a valiant posture, holding a flaming longsword that Ye Lu had made for her, while behind her were a pair of huge wings made of flames, which was also a symbol of his “Bird Emperor”, named “Wings of Flame”.

All this made Ye Yan look very powerful.

When she saw Huben come out, Yeyan said in a loud voice.

“If you want to blame him, blame him on your failure to educate him properly.”

“If he hadn’t molested me, I wouldn’t have missed the chance to kill him.”

After saying that Ye Yan then went on to say.

“As for you guys, killing people indiscriminately without differentiating is just as bad, today we will teach you a lesson.”

As she spoke, Ye Yan waved her long sword into the air, and a crimson flame shot up into the sky.

This was the signal to launch an attack.

At the sight of the red flame, all the Vermilion Bird clan members attacked at the same time, and countless flames began to pour out from all directions, plunging the entire “Beast System” camp into a sea of fire.

“The Vermilion Bird Clan’s attack was most suitable for group combat, as they didn’t have to worry about their flames falling short, as they could burn this one and that one anyway.

Countless Vermilion Sparrows waved their wings rapidly, and the sky was filled with the flames of Vermilion Sparrows.

Ye Yan was standing with several senior members of the Vermillion Bird Clan, watching the chaotic scene.

On the other side of the Serpent camp, Qin Shiyu had surrounded the Serpent camp with the Dragon clan.

Compared to Ye Yan, Qin Shiyu was obviously a bit uncomfortable, even though she was in the leader’s position, but without Ye Lu at her side, it was as if she was missing her backbone, and she felt her hands were already covered in sweat.

However, this was a plan that Ye Lu had arranged long ago, the three women had experienced too few battles with humans, and such a battle with little danger was just the right time to sharpen them up.

“Sister Siyu, don’t be afraid, we’re here.”

Long Fei Xue stood by Qin Siyu’s side and grabbed Qin Siyu’s hand and said firmly.

Compared to Qin Siyu, Long Feixue was considered to have grown up amidst all kinds of despise and fighting, so of the three, Long Feixue was still the most experienced one in this regard.

Looking at Long Feixue beside her, Qin Siyu suddenly felt a lot more stable in her mind.

So, she took a step forward and raised the spear in her hand.

As the spear was raised, a “candle dragon shadow” emitting endless power appeared in the air, and this invisible pressure made everyone in the “snake department” feel their spirits choked, while all kinds of snake-shaped demonic beasts had quickly lowered their heads to the ground.

“People of the Snake Clan, we do not fight nameless battles, I am one of the four people you want to kill, it is true that we killed your man, but that is because he deserved to die, since you are so unreasonable, then we are not polite with you.”

“Warriors of the Dragon Clan, let them understand what happens when they do evil.”

With those words, Qin Shiyu then violently swung the spear in her hand.

The “Candle Dragon Void” let out a loud dragon roar, followed by all the dragon warriors quickly rushing towards the “Snake System” camp.

To be honest, the demon beasts in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” did not have a very good impression of the “Beast Alliance”, because the “Beast Alliance” was not really friendly to the demon beasts in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, and the people of the “Beast Alliance” were always known for their cruelty.

At this moment, Ye Lu stood on the side of the Death Canyon and looked at the centre of the canyon.

He wanted to see what was in the centre, but he found out that the man from the Heavenly Demon Palace was right, and that what was there was indeed the “Airless Beast”, because the black and white mist was the “Airless Qi” according to the “gla*ses”.

“Looks like the news is true.”

The reason why Ye Luo came here on his own was to make sure that there was really a “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence” here, because Ye Luo always felt that this matter was very strange no matter how he looked at it.

First of all, everyone had been informed that this area was weird, and then, almost everyone had arrived at this “Death Canyon” at the same time before.

Ye Lu has been studying the motives of the person who did this.

At first, Ye Lu thought that he might have gotten so many people to come here because he couldn’t find the Taiyin Flux, so he asked them to help him find the location of the Taiyin Flux beast eggs.

After all, even if he knew that the egg was here, it would still be too difficult to snatch it from the hands of the Weatherless Beast and the Three-Legged Golden Crow it led.

However, another force soon tried, and this time it was the Pan Gu Clan.

This time, the Pan Gu Clan sent out a Seventh Transformation expert, who was holding an axe in his hand, but of course, it was not the Pan Gu Axe, but a replica of the Pan Gu Axe.

Then, this guy slashed out his axe towards the “airless Qi” at the centre of the “Death Canyon”, and the huge shadow of the axe blasted towards the “airless Qi”.

However, just as the axe was about to slash at the “Airless Qi”, another black and white demonic beast appeared.

This one was completely different from the half-black, half-white “Airless Beast” just now, this one looked like a panda in black and white, and this one also looked as chubby as a panda.

However, his combat power was not to be underestimated. With a casual wave of his hand, the shadow of the giant axe was broken by his palm, and then he looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

“Having some fun again, are we? Didn’t I just tell you guys, let’s win our little brother first.”

With its words, the “three-legged golden crow” appeared again, and seeing this “three-legged golden crow”, Ye Lu’s eyes instantly lit up.