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Super School Student Chapter 507-508

Chapter 507

Because the hint from the “gla*ses” appeared, the “gla*ses” told him that this “three-legged golden crow” was a demonic beast that could hatch the “Sun Candle” beast egg.

“Haha, I’ve really found it without any trouble! I’ve actually found a demonic beast that can hatch beast eggs here.”

However, there was now a serious problem in front of Ye Lu, how to catch this “three-legged golden crow”?

Relying on the Dragon and Vermilion Bird Clans to kill everyone and then kill the area covered by the “Airless Qi” was obviously impossible, at least not with the current collection of Dragon and Vermilion Bird Clans.

The current collection of the Dragons and Vermillion Birds together was, in Ye Lu’s opinion, enough to crush any of the forces present, but not enough to crush all of them.

What’s more, there was the “airless qi” in the middle, and Ye Lu felt that what was hidden there was even more terrifying than all the others present.

The “Great Sun Golden Flame” in the mouth of these “Three-legged Golden Crow” was enough for everyone present.

Although this flame is not an Origin Fire, it is definitely not inferior to some Origin Fires, because Origin Fires are also graded, and this “Great Sun Golden Flame” is also called a “Fire Spirit”, one of the “Four Chaos Spirits” that were created after the opening of the heavens and the earth, so it is also an incredibly powerful existence.

Even the members of the Pan Gu Clan were unable to block this guy’s attack, but it was clear that the Pan Gu Clan was indeed much better than the others, as a Pan Gu Void quickly formed around this guy on the field, and the Pan Gu Void swung its huge axe to block the terrifying strike of the Three-Legged Golden Crow.

Everyone was relieved to see this scene.

Everyone who had been up there before had been unable to withstand the strike of the Three-Legged Golden Crow, but this time there was at least a little hope that the white flame was not invincible.

Fortunately, the Pan Gu clan member had expected that he would not be able to block the attack, so after releasing his Pan Gu Shadow, he backed up quickly and escaped from the Three Legged Golden Crow’s attack.

The Three Legged Golden Crow did not give chase, it gave a proud cry and then retreated back into the “Airless Qi”, restoring peace and quiet to the “Death Canyon”.

After a few moments of silence, the teams began to send out people to talk.

Each organisation sent a representative.

Everyone went to the open space in front of the “Airless Qi”.

The representative of the “Pan Gu Clan” spoke first.

“As you can see, it is very difficult to rely on one force to get this done. I think we should join forces and find the ‘Taiyin Phantom’ egg first, and it is up to everyone to decide how to distribute it after we get it. ”

The proposal of the “Pan Gu Clan” was immediately echoed by everyone, because the first people to come here had been here for several days, but there had been no breakthrough at all.

If they were too strong, they could think of a new way.

However, just at this time, a new team suddenly appeared.

At the head of the party was a young man carrying an exaggeratedly shaped scarlet long sword in his hand, while at the side of the teenager were three stunningly beautiful women, one of them wearing magnificent armour and holding a shield wielding a snake-haired female demon design in one hand, while carrying a spear in the other.

Another carries a fiery red sword with a pair of immense flaming wings, and the last is a gallant figure holding a green “dragon spear”.

Behind the four, there were two distinctly strong teams, one made up of demonic beasts in the form of dragons and the other of vermilion birds.

Moreover, the members of both teams each had powerful auras, and it was easy to tell that these were two teams capable of conquering and fighting.

“The Dragon Clan, and the ‘Vermillion Bird Clan’!”

Of course there were many people who recognised the identities of these two teams, but basically most of them did not understand why there were four young men at the front of the team, as if these four were the leaders of the team.

Of course, some of these people were clear about Ye Lu’s identity, and they were of course the people from the Pill Alliance, especially the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” and Pill Shu, who had never thought that in a short period of time, Ye Lu and the others would become the leaders of two such powerful teams.

“The teams of the Dragon Clan or the Vermilion Bird Clan, any of them would be enough to crush any of the teams here, including the Pan Gu Clan’s team, but these two teams were obediently following Ye Lu’s lead.

“It’s the people on the wanted notice.”

“They are the ones on the wanted notice.”


The team had changed their attire, and because of the sudden appearance of the “Dragon Clan” and “Vermilion Bird Clan”, people did not recognize Ye Lu and the others for a while, but after a quick glance, many people could see their identities.

However, after a quick glance, many people could see the identity of Ye Lu and the others. This was because all the videos and pictures of Ye Lu and the others had been sent to everyone when the wanted notice was issued, of course, they were taken after Ye Lu and the others had entered the secret realm of the Beast Alliance.

Now everyone exploded, because no one knew why these “wanted criminals” had suddenly changed their guns, and looking at the current situation, no one could catch them.

Ye Lu also ignored the surprised crowd, because he still had something important to do, and that was to catch a “three-legged golden crow”, which was all the more difficult because he had to catch it instead of killing it.

To be honest, with Qin Siyu around, it would not be difficult for Ye Lu to kill a Three-Legged Golden Crow, or even an Airless Beast, but the current Qin Siyu is not the same as when he was dealing with the Teng Snakes.

But, unfortunately, this time, we have to catch them alive.

When he reached the front of the Airless Qi, Ye Lu did not stop, but carried the Blazing God Blade and walked directly towards the Airless Qi.

The three women did not follow him, only an expert from the Dragon Clan and an expert from the Vermilion Bird Clan followed him.

The three of them soon reached the front of the “airless qi”.

“Come on, let’s challenge this time.”

Ye Lu looked at the black and white “Airless Qi” and said in a loud voice.

As a result, the black and white “Airless Beast” that appeared completely ignored Ye Lu, and it looked at Ye Lu and said with a scowl.

“Forget about you, these two are quite decent, I’ll send two little brothers to play with you.”

As he said that, two “Three-Legged Golden Crow” appeared, apparently the number of “Three-Legged Golden Crow” was the same as the number of “Airless Beast”, there was more than one.


Seeing that his opponent had ignored him, Ye Lu faked a bit of depression and muttered, but in his heart, he was happy because this was exactly what he wanted to see unfold, his actual combat power was more than one realm higher than his own cultivation level, so he could actually help.

When he saw the two Three Legged Golden Crows charging towards a Dragon and a Vermilion Bird, Ye Lu made a quick gesture.

Ye Lu had already discussed with everyone that the goal was to catch one of the Three Legged Golden Crows, so the other one would be abandoned, and Ye Lu was actually the main force in this capture, because even though the Vermilion Bird was very good at flames, it still could not counter the attack of the Great Sun Golden Flame, so it was the fusion flame that Ye Lu used that could really counter the other one.

“Let’s go!”

After making a gesture, the “Heavenly Vine” wrapped itself around Ye Lu’s body, and at the same time, white flaming armour lit up on all three of them, which was tailor-made by Ye Lu for everyone.


The terrifying “Great Sun Golden Flame” hit the three of them without mercy, but to everyone’s surprise, Ye Lu and the three of them were actually unscathed and attacked at the same time.


Chapter 508

The “Flame Armor” made from fused flames could indeed block the “Great Sun Golden Flame”, but it also consumed its own energy, so Ye Lu estimated that it could only take three or four hits before the “Flame Armor” would disintegrate.

Therefore, he had to attack quickly.


The main attacker was still Ye Luo.

The difference between Ye Lu and the others was that he could use various “magic treasures” to increase his combat power, and if he didn’t have one, he could make one himself.

The gloves he was wearing at the moment were such powerful things that he had made himself.

So, he instantly poured out all the fusion flames in his gloves, and the violent flames instantly dispersed the “Great Sun Golden Flame” released by the “Three Legged Golden Crow” and enveloped it.

Ying Long and Vermilion Bird immediately launched a joint attack, their purpose was twofold, one was to consume the other as much as possible, and the other was to disengage the other.

Ye Luo was also helping with this.

Several vines wrapped in white flames instantly wrapped around the Three-Legged Golden Crow, and then worked with Ying Long and Zhu Yao to forcefully drag the Three-Legged Golden Crow.

In fact, there was a risk that if the dragging was unsuccessful, Ye Lu might be dragged into the “Airless Qi” instead, which would be bad.

However, fortunately, the Three Legged Golden Crow’s flame was indeed strong, but not as perverse as the Great Sun Golden Flame in terms of strength, so everyone dragged it over quickly.

However, seeing that Ying Long and Vermilion Bird had already gotten the better of them, Ye Lu quickly formed a shield of flame in front of him, so as long as the other “Three-legged Golden Crow” was blocked for a moment, the real experts of the Dragon and Vermilion Bird would be able to subdue it.

This time, in order to draw out a weaker Three-Legged Golden Crow, the two a*sistants Ye Lu brought along were not too strong, because he had observed before that the Three-Legged Golden Crow released by the Beast of No Air was based on the level of the opponent, and for weaker opponents, it would release a weaker Three-Legged Golden Crow.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually captured a Three-Legged Golden Crow with two people, and that he was also the main force in capturing and defending it, everyone present was taken aback.

It was because everyone actually thought the same as the “airless beast”, they all thought that Ye Lu would be a “gift”, just to match the “Ying Long” and the Vermilion Bird, but who would have thought that things would be completely opposite, it was the Ying Long and the Vermilion Bird that were matching Ye Lu.

“What a powerful flame!”

After all, there were still a lot of Three Legged Golden Crows, and as warriors, everyone had to be ready to sacrifice at all times, not to mention that it was not uncommon to be caught.

He felt that this white flame was much stronger than the “Great Sun Golden Flame”, which was incredible.

“Among the Ten Great Origin Flames, the ‘Sun True Flame’ should be the strongest, followed by the ‘Taiyin True Flame’, right? ‘.”

The flame released by Ye Lu was a fusion flame of three “Origin Flames”, so of course the grade was extremely high.

Behind Ye Luo, the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clansmen had already started to take action, with water and ice frantically attacking the Three Legged Golden Crow’s body, while the Vermilion Bird clan controlled its flames.

The three-legged Golden Crow was, of course, immediately ravaged to death.

Ye Lu also quickly retreated to the Three Legged Golden Crow’s side.

What he wanted to do was to “forcibly recognize the master”. He had his own origin flame, especially a vitality flame like the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame”, so he felt that the “Three-Footed Golden Crow” should not be too repulsive.

As expected, the Three-Legged Golden Crow soon became Ye Lu’s servant and stood by his side.

Now everyone was in an uproar.

“Sh*t! Who is this kid? It’s so awesome that he came and caught a ‘Three-Legged Golden Crow’.”

“Yeah, no wonder no one has been able to catch him for so long, he’s really powerful.”

“What a bull!”

“Today is an eye opener.”


It’s no wonder that everyone was emotional, everyone has been here in Pan Heng for some time, but no one could do anything to these “three-legged golden crows”, even the people of the “Pan Gu clan” could only basically avoid them, but Ye Lu and the others came and caught one, this is really too incredible.

“Three-footed, are you able to speak?”

Ye Luo said to the “Three-Legged Golden Crow”.

As a result, the creature shook its head.

Ye Luo could not help but feel a sense of relief, it is true that the higher the bloodline of a demonic beast, the more difficult it is to transform, this guy has such a high cultivation level that he could not even speak and transform.

“Then you are able to understand what we say, right?”

This time it nodded, and then Ye Lu said.

“That’s good, help me hatch a beast egg sometime, but before that, tell me, is there a ‘Tai Yin Phantom Flux’ egg in that ‘Airless Qi’ or not? If there is, nod your head, if not, shake your head.”

This was also a question that Ye Lu had been worrying about all along, he kept saying that there was a beast egg of the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence”, but was there really such a beast egg?

As a result, the “three-legged golden crow” shook its head.

This made Ye Lu, and the three women standing beside him, all taken aback, it looked like everyone had really fallen for it.

“Alright, I get it, go in.”

This bracelet was brought over by his elder sister, Ye Yan, and was snatched from the Great Elder of Huben, its level was much higher than the one Ye Lu had before.

Ye Luo then quietly put the beast egg of the “Sun Candle” inside and gave it to the “Three-legged Golden Crow”.

After seeing the “Sun Candle” egg, the “Three-Legged Golden Crow” immediately stared at it, it could not speak and could only use exaggerated expressions to express its surprise.

It was excited to be the mother of the Sun Candle, but not in the true sense of the word, and more importantly, this incubation process would allow it to evolve itself, so that it might be able to evolve into a “Great Sun Golden Crow”.

So, it immediately started to hatch the eggs.

Ye Lu looked at the crowd and said.

“Everyone, don’t waste your efforts, there are no ‘Tai Yin Phantom Flux’ beast eggs in this ‘Airless Qi’.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, everyone immediately froze.

“There are no beast eggs!”

Everyone started muttering in their hearts, and following that, a guy looked at Ye Luo and said.

“If you say there aren’t any, there aren’t any? Who knows if it’s true, maybe you’re fooling us to get us to leave and then you get the ‘Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence’ yourself.”

“Yes, you say there isn’t, what are you using to prove it?”

“Trying to trick us are you?”

“Sh*t, playing a ruse with us.”


After a moment of silence, the crowd began to question, after all, everyone had come all the way here for the “Taiyin Phantom Fluorescence” egg, and when they were about to succeed, Ye Luo said there was no “Taiyin Phantom Fluorescence” egg at all, which made everyone completely unable to accept it.

However, Ye Lu did not pay any attention to them, nor did he give any explanation, but directly turned around and led the people of the Dragon Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan to leave.

“The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” thought about it and followed with his men, while the beautiful women of the Hundred Flowers Clan all followed him.

Although Ye Luo had changed his appearance, the flames he had just unleashed and the “Blazing God Blade” in his hand had made the sisters of the Hundred Flowers Sect recognise him.

The others were dumbfounded, they were just leaving, what a routine.

Immediately afterwards, a loud roar sounded, from far away to near, just like muffled thunder in the sky.

“A tide of beasts!”

“It’s a tide of beasts coming!”

Some people’s faces immediately changed.