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Super School Student Chapter 509-510

Chapter 509

“It’s really a tide of beasts.”

Next to Ye Lu, the people of the Dragon Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan also began to turn pale, because they knew very well that what these people were saying was true.

Those of them who had lived in the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts for a long time were certainly very familiar with the “Beast Tide”, and they were also very clear that this “Beast Tide” was not that simple, and judging from the sound, this “Beast Tide” was probably bigger than every “Beast Tide”.

“You guys go now, I’ll go to the sky and take a look.”

“One of the experts of the Vermilion Bird Clan said quickly to Ye Lu, and then he flew up into the sky.

Then he saw a terrifying scene.

He saw that from far away in the sky, countless demonic beasts were like a tidal wave on the sea, and not only on the ground, but also in the air, the demonic beasts in the air also started to fly towards this side like dark clouds.

This Vermilion Bird clan member had never seen a “tide of beasts” of this scale before.

“This is too frightening, I’m afraid that everything will be destroyed wherever it goes.”

Although the tide of beasts was still far away, the black line that could not be seen and the muffled sound made the scale of the tide very clear to him.

“This time we are in big trouble, the scale of the tide is too big, and judging by the speed, the vanguard should be of a high level, I am afraid we are all going to die here.”

This guy said with a somewhat unpleasant face.

However, from the moment Ye Lu heard the word “tide of beasts”, he started to feel excited, the “tide of beasts” had come, which meant that the last “keyword” had also appeared.

“Is the tide of beasts really that terrifying?”

Ye Luo looked at the Vermilion Bird and Dragon people and asked.

A great power from the “Dragon Clan” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“The ‘beast tide’ is indeed extremely terrifying, and the most important thing is that there is no way to escape from the ‘beast tide’ here. ‘, but not us people, so the ultimate fate is to be swallowed up by the ‘beast tide’.”

And Ye Lu asked with some confusion.

“Forgive me for being presumptuous, but technically speaking, aren’t you guys also ‘beasts’, so that means that you should also be part of the ‘tide of beasts’, what’s so scary about you guys?”

It would be easy to understand if Ye Lu and the humans who entered here were afraid of the ‘beast tide’, but the Dragons were originally from here, and were also part of the beasts, so what was there to run from?

As a result, the dragon master shook his head and said.

“You don’t understand the ‘Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts’, it’s too big for you to imagine. The area you have seen is only the tip of the iceberg, and our ‘Dragon Clan’ is certainly not what you see, but it is our ‘Dragon Clan’ that has to turn pale when it comes to the ‘Beast Tide’, because the Beast Tide is aimed at more than one other race.”

“I don’t know who or what started the ‘Beast Tide’, but in front of the ‘Beast Tide’, all of us demon beasts only have two choices, either die or submit and become their slaves, in other words In other words, the ‘beast tide’ is not formed naturally, but someone is controlling it.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu also sucked in a breath of cold air, even the “tide of beasts” could be controlled, what kind of existence was this?

At this moment, in the deepest part of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, an extremely handsome looking man was sitting on his throne, drinking red blood-like wine, and beside him, an immense monster with an unknown number of heads and faces was quietly lying there.

If Ye Lu had been there, he would have had the chance to see the “thousand-faced demon beast”, the king of all beasts “Typhon”, born of the European Mother Earth, was not worth mentioning in front of it.

In this hall, apart from this handsome man and the Thousand-Faced Demon Beast, there were also many black and white demon beasts, as well as nine “Three-Legged Golden Crows” that were even stronger than the ones Ye Lu had seen before, and these were the evolved form of the “Three-Legged Golden Crow” called the “Great Sun Golden Crow”.

Of course, if Ye Lu was there, he would have been most surprised by the one behind Ye Lu, which was a rather oddly shaped thing that looked like a white hollow ring, and was none other than the Greatest Saint Beast, the Tai Yin You Yu.

“Thousand Faces, what do you think they would think if they knew that I had in fact hatched the real ‘Youfang’ and that it was right here with me?”

The handsome man looked at the “Thousand-Faced Demon Beast” beside him and said with a smile.

“They’d be mad, of course.”

“Nonsense, they’d be angry, they’d be scared to death to know that the Lord exists, so they’d be mad as hell!”

“I’m sure they’ll regret it to death.”

“But this time, ah yo thanks to the ‘Beast Alliance’ people for their help, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

“Thanks my a*s, they didn’t have the benefit too.”

“That’s right, sooner or later this small thousand world will all be ours.”

“Mao’s little thousand world, we are going to become immortal, become immortal, you know?”


Several heads of that “thousand-faced demonic beast” immediately started arguing.

As a result, the handsome man frowned and said.

“Thousand faces, how many times have I told you to try to let one head talk, you’re making a lot of noise, you know?”

“Tell those in front of us not to be too greedy, we’ll focus on gathering information this time, they’ll have plenty of time to eat people after we conquer all the small worlds.”

Hearing the handsome man’s words, a black and white demonic beast immediately disappeared, its speed was simply unbelievable.

And Ye Lu and the others were still on the run.

What made Ye Lu puzzled was that he had never seen “Zhang Tian” and those who were with him before, so I was afraid that he had a hunch about what was going on and had bailed out in advance.

Since Zhang Tian was able to obtain the inheritance of the Immortal Mansion and some of its resources, he must have a lot of unbelievable tricks, and Ye Lu felt that this person would become a big problem for him sooner or later.

What he needed to do now was to find out who the “Star Destiny Man” was. Therefore, Ye Lu did not break away from the group, but ran wildly towards the entrance with the rest of the group.

Although the land-bound demon beasts were huge in number, they were not very fast, and were much slower than the average speed of Ye Lu’s group, but the flying demon beasts were fast, and even though the fleeing group was basically riding flying demon beasts, the vanguard of the opposing group was still approaching everyone bit by bit.

“Come on, come on ……”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart as he fled.

However, soon, flying demonic beasts flew over from the direction of the entrance and exit of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

“Lord, the entrance and exit have been completely sealed off by the people from the Beast Alliance, we can’t get out.”

This guy was someone from the Heavenly Demon Palace, and should be the one left by the Heavenly Demon Palace near the entrance/exit to meet them.

After all, everyone was not stupid. When things had come to this stage, it was clear to everyone that the Beast Alliance must be involved in this matter, otherwise it was impossible for so many people to be deceived, while the Beast Alliance itself was at large.

“They turned off the communication function of the communicator too.”

At this moment, a man looked at the “communicator” in his hand and said.

As expected, the Beast Alliance had also started to make their move, which meant that everyone would probably die in this “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

Everyone, including the demonic beasts of the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clans, looked almost desperate, as no one knew how to escape from the tide of beasts.

“What if we flee to the sides, can we bypa*s the ‘tide of beasts’?” someone suggested.

Someone suggested.

However, a great power of the Vermilion Bird Clan shook his head and said.

“It’s difficult, I saw from the air earlier that the scale of the ‘beast tide’ is too big, I’m afraid that only death awaits us, you might still have a chance to break out from here.”

The crowd was also silent, with the Beast Alliance blocking the entrance and exit, how could they possibly break out?


Chapter 510

If it were a big battle, everyone might still have a bit of a chance, but the entrance and exit of the secret realm is such a small bit of space that finding a strong hand would be too much for one man to handle.

There is no way to contact the outside of the secret realm, so the experts from the various clans and powers are also unable to know what is going on in the secret realm, let alone rescue them.

In fact, even rescue was not that easy, because it would be extremely difficult to enter the secret realm of the Beast Alliance, after all, the Beast Alliance was one of the largest clans, so there might be some chance of a big battle, but there was no chance at all of an attack like this.

“Anyway, let’s go to the entrance first and see what happens, it’s a death sentence.”

Someone said after thinking about it.

At this time, Ye Lu suddenly said.

“Give me some of all of your blood, I have a way to save you all from getting out.”

Hearing Ye Luo say that he could save everyone from getting out, everyone was stunned.

“You really have a way?”

One of the people from the “Heavenly Demon Palace” asked with some disbelief as he looked at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu nodded with certainty, then turned his head to look at the people of the “Pan Gu Clan” and said.

“However, I have a premise, please ask the “Pan Gu Clan” to release one of my friends, otherwise it might be difficult for me to do this.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the people of the Pan Gu Clan immediately frowned, followed by a man of the Pan Gu Clan who looked at Ye Luo and said coldly.

“Are you threatening us, the Pan Gu Clan?”

Ye Luo looked at him and said in the same unkind tone.

“Yes, I am threatening you, what do you want? Say it!”

The last word Ye Luo said in a loud voice.

As a result, this “Pan Gu clan” guy stared at him, his face turned red, and thought for half a day before he slowly said.

“It’s alright, I’m just curious to ask.”

Immediately, someone couldn’t help but laugh.

Ye Lu turned to the leader of the “Pan Gu Clan” and said.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush with you, that woman called ‘Gu Shiqi’, let her go and I’ll save you all, otherwise, you can all wait for death here.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, that chief suddenly sighed in relief and said.

“Phew, I thought you were talking about who, Miss Gu, ah, this depends on her will, she is a member of our ‘Ancient Clan’, and is a reincarnation of the ‘Heavenly a*sist Star’, the star of great fortune, and has now received the recognition of the ‘Pan Gu Axe’ and has received the inheritance of our ‘Pan Gu Great God’, I am afraid, even if you ask her to return with you, she may not be willing.”

Hearing this chief’s words, Ye Lu was also stunned.

The “Pan Gu Axe” was the top of the legendary “Ten Fierce Weapons of the Ancient World”, the most powerful divine weapon that could open up the heavens and the earth, if it was really acknowledged by the “Pan Gu Axe”, it would really be a great blessing.

The “Nine Stars” have their corresponding destinies in the Qi Men Dun Jia, among which the “Heavenly a*sist Star” is the first of the three “Great Auspicious Stars”, and I didn’t expect that it would correspond to Gu Shi Qi.

“What a bull!”

Ye Lu said with some doubt.

The leader of the “Pan Gu Clan” said with a smile.

“I can promise you that after we leave this place, I will let her come out to see you, at that time, whether she stays or goes is up to your arrangement, how about that?”

From the beginning to the end, this clan member of the “Pan Gu Clan” did not mention the fact that Gu Shiqi was a “Star Destined One”, so it was obvious that he intended to protect her.

So, Ye Lu nodded his head, and then instructed everyone to take some of the blood for themselves.

After that, Ye Luo discussed with the people of the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clans, and then the army of these two clans quickly disappeared.

Next, Ye Lu did not explain why, but instructed everyone to rush in the direction of the entrance and exit of the secret realm.

Sure enough, there was a sealed formation at the entrance and exit, stopping everyone from leaving the secret realm.

As we rushed along these days, we could occasionally see some of the Beast Alliance’s great powers at first, but later on, basically no one from the Beast Alliance could be seen, obviously, the Beast Alliance had prepared for this and had quickly evacuated the area.

Looking at the sealed entrance and exit, everyone was once again in despair, because it was obvious that there was no way to get out, and now the only hope was Ye Lu.

So, all of them looked at Ye Luo.

Ye Luo was not in a hurry, he did not move his voice and instructed everyone to wait for the “tide of beasts” to come.

To be honest, everyone really couldn’t wait at ease, because what would we do when the “tide of beasts” really came? Moreover, the flying beasts would probably arrive soon.

Sure enough, the next day, everyone could see the “flying” demonic beasts spreading like dark clouds towards the entrance and exit, and it was estimated that the “tide of beasts” would arrive in just a few hours.

However, when we look at Ye Lu, there is still no sign of him leaving, he just stands there quietly looking at the direction of the “tide of beasts”.

In this way, time pa*sed by, and everyone became more and more impatient.

“Why aren’t we leaving yet? Is there really a way out of here?”

“I don’t know, if Lord Ye Lu says there is, then there must be, isn’t he here himself?”

“Did you see that, there are too many demonic beasts, my god!”

“Dead, dead!”


Everyone should be able to see the densely packed approaching demonic beasts, the number of these demonic beasts was simply uncountable as half of the sky was covered by them, like a curtain that was slowly drawn up, the endless demonic beasts made everyone understand that even if the other party was ants they could eat everyone to the bone.

Finally, the long-lost feeling of fever reappeared.

“Here it comes!”

He was waiting for the “Immortal Mansion Key” to heat up again so that he could confirm the “Star Destined One”.

After that, Ye Luo turned his head to look at “Mo Tranquility” and walked towards her.

This made Mo tranquil feel a bit puzzled, and she also turned her head to look at Ye Lu, but she saw Ye Lu frowning and changed his direction again.

This was because Ye Lu had just discovered that when he was walking towards Mo Tranquility, the feverish feeling was actually diminishing, which meant that the “Star Destined One” was not Mo Tranquility, nor was she from the “Heavenly Demon Palace”, which made him feel a bit strange, because that time it was clearly because of Mo Tranquility and their “Immortal Palace Key” that he was feverish!

After walking a few more times, Ye Lu finally identified the direction, which was actually the direction Ye Yan and the others were in.

“Could it be the people around me?”

Ye Luo doubted and walked back again, but he found out that this “person of star fate” was no other than Long Fei Xue, who had always been by his side.

“Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, “dragon”, “female”, “beast tide”, “Golden Dan Avenue”, Ye Lu instantly recalled these five key words again, and he suddenly realized that they all corresponded to Long Feixue.

“So ‘far away and close at hand’, ‘stepping through iron shoes and finding nothing’, ah, after looking for so long, it’s actually Fei Xue.”

Since the person had already been found, Ye Lu didn’t need to wait any longer, he smiled at everyone and said.

“Alright, then let’s leave this hellish place, in a moment when you feel a fluctuation of heaven and earth’s Yuan Power, you don’t need to resist, accept the summons and you can leave, everyone may leave in several batches, don’t be in a hurry.”

Following that, Ye Luo then snapped his fingers, signalling everyone to wait quietly.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, everyone revealed an extremely puzzled look, as everyone was confused as to what Ye Luo was talking about, even Ye Yan and the girls beside Ye Luo were also confused.

“Does he mean that someone will summon us out?”

“Not straight away, it seems like that’s what it means.”

“Directly leave?”

“You ask me, how would I know?”


Just as everyone was talking, someone really felt the fluctuation of the Yuan Power of Heaven and Earth, and it wasn’t just one person, Ye Lu also felt the fluctuation of the law around his body.

“Walk on!”

Ye Luo said as he smiled at the crowd.

Following that, the teleportation began, and amidst the crowd’s surprise, a group of people had already disappeared.