Super School Student Chapter 525-526

Chapter 525

Although it was made up, Ye Lu felt that Ye Yan’s words were not untrue. This “nameless beast egg” could not even be identified by “gla*ses”, so it was too difficult to find someone who could know its details.

So, after thinking about it, Ye Lu gave the beast egg to the “Three-legged Golden Crow”, which was more experienced in hatching beast eggs, as it had nurtured a divine beast like the “Heavenly Sun Candle” before.

After handing over the nameless beast egg to the Three-Legged Golden Crow, Ye Lu looked at the three women and said.

“I’m going to do a few things next, so I’ll tell you all about them and you can help me out.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ye Yan first said with a big grin.

“Sure, tell me about it, it’s on old sister.”

When Ye Yan finished speaking, Ye Lu laughed, because in fact, he felt that the most unreliable was this old sister, but of course, Ye Lu did not dare to say it, he knew Ye Yan’s temper.

So, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Firstly, I want to go back to Liao City and look for the root cause of Zhang Tian becoming stronger, most of this matter is because of him, even if we can’t find the real cause, I think most of us can find some clues.”

“Secondly, I want to find a safe nest for you guys, after all, with my identity exposed, I’m afraid it won’t take long to be targeted, and by then, you guys might be implicated too, and as a nest, the most suitable place is to find a new ‘secret realm’, ‘open ‘ After that, we can live in it.”

“And, it’s still quite difficult for others to find the secret realm if they want to, plus I can also arrange formations outside and inside the secret realm, that way it will be solid.”

When she heard Ye Lu say something about “opening up”, Ye Yan, who liked to play games, got excited first, and she said with big eyes and a smile.

“The first thing that I want to do is to go to the desert, and maybe I can even get a few elite monsters to drop some good equipment or something.”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“You’re all covered in extreme equipment, what else do you want to pick up?”

Following that, Ye Lu continued.

“In addition, there is still three keys away from opening the Immortal Mansion without a bit of news at all, I think if there is a chance we can also go look for clues, however, this matter is somewhat nebulous and beyond our control, so it is not considered a very reliable thing.”

“There is another thing that is the most important and imminent and practical, and that is, we raise everyone’s cultivation level up, including the level of the spirit beasts, we have the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, and the ‘Star Destined One’ of the Immortal Mansion ‘, even if we want to stay out of it and be left alone, it’s impossible, sooner or later we’ll get caught up in it.”

“So, before things get completely out of hand, we must try to improve ourselves before we do.”

“That’s what we’re going to do next, which one do you think is better to start with?”

As a result, Ye Yan felt that we should start with “opening up the land”, while Qin Siyu felt that it would be better to visit “Liao City” first, while Long Fei Xue did not take a position, and to be honest, she was caught between Ye Yan and Qin Siyu.

However, before anyone could agree on anything, Jasmine’s call came in first.

“Ye Lu, I’ve brought you spirit stones, and, to tell you the good news, our elder has interceded with the Supreme Elders for you, and she said that you should be able to enter the secret realm of the sect that produces the ‘Luminous Stone’ soon.”

This was definitely good news, to be honest, Ye Lu had been coveting that secret realm that produced luminous stones for a long time, after all, the thing that had helped him the most along the way were these so-called “luminous stones”, that is, spirit stones, without the help of these spirit stones, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to grow so fast.

If the secret realm could produce so many “spirit stones”, Ye Lu felt that there must be other treasures inside, so he had to go to this secret realm, but before that, he had to make arrangements for Ye Yan and the others, so that whatever he did, he would have no worries.

So, Ye Lu and “Jasmine” said with a smile.

“I’m in the city, I’ll send you an address, wait for me there, I’ll be there soon.”

The main reason why Ye Lu didn’t let Jasmine come over was because he could see that Jasmine actually liked herself, and with so many women here, Jasmine would definitely be unhappy, but now he heard that Jasmine was in a good mood, so what was the need to make her unhappy, after all, it was rare for Jasmine to leave the secret realm.

The first thing he did was to help the “Hundred Flowers Sect” and the “Pill Alliance” make something for them before the “opening”.

As a result, when Ye Lu asked Jasmine, she said that she was still at the entrance of the secret realm and had called him just after she left the realm.

This made Ye Lu feel slightly surprised, Jasmine usually and not such a person, she is a very careful and meticulous woman, to be honest, indeed slightly silly and sweet, but not so out of shape as today, Ye Lu always feel that Jasmine today is a little too happy.

Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue were a bit anxious to show Ye Lu their “original spirit animals”, which were much more intelligent and fun than pets, and one of their spirit animals was a dragon and the other was a vermilion bird, which attracted each other, so the two little ones were having a great time.

However, Qin Siyu’s strongest pet was a bit boring, “Tian Yang Candle” had no five senses and no arms and legs, so it could not express any information at all.

With that, Ye Lu stayed in the villa with everyone for a while, then after telling the three women that he was going to look for Jasmine, he left the villa to go to the agreed location.

“It’s on me, Jasmine, just order whatever you want.”

Ye Lu looked at Jasmine and said with a smile.

As a result, Jasmine suddenly blushed as she lowered her head and took out a storage ring and said.

“This is the ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stone’ given to you by the clan, the clan said that they will arrange for you to enter the ‘Goddess Secret Realm’ in a few days, however, you can only go alone.”

Ye Luo took the ring and nodded.

“Secret realms” were important to every clan, especially resource-rich secret realms, because for clans, it was almost difficult to find things that would be of great help to the clan in the “secular world”, so the source of treasures for all the major clans were the secret realms belonging to the clan, and also those public secret realms that had not been completely opened up.

Especially the super experts of the sects, they usually sought opportunities in the legendary and terrifying secret realms, but of course, many of these people went to the secret realms and never came back.

Ye Lu also took out a ring and handed it to Jasmine, saying.

“This is something I refined for the clan this time.”

Then, he took out another separate ring and handed it to Jasmine with a smile and said.

“This is a separate small ring for you, take it.”

To thank Jasmine, it had become customary to give Jasmine many good things individually each time.

Jasmine hurriedly thanked her, then still looking down at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, today …… today is my birthday, can you …… can you …… that… . can you watch a movie with me? I …… I’ve never seen it before.”

This was quite a surprise to Ye Lu.

To be honest, there weren’t many women in this day and age who hadn’t seen a movie yet, and Jasmine wasn’t young, at least a few years older than herself.

Jasmine saw Ye Lu’s expression thinking he didn’t agree and hurriedly waved her hand with a red face and said.

“You …… you …… are not delayed if you have something to …… delay …….”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“It’s okay, I’ll keep you company and find a good looking blockbuster to watch later.”

Hearing Ye Luo promised, Jasmine immediately happy and a little girl like giggling, but, immediately realized that he lost his temper, red face and lowered his head not dare to say a word.

Only then did Ye Lu remember that Jasmine had been adopted by the clan since she was a child, and probably hadn’t come out much besides the clan. If it wasn’t for the deal with himself for spirit stones, he would have been cultivating in the clan more or less all year round, so it was no wonder that she behaved like this.

What he didn’t know, however, was that not far away, a foreigner was quietly watching the two of them while sipping his coffee, and on one side of that foreigner’s arm was wrapped a blood-red poisonous snake.


Chapter 526

“The East is truly a fearsome land.”

Elliog muttered to himself as he looked at Jasmine not far away.

A “Demon God” stronger than him had once tried to enter the country of China, only to be discovered just after crossing the border. Therefore, Lord Astaroth of the Four Pillars of Supremacy believed that there should be some kind of formation around this mysterious Eastern country, which could sense the entry of high-ranking foreigners.

A formation that could cover millions of square kilometres, what kind of a great power would it take to set up such a formation?

However, it was not too restrictive for a cultivation level like his, and after doing some disguises, a few of them sneaked in.

The reason why he had set his eyes on Jasmine was because Jasmine fulfilled three of the five requirements for finding the “Immortal Palace Key”: “Saint Virgin”, “Peony Residence” and “Foundation Establishment”.

“After all, Jasmine did not have any bloodline or heritage, so she had to rely on her own cultivation. Despite the various pills Ye Lu provided for her, her speed of improvement was limited.

However, to be honest, it was not easy for Jasmine to become a Foundation Establishment practitioner at such a young age, after all, if she crossed the “Ninth Golden Dan” realm, she would be qualified to be an “Outer Sect Elder”, but of course, the real “Outer Sect Elders” were all “Ninth Golden Dan” mid to high level.

Of course, this is the “secular world”, the “Foundation Establishment” is also the “Patriarch”, a generation of masters, in the “secular world” is not a mundane person, so, to be honest, Jasmine still stands out in the crowd, of course, provided that people have the same scrying ability as Elliog.

“What a nice girl, but why do you want a mortal for a boyfriend? And so shy, as if her boyfriend is so powerful.”

Elliog muttered in disbelief as he sipped his coffee.

He couldn’t detect the aura in Ye Luo’s body, so he then characterized Ye Luo as an ordinary person, and in his opinion the two of them didn’t match at all.

“The identity has not been determined and there is no way to make a move here, it is better to wait for the opportunity, when the time comes, let ‘Gogendal’ directly bite the man first and confuse the woman, it should be easier to handle.”

In Eliogh’s eyes, he didn’t put Ye Lu and Jasmine in his sights.

Originally, Ye Lu wanted to treat Jasmine to a big meal, but she was surprisingly fond of fast food, so Ye Lu ordered a lot of things, and watching Jasmine happily eat, he couldn’t help but be led to eat too, which reminded him of the meal he had after he was “deflowered”, and the waiter was going crazy that time.

She said that Liu Mei had already entered the “Golden Elixir Path” and would soon break through to the “YuanYing realm”, which not only made her envious, but even the “Water Fairy Elder” was shocked.

Now no one in the entire secret realm dared to mess with Liu Mei.

“Everyone said that they wanted to help Sister Liu Mei find a ‘spirit beast’, but she said that she would have to discuss it with them.”

Jasmine looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Okay, you go back and talk to her, I’ll take care of this matter.”

Ye Luo could hear that the two of them, Liu Mei and Jasmine, were now almost good enough to become one person.

Finally, Jasmine just couldn’t eat anymore, he patted his little belly with a somewhat unpleasant smile and said.

“It really doesn’t fit anymore, let’s go.”

Leaffall reminded with a smile.

“Better bounce around a bit more to digest it then, because there’s popcorn to be had at the movies.”

Sure enough, Jasmine looked a little sad all of a sudden.

“I should have known I would have eaten less.”

Through this contact Ye Lu realized that Jasmine was indeed a very simple person, so simple that she was a bit speechless, before Ye Lu and Jasmine were mainly in contact with handing over various things, and Jasmine also carried herself according to the image of a lady, so even Ye Lu was confused by Jasmine.

“Let’s go, let’s go watch a movie.”

Ye Luo looked at Jasmine and said with a smile.

“You can still stand up after eating so much, right?”

As a result, Jasmine’s face immediately turned red again.

The two soon found the cinema, everyone could fly so flying around blockbusters and various martial arts movies were ruled out, eventually, the two picked a comedy and walked inside the cinema.

As expected, Jasmine was curious about everything, especially the 3D gla*ses that made her almost scream out, looking at her mountain child into the city in general, Ye Lu also could not help but laugh.

However, Ye Luo did not let his guard down, he scanned through his gla*ses that there was a foreign expert who had hidden his cultivation and had been following the two of them, Ye Luo could not be sure if the other party was necessarily following himself and Jasmine, but this person did follow them all the way from the time they were eating to the theatre.

And Ye Luo also knew the other person’s identity through his gla*ses.

Elliog, the fifteenth demon god among the seventy-two pillars of King Solomon’s demon gods, his weapon is a lance, good at scouting out hidden things and possessing some perception ability ……

The fact is that the people who are in the West Asia cultivator will come here, however, Ye Lu’s intuition feels that this guy’s arrival is mostly related to the “Immortal Palace Key”.

He wanted to see what the other side wanted to do, and he was waiting for the moment when the other side would see what he wanted to do.

However, he found that Eliogh was very calm and sat there without making a move.

In fact, what Ye Luo did not know was that Eliogh had not made a move because he was also waiting for news from the others, and it was not up to him to decide whether to make a move or not.

So, Ye Luo stayed with Jasmine as she watched the movie, who was immediately captivated by its content, laughing her head off, completely unaware that danger was in fact all around her.

Near the end of the movie, that Eliogh finally did make his move.

“Go ahead, ‘Gogendal’ bite the man, the woman get knocked out and that’s it.”

As Eliogh gave the order, the red viper demon beast then silently rushed towards Ye Luo’s direction like lightning.

But soon, he noticed that the “Gogendal” had suddenly disappeared.

“Huh! What happened? How did it disappear.”

Elliog was completely confused, because he didn’t know what had happened to Gogendal, he couldn’t sense anything at all, so Gogendal should be dead or Gogendal had disappeared.

“How is that possible?”

“Did someone take Gogendal down?”

Eliogh could not believe this, because he was a true Golden Dao expert, and he had opened his “seven trunks”, while his viper, Gogendal, was a powerful demonic beast with “eight trunks”.

But soon, he noticed a very small demonic beast flying over quietly, holding a small note in its hand.

The note had a message written in English.

“Dude, let’s have a closer chat after we finish watching the movie, you’re lucky today, if it wasn’t for not affecting her mood, you would have died long ago.”

The note was of course written by Ye Lu, the snake had just been caught by Ye Lu’s quick hand and put into the “Spirit Beast Bracelet”.

Now Ye Luo’s fighting ability was already comparable to that of a super expert of the Yuan Ying realm, so it was easy to deal with such a demonic beast, but of course, Ye Luo’s real cultivation level was one level lower.

Ye Luo was also happy to see Jasmine, so he adopted this strategy, after all, today was Jasmine’s birthday, he really wanted Jasmine to have a perfect birthday.

However, Ye Luo’s note did not dissuade Eliogh from making further moves, because, he was not the only one here.

Of course, the fact that the other side had managed to kill Gogendal without a sound made it clear to him that he was no match for most of them.

So, he quickly told his accomplice about the situation.

He was still watching the film with Jasmine, but he had already made up his mind that if anyone dared to spoil the peace and quiet, he would make sure that they would pay back twice as much.