Super School Student Chapter 527-528

Chapter 527

After an hour or so, the movie was over, and Ye Luo left the theatre with Jasmine as if nothing had happened.

Jasmine, a snacker, had already eaten so much before, but still, she had eaten all the popcorn and cola.

“This movie is so good.”

Jasmine said with heartfelt emotion.

Ye Luo also nodded, because this movie was indeed very good, which Ye Luo also had to admit.

“Why don’t we watch another one, it’s so good.”

Jasmine said as she looked at Ye Luo with glowing eyes.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Your suggestion is pretty good too, but there’s something more fun, you might want to try it, there’s a pretty good VR experience on that side of the corner.”

Seeing Jasmine’s bewildered look, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“How do you say VR, it’s virtual reality, simply put, it’s to put on a helmet and then hold two handles that can simulate a real feeling, that is, make fake things feel like the real thing, put it this way, you probably understand it.”

When Ye Lu finished, Jasmine nodded with some plausible understanding.

Ye Luo then decided to take her there directly, anyway, words are better than teaching by example, when she arrived at the experience hall and buckled on her helmet, naturally she would know what she was talking about.

Jasmine was somewhat dumbfounded and was taken away by Ye Lu.

Soon, the place arrived, and Ye Luo of course chose the best configured machine. This experience hall was the best VR experience hall in the capital, so there were not only the most basic VR devices, but also various props that simulated the senses of touch and smell, which could make the VR experience more realistic.

However, before the game started, Ye Lu looked at Jasmine’s eyes and said.

“Jasmine, remember, what you’ll be playing in a moment is virtual reality, don’t actually use any martial arts or spells, understand, remember, remember!”

Although Jasmine has not yet reached the time of awakening her attributes, but the attack power of the clan master is not to be underestimated, if this power, it is still easy to demolish the building, demolishing the building Ye Lu is not worried, anyway, he has plenty of money to lose, what he is worried about is that if it really hurts people is not good, it is estimated that at that time Jasmine’s own heart is also difficult.

The first thing he wanted to do was to see a situation like this.

The “seventy-two demon gods” from West Asia, “Eliogh”, were still following him, not far from the experience hall, obviously following and monitoring him, but not wanting to make a move yet.

Since he didn’t do anything, Ye Lu also ignored them for the time being, but watched the staff member start to teach Jasmine carefully.

Soon, the various precautions were explained and the helmet was buckled on Jasmine’s head.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo quickly walked away and then summoned both “Di Qi” and “Red Luan” out.

“You two can help me protect Jasmine later, better not let her feel anything different, I will put the magic dolls here, the rest is all up to you.”

“I’m going out for a fight, I’ll call you guys if I need you.”

Both super masters smiled at Ye Lu and nodded their heads.

To them, this was all a trivial matter.

In fact, this was the real purpose of Ye Luo to bring Jasmine to the VR experience hall, at this moment, Jasmine’s audition was occupied by VR, so whatever happened outside would not affect her anymore, and it would not affect her mood.

Then, Ye Lu quickly gave the “magic doll” a drop of blood, and then, let the magic doll accompany Jasmine instead of himself, while he quickly went to the outside of the VR experience hall.

“Elliog” was looking at the building of the VR experience hall when he noticed that Ye Lu suddenly came out from inside and walked directly towards him.

This took Eliogh by surprise because he had been thinking about Ye Lu and Jasmine since just now.

The small demon beast that Ye Lu used to deliver the note was not just a cat or a dog, it was even higher in cultivation than his snake, Gogendal.

Elliog had the ability to scout, so he could see this, which is why he was so cautious, because he knew very well that it was Ye Lu who had just dealt with the “Gogendal”, so it should not be surprising that Ye Lu could deal with him himself.

However, Ye Luo did not strike at him directly because he did not want to spoil Jasmine’s good mood.

“Eliogh, tell your people to all stay away from us, I don’t want to play with you today, really P*ss me off, I’ll tell you what bird ‘Seventy-two Demon Gods’ to eat your words, understand?”

Elliog looked at Ye Luo, however, he didn’t leave immediately, apparently with some hesitation, but, immediately after, he felt as if he had fallen into the lair of a giant beast of the ages, a terrifying pressure and fierce aura instantly enveloped him, and he felt the aura of death.

He raised his head to look at Ye Lu, and as a result, he saw Ye Lu’s scarlet eyes, which were filled with an endless killing aura, as if he saw a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood in them, and cold sweat instantly covered his forehead.

With Ye Lu’s current combat power, these “fierce qi” could almost cause substantial damage to the opponent.

Elliog no longer hesitated, he turned around quickly and left.

“I hope you guys can be more sensible.”

Ye Luo looked at Eliogh’s back and muttered, then leapt to the roof of the building where the VR Experience Hall was located, because he was still not sure about these guys from West Asia.

The legend of “King Solomon” Ye Luo had also heard of, if it was really the inheritor of the “72 Demon Gods”, then I’m afraid that the matter would not be so easy to settle, not to mention that Ye Luo felt that this matter was mostly related to the ancient country of Egypt in northern Africa, which was famous for its pyramids and sphinxes.

In the “VR Experience”, Jasmine was having a great time, but soon, the games she played changed from entertainment to ghosts and monsters.



Two long cracks were immediately cut into the wall, but luckily, “Tiki” and the others were there and immediately got the situation under control, otherwise the house would have been demolished.

“Di Qi and the others were already experts at the “God Transformation Realm”, so Ye Lu was relieved to have them protecting Jasmine.

However, the “Immortal Mansion Key” had attracted forces from all over the world, which made Ye Lu inexplicably a little worried, because at this rate of progress, he was worried that he and Ye Yan’s fighting power would not be able to keep up with the pace of things, once the “Immortal Mansion” was opened, at that time, the world’s super experts and old hidden monsters would probably come, and it was inevitable that there would be a vicious battle.


Soon, Jasmine gestured to take off her helmet for a while.

The staff quickly took the helmet off her head, and the “magic puppet” transformed Ye Lu asked with a smile.

“How’s that? Did you freak out?”

Jasmine nodded, but then said.

“It was scary, but it was really fun, so is it okay if I play a little longer? Are you busy?”

“The magic doll shook her head, and Ye Lu thought, “I’m not busy, but you’re in a lot of trouble here, but then, Ye Lu thought, if the opponent’s level is too high, even if Jasmine returns to the “Hundred Flowers Sect”, I guess the secret realm of the outer sect and the “Water Fairy Elders” can’t protect her.

So, Ye Lu nodded with a smile, since Jasmine liked it, let her have fun.

Jasmine was happy and smiled.

However, something unexpected happened: soon after Jasmine entered the game again, she suddenly disappeared, out of thin air.

And Ye Luo felt the fluctuation of the spatial laws at the same time.

“Sh*t! It’s someone who knows the spatial laws!”

Ye Luo instantly understood what had happened, and then, he rushed towards the direction of the spatial fluctuation, and Di Qi and Hong Luan also rushed out.

Obviously, the other party had not yet fully mastered and was unable to use the Space Law for too long a distance, which was why they had left imperfect spatial fluctuations, but judging from the speed of their escape, they should be super experts who had crossed into the God Transformation Realm, just like Di Qi and the others.

“How could there be such a strong guy lurking in here?”

Ye Lu was also a little depressed.

“Siyu, come and help.”

He quickly informed Qin Siyu, Ye Lu couldn’t help in a battle of this level, but Qin Siyu could, as she was now a monster of the “Yuan Ying Realm”.


Chapter 528

During the chase, Ye Luo discovered that the demon god was really fast, and it was difficult for Di Qi and Hong Luan to catch up with him even with their special armor.

Through the gla*ses, Ye Luo also identified this guy.

This man was one of the four strongest monarchs in the Seventy-two Demon Gods, the Southern Monarch of the Four Pillars of Supremacy, Astaroth, who was ranked twenty-ninth among the Seventy-two Demon Gods.

Ye Luo saw that this guy’s cultivation level was actually higher than that of Di Qi and Hong Luan. However, since he was in the territory of China, he did not dare to show himself to fight, but kept running away.

Ye Luo quickly contacted the “Underworld App” and paid them a large sum of money to release the news, asking them to inform all the forces and organizations within their capabilities that there was an invasion of the West Asian forces in China.

However, Ye Lu was worried that it would be too late because firstly, most of the Jedi masters were in the extremely dangerous Secret Realm of Death, so it would be too difficult to find and contact them.

Secondly, Astaroth was no rookie, so unless he was intercepted, it would be difficult to catch up with him.

Soon, Qin Shiyu arrived.

“Ye Lu, what’s going on?”

He quickly greeted Qin Shiyu and came to his side. At this moment, Ye Luo was standing on another Vermillion Bird, which was not as fast as the Red Luan, but it was not far off.

“Molly is so pitiful!”

Qin Shiyu also sighed helplessly.

Soon, Ye Lu found out that in terms of influence and appeal, he and Abe Haruaki were not on the same level at all. At the time of the battle between himself and Abe Haruaki, when Abe Haruaki was in great crisis, a large group of experts from the God Transformation Realm had appeared.

This means that those experts of the God Transformation Realm were actually very concerned about Abe Haruaki, so they were able to appear and help at the first opportunity.

This time, only a few experts from the God Transformation Realm came out to help Ye Lu, and they were all quite far away, which made Ye Lu feel very hurt.

It didn’t take long for Di Qi, Hong Luan and Ye Luo to chase them halfway across China.

“Ashtaroo was heading west, obviously wanting to cross the border to West Asia.

However, in the course of the pursuit, Ye Lu also noticed one thing, that is, the speed of Astaroth had not become as fast as before.

Apparently, the constant use of his spatial abilities was taking a toll on him.

The distance between the two sides had gradually changed from being far away to being closer.

This gave Ye Luo hope.

“Silky Yu, light a candle for that guy later and get him killed.”

Ye Lu and Qin Siyu who was beside him quickly said.

Ye Luo felt that this “Astaroth” was probably no match for “Di Qi” and “Red Luan” even if they stopped it with their armor.

After all, this guy was an expert in the “God Transformation Realm”, so now we could only hope that other experts would arrive in time to help.

Qin Shiyu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, not only will I light his ‘Candle of Life’, I also have a new surprise for him.”

Ye Lu nodded with a little peace in his heart, it seemed that as his cultivation level increased, Qin Siyu had mastered more and more “bloodline divine abilities”.

It had been ten minutes since the Underworld App had issued a national emergency notice, and it was said that many people had already started to act.

As expected, the first group of interceptors had already appeared.

The woman appeared and waved her long sword, and after the sword danced, the sky was filled with orchids, which looked beautiful.

However, “Astarlo” also struck at the same time, and with a wave of his right hand, a terrifying black mist emanated from the long black sword he was holding, and in an instant, all the flowers withered.

It was clear that the black mist contained a terrifying toxin.

At the same time, the “Dragon of Hell” beneath him also spat out an equally terrifying black flame.


Seeing this scene, “Shaosi” quickly danced her longsword, which spun like a gyroscope, and countless green flowers and leaves appeared from the periphery of her longsword, apparently she was good at some kind of “divine skill” related to the “Law of Wood”.

A “divine skill” is also an upgraded version of a “spell”.

“At the Houtian realm, the Innate realm and the Patriarchal realm, the techniques used are all martial arts, while those at the Jindan Nine Revolutions, Jindan Dao and Yuanying realms use spells.

“This is why many people at the God Transformation Realm are revered as gods in the mundane world.

In the eyes of ordinary people, their moves were already exceptional.

However, as Shaosi was desperately trying to resist, Astralu had once again executed his “Space God Technique” and disappeared in front of her in an instant.

“What a feat!”

After deflecting Astralu’s attack, ShaoShiMei could not help but feel a sense of relief, for this Astralu was really strong.

She then followed the direction of the spatial fluctuation with her long sword.

At this moment, “Astaroth” had already reached the northwest region and was about to enter the Tibetan land. If he was allowed to pa*s through, it would be more difficult to catch him now.

Suddenly three men in strange clothes appeared, all holding strange magic weapons, one with a vajra, another with a golden bell, and another with a celestial staff decorated with a human head and a skull.

It was the three great masters of the Tantric Sect.

When these three men appeared, they did not say a word to each other, but directly attacked Astralu.

The strongest of them was the Tantric expert who used the Vajra Pestle. With a single move, his entire body and the Vajra Pestle in his hand turned into a brilliant golden colour, and a huge shadow of the Vajra Pestle appeared in the air, making Ye Lu feel that even a mountain would be pierced by him.

Obviously this man was an expert in the “Law of Gold”.

The old man beside him rang the “Vajra Bell” in his hand, and the sound wave attack also rushed towards Astralu, which was a “spiritual attack”.

At the same time, the expert who used the “Heavenly Staff” waved it, and a strong black aura came out, causing all the gra*s and trees that came into contact with it to wither and die, this person was an expert in the “Law of Death”.

The three great masters of the Tantric sect immediately restrained Astaroth.

At the same time, experts from the Pan Gu clan, the Nuwa clan, the Medicine League and other powers were also arriving, the fastest ones already.

“No, we have to get out of the way first.”

“Ashtaroo, of course, also felt the danger, but when he tried to use the Space Law again, he found that space was not moving.

“What’s going on?”

He was stunned by the suddenness of this scene and froze in his tracks.

Not far away, Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu, who was choking with both hands, with astonishment.

“Siyu, you did this, this is too awesome, confining space!”

Ye Lu was also shocked by this scene.

Qin Siyu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Tell everyone to hold on tight, I don’t think I can hold on for long.”

At the same time, a “Candle of Life” appeared on Astaroth’s chest and began to “hiss!” on its own. It began to burn on its own.