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Super School Student Chapter 529-530

Chapter 529

Seeing the Candle of Life burn up on its own, Ye Lu’s eyes were rounded.

“My sister is amazing!”

He couldn’t help but exclaim.

Not only could he light the candle, but it could also burn by itself, which meant that if it was a weaker practitioner, I was afraid that Qin Siyu’s divine ability would directly kill her opponent with a single strike.

However, there was no time for sentimentality, as the cultivation level of Astaroth was so high, it was estimated that Qin Siyu would not last long, so Ye Lu shouted loudly.

“Everyone, attack while you have the chance and extinguish the candle on his chest.”

Ye Lu could see through his “gla*ses” that the gap between the crowd and “Astralu” was still very obvious. If they really fought, everyone would not necessarily be able to take down “Astralu” even if they swarmed together, not to mention his unpredictable ability to use the “Space Law”.

However, the situation was very different now, as he could not move through space to get out of the area, and every time he attacked, the candle in his chest burned rapidly.

Likewise, everyone’s attacks on his body, or his defence against them, also caused the Candle of Life on his chest to shorten rapidly, and soon the Candle of Life was more than half left.

However, Qin Shiyu’s face was also covered with beads of sweat.

Obviously, it was too much to light the Candle of Life for such a high-ranking expert, not to mention the fact that he had to confine the space around him.

As the crowd attacked, their hearts were filled with horror, because Qin Shiyu’s magical ability was really too incredible.

And at the same time, Ye Lu had reached out and pressed Qin Siyu’s back, because he felt that Qin Siyu was already faltering and about to be unable to hold on.

All Ye Lu had to do was to transmit his own strength to Qin Siyu.

Of course, this kind of borrowing was not so easy to do, first of all, the attributes had to be combined, because after crossing the “Golden Dan Avenue”, everyone would awaken to their own attributes, for example, a “fire attribute” person could not transmit power to a “water attribute” person.

After that, the bodies of the two people must be in tune with each other, and finally, of course, they must know the corresponding “spells”.

In fact, Ye Lu took a risk this time, his attribute was too weird called “no attribute”, Ye Lu didn’t know what this attribute really meant, Ye Lu felt that maybe it was the same as the blood type “O blood”, because “no attribute”, so he could use any attribute.

As it turned out, his guess was right.

It was only then that he finally understood how difficult it was to use such a divine ability.

With Ye Lu’s help, Qin Shiyu was immediately in a much better state.

She glanced back towards Ye Luo, who in turn nodded towards her. To be honest, this feeling of two people fusing into one was quite wonderful, and judging from the power running through their bodies, the two were like Siamese twins.


However, soon, Ye Luo was also going to be unable to carry such a consumption, in fact, in terms of real cultivation, Ye Luo and Qin Siyu were a full big realm apart, so, alone, from the amount of Qi in his body, Ye Luo did not have any advantage over Qin Siyu, as he did not currently have any bloodline fusion, so, in fact, the Qi in his body was quite inferior to that of Qin Siyu, the Candle Dragon.

However, Ye Lu had something in his hand that could replenish his Qi, and the “top quality spirit stone” quickly appeared in his hand, and then slowly turned into powder.

On the other hand, “Astaroth” was unlucky, he was in a bitter fight, he was indeed strong, but the people around him did not give him a chance to break through the encirclement and get him while attacking frantically, the strategy they used was one word “stall”.

As he could not escape quickly due to the confinement of space, they concentrated on attacking and defending, and each attack and defence was very costly.

The “Candle of Life” had quickly turned into a candle head.

Of course, Ye Lu and Qin Siyu were not suffering either, they were as weak as leaves in the wind at the moment, while Di Qi and Red Luan had long jumped out of the battle circle to guard their sides.


With the final blow, the candle on Astarlo’s chest finally went out, and he lost his vital signs at the same time, while his corpse was smashed into pieces by countless attacks.

The success was accompanied by a look of horror on everyone’s faces.

A super expert who was so strong that he could fight ten or so God Transformation Realm experts by himself had fallen, on top of a small candle, this was too incredible.

“What is this woman’s origin? She’s terrifying!”

“Yes, such a powerful foreigner died just like that, if it were us, we would have been dead already.”

“This woman can’t be messed with.”

“Yes, indeed, you can’t mess with it.”


The crowd looked at Qin Siyu and subconsciously avoided it, even though this woman’s cultivation level was not high, but her fearfulness was no less than any expert.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“No way, where’s Jasmine?”

If he couldn’t find Jasmine, there was no point in killing Astaroth alone.

“Couldn’t he be the one who started it all?”

A question suddenly occurred to Ye Lu, “Astaroth” was indeed good at “Space Law”, and he was indeed the only one who had the ability to get people out from under the noses of “Di Qi” and “Red Luan”.

However, the people he got rid of were not necessarily at his side.

“This is a bit of a problem.”

Ye Luo scratched his head and muttered in a depressed manner.

Qin Shiyu certainly understood what Ye Lu was chagrined about, so she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t worry, I still have a way, I can know what happened part of the time before he was born through the things and breath of the person who died, just wait.”

With these words, Qin Shiyu went to the corpse of “Astaroth”, touched it with her hand, and then began to perform the divine power of the Candle Dragon again.

“Under the candle’s light, the corpse began to emit traces of gas, and these ethereal gases slowly began to coalesce in Qin Shiyu’s palm.

Soon, the gas reunited to form a “Astarlo” made of gas.

Seeing this ghost-like scene, everyone was once again astonished, for they had never seen anything like it before.

“Is this the soul of the deceased?”

“The soul is not even spared, how much hatred is this!”

“That’s right, but is this woman the god of death? Even the soul can be captured.”

“It’s better to mess with her less!”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Qin Siyu had reached out and touched that soul’s head, and following that, a large amount of information began to pour into Qin Siyu’s head.

It was also the first time she had used this divine ability, so she couldn’t help but frown.

However, immediately afterwards, her brain began to help with the search.

The more recent the memories, the clearer and more organized they were, the more distant they were, the more blurred and confusing they were, but they were a lot of memories ……

The most important thing is that you can be sure that you are going to be able to get the most out of your life.

After another moment, the soul-like body in front of Qin Siyu finally dissipated, and Qin Siyu stood up and walked to Ye Lu’s side.

“Ye Lu, you are right, the one who took Jasmine is indeed someone else, and it is someone with a low cultivation level, the name is ‘Glayan Lapol’, the twenty-fifth of the seventy-two demon gods, and what is a bit troublesome is that this person can be invisible for a short time.”

Qin Siyu said with a frown.

“This person’s appearance, I just know it already, I can simulate it for you, but, I’m afraid I don’t feel too good about finding such a person.”

To be honest, hearing that the other party could actually become invisible for a short period of time, Ye Luo’s head also got big.

Qin Shiyu, on the other hand, continued to whisper out an even more powerful piece of news.

“In his hand is holding ‘Solomon’s Treasure Vase’.”


Chapter 530

Ye Lu had heard of the “Solomon’s Vase”, because the legendary “Seventy-two Demon Gods” were contained in this vase, and I guess Jasmine should have been contained in that vase.

The only “magic treasure” or “spiritual treasure” that can hold a person is the “Blazing God Blade” that Ye Lu has seen since he got his gla*ses, and that is the “Blazing God Blade” that he is holding, other things, even if they are unbelievable, such as the “Pan Gu Axe” do not have this function.

I guess this “Solomon’s Treasure Vase” was the second one.

Sure enough, Qin Shiyu said quietly again.

“Jasmine is in that bottle.”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“I understand, how many people from the ‘God Transformation Realm’ have come this time?”

Qin Siyu said.

“There’s only one, that ‘Astalu’ just now, because it seems like he’s the only one who can come in ……”

The memory of this incident was actually quite far away, so Qin Siyu had to frown to remember.

Ye Lu nodded once again, this point he had basically known about the forbidden system in the country’s border by checking the information of “Eliogh” and “Astaroth”, that forbidden system was actually an incomparably huge formation, as long as the cultivation level reached “Yuan Ying realm” experts appeared, there would be a reaction, however, the reaction of this realm would not be too violent.

However, the stronger the cultivation level, the more violent the reaction will be, and it will produce a repulsive force. If Astralu did not have the ability to travel through space, it would have been difficult for him to enter this place silently.

Therefore, most of the people holding the vase were only practitioners of the Golden Dao, and only such a practitioner could hide his tracks perfectly.

Even if it was a YuanYing realm practitioner, it didn’t matter, “Di Qi” and “Hong Luan” should be enough to take care of everything.

Thinking of this, Ye Luo looked at the people around him and thanked them one by one before taking Qin Siyu, Di Qi and Hong Luan away from here.

The next thing should be taken care of by himself.

As they watched Ye Lu and the others leave, the super experts from various powers couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“These two youngsters have an unlimited future!”

“Yes, this ability is too heaven defying, inform the clan that they must go around when they see them.”

“Let’s go, it feels like the world is about to change, how can this foreigner be so strong?”

“Yeah, I guess something big is about to happen.”


The crowd dispersed in a flurry of discussion, while Ye Lu had already started to fly to make preparations for the capture.

“Silk Rain, first tell me about the appearance and characteristics of that ‘Glayan Labors’ and such, the more detailed the better.”

As a result, to Ye Lu’s surprise, Qin Siyu reached out and coalesced a complete figure in the air, lifelike simply like a real person, only a smaller version.

“Sh*t! This is awesome.”

Ye Lu asked himself, “I can’t do this, this “Candle Dragon” heritage seems to be a bit of an ox!

However, with this little man, everything would be easier.

The original apprehensive Ye Lu suddenly became confident, because in this point of finding people, if the system of “gla*ses” said it was the first, no one dared to say it was the second, which Ye Lu had seen before.

The most comprehensive and unreserved feature of “gla*ses” is the “auxiliary ability”, thinking that all other abilities are neutered and have to be unlocked gradually as one’s cultivation and abilities improve, only this “auxiliary ability” has no restrictions.

There was no time to lose, so Ye Lu did what he said.

He first asked the gla*ses to quickly scan the little man, and then began to search through all the surveillance systems in the city, both public and private.

The processing speed of the gla*ses was countless times faster than the fastest computer, so in almost an instant, all of the person’s movements from the time he appeared, including where he was now, were all checked out.

“Sh*t! These gla*ses are really something.”

Seeing the god-like operation of the gla*ses, Ye Lu was also shocked, of course, thanks to the omnipresent cameras and various recording instruments.

To be honest, it was simply too difficult to do something quietly in a modern metropolis nowadays, you would always leave some traces behind.

It’s just that it takes a lot of time and manpower to check these out by police force, whereas gla*ses do it in an instant.

It took less than half an hour from Molly’s capture to the pursuit and killing of Asterix.

That “Glayan Lapore” did not dare to fly on a demonic beast with much fanfare, nor did he dare to leave by plane, because he had experienced the security checks at the airport during his trip to the Sunset Kingdom, and a practitioner of “Golden Dan Avenue” would definitely not be able to leave normally.

So, at this moment, that “Glayan Lapore” is driving a car towards the northwest of China.

Because he was a man in the shadows, his route of movement was not fully known to Astaroth, so he was not worried that anyone would know about him or pursue him.

Moreover, he was invisible when he took Jasmine away, and his invisibility was a “bloodline connection”, so even his “divine sense” could not detect him.

It was a pity that he could not remain invisible for the whole trip, the longest he could remain invisible was less than ten minutes.

“‘Treasure bottle’, ‘treasure bottle’, if only you were mine, all the ‘demonic beasts’ inside would be mine. ”

“This was their strongest treasure, and legend has it that the bloodline of all their “72 Demon Gods” originated from this “treasure bottle”, and the owner of the “treasure bottle” was the current generation of King Solomon.

“Not only does King Solomon have the power to control the Vase, but he can also control the life and death of all of them through the Bloodline Contract, so the 72 Demon Gods do not dare to disobey King Solomon easily.

“Man is insatiable!”

“Glayan Rabble muttered to himself as he drove.

“He’s already so powerful, but he still wants to become immortal and live forever.

“By the way, I wonder how Lord ‘Ashtaroo’ is doing?”

With that in mind, he started to call Astaroth’s phone number, but it was always blind.

“It looks like he’s in a bad way, my poor lord!”

He said to himself, thinking about the phone.

But then he heard a voice say.

“The poor man is not the lord, the poor man is you.”

He looked up sharply and saw Ye Lu standing on a giant red bird looking at him silently.


Seeing this scene, he quickly opened the doors on both sides of the car and then stealthily got out through the sunroof.

He was so confident in his ability to escape that even Lord Astarlo had to place a spatial alert around him before he could detect his presence through spatial fluctuations, and there was no way for ordinary people to sense his presence.

However, he just jumped up and flew a few steps in the air before he was stopped by Ye Lu.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence.”

He consoled himself, then turned and flew wildly to the side again, but Ye Luo stopped him again without any surprise.

“You …… you …….”

This time he was really scared and looked at Ye Luo in surprise as he asked.

Ye Luo, in turn, smiled and said.

“How can I see you right? I’m too lazy to explain to you.”

After saying that, a vine suddenly reached out and took out the “Solomon’s Vase” from his clothes.

“It was like having a blood bar on your head after being invisible, and it wasn’t easy for Ye Lu to see him.

There is no such thing as invisibility in front of the “gla*ses”.

The reason why Ye Lu didn’t kill this “Glayan Lapore” was because Ye Lu liked his “Bloodline Avatar”, knowing that “Gla*ses”‘s separate “Bloodline Ability” was to purify, extract and fuse bloodlines.

“Now I’m rich!”

Ye Lu looked at the “Solomon’s Treasure Vase” in his hand and laughed out loud.