Super School Student Chapter 531-532

Chapter 531

The introduction of this treasure vase enabled Ye Lu to understand how precious this item was. If this item was placed in China, it would definitely be on a par with the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armaments”.

The number of fire beasts in the “Blazing God Blade” could be described as “red flags waving, a sea of people”, which was simply too large, while there were only 72 demon gods in this “Solomon’s Vase”, but each of these 72 demon gods had its own characteristics.

Of course, Ye Lu could not control any of these demon gods now, because the owner of this treasure was still the “King Solomon”.

“If we can get Pandora’s Box again, then we will have everything.”

Ye Lu said with a smile as he held the “Solomon’s Vase”.

He had once talked to Odin about something that could hold people or creatures when he was talking to Odin, and Odin had said that he thought that Pandora’s Box could possibly do that.

However, Ye Lu had never seen such a thing as “Pandora’s Box” before.

Then, Ye Luo looked at that “Gryan Lapore” and said.

“Gryanlapol, let the man out.”

As a result, “Glayan Rabol” said with a sad face.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t have the ability to let people out, because I only have the authority to let people in, and to tell you the truth, there are several companions that I also let in, and now they can’t get out.”

Seeing this situation, Ye Luo also had to sigh and said.

“It looks like Jasmine can only spend this birthday in ‘Solomon’s Treasure Bottle’.”

Then, Ye Luo once again looked at “Glajan Lapoel” and asked.

“That Glorian Raphore, is Jasmine safe in this vase, I mean, eating and all that?”

“Gryanlapol” said hurriedly.

“Yes, because Jasmine, as you say, is a very important person to us, so we have to keep her safe until we become immortal.”

When he finished, Ye Lu nodded, guessing that most of what he said was correct.

It was not an easy task to erase King Solomon’s mark of recognition, so Jasmine would have to stay in the Treasure Vase for a while longer.

Then, Ye Lu continued.

“Well, there’s nothing more for you to do here, so you can stay in my weapon for a while.”

The Scarlet Queen will take care of him in the Scarlet Blade.

“It looks like there is another ‘Immortal Palace Key’ in the hands of the ‘King Solomon’.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

Now that seven keys already knew the news, it was estimated that the day when nine keys would appear at the same time was not far away, so everyone had to improve as soon as possible to do so.

Then, Ye Luo looked at Di Qi and Red Luan and said.

“I’m afraid I’ll need your help to escort me again, thank you.”

Ye Luo and Di Qi did not have a master-servant contract, and of course, with their cultivation levels, there was no way for Ye Luo to establish a master-servant contract with them, after all, the difference in cultivation levels was too great.

However, before going back to open up the wilderness, Ye Lu recruited the “Wine Swallow Boy” and the “Ghost Bat”, who had been training in Miaojiang, to come back.

“As one of the Three Great Demons of Japan, the Sake Swallow Boy was actually very powerful before he was dealt with, otherwise he wouldn’t be so famous, and the Three Great Demons are different from the Yaki Orochi.

This uniqueness is one of the signs of their noble origins.

Therefore, like Abe Haruaki, the “Wine Swallow Boy” began to grow like an explosion in a place with sufficient resources. When Ye Lu saw the “Wine Swallow Boy” again, he was surprised by it.

“Sh*t, are you a balloon? You can inflate just by blowing!”

Ye Lu looked at the “Wine Swallow Boy” and said with a smile.

As a result, the “Wine Swallow Boy” actually spoke this time.

It said in a weird voice.

“In fact, I was originally very strong, but it was the ‘Big Tengu’ and the ‘Nine-tailed Fox’ who teamed up to subdue me before they were treated as a ‘balloon’. The purpose of this was to enable me to recover my cultivation quickly in China and then launch a war to destroy the capital, but unfortunately, you found out in advance.”

Of course, Ye Lu heard the resentment in the words of the “Wine Swallow Boy”, so he smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, Drunken Tun, now that you are mine, I will avenge you sooner or later.”

After that, he looked at the densely packed “Ghost Bats”, the number of which had now swelled like never before, but the growth rate of these guys was much slower than that of the “Drinking Swallow Boy”.

However, there were a large number of them.

At this time, the leader of the “Ghost Sect” and the head of the “Lin Family” came together and looked at Ye Lu and said with a sad face.

“Lord Ye Lu, you’d better hurry up and get rid of these two things, our two families are almost emptied, there aren’t even any ghosts left in the ‘Ghost Mound’ now.”

Seeing the two people’s pitiful looks, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I will make it up to you guys.”

Then, he first took out a batch of pills, as well as storage magic weapons and magic treasures and handed them over, of course Ye Lu’s various things were still rather limited at the moment, however, he promised everyone that he would definitely help them develop quickly.

In this way, Ye Lu returned to Kyoto after spending some time in the “Miaojiang” area.

He began to use his gla*ses to search the area around the capital, and all kinds of secret places, big and small, were shown on the map, of course, there were already owned secret places, and some unexplored secret places.

All of the secret places that were already owned or developed were marked on the gla*ses.

Through the constant use of the gla*ses, Ye Luo felt that this gla*ses’ auxiliary system probably worked like this. First of all, there should be a database of its own inside, and in the database were the existing reserves of knowledge that might not be available on Earth, such as the identification of certain substances.

In this respect, it is already far beyond the knowledge of the Earth.

However, in another aspect, this system retrieved all relevant matters on Earth, basically covering all sorts of things that had happened and were recorded, including, of course, a bit of things that were not very well known.

Ye Luo felt that this thing was somewhat like a computer program that could grab and update information everywhere, and the speed of grabbing and updating was super fast.

However, there was one thing that was rather regrettable, and that was, for the secret realms that were not opened on Earth, this “gla*ses” did not know the details inside, in other words, the situation inside the secret realm still had to be found out by oneself.

This made Ye Lu feel a bit difficult, to be honest, he did not want to find a secret realm that was too powerful or weird, he just wanted to find a place where he could live in peace.

“Alright, I’ve sent you guys the secret realm distribution map, let’s discuss where to go.”

There was no other way, so Ye Luo handsomely gave this question to everyone.

As a result, Ye Yan took a glance at it and said.

“It’s just a blind blind bet on luck anyway, why don’t you decide, you have such unbelievable luck, we all believe in you.”

Ye Lu thought about it then nodded and chose a secret realm.

This secret place was located at the back of his school, in fact, the exact location was inside the “air-raid shelter”, Ye Luo had seen the “Yutu flower” near there before, he felt that he had a destiny with this place, maybe he could have a good luck.

So, the group flew to the “air-raid cave” at the back of the mountain. Ye Lu remembered the time when he was making pills here day and night, and Jasmine had stayed here with him all night.

Then, everyone walked into the secret realm.


Chapter 532

Once they entered the secret realm, they found that it was so dark and the atmosphere was extremely ghastly. Of course, the most frightening thing was that after entering, they found that the entrance and exit behind them had disappeared.

“Why has the entrance and exit disappeared?”

Ye Yan looked at the dark secret realm in front of her and asked with some fear.

For her part, Ye Lu looked around and said.

“It’s because of the ‘temporal turbulence’, the temporal space in the entrance and exit parts of some secret realms is unstable, so you will be transported after entering, however, there are very few secret realms like this, we are a bit unlucky this time.”

To be honest, Ye Luo also felt a bit headstrong about the current situation, it was an unexpected situation, if he knew things would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have risked coming here.

“It seems that there is really a reason why the secret realm cannot be trespa*sed!”

In fact, Ye Lu had heard people say more than once before that every mysterious realm could also be dangerous, because there were no rules to speak of in mysterious realms, and some were completely unimaginable to man, and this time Ye Lu was considered to have really experienced it deeply.

“Let’s go, let’s walk forward and see.”

There was no other way, this was a kind of “one mistake and a thousand hatreds”, now we can only take one step and see what happens, through the surrounding Yin Qi, Ye Lu felt that this should be a place where ghosts and monsters gather.

He was also very concerned about the quietness of the surroundings, because in the animal kingdom, if a place where there should be a lot of animals suddenly appears in an empty space, it usually means that there is a scary animal cooped up there, so that other animals do not dare to approach.

Because many animals have a sense of territory, and the animal that controls an area can be called a “lord”, Ye Luo felt that there was a lord-type demon beast living here.

However, soon, Ye Lu found out that he had guessed wrongly that the indigenous people in this “secret realm” were not “demonic beasts” but “ghosts”.

However, this “Thunder Ghost” was much higher in cultivation than the one Ye Lu had met before, and was a “Ghost Soldier” level ghost.

When he saw this “Thunder Ghost”, Ye Lu smiled.

“It looks like it’s time to cultivate a team of my own.”

After all, when the time came for the “Immortal Mansion” to be fought over, I was afraid that it would be a battle between the major powers.

There was no way to compare the number of people with the other forces, each sect and force was almost a huge thing, and many of the secret realms Ye Lu had visited before had hundreds of thousands, even millions or tens of millions of people.

Imagine, a “God Transformation Realm” expert, facing the attack of thousands of “YuanYing Realm” cultivators will die, this is the same reason as ants bite the elephant.

Now, Ye Lu only had the fire-attribute demonic beasts inside the Blazing God Blade and the army of Ghost Bats, so he was going to take advantage of entering this secret realm to capture some more ghosts to become the “Wine Swallow Boy’s” men and build up an army of ghosts.

Although the Ghost Mound and the Ghost Gate had been raided, the army of the “Drinking Tuna Boy” was still too small and more ghosts were needed.

In this way, Ye Lu began to explore, cultivate and capture ghosts at the same time.

At the same time, he was also trying to fuse the Sun True Flame, which was said to be the strongest flame, so Ye Lu did not dare to fuse it easily, he also needed to try carefully.

Although Ye Lu had not encountered many such experts before, he had to guard against them, especially since “ghosts” were very good at this.

Of course, Qin Shiyu and Ye Yan’s, including their own combat power should also continue to improve, but the good thing is that with “Di Qi” and “Hong Luan” around, ordinary ghosts can’t do much damage to them at all, which is a good opportunity to practice.

In the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”, they had a mission to complete and were constantly being hunted, so they didn’t have much time for real “devil training”, so this was a good opportunity.

Seeing a YuanYing realm “ghost general” die in less than 20 seconds because the “Candle of Life” had burned out, YeLu was a bit shocked, if he had lit one for himself, under the terrible attack and entanglement, I guess he would not be able to escape the fate of death.

When he entered the secret realm, Ye Lu left his “magic doll” outside, disguised as a member of the “Hundred Flowers Clan”, so that he could be the first to be informed if there was any movement.

In this way, after more than three months in the secret realm, Ye Lu finally removed the bloodline mark from the “Solomon’s Vase” and claimed the “Vase” for himself.

It was only then that Ye Lu discovered the benefit of his “attribute-free” awakening, that is, no matter what attribute or bloodline it was, he could claim it for use.

For example, the “Pan Gu Axe” could only be used by people of the Pan Gu bloodline, while some weapons such as the “Blazing God Blade” could only be used by practitioners of the “Fire Attribute”, which made many weapons or treasures useless.

This was not the case with Ye Lu, who could just use any “magic treasure” he had.

What’s more, he could use 100% of the power of any “spell”, and he could also fuse different systems of “laws”.

Of course, the biggest advantage is that he can incorporate all kinds of heavenly materials and treasures, and can directly absorb and transform them into his own power regardless of their attributes.

As he progressed further and further along the “Jindan Avenue”, Ye Lu felt that his ability to devour the energy of heaven and earth was gradually improving, because for Ye Lu, everything in heaven and earth, “earth, water, fire and wind”, were all objects that he could absorb, although the absorption was not as pure as that of a “top-quality spirit stone”.

This effect surprised him.

At this moment, Qin Siyu’s cultivation level had already reached the “Fifth Transformation of Yuan Ying” level, Ye Yan’s cultivation level had also reached the “Third Transformation of Yuan Ying” level, and the worst of all, Long Fei Xue, had also crossed the “Yuan Ying Realm” and was forcibly raised to the “Second Transformation of Yuan Ying” level by Ye Lu’s pills.

The three women around him had all become “YuanYing Old Monster” level experts, which made YeLuo very happy.

However, he also felt a little sad that the later the level was, the more difficult it was to improve, and it was impossible to improve in the same way as before.

When he saw Jasmine appear in front of him again, Ye Luo said with some emotion.

“Jasmine, this is the ‘Abyssal Secret Realm’, I’m really sorry, look at this birthday, almost a hundred days have pa*sed in one go.”

Jasmine then smiled and said.

“It’s alright, I’m fine in the bottle, the wind won’t blow or rain, and I haven’t been idle in there, I’ve been cultivating, I’ve also crossed into the ‘Golden Dan Dao’ now, and it’s the ‘Law of Water’ Great Dao.”

As she spoke, she raised her hand, and a water dragon began to swirl around her body.

Indeed, for a cultivator without any bloodline, Jasmine’s cultivation speed was already quite amazing.

Seeing that Jasmine had such a good mind, Ye Lu nodded rea*suringly, before sighing and saying.

“It’s just a pity that we haven’t found a place to go out after coming here for so long, so we’ve delayed your ‘Supreme Elder’s’ appointment.”

That secret realm with the ‘spirit stones’ was also a place Ye Luo must go to, and as he had been delayed here for so long, Ye Luo also felt a little pity.

However, just at this time, the place they were looking for finally arrived, and that was the place where the secret realm of the secret realm, the “Hell Demon Dragon”, was located, the “Abyss Hell”.