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Super School Student Chapter 533-534

Chapter 533

After they reached the “YuanYing realm”, they could use their “divine sense” to communicate with each other, which saved them a lot of trouble in communicating with each other because of the language barrier.

The “Abyssal Hell” is also called the “Infernal Hell”, which is said to be a terrible place of eternal suffering.

Moreover, since there was an existence like the “Hellish Demon Dragon” in the “Abyssal Hell”, Ye Lu did not let Ye Yan and the others go in.

“Continue cultivating outside, and try to make the ‘spirit beasts’ more suitable for battle sooner.”

“The “Ying Long” and “Vermilion Bird” were improving rapidly under the nourishment of the “Hwagamir’s Spring”, but due to this rapid development, they had no combat experience.

Fortunately, the bloodlines of the two “Original Spirit Beasts” had been purified by Ye Lu and were both pure bloodlines, so they had received the inheritance of the “Ying Long” and “Vermilion Bird”.

Of course, for demonic beasts, even if their bloodlines are not pure, they can still obtain part of their heritage, just like the nature of animals, which is untaught.

However, combat is different. Apart from hardware such as strength, experience, awareness, willpower, mentality, strategy, judgement, etc., there are so many factors that affect winning and losing, and all of these have to be honed in actual combat.

This is also the reason why you, Ye Lu, have to bring a few women to fight constantly.

However, after these 100 days of training, the cultivation level of the three women’s “spirit beasts” were close to theirs, and theoretically speaking, it was almost time for them to take charge of their own.

In particular, Long Fei Xue’s “Ying Long” was a water attribute, and in the five elements, “water gives birth to wood”, so the “Ying Long” was a great help to Long Fei Xue’s improvement.

So, after a brief explanation with the women, Ye Lu entered the secret realm of the Abyssal Hell alone.

Once inside, he felt the difference between this place and the outside, but the one that reacted the most was the Blazing God Blade. Ye Lu felt that the endless “Fury Qi” in the “Abyssal Hell” was as if it had condensed into substance and started to coalesce towards the Blazing God Blade.

This made Ye Lu’s heart happy.

“The Blazing God Blade was strong in two ways, one was the “fierce qi” gathered from years of killing, and the other was the terrifying increase in flame.

The concentration of “fierce qi” in this “Abyssal Hell” was obviously much higher than that of the “Abyssal Secret Realm” outside, which made the “Blazing God Blade” even better.

Ye Lu also felt the strange aura inside, besides the terrifying flame aura, he could also feel the bone-chilling cold aura, and both the heat and the cold were enough to make an ordinary “Golden Dan Avenue” powerhouse fall.

However, this was not the reason why Ye Lu was surprised, what surprised Ye Lu was that this guy was actually using the “Ghostly Inferno”.

With a casual wave of his hand, the terrifying “Ghostly Underworld Inferno” came rushing towards Ye Lu in a frenzy.

“Sh*t! It really is hell!”

The introduction of the “Ghostly Inferno” said that this flame was a flame from hell, and apart from himself, Ye Lu had not seen anyone use this flame before, and this was the first time.

“Unfortunately, you are still too weak.”

Ye Luo looked at this “Night Fork Ghost” and said with a smile.

Then, Ye Luo raised his hand.

A terrifying golden flame gushed out from Ye Luo’s hand, and when he saw this flame, Ye Luo was overjoyed because he had fused this flame for nearly a hundred days before he finally succeeded in fusing it, and to be honest, it was really too difficult to fuse the Sun True Flame this time.

The reason why it was so difficult to fuse the Sun True Flame this time was because the Sun True Flame this time was not a “fire spirit”, let alone a seed, but a real Sun True Flame, and the difficulty of fusing this real flame into his body could be imagined.

“As the strongest Origin Flame, the Sun True Flame was unimaginably terrifying.

Of course, the harvest was huge and surprising, not to mention the fact that Ye Lu’s cultivation level had directly increased by a small level, and now Ye Lu was already at the level of opening the six orifices of the Golden Dao.

The terrifying extent of Ye Lu’s fusion flames had increased by a large amount due to the integration of the “Sun True Flame”.

This “Sun True Flame” instantly finished off the “Night Fork Ghost”, without even a single scrap left.



Ye Luo couldn’t help but laugh wildly in the sky.

Because, he understood one thing, although he had not yet reached the peak of the “Golden Dan Avenue”, I was afraid that he already had a rival in the “Yuan Ying Realm”.

It was not because of anything else, just one point was enough to make him feel foolish, that is, the “Sun True Flame” could destroy the “Divine Sense”, which was absolutely terrifying.

“This is absolutely terrifying. The sign of the “YuanYing realm” is the transformation of the “Golden Dan” into the “YuanYing” and then the formation of the Divine Sense.

With the “Sun True Flame” in hand, Ye Luo’s confidence was even greater.

He looked at the ghastly “Abyssal Hell” and then flew towards the depths of the hell. He was indeed a bit desperate this time because Ye Lu’s purpose of entering the “Abyssal Hell” this time was to obtain the “Hell’s Fire”, the origin flame belonging to the “Hell Devil Dragon”.

Now that he had already fused four origin flames, and had also fused the strongest “Sun True Flame”, he was honestly a bit addicted to it.

Now, he already knew that the origin fire and the “Nirvana Fire” was in Mo Trang’s body, but he didn’t know where Mo Trang got it from, before Ye Lu checked, Mo Trang was not the source of the “Nirvana Fire”, and if you want to fuse the flames, the best is the “seed”, followed by the “fire spirit”, then the source of the flames, after that it was basically difficult to fuse the flames, Ye Lu had deeply experienced this by fusing the “Sun True Fire”.

This was the first flame that Ye Lu obtained from the “Heavenly Sun Candlelight”.

If it was a second-hand flame, there would be little hope.

Ye Lu then saw the second “Night Fork Ghost”, however, Ye Lu did not kill it this time, because these things are rare combat power, and giving it to the “Wine Swallow Boy” would add another primitive to his army of fierce ghosts, so Ye Lu collected it directly.

Putting it in the special “Ghost Niche”, this “Abyssal Secret Realm” was the ideal place to upgrade the “Drinking Swallow Boy” and the “Ghost Bat”.

“Even if they don’t eat anything here, the bats can grow rapidly because the Yin energy is a great tonic for them.

He soon came across another kind of ghost, called “Rakshasa”, a kind of female ghost, all of them were also “YuanYing realm” powerful, and all of them were very beautiful, but their faces were unusually pale.

As he got closer to the centre, the “ghosts” he encountered became stronger and stronger, and finally new “ghosts” appeared again, this time at the “God Transformation Realm”.

It seemed that if he wanted to see the Hell Demon Dragon again, he could only go to find the black dragon’s doppelganger, Nidhogg.

However, just as Ye Lu was about to retreat, something terrible happened. When he looked back, he found that behind him, countless Shura had appeared, with two arms, four arms, six arms and eight arms ……

These “Shura” have blocked all of Ye Lu’s retreat.

“Day! I’m dead now!”

Ye Lu sighed helplessly as he looked at these vajra rage guys.


Chapter 534

“Alright, then let’s have a big battle, even if it’s my last battle in my life.”

Ye Luo took out three “Heaven Reversal Pills” and put them into his mouth. Due to the increase in his cultivation level, the previous “Exploding Yuan Pills” were no longer useful, and this “Heaven Reversal Pill” was an upgraded version of the “Exploding Yuan Pills”.

However, since the materials used in the “Heaven Reversal Pill” were more precious, and Ye Lu’s cultivation level had also become higher, the side effects of the pill had become smaller.

After taking the “Heaven Reverse Pill”, Ye Lu summoned the “Heavenly Vine”, which now had 28 vines, and its defensive power had already crossed the “God Transformation Realm”, and it was Ye Lu’s greatest strength in defence.

The twenty-eight vines all held weapons made from the terrifying World Tree, not rough ones this time, but real weapons, however, these weapons were sharp and pointy, but had no attributes, because the “Tongtian Vine” was a plant life, weak in attribute attacks, originally Ye Lu thought it would have wood attribute attacks, but it turned out that it did not have any attribute attacks.

“The “Tongtian Vine” was simply good at one thing, and that was being strong and tough enough. Ye Lu felt that this thing was even harder than the “World Tree” when it was fully grown, and its means of attack was also very simple: either poking it with a weapon in its hand, or wrapping it around and tearing it.

All in all, the “Heavenly Vine” is one of those things that has extremely prominent features and obvious weaknesses.


Ye Lu did not release the “Teng Snakes” because, now that it was a battle between “God Transformation Realm”, the “Teng Snakes” could not be of any use anymore.

“This battle is escalating too fast.”

To be honest, this made Ye Lu feel quite depressed, he had easily caught such a bullish demonic beast as the Teng Serpent, but as a result, it had only been a short while, and he was already unable to keep up with the pace of the battle.

In an instant, Ye Luo fought with the first “Shura”.

“Death to those who stand in my way!”

Ye Luo roared, and then he swung his Blazing God Blade, and the terrifying bright golden flame surged out in front of him with a dazzling light, this time it was a ranged attack.





The “Shura” that were enveloped by the terrifying flames were actually directly burnt by this terrifying flame, and more than one of them died four “Shura” at once.

Even Ye Lu was surprised to see this scene.

With the increase of the Blazing God Blade, this fusion flame had already reached a horrifying level, and even the surrounding Vajra Raging Shura were stunned for a moment.

“Good! Come again!”

Ye Luo took advantage of the power of this blow and rushed towards the outside, he really hoped that these guys would be afraid, so that he could rush out.

However, Ye Lu was wrong this time, although these Vajra Rage guys were super high in cultivation, but their actions felt very single-minded, they actually froze and then all rushed over again without a word, not taking life or death seriously at all.


Seeing this situation, Ye Lu was also depressed, because he had just fused the “Sun True Flame”, which had so much to consume, so he quickly changed his plan of attack.

He gave up on the flames and instead charged in close like a hedgehog.

Although the attack of the “Heavenly Vine” was not as fierce, the power of the stabbing was really terrifying, as the hardness of the World Tree was no mean feat.

However, these things were of a “ghost” nature, and the flames could burn them as a whole, but the pricks could not do so.


Ye Luo leaned once more, because the current situation was too difficult to deal with.

“That’s right, summon the black dragon!”

He suddenly thought, since the “Black Dragon” was in this “Abyssal Hell” and he had signed a contract with it, he might as well try summoning it.

However, these guys around him rushed over like a tidal wave, seemingly not wanting to give Ye Lu the time to summon.

“There’s no way out, one last move.”

The golden flame reappeared and enveloped a large area around him, he used the “Flame Prison”, the golden flame was really something, the restraining effect on this kind of ghosts was too strong, actually for a while these guys really couldn’t rush up.

“Take this and poke!”

At the same time, Ye Luo handed the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” to the “Tong Tian Vine”.

The “Sunset Arrow”, which was used in conjunction with the “Sunset Bow”, one of the “Ten Ancient Fierce Weapons”, was much more powerful than the weapon Ye Lu made from the “World Tree”, and it had an innate restraining effect on “ghosts”.

Ye Lu felt that it would be able to undercut them for a while.

“Come on, Black Dragon!”

Then, he began to summon it without stopping.

Due to the contract, spatial fluctuations began immediately, and a terrifying shadow of a black dragon appeared above Ye Lu’s head.

Seeing that the summoned one still wasn’t the black dragon himself, Ye Luo couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

“I don’t know if this guy can quell these ‘Shura’.”

Ye Luo muttered with some uncertainty in his heart, and then, with a “bang” sound, the golden flame barrier was broken by the attack of the “Shura”.

Countless Shura rushed in.


The Black Dragon’s attack began, and indeed, it was strong enough to deflect the weaker Shura, but it didn’t help, because the attack didn’t stop.

“Oh my, this is not going to work.”

Ye Lu held the “Blazing God Blade” and looked at the Shura that were still coming at him, and finally realized that he would never have a chance to escape this time.

“Let’s fight!”

But he did not want to wait for death.

He shouted and charged in one direction, a terrifying flame was released from his body, while a strange bird appeared under his feet, a bird with a metallic shine and covered with “weapon patterns”.

Afterwards, Ye Luo drew various “weapon patterns” on its body, almost all of which were accelerated.

His aim was simple: to surprise the opponent in the end, to catch him off guard and perhaps have a chance to rush past him.

As a result, he was immediately blocked by an eight-armed Shura, while the other Shuras came in a frenzy.

“Oh my, I’m dead!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo understood that he was going to die this time.

However, at this moment, a loud voice suddenly sounded out.

“How’s that? Is it exciting?”

Following this, Ye Luo saw an incomparably huge black dragon head appear in the air, this dragon head emitted a terrifying aura, and from its aura, it was easy to kill Ye Luo.

At the same time, all the Shura stopped their attacks.

“Sh*t! This is so exciting, I’m scared to death.”

Ye Luo looked at the “Hell Devil Dragon” in the air and let out a long breath.

As a result, the “Hell Devil Dragon” looked at Ye Lu and continued to say.

“Don’t think I’m playing with you, I don’t have that much leisure time, I just want to test your level and see if there’s any value in cooperation.”

Ye Luo did not say anything, because since the other party had called a halt, it must mean that he had the value of cooperation.

As expected, the “Hell Devil Dragon” said afterwards.

“First of all, I want to tell you that the me in front of you is still not my original body, but just a doppelganger.”

Hearing the words of the “Hell Demon Dragon”, Ye Lu was really shocked, this guy was actually not his original body, how strong was this “Hell Demon Dragon”!

The “Hell Devil Dragon” said afterwards.

“My body is in an even more terrifying place at the moment, how can I say, there are all monster level experts there, so I need your help, of course, not now, but your help in the future, because sooner or later you will have to enter there too.”

To be honest, the “Hell Devil Dragon’s” explanation made Ye Lu even more confused, he had no idea what the other party was talking about.

So, he looked at the “Hell Devil Dragon” and asked.

“Can you give an explanation?”