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Super School Student Chapter 535-536

Chapter 535

“The hellish dragon thought for a moment and said.

“There’s no need to explain too much now, you don’t have a way to get in there anyway, I’ll get to the point first, I’ll give you all these ‘Shura’.”

Hearing the words of the “Hell Devil Dragon”, Ye Lu was immediately dumbfounded, shocked and dumbfounded.

Ye Luo had not counted the “Shura” around him, but the number was undoubtedly very huge.

However, after that, the “Hell Devil Dragon” said something that almost drove Ye Lu mad.

“The ‘Shura’ I am talking about is not the ones in front of you, but all the ‘Shura’ in this ‘Abyssal Hell Secret Realm’. ”

After it finished speaking, Ye Luo’s body couldn’t help but shake unnaturally, if all of these were given to him, wouldn’t he become the king of the world.

As a result, before Ye Lu could get excited, the “Hell Devil Dragon” said again.

“Don’t be too happy, I’m not letting you use them casually, I’m not interested in trash, what I want is to be able to improve, so I will set the seal, you can only unlock and use them if you break the seal I set.”

When he heard the words of the “Hell Devil Dragon”, Ye Lu immediately felt a little discouraged again.

At this point, the Hell Devil Dragon continued.

“Don’t think I’m being alarmist, the danger in that place is unimaginable, and I can tell you clearly that the person you are looking for is in a place even more terrifying than the one I’m talking about. ”

Ye Lu thought to himself, “What the hell do I understand!

I don’t even know where to go, so what is there to understand.

So, he looked at the Demon Dragon of Hell and asked.

“Mr. Devil Dragon, can you tell me where I’m going and how I can get there?”

As a result, the Devil Dragon said.

“You need not worry about that, for in time you will naturally go there, and well, I will put all the ‘Shura’ into a black glove.”

As he spoke, all the Shura began to diminish and disappear rapidly, and soon the entire Abyssal Hell was cleared.

In his hand was a black glove.

I don’t know what kind of tactics the “Hell Devil Dragon” had used, but this glove looked very ordinary, and did not emit any strange aura.

Of course, what Ye Lu was still curious about was what place this “Hell Devil Dragon” was talking about.

It was a pity that Ye Lu had not seen any spells related to “bilocation” in the “spell” system before, so I guess it was not something in the spell system.

“Mostly it’s some kind of ‘divine skill’ from the ‘divine skill’ that hasn’t been opened yet.”

Because after crossing the YuanYing realm, “spells” would be replaced by “divine techniques”, and “gla*ses” had not yet opened the “divine technique” system.

As Ye Lu secretly thought, he reached out and took the gloves handed to him.

Although the black gloves looked normal, they felt cold in his hands. Ye Lu could clearly feel the power contained in the gloves, and then he cut his fingers to identify the gloves.

It is not so troublesome for those who have entered the Firstborn Realm, because they have a “divine sense”, because everyone’s “divine sense” is as unique as their fingerprints, so they can use their “divine sense” to identify their owner, but unfortunately, Ye Lu cannot do it yet, but his cultivation level has increased again after the vicious battle just now.

“Black Dragon is right, if you want to improve, you still have to fight, you can’t be lazy.”

Feeling the spiritual power in his body increase again, Ye Luo couldn’t help but lament, this “nameless gong method” was too weird, making it difficult for Ye Luo to cultivate quietly like ordinary people, this also led to Ye Luo’s cultivation enhancement was a big trouble, he actually wanted to be able to sit down and cultivate like Qin Shiyu. “Brush brush!” He actually wanted to be able to sit down like Qin Shiyu, and then his cultivation level “brushed!” upwards.

After acknowledging his master and putting on the gloves, Ye Lu looked at the “Hell Devil Dragon” and asked the question he most wanted to know.

“Mr. Demon Dragon, can you give me some of the ‘Hell’s Flame’ on your body, I want to try to fuse it.”

Although it was the flame on the doppelganger, Ye Luo still wanted to try it, after all, he already had four “Origin Flames” in his hands, especially the “Sun True Flame”, which made Ye Luo feel the need to try it out.

However, the “Hell Devil Dragon” said coldly.

“I have known your idea for a long time, however, I cannot promise you because this is also a bargaining chip for our cooperation, come to my body and I will give you what you want.”

When he heard the words of the Hell Demon Dragon, Ye Lu brushed his mouth off and said.

“Cut it out, stingy B*****d.”

Then, he looked at the “Hell Devil Dragon” again and asked.

“Mr. Devil Dragon, how can I find you then?”

“The Devil Dragon looked at him and said.

“This is very simple, you can summon a projection of me, my projection can communicate with you, however, you now have this glove, so I do not recommend you to use my projection again, in any case, try to improve before you see my body.”

“By the way, I’ll have to tell you the location of the exit outside, I guess, but I reckon you’ll be able to find it soon too.”

As he spoke, the “Hell Demon Dragon” told Ye Lu the location of the entrance and exit of the “Abyssal Secret Realm”.

Ye Lu had stayed in the Abyssal Mysterious Realm for long enough, so he felt that it was time to leave the place.

So, he talked to the “Hell Devil Dragon” for a while, but found that the other party did not want to talk to him about many things, so he had to give up.

However, when he was about to leave, the Black Dragon of Hell looked at him and said.

“Ye Luo, lastly, I would like to remind you to be careful of the other people’s doppelgangers, there are still some terrifying doppelgangers in this world, because they are doppelgangers, these guys, like me, I am afraid have terrifying abilities, even if you have the help of the ‘Shura’ people, you will still be in danger. ”

“However, at the moment they should also be lurking in some secret realms like me, because this world still has restrictions on us, in short, this is a bit complicated to say, to put it simply, if you encounter people from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ and people who act strangely remember to stay away from them. ”

After hearing the “Hell Demon Dragon” finish, Ye Lu said with a smile.

“Okay, but you can rest a*sured that I have my own way.”

Other people might be a bit troublesome, but Ye Lu had the “gla*ses” in his hand, so he could tell which was the real body and which was the doppelganger, so he didn’t feel that this was too troublesome.

In this way, Ye Lu left the Abyssal Hell secret realm and went to the Abyssal Secret Realm.

After such a long time of contact, “Di Qi” and “Hong Luan” already considered Ye Luo and the others as their friends, so they all came over happily when they saw Ye Luo was safe and sound.

“How is it, did you get the ‘Hellfire’ of the ‘Hell Devil Dragon’?”

Everyone asked with concern.

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“No, that fellow didn’t give it to me, saying that he couldn’t tell me until I could go to its original body, but this old boy won’t tell me where its original body is, talking in mysterious ways, making me completely confused as well.”

As he spoke, Ye Luo turned his head to the Dragon’s Di Qi and the Vermilion Bird’s Red Luan and asked.

“By the way, do you know of any place that is so mysterious and unpredictable? It says that I will go there sooner or later.”

Unexpectedly, after listening to Ye Luo, “Di Qi” actually thought about it and said.

“Most of what it said is true, because, it seems that our Dragon Clan’s supreme powers have all disappeared afterwards, and we don’t even know exactly where they went, it’s like they mysteriously disappeared, there are rumors that they just went to a world that only the Beyond God Realm can go to.”


Chapter 536

To be honest, Di Qi’s words surprised Ye Lu, he didn’t expect there to be such secret news, that is, it seemed that the true great powers of this world had all gone to a certain place to gather together, and that place seemed to be the place that the “Hell Demon Dragon” had mentioned.

However, when Ye Luo and Di Qi and Hong Luan inquired about it, they were not sure about the situation, after all, although they were not rookies who had just entered the “God Transformation Realm”, they were only “Lower Gods” in the “God Transformation Realm” and were still far from the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”.

Therefore, the group discussed for half a day but did not come to any conclusion.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Well, this is not something that we can study in three days, besides, that black dragon has already told me the way out of here, let’s go, I guess we can go back soon.”

We had been in the Abyssal Mystery for a long time, and although we couldn’t identify things, we weren’t travelling very slowly, so even if we had the coordinates of where to leave, it would still take us a bit of time to get there.

However, what Ye Lu did not know at this moment was that something big was happening in the “secular world” at the moment, that is, the Chinese people living all over the world, whether they were tourists or immigrants, or there were already Chinese settlements, in short, there were many places where Chinese people gathered, and these Chinese people were disappearing.

This is being done by a very angry “King Solomon” and his backers, the Gu’e country in northern Africa.

With King Solomon is Anubis, the ancient god of death, the legendary god with the head of a wolf and the body of a man, the illegitimate son of Osiris, one of the nine pillars of the Egyptian gods, and Nephthys, the wife of Seth, the god of the desert.

Of course, this “Anubis” is not the god himself, but a descendant of his lineage, and in his hand he holds the “spiritual treasure” of his people, a balance called the “Judgement of Anubis”.

“King Solomon, we already know what happened in the East, and I have come to ask you if you will cooperate with us, the gods? Or are you our enemy?”

“King Solomon was a close neighbour of the Ancient Egypt, so he knew very well how terrible the gods of the Ancient Egypt were, and if he had the Vase in his hand, he would have had some confidence in his heart, but now the Vase seemed to have disappeared and he could no longer feel it.

And, to be honest, even if everything was there, he didn’t dare to openly call out to the gods of the “Ancient Egypt”, so he nodded and said.


When he heard him say “cooperation”, Anubis smiled and said.

“Good, we will help you catch the man together this time, and when we have news of that fellow, we will do it together, and after that, we will go to the ‘Immortal Palace’ together, and it will depend on our own destiny as to what we can get.”

With that, the people on both sides clicked together, however, in their opinion, at this moment, Ye Luo had already disappeared, sort of unaccounted for, and the next step was to wait for news of Ye Luo’s reappearance.

At this moment, Ye Luo was worryingly rushing outside the secret realm, because the “magic puppet” he had placed outside had inadvertently received the news that the people of the “Heavenly Devil Palace” were making plans to take Miao Fengling away from the “Pill Alliance” by force.

Ye Lu knew very well that the Pill Alliance was very powerful, but compared to what kind of people, and compared to the Heavenly Demon Palace, the Pill Alliance was obviously no match.

“Ye Lu, this ‘mechanical bird’ of yours is so powerful, it feels faster than me.”

Standing on the body of the ‘mechanical bird’, ‘Red Luan’ said with some emotion.

Ye Luo then said.

“It can’t be compared like that, it was originally a machine, so drawing ‘weapon patterns’ directly on it is definitely much more efficient than a person pushing the runes on a ‘magic treasure’.”

The characteristic of this “mechanical bird” was that it was both a machine and a living creature at the same time, which made it a living “magic treasure” after the “weapon pattern” was drawn.

It was a treasure that had been hard to find, so of course it had to be a bit more powerful.

“Bird, let’s hurry up, we’re about to reach the exit, otherwise the ‘Pill Alliance’ will be out of luck.”

In fact, at this moment, the Pill Alliance was already out of luck.

The reason was that the “God Transformation Realm” powerhouse from the Heavenly Demon Palace had already broken through the “formation” at the entrance of the “Pill Alliance” and entered the “Pill Alliance”.

After he entered, the first thing he did was to close the formation, and all the experts from the Heavenly Demon Palace behind him swarmed into the Medicine Alliance.

The first guy who broke the Pill Alliance’s formation was obviously a “formation expert”, and after entering, he began to modify the formation and then closed it again.

This way, no one from outside could enter the place again. For the people from the Pill Alliance inside, this formation was like “catching a turtle in a jar”.

“What’s going on?”

The area inside the “Pill Alliance” was so large that the entrance had been completely occupied by the “Heavenly Demon Palace”, and only then did the news reach the inside.

The “Pill Garden Elder” looked in the direction of the entrance and exit with some surprise.

“Report to the ‘Pill Garden Elder’, it should be someone from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ who has arrived. ‘Taotie’.”

The “Four Fierce Beasts” are “Poor Qi”, “Legendary Beast”, “Chaos” and “Taotie”, of which “Taotie” is the most voracious and eats people all the time, and according to legend, it even eats itself when it gets angry.

In the four great beasts, although not the strongest, but indeed the most greedy and vicious one.

In fact, not only the “Taowu” but also the demonic beast “Alkmo pinch”, whose lower half is the body of a spider and whose upper half is the body of a woman, and some other unknown beasts, are among those who come.

In short, the team sent out by the Heavenly Demon Palace this time, apart from the formation expert, the rest of them were basically demonic beasts in the form of a person.

At the head of the group was a woman with the legendary “undead bird” bloodline, her name was Svira.

At her feet was a demonic beast with the upper half of a dragon and the lower half of a lion, with three heads, a snake head, a goat head and a lion head, called Kemera.

“We don’t want to be your enemy this time. If you hand over the little girl called ‘Miao Fengling’, we will not kill anyone, otherwise, we will crush your Otherwise, we will crush your ‘Medicine League’.”

The leader of the group, “Svira”, raised her spear in her hand and said loudly.

As she spoke, a huge fire bird rose into the sky, carrying a terrifying aura.

Once it was in the air, it spread its wings and waved its tail, chirping loudly so that all the people in the secret realm of the Pill Alliance could hear its cry.

The “Pill Garden Elder” sighed helplessly, then quickly flew to the vicinity of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” group, and said respectfully.

“Everyone from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, I’m really sorry, the ‘Miao Fengling’ you are looking for has been taken away by our ‘Supreme Elder’, even We don’t know where she is either, if you don’t believe us, you can look around, we definitely won’t stop you.”

What the “Elder of the Medicine Garden” said was true.

But Svira didn’t believe it at all, and she looked at the Elder of the Medicine Garden and said.

“You want to play with me, right? This secret realm is so big and there are so many people, how can we possibly find them?

With these words, she quickly raised her hand and with a flash of fire, the poor “Pill Garden Elder” was turned into ashes.

“Behind him, the people who had come with him were so frightened by the sight that their legs went weak.

“Svira” said coldly.

“Go, hand over that little girl, or you’ll end up like him.”

At that moment, the closed formation at the door suddenly fluctuated and a young man appeared at the door with a smile.

“Here I am!”

Ye Luo said as he looked towards the crowd.