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Super School Student Chapter 551-552

Chapter 551

Yes, Leaffall had disappeared right under his nose.

“What’s going on?”

“He didn’t know that Ye Lu had used the bloodline power of “Glajan Labors”.

Compared to other practitioners, another advantage of Ye Lu was that he could borrow the bloodline power of other practitioners through his blood, but of course, this was also related to the level of the practitioner.

“Even if Ye Lu used his bloodline, it would be difficult for him to be invisible for ten minutes like “Glajan Labors”, which he estimated would only be a matter of minutes, because Ye Lu was now close to ” In terms of combat power without any increase, it was close to the “God Transformation Realm”.

In addition, the invisibility of Glayan Rabble could indeed escape the detection of the “divine Sense”, but it was not a real disappearance, in other words, the body was still there, as long as the attack was launched, the force of heaven and earth would be detected. In other words, the body is still there.

“After a moment of panic, Venerable Xuan Yun regained his composure and quickly released a dense mist from his body.

These mists were part of his ability to conduct a full investigation of those in the “mists”.

However, he waited for half a day, but there was no movement, Ye Lu did not come in, he only heard the sound of a fierce fight outside.

“Sh*t! Fooled!”

He finally understood that he had fallen for it, it should have been Ye Lu who used this method to hold himself back and then stealthily went to attack those who were easier to kill.

In fact, he had guessed correctly, that was exactly what Ye Lu had done.

For a super expert like “Venerable Xuan Yun”, it would be difficult for Ye Lu to hurt him even if he released the fusion flame, after all, the difference in realm was too great, but it was different for a “First Cla*s Lower God”. “Of course, these guys were protected by a set of “spiritual treasures”, so they must be much more resistant than the “Shura” who had nothing, but Ye Lu felt that his own flame But Ye Lu felt that his flames could still kill the opponent.

Therefore, his attention had already shifted to giving help to the others.

“How cunning!”

After discovering this, “Venerable Xuan Yun” immediately decided to join the battle circle and capture Ye Lu first.

However, immediately afterwards, he noticed that a candle had silently appeared on his chest.

He immediately became aware of a rumour, but the rumour he knew was not about Qin Shiyu, but about the Heavenly Demon Palace, where he had heard that a mysterious woman had appeared, who could light a candle at the heart of a person. “Once the candle is extinguished, the person will die.

“The Heavenly Demon Palace is here!”

He muttered in surprise, but immediately afterwards, he found that countless attacks were launched towards him.

Since Qin Siyu had already arrived and the “Candle of Life” was lit, Ye Lu was not polite, “Catch the thief and capture the king”, this fellow was the most difficult to deal with, he had to be taken out first.

At the same time, Venerable Xuan Yun also discovered something else, he saw that a strange looking ghost with countless ghosts and weird bats appeared, it was none other than the “Wine Swallow Boy” and the “Ghost Bat”. It was none other than the “Drinking Boy” and the “Ghost Bat”.

Although these guys were only at the YuanYing realm, they were huge in number and were perfect for clearing out the minions.

The situation was like an ant colony crossing the border, except for the equipment, the cultivators were almost eaten to the ground.

He already regretted that he hadn’t brought a large force with him, as this was an elite operation, so they had only brought more experts from the God Transformation Realm. However, he did not expect that the number of “God Transformation Realms” that Ye Lu could summon would be too large, too large to imagine.

As a result, the “Candle of Life” on his chest began to burn rapidly under everyone’s indiscriminate attacks.

This scene took him by surprise, and he quickly activated the Jade Void Glazed Lamp in his hand, releasing all the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect he had packed in, with the sole purpose of holding back Ye Lu’s attack.

However, he immediately realised that he had made another mistake. As soon as the people appeared, Ye Lu had the Scarlet Queen move in and put all of them into the Blazing God Blade.

This operation directly shocked the “Venerable Xuan Yun”.

He didn’t understand what was happening, but Ye Lu didn’t want to give him the chance to understand it either. In the moment he was dazed, all the terrifying attacks hit him, while Ye Lu merged with Qin Siyu and swiftly activated the Candle of Life.

Qin Siyu was growing like a bamboo shoot, so her power to control the Candle of Life was also strengthening day by day, which made Ye Lu feel extremely relieved.

The Candle of Life on his chest went out instantly, and his body fell to the ground.

As for the other experts of the Xuan Tian Clan, Ye Lu did not kill them, but instead incorporated them, establishing a “master-servant contract” of course, Ye Lu believed that this snowballing method was definitely the most suitable strategy.

After all this, Ye Lu looked at the “Wine Swallow Boy” and the “Ghost Bat”, and finally, Ye Lu decided to raise the “Wine Swallow Boy” up first.

After all, the promotion of the “Wine Swallow Boy” was of the kind where “one person can achieve the goal and the chickens can rise to heaven”. This is something that many other people, demonic beasts and so on, cannot do at all.

So, Ye Lu sorted out all the heavenly treasures he had obtained from the Daoist of Many Treasures and gave them to the “Wine Swallow Boy” to use, as for the others that would not be effective immediately, he also gave them to the “Wine Swallow Boy”. He believed that with so many treasures and the “Abyssal Mysteries”, the special environment, the powerful “Abyssal Mysteries”, and the “Abyssal Mysteries”, he would be able to use them all. He believed that with so many treasures and the special environment of the “Abyssal Secret”, the powerful “Ghost King’s” troops would not take long.

As for the “Ghost Bats”, it was up to them to make their own luck, Ye Lu had already cla*sified these guys as auxiliary combatants.

However, Ye Lu then thought of a place, and that was the Abyssal Hell. In the Abyssal Hell, there were ghost generals who could use the “Ghostly Inferno”, and “Therefore, Ye Luo felt that it would be a good idea to let the Ghost Bats enter the Abyssal Hell to train. “Therefore, Ye Lu felt that it would be a good choice if the Ghost Bat was allowed to enter the Abyssal Hell to cultivate.

On the other hand, it was not very suitable for the “Drinking Swallow Boy” to go to the “Abyssal Hell” because all the “God Transformation Realm” experts in the “Abyssal Hell” had been killed by Ye Lu. All the experts above the “God Transformation Realm” had been taken away by Ye Lu, so there was little point for it to go in.

So, Ye Lu rearranged the actions of the two parts of the guys.

As for all the people of the Hundred Flowers Sect, after this incident, Ye Lu decided to take them to the headquarters of the Hundred Flowers Sect, as he still had a lot of things to give to the Hundred Flowers Sect anyway. He still had a lot of things to give to the “Hundred Flowers Sect” anyway.

In addition, the “Secret Realm of Spiritual Stones” also needed to be visited.

Moreover, during this crisis, Ye Lu had never seen Liu Mei appear, which meant that the “Hundred Flowers Sect” people had hidden her.

It was this kind of love that Ye Lu had to repay.

“Alright, Siyu, you guys take this ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ guy back first, I’m going to take the ‘Hundred Flowers Clan’ people to their headquarters.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Siyu nodded, she also knew that Ye Lu was now anxious to improve his strength, and she also saw the treasure of “Daoist of Many Treasures” in her eyes, it was really like a treasure, and it really made people itch to put it there.

After the crowd had left, Ye Lu released all the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect and told them to pack their things and prepare to leave.

“The people of the Hundred Flower Sect understood that it would be very dangerous to stay here any longer.

“Where’s Liu Mei? Where have you hidden her?”

Ye Luo looked at Elder Narcissus and asked.

“Elder Narcissus” did not answer, but looked at Ye Lu with some emotion and said.

“Don’t worry, Liu Mei will be fine, she is in our secret room, a few girls are guarding her, but, you are too scary, aren’t you a match for the Exalted One?”


Chapter 552

Of course, “Elder Shui Xian” knew about the secret affairs of the sect, and the fact that Ye Lu could lift such a crisis meant that his overall combat power had already reached a certain level of terror.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I wonder if this level is qualified to enter that secret realm?”

“Elder Water Fairy” said with a smile.

“Of course it does, you are also our ‘Suzaku Elder’, aren’t you? What’s more, you’ve brought so many benefits to our clan.”

After listening to the “Water Fairy Elder”, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Good, then get ready and let’s go, there are still a lot of good things waiting for you.”

What Ye Lu got most from Daoist Duo Bao this time were “magic treasures” and “magic weapons” which were most suitable for the people of the “Hundred Flowers Sect”.

However, Elder Shui Xian had never been to the “Spiritual Stone Secret Realm”, so she was not sure about the details inside the secret realm.

He gave everyone plenty of time to pack up their things and then found Liu Mei.

At this moment, Liu Mei had become more and more feminine, and it was true that “Eve” was called the first woman.


After seeing Ye Lu, Liu Mei smiled and raised her hand, Ye Lu felt that the physical strength and spiritual energy he had just consumed by helping Qin Shiyu to light the Candle of Life was recovering rapidly.

“This ‘bloodline divine ability’ is too strong!”

Feeling the changes in his body, Ye Lu was also astonished, he did not expect that Liu Mei could improve so much after not seeing her for such a long time, this could be described as terrifying.

At this moment, Liu Mei’s cultivation level had surpa*sed that of Ye Yan, which was a bit weaker than Qin Siyu, who was a “Candle Dragon”, and Ye Lu intuitively felt that this was not normal.

“Liu Mei, give me your hand.”

Ye Lu said after thinking about it.

Ye Lu had never explored Liu Mei’s body before, so this time he decided to take a look at Liu Mei’s body.

As a result, it didn’t matter if he took a look, he found that what Wu Mei possessed in her body was not “Yuan Qi” but “Spiritual Energy”, the same as himself.


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu also gave a surprised eek.

“You …… are the same as me.”

Ye Luo said with some surprise.

Among the several women, Qin Siyu was the most special, she possessed an aura unique to Candle Dragon, while Ye Yan and the others still had the same aura in their bodies as cultivators in this world despite having pure bloodlines, only Liu Mei’s power in her body was actually spiritual power, which was somewhat unbelievable.

So, Ye Lu began to carefully check out the details of Liu Mei.

As a result, he discovered something else, that is, there was another bloodline in Liu Mei’s body, and it was not just one, there was the bloodline of the Chinese “Nuwa”, the bloodline of the Babylonian mythology “Timat”, the bloodline of the ancient Egyptian sky god “Atum”, and the bloodline of the ancient Greek earth goddess “Gaia”, at the same time, she also had the bloodline of the Aztec mythology “Snake Skirt” ……

In short, Liu Mei’s body had almost all the bloodlines of the goddesses of creation in it. To be honest, Ye Lu did not expect Liu Mei’s bloodline to be so complex.

“No wonder it’s so strong! Could it be related to Liu Mei being a mixed blood?”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, the more he looked, the more astonished he was, because he found that not only were there many bloodlines in Liu Mei’s body, but each of them was also a pure bloodline, which could simply be described as unbelievable.

Liu Mei was a mixed blood, but Ye Lu did not expect to be mixed like this, which was somewhat unbelievable.

“A goddess!”

Ye Luo looked at Liu Mei and said with a laugh.

Liu Mei immediately looked at Ye Lu with some confusion.

Ye Luo then said with a smile.

“Mei’er, you don’t know that you use the bloodlines of countless goddesses in your body, and they are all true goddesses’ bloodlines, which means that you should be the Goddess of Creation.”

Although, Ye Luo couldn’t figure out exactly how it meant, from his understanding, he felt that things should be just about like that.

However, following that, Ye Lu suddenly thought of something.

“Nuwa! Nuwa? Nuwa ……”

Ye Lu suddenly remembered something, that is, the guy from the “Heavenly Demon Clan” had once said that he seemed to be from the “Nuwa Clan”, and now Liu Mei had the bloodline of “Nuwa”, could it be that this was not a coincidence.

“It looks like I have to find time to go to the ‘Nuwa clan’ to take a look.”

Ye Lu suddenly regretted that he hadn’t contacted the Nuwa Clan before, as he had been close to the Nuwa Clan in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, but unfortunately, he didn’t know that the Nuwa Clan had such a strange background.

However, very soon, the women of the Hundred Flowers Clan were all packed up.

“Hey! Elder Shui Xian, how come everyone packed up so fast?”

Ye Lu was also taken aback by everyone’s speed.

As a result, “Elder Narcissus” smiled and said.

“It’s all thanks to you, the storage vessel you got for everyone has a lot of space inside, many people have packed their houses directly into it, do you think it can’t be fast?”

It was also true that in the Hundred Flowers Sect’s branch, many of the buildings were made of bamboo and wood and so on, so they could be taken care of as soon as they were collected with the storage spell.

“Okay, let’s go then.”

Ye Lu looked at the crowd and smiled.

Then, he looked at Liu Mei and said with a smile.

“Mei’er, I originally wanted to give you a gift, but then I thought about it and waited, I will definitely give you a good one when the time comes.”

In fact, at first, Ye Lu wanted to give Liu Mei a “beast egg” that he had obtained from the “Daoist of Many Treasures”, but after seeing Liu Mei’s bloodline, he felt that it was better to wait until he could enter the higher levels of the “Secret Realm of Many Treasures”, perhaps there were better beast eggs up there.

According to Ye Lu’s judgment, Liu Mei’s potential should not be worse than Qin Shiyu’s. Therefore, Ye Lu decided to wait.

Therefore, Ye Lu decided to wait and help Liu Mei to get a stronger “Original Spirit Beast”, although it would be difficult to find a “Original Spirit Beast” like the “Heavenly Sun Candle”, but there was always a need to find a similar one.

When he thought of this, Ye Lu felt a little depressed because his “Original Spirit Beast”, that is, the nameless beast egg, had not yet hatched.

However, under the incubation of the “Three-Legged Golden Crow”, the beast egg did respond, but it had not broken out of its shell.

By Ye Lu’s rough calculations, it had been incubating for more than a hundred days.

“I guess it took so long to hatch because of the wrong breed.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, but he already felt satisfied, at least from all indications, this “beast egg” could be hatched out this way.

As long as it could hatch out, it would be fine. Anyway, with the help of the “Hwagamir Spring”, it should be able to catch up with his own cultivation.

This was evident from the growth of the “Heavenly Sun Candlelight”.

Liu Mei was curious about what Ye Lu wanted to give herself, but since Ye Lu did not want to say, she did not ask.

“Let’s go then.”

Ye Luo looked at the crowd of the “Hundred Flowers Sect” and said with a smile.

After that, he went to the “Xuanhuo Square” and took away the “Nine Heavenly Xuanhuo” fire pool and the “fire spirit” inside.

In fact, the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire” below the Xishuangbanna was even bigger, but Ye Lu did not want to take that fire away, because if he did, the environment of the Xishuangbanna would definitely be damaged.

In this way, it did not take long for the group to reach the headquarters of the Hundred Flowers Sect.

There, Ye Lu was personally greeted by the “Hundred Flower Fairy”, the head of the Hundred Flower Sect.

“Welcome to our ‘Hundred Flower Sect’.”

The “Hundred Flower Fairy” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

This “Hundred Flower Fairy” looked quite young and her looks were indeed worthy of her name, she was born with a lot of charm, really like a fairy.

Ye Lu smiled and exchanged pleasantries before following the “White Flower Fairy” to the “Hundred Flower Clan” headquarters.

“Clan Chief Hundred Flowers, I haven’t made any big contribution to the clan since I became the clan’s elder, so today I’ll give the clan a small gift as a meet and greet.”

With those words, Ye Lu raised his hand, and countless “magic weapons” and “magic treasures” appeared like rain.