Super School Student Chapter 553-554

Chapter 553

Most of these “magic treasures” and “magic weapons” were brought back by Ye Lu from the secret realm of “Daoist of Many Treasures”, and some of them were collected by him before, because many of them were no longer useful as their cultivation level increased, so they had been left there and Ye Lu had never taken care of them.

When she saw the piles of things, the “Hundred Flower Fairy”‘s mouth opened wide in surprise.

This was a huge amount of money.

You know, for the clan, the people who were really always in the clan were mainly those below the “Great Elders”, because only these people would stay in the clan all the time, and after reaching the level of “Great Elders”, everyone would go outside the clan for training, while those Dignitaries were even more invisible, basically not seeing anyone all the time, and some Dignitaries didn’t even know if they were alive or dead.

Therefore, what Ye Lu took out now was what the clan needed most, so how could she not be overjoyed?

“Mr. Ye Lu, this is too much, I’m really flattered!”

The “Hundred Flower Fairy” looked at the various treasures Ye Lu released and was astonished, because she saw that there was actually a “magic weapon” emitting a “Saint Rank” aura, which was quite a difficult thing to obtain.

After all, this was the collection of “Daoist Duo Bao”, he did not collect everything, ordinary weapons and clothes would not enter his eyes.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“You’re too kind, I don’t have any use for these things, they’re more suitable for my sisters, they’re not valuable anyway.”

Ye Lu had already told the Hundred Flowers Fairy about how Ye Lu had cleaned up all the Xuantian Sect’s venerable members, so the Hundred Flowers Fairy had thought that Ye Lu would be a cold or frightening figure, but now she seemed to be wrong.

Ye Luo seemed to be very nice and generous, giving away so many treasures just like that, which made the “Hundred Flower Fairy” quite touched.

So, she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I basically know about the deal between the ‘Water Fairy’ and you, since you are interested in the ‘Luminous Stone’, you and I will immediately arrange for the elders to take you into that secret realm, however, it is still very dangerous in that secret realm, because there are very bizarre ‘spirit beasts’ inside.”

Seeing that Ye Lu was somewhat estimating, she quickly explained.

“It’s a real ‘spirit beast’, the power within them is completely different from ours, so it’s exceptionally scary, our elders usually only go in a small portion of it, to be honest, this secret realm I just go in to cultivate my combat power, nothing else is very useful, because those ‘spirit beasts’ and the things inside are completely different from the Yuan Power we cultivate, and can’t be used at all.”

This was what Ye Lu expected, it was the same as they didn’t understand the value of the “Luminous Stone” at all, after so long training before, Ye Lu already understood that “Spiritual Power” was a higher level, so the various props that could enhance Spiritual Power couldn’t enhance the cultivation of ordinary cultivators.

Therefore, it was understandable that the “Hundred Flowers Sect” would treat this secret realm as a useless secret realm.

However, to be honest, after hearing the words of the “Hundred Flowers Fairy”, Ye Luo became even more interested in this secret realm, because it sounded like there were also “spirit beasts” in this secret realm that were completely different from those outside.

Ordinary cultivators could lead a demonic beast as their “native spirit beast”, but in reality, although this “spirit beast” was called a “spirit beast”, it was still a demonic beast in nature, and the power it used was also the native power, but if there was really a so-called “spirit beast” in this secret realm, having a “spirit beast” as a pet would definitely be much more powerful than an ordinary demonic beast.

This could be referred to Ye Lu’s ability to use his spiritual power to challenge across levels, and also to the extraordinary power of the “Heavenly Demon Race”.

Therefore, Ye Luo couldn’t wait to say.

“Great, can I go in now?”

Seeing Ye Lu’s anxious look, the “Hundred Flower Fairy” smiled and said.

“Of course you can, I will let ‘Elder Hibiscus’ and ‘Elder Peony’ accompany you, as it is too dangerous there, the others will not go there, but what I am curious about is, Mr. Ye Luo, why are you so interested in it? And what exactly is the purpose of the ‘Luminous Stone’?”

Hearing the “Hundred Flower Fairy’s” enquiry, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“There is nothing to hide, just take a look at my body and you will know.”

With these words, Ye Luo extended his hand towards the “Hundred Flower Fairy”.

Although the “Hundred Flower Fairy” was a bit confused, she still reached out and shook Ye Luo’s hand.

After that, he felt the “spiritual power” coming from Ye Luo’s body, and then she understood what was going on with Ye Luo.

She found that the aura of the Luminous Stone was the same as that of the spirit beasts, and the power that Ye Luo transmitted just now also happened to be the same aura.

The “Hundred Flower Fairy” was a person, the head of a sect, how could she not know what was going on.

Obviously, Ye Lu was special, so he could absorb the spiritual power, while other people did not have such a special structure, so those things would not be of much use in other people’s hands.

“No wonder he’s so enthusiastic, it’s a pity, it’s an opportunity for him alone.”

As she spoke, the “Hundred Flower Fairy” sighed, as she could not absorb those things that contained “spiritual power”, so she could only watch Ye Lu toss them around.

The secret realm mentioned by the “Hundred Flowers Fairy” was the same as the secret realm of the “Hundred Flowers Sect”, which was the same as the secret realm of the “Beast Alliance” and the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

It didn’t take long for the four of them to arrive at the secret realm within the secret realm.

“Let’s go, there’s a distance to walk after entering before there’s any danger, it’s safe at the entrance and exit of the secret realm.”

Ye Lu nodded, then looked at the two elders, “Furong” and “Peony”, and asked.

“Elders, there is one thing I don’t quite understand, why can’t the original things in the ‘secret realm’ come out of the secret realm?”

As a result, both Elders Hibiscus and Peony shook their heads, and then Elder Hibiscus said.

“This seems to be the case since ancient times, only ‘beast eggs’ can be brought out, but as long as they are tainted with the aura of the outside, they can come and go at will, even if they are beast eggs, such as summoned demonic beasts, they can come and go from the secret realm at will. ”

Ye Luo nodded, this was also clear to him, because “Di Qi” they were like this.

However, Ye Lu always had a vague feeling that there was something wrong with it, but for a while he did not know what the problem was, so he stopped paying attention to this and directly followed the two elders into this “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”.

Once he entered, Ye Lu felt a spiritual shock.

There was actually “spiritual energy” in the air, and the richness of this “spiritual energy” simply made Ye Luo feel ecstatic.

He took a deep breath, and then said with a smile.

“Two Elders, where are those ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ located?”

Seeing Ye Luo’s appearance, “Elder Furong” said with a smile.

“Oh, Sir Ye, don’t worry, it’s not far ahead, but there’s no pattern to the appearance of these things, they seem to be scattered all over the place.”

Ye Lu nodded, then smiled at the two elders, “Hibiscus” and “Peony”, and said.

“Then thank you, two elders, for leading the way, let us take care of the rest.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the two elders smiled and left.

They couldn’t use the things here even if they were good anyway, so they let Ye Luo go and toss them on his own.

After the two elders left, Ye Lu did not release the “Di Qi”, but walked with Liu Mei towards the distance, because, in Ye Lu’s opinion, he and Liu Mei should also be considered to be of the same origin as the spirit beasts here.


Chapter 554

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the two of them to come across their first “spirit beast”, something Ye Lu had never seen before, something that looked a bit like a rabbit, and a bit like a cat, with red eyes and long hair, anyway, it was a cute mess.

Seeing this thing, Liu Mei was immediately flooded with love, and she walked towards the long-haired toy-like one, while Ye Lu warned.

“Be careful.”

Sure enough, seeing Liu Mei trying to approach it, the little fellow immediately alerted and fought back.

Its two ears wiggled, and two blades of light flew out towards Liu Mei.

Luckily, Liu Mei was still an expert of the Yuan Ying realm, so she raised her hand and a green light flashed, and a green plant shield blocked the two blows.

This was the first time Ye Lu had seen Liu Mei use a “spell”, and he realised that it was not a “spell” he had taught himself, but a “spell” from the heritage she had awakened, as Liu Mei had said.

It seemed to have something to do with plants.

“Little rabbit cat, good boy, come here.”

Liu Mei said with a smile at this little thing that looked like a rabbit and a cat, but the little one’s eyes rolled and did not come over, but turned and ran away.

This made Liu Mei feel a little disappointed.

On the other hand, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“This is the outer edge, I guess, the people from the ‘Hundred Flowers Sect’ are always here to cultivate and hara*s them, when we go deeper inside we should be able to find spirit beasts that aren’t afraid of us.”

With that, the two of them started to walk deeper into the secret realm, and since all the spirit stones near the secret realm had already been taken away by the “Supreme Elders” for Ye Lu, there was no need to look for them near the entrance.

As he went deeper and deeper, Ye Lu found that the spirit beasts in this secret realm did not look like vicious spirit beasts, but mainly cute and adorable, however, their attack power was not a cover, because they all attacked with spiritual power, just like the “Heavenly Demon Sect”, even the spirit beasts at the “Golden Dan Avenue” were as terrifying as those at the “Yuan Ying Realm”.

“It’s really nice, Mei’er, find a beast egg here and take it away, the gift I said I wanted to give you before was actually to give you a beast egg, because you don’t have a ‘original spirit beast’ yet, this time it’s just right, the real spirit beast here is definitely the most suitable for you.”

Although it may not be as terrifying as the Sun Candle and the Taiyin Flux, it is definitely more powerful than the Green Dragon and the Vermilion Bird.

“I guess that old sister is going to be envious and jealous again.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

However, Ye Yan also had her own advantages, as she was currently unable to enter the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, otherwise, with her status as the “Bird Emperor”, she could definitely lead the “Vermilion Bird Clan”, which was a powerful race.

“Haha, we finally got something.”

Three days after the two of them went deep into this “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”, Ye Lu finally found a large pile of “top quality spirit stones”, just like the “Elder Furong” said, the spirit stones were just piled up outside, like broken stones, Ye Lu guessed that most of these “spirit beasts” could not directly transform the spirit power in the spirit stones, that was why they were in such a state.

However, Ye Lu didn’t care about this, now the “top grade spirit stones” were just what he could use in a big way, of course, Ye Lu came here to see if there was something better than “top grade spirit stones” here, or spirit medicine or something like that.

Since even the air here was filled with spiritual energy, the plants growing here must also be filled with rich spiritual energy, and Ye Lu had not seldom collected these spiritual medicines along the way, but he had not found any particularly strong ones yet, so he guessed that he would have to go deeper before he could find something better.

Ye Luo was not in a hurry, this place was simply too good, while constantly absorbing spirit stones and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, he felt that soon this small realm would break through.

“A place this good has to find spirit beasts to fight with.”

As he kept going deeper and deeper, Ye Lu found that the spirit beasts around him started to become more and more powerful in cultivation, so Ye Lu started to try and challenge these guys.

Fortunately, even if these guys were angered, they wouldn’t really make any killing moves. After another day, Ye Lu finally found a higher grade spirit stone, “Super Grade Spirit Stone”, which had a much more dense spirit power.

Now he was already a practitioner of the Golden Dan Avenue with eight orifices, once he opened nine orifices and reached the peak, he would be able to enter the “YuanYing realm” in one fell swoop.

When Ye Lu thought about it, he became a little excited.

However, it was a pity that Liu Mei’s beast egg had never been found.

Of course, Liu Mei was not idle either. According to Ye Lu’s instructions, she was constantly honing her fighting skills with various “spirit beasts”.

Moreover, the majority of Liu Mei’s heritage was auxiliary, so training was different from that of the front-line combatants, and was much easier.

In addition, Ye Lu also discovered that Liu Mei’s attribute was not “wood attribute” as he had thought at first, but “light attribute”, which was the exact opposite of Qin Siyu’s “dark attribute”.

“Why are all these spirit beasts running away?”

As we entered another two days, Liu Mei and Ye Lu found that the spirit beasts were starting to move differently.

“It’s possible that certain terrifying spirit beasts have appeared.”

It is the instinct of all beasts, even the “spirit beasts”, to “avoid evil”.

“Be careful, if there is any danger, hide in my ‘Blazing God Blade’.”

Ye Lu took out his ‘Blazing God Blade’ and said cautiously.

This time, he had already achieved most of his goals in the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”, he had collected a large pile of “superb spirit stones”, and he had filled his pockets with various spirit medicines, the only thing missing was a powerful spirit beast egg, everything else was perfect, so Ye Lu did not want to cause any trouble at the last moment.

With that said, the two of them quietly lurked towards the front.

Sure enough, in the area ahead, almost all the demonic beasts were fleeing for their lives, and there were many spirit beasts that were quite powerful. Luckily, none of these spirit beasts had the attribute of actively attacking, and as long as you didn’t try to actively provoke them, they definitely wouldn’t take the initiative to attack, so despite the various terrifying spirit beasts retreating like a tidal wave, they didn’t pose any threat to Ye Luo and the others.

However, Ye Lu was a little worried, and he didn’t dare to go any further, instead he asked Liu Mei to find a place to hide and chose to go over by himself.

Liu Mei was clearly inexperienced when it came to this point of playing with life.

After leaving Liu Mei in charge, Ye Lu quietly lurked over there with some peace of mind.

As a result, he found a large blank area without any “spirit beasts”, which also showed how frightening things were in the centre, as these spirit beasts were instinctively afraid of what was in the centre anyway.

Ye Lu was also curious as to what was in the centre.

Soon, he saw from afar that there was a valley, and at the bottom of the valley was a five-coloured stone, made up of the five colours “green, red, yellow, white and black”, and on the five-coloured stone was a magnificent chariot, but at the moment there was only the chariot but no horses pulling it.

Inside the chariot, Ye Lu saw a section of a snake’s tail showing.

It looked like there was a snake-like spirit beast in the chariot, but Ye Lu was not quite sure why this snake-like spirit beast was so powerful and made all the spirit beasts flee.

However, he then noticed that the one in the chariot was not a snake-like spirit beast, but a stunningly beautiful woman with long hair draped over her body without any clothes on, and her expression was quite painful, as if she was injured.

Following that, Ye Lu saw that he had just made a mistake, the snake and this stunning woman were actually one and the same, it was a spirit beast with the upper half of its body being a woman and the lower half being a snake.

“What on earth could have hurt it?”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu began to mutter, he wanted to go up and help, he was still confident in his medical skills, if he helped this guy, he might be able to get a benefit.

However, what he didn’t know was that he was completely wrong in his thinking.