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Super School Student Chapter 555-556

Chapter 555

Of course, Ye Lu used his “gla*ses” to study the identity of this guy before he went over.

“Name: Creation Beast, Origin: Haotian Continent, Rank: Third Cla*s Upper God, Description: A legendary terrifying spirit beast that can give birth to small thousand worlds and create small worlds, with the ability to penetrate the heavens and the earth so it is called ‘Creation Beast’ ……”

Seeing this profile, Ye Lu was truly taken aback.

A spirit beast that could create a small thousand worlds, this was too heaven defying.

Moreover, the level of this spirit beast had already reached the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”, and Ye Lu was worried that he would be killed if he went there.

“Should I go or not?”

Ye Luo was caught in a state of hesitation.

However, in the end, he decided to take the risk. He felt that if he didn’t dare to take such a risk, he would have no chance of becoming a god.

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

“I hope this time it’s a risk, not a death sentence, if I hang up, it’ll be a fiasco.”

Ye Luo consoled himself as he walked, convincing himself that this trip was for chance and not just fooling around, but his heart still couldn’t help but beat wildly because this guy opposite him was too strong, the strongest creature Ye Luo had ever seen, and it was also a spirit beast.

The “Spirit Beast” was a typical creature that crossed the level of challenge, that is to say, the real combat power of this “Creation Beast” was not as simple as “God Transformation Realm”, how strong it was, Ye Lu could not imagine.

“I’ll die, I’m afraid of nothing!”

When he was almost near the Five Coloured Stone, Ye Lu gritted his teeth and cheered himself up again.

However, it was obvious that the “Creation Beast” seemed to be in extreme pain and did not realize that Ye Luo had reached a place not far from her.

After that, Ye Luo quietly walked up the five-coloured stone to the side of the chariot.

He thought for a moment, then said.

“Lord Transmigration God, I see that you are in great pain, I am a doctor, I can help you ……”

As a result, before he could finish his words, a long snake tail appeared, followed by a fierce slap, and slapped Ye Luo to the ground just like a fly.

“Holy f*ck!”

Ye Luo only said two words, followed by him falling unconscious.

When he woke up again, he found himself still lying on the ground, however, not on the five-coloured stone, but on top of the land.

“Into hell?”

He muttered darkly, then looked at his own his arms and found that it seemed as if he was still alive.

Following that, he raised his head, only to see the chariot, which was there, indicating that he should not have changed places, but why was the five-coloured stone missing? But then, immediately afterwards, he realised that the five-coloured stone was there, only it had gone from under his feet to his hand.

“This thing has recognized its owner.”

Looking at the Five-coloured Stone in his hand, Ye Lu finally understood that just now, he had almost killed himself with that blow and ended up spitting out blood, but he had been blessed with the Five-coloured Stone.

“All right!”

If he hadn’t been completely prepared beforehand, using the “Heavenly Vine” and various other treasures to defend himself, he would probably have been killed this time, but Ye Lu didn’t think he had blocked the blow.

“It should be that the opponent’s power is no more than one, so I was able to carry it off.”

Ye Luo understood very well that he could not withstand a blow from the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”, let alone a “spirit beast”.

After that, he saw the corpse of the “Creation Beast” and a “Beast Egg”.

“So it was hatching an egg.”

Only then did Ye Luo understand why that “Creation Beast” had been in such pain just now, it was not wounded, but hatching an egg.

“But, by mistake, it seems to have obtained a ‘beast egg’ that is not to be missed.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly.

He was worried about what kind of ‘beast egg’ to get for Liu Mei, and here it was.

However, what Ye Luo did not know was that, in fact, the “Creation Beast” had already regretted when it instinctively attacked, so it was mostly retracting its attack just now, trying to avoid hitting Ye Luo, but unfortunately, the “egg-laying” process made the “Creation Beast’s” spiritual power go out of control, so the end of the blow still fell on Ye Luo.

Ye Luo didn’t care about this, he picked up the beast egg.

“I wonder what will be birthed in it? Will it be another ‘Creation Beast’, or will it breed a new small world?”

Anyway, no matter what could be bred out of this, Liu Mei’s “original spirit beast” was already there.

“No, let’s wait.”

Ye Lu suddenly realized that something was wrong, that is, the “Creation Beast” had died, who would hatch this “Beast Egg”? It had taken a lot of effort to hatch the beast egg before, and everyone had almost died when they entered the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

“Forget about it, let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

He found that he couldn’t think of anything, so Ye Lu gave up thinking about it, he wanted to put the chariot into the “Sumeru Ring” first, this thing is definitely not an ordinary object, the introduction of the gla*ses said that the “Heirloom Beast” of the “Hao Tian Continent” came to this “Small World” with this “Nine Dragons Chariot”.

Although none of the nine dragons are left, the chariot is still intact.

The level of this item also exceeded that of an “Innate Spiritual Treasure” and reached the level of a “Supreme Treasure”.

But then, Ye Luo saw a weapon in this golden chariot, a long purple whip covered with small thorns, which was also a “Supreme Treasure”.

“The Purple Whip of Creation! It’s a good thing, let’s give it to Mei’er later, along with the five-coloured stones.”

Ye Luo already had a lot of things on his body, but Liu Mei had very few treasures on his body, moreover, these things were obviously related to Liu Mei, and Ye Luo felt that the “Creation Beast” was also something related to Liu Mei.

The story of the creation of the world was told in many countries, and the divine beast with a human body and a snake’s tail had also appeared in various countries, so Ye Lu felt that most of these divine beasts were “creation beasts”.

After putting away the “Nine Dragons Chariot”, Ye Lu also put away the corpse of the “Creation Beast”, which was definitely a good thing, and he would probably have to rely on it if he wanted to improve quickly.

After that, he took the beast’s egg and the whip and went to the place where Liu Mei was hiding.

Liu Mei was worrying about Ye Lu in pieces there, and when she saw him coming back she immediately jumped over and hugged him.

“Well, well, I’m back, and besides, I’ve brought you a present.”

Ye Lu’s body had not recovered, so when he was hugged by Liu Mei, his body hurt, and he grimaced in pain.

Only then did Liu Mei, embarra*sed, rush to use her “divine power” to help him repair, and she put aside the “beast egg” and other things for now.

This was a great relief to Ye Lu.

After half a day of recovery, and after Liu Mei was drenched in sweat, Ye Lu was completely recovered.

However, he was becoming more and more fond of Liu Mei’s “bloodline divine ability”, which was simply a super divine technique for healing and recovery.

“Quickly, take a look at the beast’s egg, I also have something else for you, the ‘five-coloured stone’, which was left behind after the legendary ‘Nuwa mended the heavens’.”

Legend has it that Nuwa made thirty-six thousand five hundred and one five-coloured stones when she mended the heavens, of which thirty-six thousand five hundred were used, and finally one was left, some legends say that the piece turned into Jia Baoyu in Dream of the Red Chamber, others say that the piece later turned into the Monkey King.

In short, there are many legends about the Five Coloured Stones.

However, this stone is now owned by Liu Mei.

Liu Mei first claimed the Five Colours Stone and then the Creation Violet Whip, before dripping her blood on the beast’s egg.

“Mei’er, how are you going to incubate this beast egg?”

Ye Lu looked at Liu Mei and asked.

Liu Mei smiled and said.

“It’s easy to do, I can hatch it myself, I’m a female!”

Although he had guessed that Liu Mei and the “Creation Beast” should be of the same origin, he really did not expect that Liu Mei could act as an incubating beast herself.

At this time, Ye Lu’s “Original Spirit Beast” had finally broken out of its shell.


Chapter 556

This was the superb news that Ye Lu had been waiting for for a long time.

After that, the “three-legged golden crow” came out of the “spirit beast bracelet”, carrying with it Ye Lu’s “original spirit beast”, that is, the thing hatched from the nameless beast egg.

The “gla*ses” could not identify the “beast egg” before, so of course, it could not identify the thing that hatched out.

What was even more surprising to Ye Lu was that he didn’t see anything.

“Three Feet, what exactly did you hatch out?”

Ye Luo asked, looking at the “Three-Legged Golden Crow” with a bewildered expression.

As a result, the “Three-Legged Golden Crow” quickly transformed into a human form, turning into a woman with golden hair and eyes, and looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“The thing I hatched is something that says it is called ‘Void’, but unfortunately, it is too vague and I can’t see it, so it should be here.”

Hearing the words of the “three-legged golden crow”, Ye Lu was also dumbfounded.

Because he really didn’t see anything.

However, immediately afterwards, a small “three-legged golden crow” appeared, which was almost the same as the “three-legged golden crow” that Ye Lu had used to hatch the beast egg, only smaller.

Immediately afterwards, the three-legged Golden Crow began to transform into a woman with golden hair and golden eyes, except that this woman was also one size smaller.

“Master, are you looking for me?”

The woman looked at Ye Lu and said with a playful smile.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, looked at it somewhat confused and asked.

“You’re the ‘Void’ that hatched? How come you just hatched and can take shape?”

Ye Lu had never heard of such a thing before, even the fastest to transform would have to be a “fourth-rank demon”, but this “Void” had only just been born.

However, this “Void” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I am the ‘Void’ that has just hatched, but I am now using the appearance of my mother, the ‘Three-Legged Golden Crow’, how is that?”

Ye Lu nodded and then asked.

“So how did you learn all this language, and how do you know so many things? Is it because of your heritage?”

Generally speaking, “demon beasts” would have some kind of inheritance, some were memories, some were inherited “spells” or “martial arts” or something like that.

These were like genes that came with the birth of a demon beast.

Of course, when their cultivation level increases and they can form their “divine sense” at the “YuanYing” realm, they can use their “divine sense” to communicate, and then things are much simpler, and all kinds of language restrictions are gone.

However, “Void” gave Ye Lu another explanation, she looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“The world came from ‘nothing’, then experienced the earthly world, experienced reincarnation, experienced everything, and finally returned to ’emptiness’. ”

Seeing Ye Luo’s two-faced confused look, it then thought about explaining.

“I’ll explain it another way, a person initially has nothing, then he is born from ‘nothing’, after that he knows nothing, he finds that most of the things in the world he can’t understand and he can’t control, after that, as he keeps growing, he finds that he can control the power, he can control ‘Qi’, and after that he could also control ‘Yuan Power’, and after that he found that the ‘Small Thousand Worlds’ had no more secrets, and then the ‘Middle Thousand Worlds ‘, the ‘Great Thousand Worlds’, and finally, all the secrets are unlocked, he can become everything, control everything, and everything has nothing left to hide in his eyes, at which point he reaches the realm of ‘Void’. ”

“So, ’emptiness’ and ‘nothingness’ are very similar, one is nothing and the other is everything, I am the one who is everything, I can even become that.”

As she spoke, the blonde haired, golden eyed woman turned into Wu Mei, with the exact same aura and everything.

She continued with a smile and said.

“So, I am nothing and I am everything, I am ‘Void’.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu nodded, although he didn’t understand much, he somehow felt that this “Void” was really powerful.

Then, Ye Lu asked two questions.

“That ‘Void’, if you become a certain person, can you have that person’s memories?”

As a result, “Void” shook his head and said.

“I can’t, because I haven’t grown up yet, but soon I will be able to, and I will be able to share them.”

Leaffall nodded, then asked again.

“And how soon will you be able to grow up? I see that the person you’ve changed into is a little smaller than a real person right now.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, “Void” smiled and said.

“This is very soon, because I am ‘Void’, so I am not tolerant of anything, I eat almost everything, of course, if there is something more delicious, I will grow even faster.”

“However, since you are my master, my level will also be limited by you, so I advise you to catch up and grow, otherwise you will soon be caught up by me.”

Ye Lu nodded, he really hoped that this “Void” could grow up sooner.

“My attribute is ‘None’, catch a pet called ‘Void’, if I fuse a bloodline called ‘Ethereal’, my life will be perfect. ”

After seeing “Void”, Ye Lu couldn’t help but spit out a sentence.

To be honest, he had never thought that he would breed such a thing as his “original spirit beast”, this thing was unimaginable.

After that, Ye Lu looked at the “Void” and continued to ask.

“That ‘Void’, what are you relying on to become someone else now? Can you change just by seeing?”

As a result, “Void” shook his head and said.

“No, I haven’t evolved to that level yet, I need blood to turn into my original form, so I’m still a long way from being omnipotent.”

This made Ye Luo a little confused, he looked at “Void” and asked.

“You said that you relied on blood to transform, then how did you turn into ‘Mei’er’?”

As a result, hearing Ye Lu’s words, Liu Mei suddenly blushed, and she looked at “Void” with wide eyes and said.

“Ah! Just now it was you …… you ……”

This is let Ye Lu puzzled, he looked at Liu Mei, the result Liu Mei lowered his head and said.

“That, I just came that, so …… blood …… it …… ah, do not say ……”

She stammered, but Ye Lu probably also understood, this “false” claim to be omnipresent, so just it must have taken advantage of Liu Mei to get the blood when that what.

So, he frowned at the “Void” and said.

“Are you a man? Are you a woman?”

As a result, the Void said with a smile.

“It depends on what you like.”

Ye Luo suddenly had a black line and said afterwards.

“Don’t do such pranks again, understand?”

“Void”, as Ye Lu’s “original spirit animal”, of course, playfully spat out her tongue and agreed.

Ye Lu then thought about it and said.

“Well, since you can go anywhere, it would be best if you can go to the ‘Sumeru Ring’ later, there is the ‘Hewagamil Spring’ there, it should allow you to grow up rapidly. ”

This “Void” claimed to be omnipotent, Ye Lu felt that although it was a bit exaggerated, but this guy would definitely be a good helper, there was no doubt about it, especially in the area of sneaking, or sneak attack, Ye Lu felt that there should not be a stronger than “Void”.

At this time, Liu Mei had also finished with it, she put the beast egg on her chest, Ye Lu did not expect that the beast egg could be enlarged and reduced, but, looking at Liu Mei’s two peaks holding a beast egg, Ye Lu suddenly envied that beast egg.


As a result, immediately afterwards, the “Creation Violet Whip” in Liu Mei’s hand swung, and Ye Lu felt that the anger in his body was about to leave his body when the whip came down, which really scared him.

“LOL! Amazing, right?”

Liu Mei looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“In the future, if you dare to bully me indiscriminately again, I’ll give you a few whips and make you turn into a ghost straight away.”

This whip was indeed scary enough, it reminded Ye Lu of Qin Shiyu’s “Candle of Life”, if these two people combined, I guess I would be dead in less than a minute.

Then, Liu Mei looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Let’s go then.”

However, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“There’s no rush, we still have things to do.”