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Super School Student Chapter 557-558

Chapter 557

After all, there is no use leaving these things to the Hundred Flowers Sect, as the practitioners of the Hundred Flowers Sect cannot use these things related to spiritual power.

One of the reasons why Ye Lu did not improve as quickly as he did before was because he did not have the right pills.

Many pills might be useful for ordinary people, but for Ye Lu, they would have little effect because the natural spiritual energy contained in the pills was not much. In fact, for the “Small World”, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth was originally very thin, and the heavenly materials and treasures bred from this thin spiritual energy certainly contained less spiritual energy.

However, the things in this bizarre secret realm were different. This place was almost a world of spiritual energy, so most of the plants contained vibrant spiritual energy, and if he didn’t take these things away, Ye Lu wouldn’t even let himself go.

However, while Ye Lu was scavenging, the outside world was not idle either, as this “Little Thousand World” was already in chaos.

First of all, the people of the Xuantian Sect were stirring up the storm, while the people of the Heavenly Demon Sect were also on the move, but in a much lower profile.

The first reason for their low profile is that they feel that they have already found the “Star Destiny Man” and have captured Mo Fengling, so that their old rival, Kunlun, will definitely be in a hurry.

Secondly, this world does not fit in with their Heavenly Demon Clan, so they don’t bother to make enemies everywhere, as there is no point in doing so.

To be honest, they would prefer the world to go crazy, because then more people would become demons and demonised, which would be helpful for them to absorb the demonic energy.

However, because the Heavenly Demon Palace was pushing the envelope, Kunlun could not sit still. They and the Heavenly Demon Palace had always been at loggerheads, and now the Heavenly Demon Palace side had succeeded in possessing the Immortal Mansion Key and the Star Destined One, while their side only had the Immortal Mansion Key.

So, the people from Kunlun also came to the Pill Alliance to negotiate. This time, the Pill Alliance had been prepared for this and they told Ye Lu all the things that the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace had taken away Miao Fengling before.

Now the people of Kunlun couldn’t sit still and started to look for trouble with the Heavenly Demon Palace everywhere.

The people of the Heavenly Demon Palace were in a daze.

“Did you really not leave any after-effects when you went to the ‘Pill Alliance’?”

A member of the Heavenly Demon Clan asked as he looked at Svira, who had already signed a master-servant contract with the Supreme Elder of the Pill Alliance, and of course insisted that no one was left alive at that time.

“Looks like Kunlun is trying to pick a fight!”

This fellow from the Heavenly Demon tribe nodded.

“However, now is not the time to do anything, after we find out where the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ is, we will then strike a thunderous blow and snatch it, then we will be sitting on two keys, which will be very beneficial to us.”

The only problem was that there were still many “Immortal Keys” and “Star Fates” that had not yet been united.

The movement of King Solomon was disrupted by the Xuan Tian Clan, who sent a team of heavily armed men to West Asia, where King Solomon was located, but the team was unsuccessful in their attempt to destroy King Solomon and take the Keys from them.

However, this battle delayed them from threatening Leaf Fall.

The Xuantian Clan did not react to this, for it was only one of many actions for the Xuantian Clan. After they had integrated the Wuji Clan, they began their conquest of the clans.

After such a long time, he certainly knew about Ye Lu’s recent situation, which made him feel very pressured and also quite chagrined.

Zhang Tian had always felt that he was a “heavenly pride”, but Ye Lu was suppressing him in every way. Moreover, he did not expect that Ye Lu would be a “silk stocking masked warrior” or some kind of guardian of the capital.

At the same time, there was also the one from the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts, who had already grown enough to shake the Secret Realm. He had originally intended to break the bonds of the Secret Realm and lead the ten thousand beasts of the Secret Realm to dominate the Small Thousand Worlds.

However, it was still very difficult to break through the entrance and exit of the “secret realm”, but that person did not feel that there would be any obstacles, as it was only a matter of time.

The Beast Alliance, on the other hand, is waiting, for others may not know, but they know very well that the day the Beast emerges with the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” is the day this world will be destroyed.

As for the “Xuantian Clan”, the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”, the “Heavenly Demon Palace” and so on, they are all just floating clouds in front of that person.

At this moment, the whole “secular world” does not feel the slightest danger, and the days continue to pa*s calmly day by day.

At this moment, “Abe Haruaki” was sitting on a pagoda, surrounded by nine experts with their eyes closed and wearing high hats of yin and yang, and nine demonic beasts with the same cultivation level of the peak of the God Transformation Realm were also standing around him in nine directions, while on the ground was a long trough of blood.

The nine men and the nine demonic beasts quickly cut themselves, and the blood flowed towards “Abe Haruaki” from eighteen directions, while “Abe Haruaki” also began to chant rapidly, and the blood flowed to his side, and a red blood mist enveloped his body.

“Abe Haruaki had already calculated through his uncanny projection that something big was about to happen, and he had to restore his cultivation before it happened, otherwise the whole cultivation world of Japan would become a spectator.

At this moment, Odin, the king of the Norse gods, had already found the cow Odumbra, and Ye Lu summoned Odin to the Mundane World a hundred days later, as promised, and Odin was now on his way to conquer the gods of Europe.

“In the secret realm of the “Ancient Clan”, Gu Shiqi sat in the middle wearing an ancient armour, surrounded by the “Twelve Ancestors” of the “Ancient Clan”, who did the same thing as those around Abe Haruaki.

While the whole world was in an uproar, Ye Luo was having a great time, because the “spirit beasts” in this “Spirit Stone Secret Realm” were very peaceful, so this allowed Ye Luo to move without any danger, and he quickly collected all kinds of good things, of course, the “Sumeru Ring” and other storage “magic treasures” and “magic weapons” had limited space after all, so Ye Luo only chose the best ones to collect.

To be honest, the spiritual energy in this secret realm was too dense, and there were so many spiritual beasts to challenge, and most importantly, these guys would not be impatient to kill after the challenge, so it was indeed the best place for training, no wonder the “Hundred Flowers Sect” liked it so much.

However, after raising another small realm, Ye Lu left the place reluctantly because there was still a lot of trouble waiting for him outside.


Chapter 558

The biggest and most immediate threat came from King Solomon in West Asia, who finally sent out a message after the Xuantian Sect had been settled.

He announced to the world that they had captured a large number of Chinese citizens, millions of them, and that if Ye Luo himself agreed to come to West Asia to appease King Solomon’s anger, these Chinese people would be saved, otherwise, after three days, he would openly kill 100,000 people every day until Ye Luo appeared.

I must say, this is a very ruthless search.

However, King Solomon did not specify his real purpose for doing so, because he was worried that other forces might interfere, especially after the Xuan Tian Clan incident, and they had already found out that someone seemed to know about it in advance.

In fact, what King Solomon and the ancient Egyptian gods did not know was that these messages were pa*sed on to Zhang Tian by the nine emissaries of the Sunset Sky Fairy who had left the Nine Treasures Linglong Tower.

Those nine messengers had now become very powerful, and this was another reason why Zhang Tian was able to hold on to his high position in the Xuantian Sect.

These nine guys were all Zhang Tian’s servants.

“Ye Lu, I’ll also go out with you, I have the ‘Creation Violet Whip’ and my cultivation has also become stronger, so I should be able to help you out.”

As Ye Lu was about to leave, Liu Mei looked at Ye Lu and said.

However, this suggestion was rejected by Ye Lu because this secret realm would undoubtedly help Liu Mei the most, even much more than it would help himself.

However, this was not the case for Liu Mei, as she could improve rapidly and steadily here, especially after hatching the “Creation Beast”, which could grow rapidly with the “Hwagamir’s Spring” and the endless spiritual energy here.

Ye Lu did not want to delay all this.

So, he looked at Liu Mei and said with a smile.

“No need to help, I can do it by myself, all you have to do is to quickly rise to the ‘God Transformation Realm’, there will be many battles to fight then, and let the ‘Female Snake’ also grow up quickly, at least to the limit you can manage, it It’s a great helper.”

A “spirit beast” that could create a small world was a terrifying creature, no matter how one thought about it.

Although she was a bit reluctant, Liu Mei finally nodded her head in a good manner.

In fact, Ye Lu was also a bit reluctant to part with Liu Mei, but with millions of people waiting for him, he couldn’t just leave those captured people alone.

However, this matter had already involved millions of Chinese people, and the cultivation community of China definitely could not stand by with folded arms, so the righteous people of the cultivation community were also starting to a*semble and discuss this matter.

The person leading the fight this time is the great god Fuxi, one of the three ancient emperors. After so many years from the ancient times to the present, among the three ancient emperors, Fuxi, Shennong and Huangdi, the Fuxi clan is still prosperous and powerful, while the Huangdi clan and Shennong have fallen into decline.

This matter was directed at Ye Luo, so Ye Luo could not escape.

However, before he went, Ye Yan and the girls contacted Ye Lu.

“Should we tell ‘Jasmine’ about this? The few of us who know about it are hiding it from her.”

Ye Yan said as she looked at Ye Lu.

Through the day and night cultivation in the Abyssal Secret Realm, coupled with the various pills Ye Lu had made, the cultivation levels of the women were gradually approaching the “God Transformation Realm”, but of course, the gap between Ye Yan and Qin Siyu was also widening, with a difference of three small realms.

At this moment, Qin Siyu had already reached the level of “Ninth Transformation of First Infant”, while Ye Yan was at “Sixth Transformation of First Infant”, followed by Long Feixue at “Fifth Transformation of First Infant”.

Ye Lu thought about it and decided not to tell Jasmine for the time being, because if Jasmine heard about it, she would definitely exchange herself for the millions of people.

As for Qin Shiyu and the others who wanted to help, Ye Lu also refused, after all, they had not yet reached the “God Transformation Realm” and it was still very risky for them to take action now.

“You guys don’t need to rush, I’ve obtained a large batch of real treasures, I’ll help you refine some excellent pills first, you should be able to break through soon with the environment and the pills here, you’ll have your cattle when the time comes.”

The “Sunset Haze Immortal Mansion” had not yet been opened, and there was no way to enter the place that the “Hell Demon Dragon” had mentioned, so Ye Lu knew very well that there was still a long way to go, and there was no hurry.

So, he first spent a day making a batch of pills made from spirit herbs for everyone.

For ordinary people, it was impossible to absorb “spirit energy” directly, and it was even more impossible to absorb spirit stones and the like, but if the spirit energy was transformed into pills and turned into “spirit pills”, it could be absorbed.

By entering the small immortal residence where the “Nine Treasures Linglong Pagoda” was kept by the “Lok Ha Fairy”, Ye Luo also understood that the so-called “immortal pills” that everyone talked about were actually “spirit pills” made from spirit herbs, which were also called “spirit elixirs”.

However, these pills were all from the “Haotian Continent”, as there was no way to gather the ingredients to make a high level “Spiritual Pill” in the “Small World” of Earth.

This was something that Ye Lu knew very well.

As the saying goes, “A clever woman cannot cook without rice”, there were many pills that Ye Lu wanted to make, such as the “Barrier Breaker Pill”, which could make breaking through any “realm”, no matter how big or small, much easier.

This time, Ye Lu did not even bring Di Qi and the others, so he let them continue their training in the Abyssal Secret Realm. With Solomon’s Vase, Shura and the Blazing God’s Blade Fire Cave, Ye Lu felt that it should be enough to fool himself.

Moreover, this time, Ye Lu was not acting alone, he had a group of powerful helpers.

After leaving the Abyssal Secret Realm, Ye Lu went to the secret realm where everyone was discussing this incident, the secret realm where the “Fuxi Clan” was located.

“What did you say, you are Ye Lu?”

After hearing Ye Luo give his name, the guard at the entrance showed an incredulous expression.

“You have a lot of guts, everyone thought you were a shrinking turtle and didn’t dare to come out.”

Ever since King Solomon issued the notice, there had been no news from Ye Luo, and everyone thought that Ye Luo was ready to run away from this matter.

Unexpectedly, Ye Lu actually took the initiative to come.

“Oh, aren’t you welcome?”

Ye Luo looked at this guy at the entrance of the secret realm and asked with a smile.

“Welcome, welcome.”

The guard hurriedly changed into a smiling face and said.

Following that, he let Ye Luo in.

To be honest, the people inside were also taken aback to see Ye Luo arrive, everyone had similar thoughts, they all thought Ye Luo would not come.

“Aren’t you afraid that we will capture you and send you to King Solomon?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Fuxi clan, how can we say that he is also the rightful god of China’s society, how could he possibly do such a thing?”

Following that, he then said with a straight face.

“Of course, I won’t leave millions of people unattended, and I will definitely go to ‘King Solomon’ to replace them this time.”

Ye Lu had already investigated the details of “King Solomon”, this guy, as a giant, had long been a “higher god”, but most “higher gods” were worried about the so-called “great limit”, that is, the mysterious disappearance of the “God Transformation Realm”.

Therefore, many Gods have slowed down their cultivation, and there are even many Third Cla*s Gods who have simply given up their cultivation so that they can at least live happily in the Mundane World or the Small World.

Ye Lu had a plan to meet King Solomon, but he wanted to hear the plan of the Fuxi Clan, so he looked at them and asked.

“What do you think about this matter?”