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Super School Student Chapter 559-560

Chapter 559

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, the leader of the “Fuxi Clan” gestured for Ye Lu to sit down.

As Ye Lu sat down, he began to observe the people sitting there. The most prominent one was not the current generation of “Fuxi”, but a man who looked exceptionally solemn and grand, the super expert of Southern Chu, “Dong Huang Tai Yi”.

However, Ye Lu had never heard of this person before in the Ren family, but the “Xuan Yuan Sword”, one of the “Ten Fierce Weapons of the Ancient World”, was indeed in this person’s hand, so obviously this person was also a real expert.

“The Pan Gu Clan had also sent a Pan Gu clan member by the name of Gu Qiu, who was also a super expert at the level of an “Upper God”.

However, this time, the Nuwa Clan did not come, which made Ye Lu slightly disappointed.

He had a lot of questions waiting to be answered by the Nuwa Clan.

Of course, there were not only a few experts present, there were also many other experts like loose immortals, however, all of them were at the “God Transformation Realm”, and to Ye Lu’s surprise, there were also a few people belonging to Kun Lun.

However, although they were entered into “Kunlun”, they were not necessarily bad people, which Ye Lu knew very well.

For example, the “Yunlu Palace Master” was also a member of Kunlun because she had the bloodline of “Lu Zu Daoist”, but it seemed that she and Kunlun were not on the same page at all, but of course, Ye Lu felt that there were many immortals in Kunlun, so perhaps there were also several factions.

In fact, Ye Lu was right in guessing that there were not only factions in Kunlun, but also many factions, especially since many super experts had disappeared beyond the “God Transformation Realm”, which made the whole “Kunlun” seem more and more chaotic.

After seeing Ye Lu sit down, the “Fuxi” who was presiding over the meeting said.

“Due to Ye Lu’s arrival, I will briefly talk about the matters that were agreed upon before.”

After saying this, “Fuxi” continued.

“This time, we are going to use the ‘Innate Spiritual Treasures’ that can store people to collect all these hostages, and there are several ‘Innate Spiritual Treasures’ that we already have.”

As he said this, he pointed to the “Eastern Emperor Taiyi” and said.

“Firstly, there is the ‘Eastern Emperor’s Bell’ of the ‘Great God Taiyi’, which can hold hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, and then there is one of the Four Great Spiritual Lamps of the Innate Heaven, the ‘Eight Scenic Palace Lamps’ from ‘Kunlun’, which can also hold hundreds of thousands of people.”

As he spoke, he then pointed to a fellow from Kunlun sitting on one side, however, this fellow did not even raise his eyelids, clearly not putting Ye Lu in his eyes.

However, although this guy didn’t say anything, Ye Lu had already figured out his identity through his profile, he was one of the disciples under Tai Shang Lao Jun, “Pure Yang Zi”, who seemed to be a bit above the top.

The “Eight Scene Palace Lamp” is said to be the spiritual treasure used by the “Tai Shang Lao Jun” during his teachings.

Afterwards, “Fuxi” pointed to a beautiful woman and said.

“This is the ‘Bi Lantern Goddess’ of the ‘Three Lanterns Goddesses’, she has a ‘spiritual treasure’ called the ‘Mixed Golden Dou ‘, which can also be used to hold people.”

As a result, the “Bi Lantern Goddess” also looked at Ye Lu with disdain and gave a cold snort, meaning that she felt that it was useless for “Fuxi” to talk to Ye Lu about this.

Then, “Fuxi” continued to say.

“There is another one from our ‘Fuxi Clan’, called the ‘Taiji Diagram’, which can also hold a person.”

Finally, he pointed to another man dressed as a Taoist priest and said.

“However, the greatest treasure is this spiritual treasure ‘Qiankun Pouch’ of the ‘Daoist of Guidance’ from the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, and this treasure can hold a million people.”

As a result, this disciple of the ‘Daoist of Guidance’ was the most arrogant of all, he didn’t even bother to raise his eyelids, or at least snorted coldly and said.

“Humph! Fuxi, what’s the use of talking to such a nameless junior, it’s a complete waste of time.”

In response, “Fuxi” laughed bitterly and said.

“Ye Lu, the reason why I’m talking to you so much is because, I’m afraid that we can’t fit too many people into these few items. ‘Innate Spiritual Treasures’ is still quite a bit worse than that.”

“So, if it really doesn’t work out, I’m afraid I’ll still need you to step in.”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“A small matter, but when it comes to treasures that can hold people, I also have a few here, so why don’t you guys take a look at them as well.”

Hearing that Ye Lu actually had “spiritual treasures” that could hold people, several people were interested, however, the disciples of the “Daoist Master of Guidance” and the “Queen of the Night” were somewhat disdainful, with the “Queen of the Night” sneering and saying.

“This is a million-dollar person, don’t show your face with some messy stuff.”

Hearing the words of the “Lantern Lady”, the others echoed her words.

“That’s right, you’ve only lived for a few years, don’t make a fool of yourself.”

“It’s not good to make a fool of yourself.”

“I told you it was a waste of time.”


However, while everyone was talking nonsense, Ye Lu took out something, also a lamp, which was the “Jade Void Glazed Lamp”, one of the “Four Great Innate Spirit Lamps” that he had gotten from the Xuan Tian Clan before.

After seeing this “precious lamp”, many people shut up, because many people knew what they were looking for, especially those who were related to Kunlun, because this item was also related to Kunlun.

In fact, many of the great gods and immortals in China came from Kunlun, such as the “Heavenly Sovereign”, the “Heavenly Elder”, the “Western Queen Mother” and so on, but just as Ye Lu had guessed, these gods and immortals who also came from Kunlun were not very harmonious, they were divided into more forces than Ye Lu had imagined.

“I think many of you should know what this is, right? This is the ‘Jade Void Glazed Lamp’, one of the ‘Four Great Spiritual Lamps of the Innate Heaven’, and it should be no worse than that ‘Eight Scenic Palace Lamp’.”

When they saw the ‘Jade Void Glazed Lamp’, everyone nodded silently, because they all felt that they had indeed been hit in the face this time, and that they did have something good!

The face of Kunlun’s “Pure Yangzi”, who had the “Eight Scene Palace Lamp”, also changed, because he knew very well that the “Jade Void Glazed Lamp” was indeed no weaker than the spirit lamp he had.

Ye Lu looked at the crowd and smiled, then took out another item.

It was a diagram with a very complex and mysterious “weapon pattern” drawn on it, which was obviously something quite extraordinary.

After taking out this diagram, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“This is Laojun’s ‘Qiankun Diagram’, which can also hold quite a few people.”

Now more people were wide-eyed, because this “Qiankun Diagram” was also very famous, and legend had it that this was the thing that had captured the boss of the “Three Lantern Goddesses”, the “Cloud Lantern Goddess”, so the “Bi Lantern Goddess” was the first to turn pale, she felt her face burning hot, just now she had said that the other party was no good, but he had taken out such a terrible “spiritual treasure”.

Ye Lu continued.

“To be honest, I have another thing that can hold more people, but you all know that ‘wealth is not revealed’, so I won’t take everything out, anyway, about loading those hostages, you don’t have to worry about it, I can take care of it for everyone. ”

After saying that, Ye Lu raised his hand and took back the “Jade Void Glazed Lamp” and the “Qiankun Diagram”.

He saw greed flash in the eyes of several people.

These “innate spiritual treasures” were not available to everyone, and Ye Lu had scavenged everywhere to get so many treasures.

At this moment, “Fuxi” suddenly said with emotion.

“If only we had Nuwa’s ‘Mountain, River, Society and Country Map’, we could have put all of them in it at once, but unfortunately, the Nuwa clan is too mysterious, and we don’t know where they have gone. ”

Ye Lu did not dwell on these things, but looked at “Fuxi” and asked.

“If you have a ‘spiritual treasure’ that can hold people, you only need to have the chance to hold people, right?”

“Fuxi” said with a smile.

“This is much easier, we have ‘pills’ that can hide our cultivation, left behind by our ancestors, so everyone can hide their cultivation and blend in, wait for an opportunity to act, as long as the hostages are rescued, then we can show them a bit of our power.”

“Of course, I’ll also have to trouble you to act as bait to attract their attention.”


Chapter 560

“Fuxi” said afterwards.

“Since the ‘King Solomon’ has made a big move, we already know where the hostages are in the ‘secret realm’. ‘ inside, if we rush in directly, it will inevitably lead to a conflict, and then we won’t have a chance to save the people.”

“However, it’s too difficult to mix into the secret realm, so the plan we’re thinking of is to hide in your body, go in with you, and then take the opportunity to save someone.”

After saying that, “Fuxi” then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I don’t know, what is your cultivation level, because, only the ‘YuanYing realm’ can receive the ‘Spiritual Treasure’ into their bodies.”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“I’m on the verge of breaking through to the ‘YuanYing realm’, if, everyone has something good, I might be able to break through to the ‘YuanYing realm’ today.”

This was true, Ye Lu was not far from breaking through, so this was a good opportunity to take advantage of it and knock these guys off.

However, what surprised Ye Lu was that “Fuxi” seemed to be prepared for this.

He smiled and said.

“Good, in fact, even if you are a bit worse off, we still have some certainty that you can break through to the ‘YuanYing realm’ in a day or two.”

Following that, he then looked at the others and said with a smile.

“Alright, everyone, let’s bring out all the good treasures we have in our collection.”

The crowd had of course checked Ye Lu with their divine sense, and Ye Lu had disguised his cultivation long ago, so everyone didn’t suspect anything, so many of them started to bring out all kinds of pills, and treasures.

Although, to Ye Lu, it was far from the stuff in the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”, which contained spiritual power, there were some things that had certain characteristics that were not possessed by “spiritual herbs”, such as the “Green Divination Gra*s” brought out by “Fuxi”, which was said to be the first herb in heaven and earth.

This is the reason why there is a profession of “pill maker”, because the role of a pill maker is to prepare these herbs and make them work to their fullest potential.

What Ye Lu needed was also the special power of these pills.

However, Ye Lu felt that the reason why this “Fuxi” was so confident had to do with something else.

Sure enough, after everyone had given Ye Lu all the various things, “Fuxi” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Come on, follow me.”

After saying this, “Fuxi” took Ye Lu to a place where a huge eight trigrams diagram was drawn in the centre, and on the outside, there were complicated and incomprehensible drawings.

Ye Lu quickly opened the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses and found out that this place was called “Eight Trigrams, River and Luo Shu”, which was also an “innate spiritual treasure”, but, to be honest, Ye Lu had never seen such a big “innate spiritual treasure” before, and the function of this thing was even more terrifying, as it could change time and space.

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, “Fuxi” said with a smile.

“This is the ‘Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu’, of course it has many functions, however, what we are going to use today is the ability of time, simply put, you can stay in this ‘Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu’ for a year, outside you will only spend This is the so-called ‘one day in the sky and one year under the earth’.”

Hearing the words of “Fuxi”, Ye Lu was really astonished, he really did not expect that there was such a thing here, this was too unbelievable, right?

So, he looked at “Fuxi” with wide eyes and asked.

“Impossible, with such an unbelievable thing, even if only one person can enter a day, your Fuxi clan will be unbelievable, right?”

According to the time scale, a year outside would be three hundred and sixty-five years in the “Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu”, which is a bit too frightening.

With such a divine weapon, the world would be his own.

However, Fuxi smiled bitterly and said.

“If you don’t use this place for a month, you can enjoy a month in a day, and if you don’t open it for a year, you can enjoy a year in a day. ”

When he heard the words of “Fuxi”, Ye Lu could not help but “Sh*t!” He let out a cry.

Because this “Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu” seemed to be a bit of a pity.

Ye Luo originally thought that it could extend time indefinitely, but it turned out that this thing was a storage of time, similar to compressing all the time not used in the “Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu” to one day, leaving the rest of the time blank, so the overall time actually did not change.

“Then this ‘Eight Trigrams River Map and Luo Shu’ should have many other benefits besides time, right?”

Ye Luo felt that this “Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu” must have more than just this ability to be called an “Innate Spiritual Treasure”.

As expected, “Fuxi” said.

“Of course, the so-called ‘Taiji gives birth to two yi, two yi gives birth to four elephants, four elephants give birth to eight trigrams, eight trigrams give birth to all things’, this ‘Eight Trigrams River Map and Luo Shu’ has the ability to evolve all things, so in it, you can do as you wish. any form of sparring to help improve your cultivation.”

“Of course, the actual situation will be known when you go in later, it’s definitely not a vain trip.”

When he finished, Ye Luo couldn’t wait to ask for notes and then dug in.

As a result, after entering, Ye Luo found that inside the “Eight Trigrams and River Map” was a large palace, similar to the “War Temple” in Athena’s temple, however, the temple here was much smaller in scale, the “War Temple” was a simulation of group warfare, while this was more like a place for honing single combat power.

Moreover, this was a separate space rather than a place where his consciousness had entered, which Ye Lu knew very well, that is to say, he was real and everything he saw was also real.

Following this, Ye Luo saw a human figure slowly appear in front of him.

It was an old man with white hair and white beard, who looked at Ye Luo and said kindly.

“This fellow Daoist, do you need training?”

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Yes, it is needed, let’s begin.”

This year, Ye Luo decided that he must cherish it and try to achieve the maximum improvement, this was a rare opportunity.

You know, this was not a spiritual world, this was reality, so in this year, he could make his own pills, practice formations, use spirit stones to improve himself, improve his “original spirit beast”, that is, the “Void”, there were so many things he could do.

And just after Ye Lu agreed to train, a figure slowly appeared in front of Ye Lu.

This was a Daoist priest, looking about Ye Lu’s age, with sword brows and starry eyes, selling quite well, a handsome guy, this guy just appeared and unceremoniously launched an attack at Ye Lu.

However, Ye Lu found out that this guy was actually very weak, just a “Golden Dan Avenue nine orifices” expert, the same as his own cultivation level, so he casually waved his hand and settled it.

“Fellow Daoist is indeed of an extraordinary level, so try the next one.”

Then, another Daoist coalesced, and this one was obviously a cut above the previous one, and was already a YuanYing realm practitioner.

Of course, such a level of cultivator was still nothing to Ye Lu, and he finished him off with ease.

“Excellent, Daoist friend, you have amazing bones, you are a rare cultivation genius, come again!”

Then, a Daoist of the “Second Transformation of the Firstborn” appeared.

In this way, one by one, Daoist priests kept appearing to fight against Ye Lu, and Ye Lu could feel that each Daoist was actually a real Daoist priests, not a puppet or a shadow, which made him feel the miracle of this “Innate Spiritual Treasure”, which could actually create beings out of thin air, and beings with various “spells”.

While fighting, Ye Lu released the Void, and released a huge water tank, filled with the “Hewagamir Spring”, and let the Void take a bath in it.

He was growing fast, just like a balloon, and his cultivation was growing fast.

If only I had known to get the other pets in as well.

Ye Luo muttered secretly.