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Super School Student Chapter 561-562

Chapter 561

However, it was clear to Ye Lu that this plan was impossible, because it was obvious that it was impossible, firstly, “Fuxi” only promised to help himself, no one else had anything to do with this matter, and secondly, a terrifying divine beast like “Tian Yang Candlelight” would definitely shock everyone if it appeared, and it was definitely not good to expose it before it grew up.

So, he began to cultivate quietly, while his opponent also continued to upgrade, finally reaching “First Cla*s Lower God”, at this time Ye Luo appeared to be a little more difficult to deal with, but this battle is a real battle, so all of Ye Luo’s bottom cards can be used.

On the other hand, the opponent was using “standard weapons” from the very beginning, wearing clothes that were constantly upgraded but looked the same, starting with “medium-grade” “magic treasures” and now “medium-grade” “spiritual treasures”, and using “divine techniques” that were also “medium-grade”.

Therefore, this guy’s overall combat power was not very strong, and Ye Lu used some tactics to defeat him.

However, the “Second Grade Lower God” that appeared right after him was quite a headache for Ye Lu.

It was really difficult to fight without using “summoning techniques” or anything else, and his opponent seemed to be relentless in his attacks, which meant that as long as he was in the centre of this hall, he would probably die at his opponent’s hands.

Of course, if you exit this area, the opponent’s attack will disappear, and at the same time, the opponent’s person will also disappear at the same time.

And there were quite a few other areas in the rest of the Great Hall, among them were the lounge, and the dining hall for eating, and, to Ye Lu’s some surprise, the food was also related to cultivation, and had to be purchased with the points won to do so.

However, it was different from Ye Lu’s initial thought, he thought he would have a chance to win points only after winning, but it turned out that you could get points even without beating the other side, in short, all you have to do is to keep fighting, just fight and you will get something, of course, provided you don’t get killed.

Ye Lu had the “Heavenly Vine” on him, so he didn’t have to worry too much about dying.

Moreover, there was no one else here but himself, so he could let loose and fight. Therefore, after taking the “Heavenly Reverse Pill”, he went to fight the “Second Grade Lower God” again.

After he had exhausted himself, Ye Luo withdrew from the battle circle to rest, and then went back to fight again.

This kind of relentless attack from the opponent was what Ye Lu liked the most, because once the opponent let go of the water, the battle would be much less effective.

In this way, it didn’t take long for Ye Luo to raise a realm in the “Eight Trigrams and River Map” through cultivation and pills, and he finally crossed into the “Yuan Ying Realm”.

For those waiting outside, he had already reached the standard and could go out, but Ye Luo would definitely not leave, he would definitely take advantage of this advantage, it was a precious year.

According to his previous experience, under such a good cultivation environment, although he was unlikely to enter the “God Transformation Realm”, he would have no problem to improve a few small realms in the “YuanYing Realm”.

Then, he felt a change.

Because for cultivators at the Origin Infant Realm, they had a “divine sense” that previous cultivators did not have, and at this moment, what Ye Lu felt was “divine sense”.

He found that he could perceive the situation in the entire hall without looking, and also the situation outside the hall, but outside the hall there was nothing but empty ground.

“The approximate range is about ten kilometres.”

Ye Luo roughly estimated that his “divine sense” could actually cover an area of about ten kilometres in circumference, which surprised him.

This was even more powerful than an ordinary peak of the “YuanYing realm”.

However, when he thought about his own combat power at the moment, he could defeat even a “God Transformation Realm” himself, so it was not surprising that he had such a terrifying “divine sense”.

But then, he realized that this divine sense seemed to be different.

“No, this should be ‘Spiritual Sense’.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, he had seen other people’s “divine sense”, and there was no spiritual power present, but Ye Luo’s “divine sense” had spiritual power in it.

“Right, hurry up and look for the ‘divine skill’ about ‘divine sense’ attack.”

Since Ye Luo’s body possessed “spiritual power”, he could use even “divine techniques” or stronger things, because this was a “qualitative” difference, but of course, due to the amount of spiritual energy, he could not use many “divine techniques”, because the spiritual power was too little to support many powerful “divine techniques”.

For example, many of the terrifying “divine skills” such as “moving mountains and reclamation” require huge amounts of “spiritual energy” to support them.

“There’s really something suitable.”

In fact, it was the first and the weakest of a set of “divine techniques”, while the strongest one was called “Annihilation”, meaning that it could directly annihilate the opponent’s “divine sense”.

Now Ye Lu’s “Spiritual Sense” was obviously unable to do this.

“Although the “erosion” would take longer, Ye Lu had the protection of the “Heavenly Vine”, so as long as he didn’t die, the opponent would be “eroded” by himself sooner or later.

At that time, when the “erosion” continued, he should not be in much danger.

The result was just as Ye Lu had expected, he had eroded the “divine sense” of that “Lower God of the God Transformation Realm”, and as Ye Lu had expected, he was unable to defeat the opponent with pure attacks, but with the “divine technique” of “divine sense attack”, Ye Lu managed to take down this “Second Grade Lower God”.

“It’s true, soul attacks are still more terrifying!”

Seeing the result of his attack, Ye Luo also felt a bit emotional, soul attacks were always the most illusory and the most terrifying.

“If combined with ‘Sun True Fire’, I’m afraid that even a ‘Third Grade Lower God’ can be taken out.”

Ye Luo secretly muttered, “Sun True Fire” could directly burn the “divine Consciousness”, and was the nemesis of all kinds of soul bodies, such as ghosts and the like, even if they were strong, they were no match for the “Sun True Fire”.

“It seems that this year, my combat power should be able to make a significant progress.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also became happy, as his combat power increased, his “Spiritual Sense Attack” would definitely become stronger.

Moreover, Ye Lu found that his “Spiritual Sense” was much stronger than his “Divine Sense”, so even if a super expert who was much stronger than himself was hit by his “Spiritual Sense Attack”, as long as he could sustain it, even an expert would be no match for him.

This is the same as Qin Shiyu’s “Candle of Life”, after lighting the “Candle of Life”, even the strongest cultivation can be ground to death.

“Come on, the hard year has begun.”

Ye Luo said with a smile as he looked at the “Third Grade Lower God” that had gathered again.

In this way, Ye Lu began his arduous training, but the most surprising thing about this year was “Void”, which was worthy of being the ultimate spirit beast that had returned from the ultimate shore.

To be honest, Ye Lu’s progress could be described as a thousand leaps and bounds, but for Ye Lu himself, he still felt that his progress was not enough. He hoped that he could quickly cross over to the “God Transformation Realm”, and he guessed that at that time, he would not be far from entering the place that the “Hell Demon Dragon” had mentioned.

“‘Void’, at your current level, what kind of combat power can you probably have?”

Ye Luo had always been curious about “Void”, he felt that “Void” would definitely not be unable to challenge across levels like ordinary “demonic beasts”, this guy could not even know about the gla*ses, and it was the only time since Ye Luo got the gla*ses that the gla*ses could not identify something.

As a result, “Void” smiled and said.

“That depends on how you use me.”

Leaffall nodded and then said.

“Well, our day has come, let’s go, it’s time to go to ‘Sia’ and get those hostages out.”


Chapter 562

Not long after Ye Lu finished, he was forcibly transported outside, as the time had come.

Once he came out, Ye Luo became a little emotional, his hair was already cloaked in other things, and he had grown another year in a year’s time, but only one day had pa*sed outside, this huge gap did make people feel quite bizarre.

Looking at Ye Luo’s cloaked appearance, the crowd laughed.

“Ye Luo, how is your cultivation level now?”

For his part, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Fortunately, I have reached the level of ‘Fourth Transformation of the Origin Infant Realm’.”

There was nothing to hide at this point, as Ye Lu was bound to be the “bait” anyway, so he might as well be a qualified bait.

These great powers were of course very surprised that Ye Lu could improve so quickly, however, they soon realised one thing, that was, it seemed that Ye Lu had come all this way.

Every time he came into the limelight, it was a ma*sive improvement.

Especially after everyone knew his identity as the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, everyone was somewhat relieved by his various performances. From the battle at the “Top of Purple Gold”, to the “Clearwater Temple” battle, to the “Mount Fuji” battle, Ye Lu’s progress was simply miraculous.

On the one hand, they were saving the hostages, but on the other hand, they were coveting the secrets of Ye Lu’s body. One was the secret of his rapid progress, as many people rumoured that he and Zhang Tian came from the same place and also possessed the “Immortal Pill”, and the other was that everyone was curious about the “King Solomon” targeting Ye Lu.

Although the people had not found out the exact reason, they had found out that the matter seemed to be related to the “King Solomon’s” desire for immortality.

“Eternal life” is a realm that everyone dreams of attaining, but unfortunately no one knows how to live forever yet.

The appearance of “Zhang Tian” and the “Key to the Immortal Palace” suddenly gave everyone a sense of hope, or at least many of the great powers thought so.

So, “Fuxi” arranged for everyone to enter the “Jade Void Glazed Lamp” after Ye Lu had claimed it, and then asked Ye Lu to agree to “King Solomon’s” request to go to his appointment.

This kind of “spiritual treasure” is difficult to see from the outside, unless the person is killed, then the “spiritual treasure” will be separated from the human body.

Once everything was ready, Ye Lu left the secret realm and replied to King Solomon, promising that he would attend the appointment tonight.

It was the third day, the last day of the deadline.

“The King of Solomon was no fool, they had also considered that Ye Lu might play this trick, so they had made arrangements in advance before Ye Lu came.

“King Solomon not only gathered all his men, including the Four Pillars of Supremacy in addition to Astaroth, but also the gods from Ancient Egypt, who were actually the main force of this operation.

The approach of these men was simple, using two tricks.

The first was to use formations. The reason why they took so long to take action against Ye Lu was actually for the same reason, they had already built a powerful formation in the secret realm.

As long as the other party’s life and death was in their hands, it would be much easier to make them do anything else.

Therefore, just as Ye Luo arrived at the designated location, before he even entered the secret realm, a few experts flew in and brought Ye Luo under control.

“Huh! What do you guys mean by this?”

Ye Luo looked at the crowd with slight surprise and asked.

“How many meanings? Of course it means one thing, that is to tell you to behave yourself, or else there is only one way to die, let’s go.”

A few guys had already taken full control of Ye Lu, and then they led Ye Lu into the secret realm of King Solomon.

Just as he entered, Ye Luo felt a terrifying pressure.


Ye Lu was most skilled in formations, so of course he immediately felt this kind of fluctuation, and at the same time, he quickly looked around.

As expected, this was an extremely complex formation, and there were as many as eighteen “formation eyes”, each of which was presided over by a “God Transformation Realm” expert, so it was still very difficult to break through such a formation.

Ye Lu searched for the edges of the formation and the holes in the “gla*ses”, and then a figure appeared, the tall “King Solomon”.

“Ye Lu, have you brought the man I need?”

“King Solomon” said as he looked at Ye Lu.

Ye Luo looked at the tall and majestic “King Solomon” and smiled and said.

“Of course, but what about your side, I’m already here, you won’t go back on your word, will you?”

“King Solomon” said coldly.

“Humph! Some ordinary people, what need do we have to go back on our word?”

This was the truth, for cultivators, especially experts, to look at these ordinary people was really meaningless, or life was just like an ant, there was no point in staying with “King Solomon”.

So, Ye Luo looked at King Solomon and said.

“Then, let the man go, let him go and I will give him to you, otherwise I can’t trust you.”

As a result, “King Solomon” said coldly.

“I don’t like bargaining, and you are not qualified to bargain with me, so if you don’t want to die, leave me the man.”

He finished Ye Luo also smiled and said.

“Hey, coincidentally, I have the same temper as you, my favorite thing is to say “no” to people who think they are very powerful, so what if I bargain with you, let them go, otherwise I will not let you have your way even if I die.”

Not everyone could do this.

The reason why Ye Lu could do it was because he possessed various “divine techniques” and “secret arts” that were almost omnipotent in the “gla*ses”.

However, these “secret techniques” are actually not related to rank, but are special skills.

For example, erasing the “bloodline mark” and “invisibility” are all types of “secret techniques”, and not everyone can do these things.

If Ye Lu died, even if Ye Lu carried a “spiritual treasure”, but, unable to identify the owner, he would not be able to release the person inside.

Of course, this also depends on how the owner of the Spiritual Treasure chooses, and there is also the possibility that the owner does not restrict the freedom of access, but firstly, King Solomon did not want to gamble, and secondly, he felt that most of Ye Lu would not bring the person so easily.

Since they could think of a strategy, it was not difficult for Ye Lu to think of one, and since he had thought that they might make a sudden attack, he still came alone, which in itself was very suspicious.

So, in the end, “King Solomon” thought about it and compromised.

He looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Okay, let’s join together, I’ll put it in, and you give me the man.”

With these words, he waved his hand.

Immediately after that, a dense crowd of people appeared.

The millions of hostages looked much more than Ye Lu had imagined, and he finally understood the meaning of the phrase “a thousand armies”, the densely packed people looked spectacular.

“Well, I’ve shown my sincerity, what about you?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“Of course I can’t give you people like this, the purpose of you getting so many hostages is to make me show up, right, and the purpose of making me show up is to get that little girl of yours, right?”

Ye Lu said as he walked forward.

“And I’m dispensable in your plan, so that means that my death or survival doesn’t matter to you, am I right?”

“Therefore, if I just hand people over to you guys like this, I will definitely die, right?”

As he spoke, Ye Luo had already gone far away and was aiming at one of the eighteen “formation eyes”.

The crowd didn’t know what Ye Lu wanted to do, so they all frowned and listened quietly.

“King Solomon” also looked at Ye Luo with a strong anger, waiting for Ye Luo to give a reasonable solution, but he did not know that Ye Luo did not have any gross solution at all, his aim was to break a formation eye.

Therefore, he made a swift move while talking nonsense.