Super School Student Chapter 563-564

Chapter 563

Ye Lu’s target was a woman called “Nephthys”, the guardian deity of the dead in the “Nine Pillars of God” in ancient Egypt, a strange woman with hair that looked like a shroud.

The reason why Ye Lu chose her was because she was the weakest of all the eighteen, and she used the Qi of the Dead, which was the target of the Sun’s True Fire.

Moreover, Ye Lu had prepared for this strike a long time ago, since he was in the “Eight Trigrams and River Map”.

Moreover, this strike was not issued by Ye Lu himself, but by the recognition organ he carried, for at this moment Ye Lu was under the control of others, and his combat power had actually been sealed.

The strike was so sudden and terrifying that although “Nefertis” had a hunch and had prepared for it, he was still unable to withstand the terrifying strike of the “Sun Flame” and the fusion flame.

He took advantage of a small gap in the formation and released all the experts.

The experts who had already prepared for the attack began to collect people as soon as they appeared.

However, the other side would not give him this opportunity.

The reason why he was able to attack just now and release the crowd was because the other side did not know that he could launch such an attack even though he had sealed his cultivation and had become an ordinary person.

Everyone thought that Ye Lu was already an ordinary person at this moment, so he could not launch an attack and at the same time, he could not release the “Spiritual Treasure” inside his body, knowing that ordinary people could not even use “magic weapons”, let alone “magic treasures” and “spiritual treasures”.

However, they underestimated Ye Lu too much. When it comes to all kinds of strange means, no one would dare to say that Ye Lu was the second.

Of course, now that these guys knew about it, they had to catch Ye Lu.

However, these powerful people of China whom Ye Lu had unleashed could not let this happen, because in their eyes, Ye Lu was a piece of super fat meat.

How could someone with so many secrets give it to the “King Solomon” and the others?

So, many people quickly gathered around Ye Luo.

“Ye Lu, come to my ‘Spiritual Treasure’, I’ll take you away.”

One of the experts said to Ye Luo.

“No, it’s better to come to me.”

“Come with me!”


Everyone instantly grabbed, and it was not a verbal grab, but an immediate action. However, the people were restrained by each other, plus Ye Luo’s resistance, instead, for a while, no one could get their way.

The King of Solomon had already given his orders in a fury.

“Block off the entrances and exits, all those who come this time will not return.”

This was the home turf of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, and he did not think that some outsiders would really make any waves.

“Ye Lu, let’s go!”

The people who had come to rescue the people were of course aware of this, because the purpose of the group was not to fight these terrible people to the death.

For it was pointless to fight to the death.

At this time, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Lu, who was supposed to be the unluckiest, actually laughed.

“Sh*t! Doesn’t this fellow know? It’s him who escaped the ‘King Solomon’ and the ‘Ancient Egyptian Gods’, can’t he escape us people.”

“Guess there’s something wrong with his head.”

“What’s so funny about that?”


Amidst everyone’s disbelief, Ye Lu spoke up.

He chuckled and said.

“You people didn’t have good intentions towards me from the beginning, did you?”

“In fact, I have known this for a long time, and the reason why I still came here with you guys is not because I have a problem in my head, it’s because you guys at least have the matter of saving people in your heads, and in any case, the matter of saving people is still good.”

“Now, I’ll give you guys a choice, give me those ‘spirit treasures’ that contain people along with the good moves on them, and I can let you guys get out of here alive.”

While Ye Lu was speaking, a large group of people suddenly poured in from the entrance and exit.

This time it was not the Nine Pillar Gods or the Animal Gods, but the real Gods, led by the Lord God “Amon”, who had already reached the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”, but had suppressed his cultivation and not broken through.

He was followed by Arden, the sun god, Horus, the patron god of the pharaohs, Anubis, the god of death, Koons, the god of the moon, and Mo, the god of war. ……

Seeing a host of masters appearing with their densely packed men, these great powers of China were scared.

For, on the other side, even more exaggerated, the demon army of “King Solomon” had appeared.

There are many stories about King Solomon’s “legions of demons”, one saying is that the number of legions is 1,111, and each legion has 6,666 fallen angels, which means that there are more than 7.4 million demons in total.

In short, the army was extremely large, which could be seen at a glance, thinking that behind King Solomon and in the air there were countless dark clouds of demons, which reminded Ye Lu of the beast tide in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”.

“Make your choice.”

Ye Luo quickly said.

However, the “Eastern Emperor Taichi” quickly said.

“Why should we trust you, who knows if you will harm us?”

Ye Lu shook his head indifferently and said.

“I don’t care! If you don’t believe me, forget it, I’m leaving.”

With those words, Ye Luo disappeared into thin air.

Yes, he disappeared completely, even his breath was gone, and his divine sense could not be detected.

To be honest, even King Solomon and the others were also confused.

In fact, what everyone didn’t know was that the person who came this time was not Ye Lu, but Ye Lu disguised as “Void”. The current “Void” was no longer the newborn “Void”, and with its characteristics, when he turned into nothingness, it was not something that these people could detect.

Since Ye Lu had already known the plans of these great powers through the observation of his “gla*ses”, he certainly would not be foolish enough to take the risk himself.

The current “Void” could simulate the other party’s appearance as long as it had anything of the other party or was within a certain distance from the other party and could scan the other party with its “divine sense”, and there was no difference at all.

Seeing that Ye Lu had really disappeared, and that the gods surrounding him were already surrounding him, the people from China panicked.

“That Ye Lu, we promise you, help us.”

One of them couldn’t help but say.

Just as he finished speaking, a voice in the void said.

“Good, first erase the ‘spirit treasures’ that contained people and put them on the ground after erasing the seal of recognition.”

Although Ye Lu could also erase these marks, it would take too long, so it would be easier to just let them do the job.

Everyone didn’t dare to be slow, and while low gearing the attacks outside, they quickly threw a few things out.

A few things appeared and then abruptly disappeared, apparently being collected by Ye Lu.

However, after these things disappeared, Ye Luo did not put these great powers away, but was awkwardly uncomfortably silent, as if Ye Luo had already left.

“Ye Luo, Ye Luo, are you still there?”

“Yes, take us away.”

“Don’t punk us!”


At this time, Ye Luo’s voice reappeared.

He smiled and said.

“Why not pit you guys? It is you guys who will be pitted, I will go!”

With those words, Ye Lu’s voice never appeared again.

“Sh*t! You go too my a*s, that’s so despicable.”

“That’s right, insidious villain, insidious villain ah!”

“I’ve never seen such a brazen and shameless person!”


But no matter what everyone said, there was no longer any sound around.


Chapter 564

“Sh*t! Pwned!”

A guy quickly cursed.

However, no one else said anything, everyone was clear that it was normal to be pitted, just now everyone’s various performances, even if Ye Lu did not know at first, just now should be fully aware, to put it bluntly, in fact, from the beginning, everyone simply did not put Ye Lu on an equal footing.

The “King of Solomon” was watching the entrance and exit closely, because there was a powerful “boundary” there, and there were also many great powers guarding there, so whatever fluctuations there were, they could detect them.

“Many of King Solomon’s “72 Demon Gods” have the ability to invisibilize and make others invisible, so of course, King Solomon has various ways to deal with invisibility.

In fact, to put it bluntly, “invisibility” is just a way of using the laws of heaven and earth, so it must trigger the fluctuations of the laws of heaven and earth, otherwise how can one be invisible?

Therefore, although “King Solomon” was a bit confused by Ye Lu’s invisibility, he was not so confused that he could do nothing about it.

However, he was soon disappointed because Ye Lu’s whereabouts were nowhere to be found.

What they did not know was that as long as the Void did not initiate an attack and use the laws of heaven and earth, he could move by his own invisibility.

This was because it was originally “Void”.

However, there are limitations to this kind of invisibility.

Firstly, he could not use any of the laws of heaven and earth in this state of invisibility, and if he did so, others would be able to detect him through the fluctuations of the laws.

Secondly, he cannot let anything appear outside his body, for example, if he holds a knife in his hand, it cannot be invisible, but if he puts it inside his body, it is fine.

So, at the moment, Void’s invisibility has no offensive power and is limited to simple escape, because his invisibility is absolute, even his body is hidden, so he cannot be touched or perceived, after all, he is Void.

Soon, the Void emerged from the entrance and exit with a flourish.

“Let those great powers destroy themselves.”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

However, what he didn’t know at the moment was that Jasmine had quietly slipped out of the secret realm and had contacted King Solomon’s contacts who were on their way to West Asia and had already arrived at the airport.

Jasmine had overheard the news, but of course the culprit was Yeyan’s big mouth, who couldn’t resist discussing the matter with Long Fei Xue and was overheard by Jasmine.

However, Jasmine did not show it, but found an opportunity to leave the Abyssal Mystic Realm and contacted King Solomon’s people.

“The King of Solomon’s people originally thought that someone was playing a prank, as they had been contacted by a number of people who had contacted them without any reason, and they knew that the real owner, Ye Lu, had already arrived earlier.

So they said casually.

“OK, then you can come straight over, I’ll give you an address.”

As a result, Jasmine really did follow this address.

And Ye Luo was not aware of this, after he came out, he quickly rushed back, because only when he got to the country and pa*sed the formation at the border of China, these millions of people would be considered completely safe.

Just after he had rushed back to the country to release all the hostages, he received a call from Ye Yan.

“Ye Lu, it’s not good, that girl Jasmine has left on her own, she probably knows something, what’s the situation on your side, contact her quickly, don’t let those people capture her.”

“We contacted her, she’s not answering her phone.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu then immediately dialed Jasmine’s number.

“Jasmine, don’t do anything stupid, I’ve already rescued all the people and rushed back.”

Ye Luo chopped his head and said quickly.

Since Jasmine could answer the phone normally, it meant that, for the time being, she should be safe, which made Ye Lu let out a real sigh of relief.

At this moment, Jasmine was on her way to the designated place, and when she heard that Ye Lu had already saved all the hostages, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

She didn’t want to let millions of people suffer because of herself.

Now it was okay, so Jasmine promised Ye Lu that she would wait for him to come and pick her up.

Ye Lu also thought about letting Jasmine come back on her own, but, now that Jasmine was not an ordinary cultivator anymore, there might still be trouble if she came back.

However, it seemed that just as Ye Lu was heading towards West Asia, someone from King Solomon contacted Jasmine again.

For Jasmine’s arrival had been reported to King Solomon, and the soothsayer at King Solomon’s side had divined it.

“The prophecy says that this will be a very kind woman from the East, and this woman says she is Jasmine, which is consistent with the message sent by Astaroth, so the woman who called must be the one we are looking for.”

“The Diviner looked at King Solomon and said.

“King Solomon” nodded and said.

“If that Ye Lu dares to come again, I will definitely make him come back without a return.”

After Ye Luo had made such a mess, “King Solomon” was in a terrible mood, he wanted to cut Ye Luo into pieces.

Although he had captured these great powers from the East, the insult of being teased by Ye Lu was the most unbearable thing to him.

Jasmine had already cut off all contact with the outside world as Ye Lu had arranged, and was waiting for him at the place Ye Lu had designated, because Ye Lu was worried that Jasmine’s character would change her mind if she was contacted by “King Solomon”.

However, what Ye Lu did not want to see happened in the end.

The soothsayer had unleashed the power of the nation and started to spread the word that they needed to exchange hostages, and that if Jasmine did not come, they would execute all the powers they had captured during the night.

At the same time, they released video footage of the captured masters, their personal details and so on.

Jasmine was also worried that this was a trap, so she got on the phone and contacted the sisters she could, and found out that there was indeed a large number of Chinese super masters who had been arrested.

Of course, this was all a trap by the Diviner to lure you, Jasmine.

In the end, Jasmine weighed her options and decided to make the exchange because, from what she had heard, she already knew that it was Ye Lu who was setting these people up.

She knew that if she spoke to Ye Lu, Ye Lu would not agree to save these people.

However, Jasmine didn’t want these people to die because of herself.

So, after thinking about it, Jasmine finally took the initiative to contact King Solomon’s people.

“Miss Jasmine, right? It is not difficult to save the experts in your country, just do as we say and we will put them in.”

The other party and Jasmine said with a smile.

Jasmine was convinced, and as a result, she went straight to the agreed location, but what she didn’t know was that she was already being watched even before she got there, and this time, at the behest of the “diviner”, the other party had already mobilised all the means at their disposal to find Jasmine.

“It’s confirmed, this is the man, isn’t it?”

One of the guys looked at the soothsayer and asked.

“The soothsayer nodded, for the corresponding “key to the immortal palace” was in his hand, and the key was already giving him a hint.

“Do it.”

“The Diviner quickly let his hand go and grabbed Jasmine.

“You guys …… you guys ……”

When she saw the sudden appearance of the people, Jasmine regretted a little, she did not know that the other party was so powerful, but she still held a ray of hope and asked.

“Capture me, but can you release the hostages?”

“The soothsayer smiled and said.

“Of course, we just want you, they’re useless, we’d have sent them back a long time ago.”

But what he didn’t say was that, in fact, all those sent back were corpses.

The corpses were sent to the national border, and the bodies were identified, and the blame was put on Ye Lu.

“The Diviner’s plan was simple, that is, to divert the trouble to the east, since they could not catch Ye Luo, then let the Chinese people deal with Ye Luo themselves.

As a matter of fact, the entire cultivation community of China exploded as soon as this incident came out.

“Ye Luo, the sinner of the ages, what has he done?”

“That’s right, losing so many good fighters at once, it’s too abominable.”

“We must unite to catch Ye Luo.”


However, the situation in the secular world was the complete opposite.