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Super School Student Chapter 569-570

Chapter 569

Ye Lu was already prepared for the power of the Heavenly Demon Clan, so he was not surprised by the performance of the Heavenly Demon Clan, but by the one on the other side, the “Nuwa Clan” expert with a snake’s tail.

This Nuwa expert was simply too strong, and was completely different from the Nuwa people Ye Lu had met before.

“This is the real ‘Nuwa clan’.”

Ye Luo muttered to himself as he looked at this guy who looked exactly like the “Creation God”.

Like the Heavenly Demon Clan, the Nuwa clansmen operating outside were not true Nuwa bloodlines, such as those who had entered the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts before were Nuwa clansmen, but those people were not creator gods and did not have true Nuwa bloodlines.

“Looks like the legend is right.”

When Ye Luo saw that Nuwa’s expert had actually stopped that Heavenly Demon clan member with a single move, he understood that the legend that Nuwa’s second half of her body was a snake was true.

Moreover, the fighting power of this Nuwa clan was really too terrifying, the “Heavenly Demon” clan member who had just been defeated by the Nuwa clan member seemed to be no match for this expert of the Nuwa clan.

Of course, Nuwa was not the only one who had sent them, Ye Lu saw a group of women not far away standing there quietly watching the scene.

The message from the “gla*ses” told him that they were all women from the Nuwa clan, but it was not yet time for them to fight.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and walked over to the group of women.

“Hello, sisters!”

Ye Luo looked at these women and said with a smile.

The one at the head of the group then looked at Ye Luo with some confusion and asked.

“Who are you? Do you know what’s going on here? It’s dangerous here, hurry up and get out of here, it’s really too dangerous for a pu …… like you.”

When she said this, she stopped and followed it with her eyes wide open.

The reason was that she found that Ye Luo’s body was actually flowing with spiritual energy, and spiritual energy was the unique mark of their “Nuwa Clan”.

In their eyes, it was basically unique.

“You, you’re one of our clan?”

She looked at Ye Luo and said with some surprise.

In response, Ye Lu was completely dumbfounded, because he didn’t know what was going on, so he thought about it and said.

“I don’t know either, it’s better for you to decide this matter, all I know is that both of us are using spiritual power.”

This was indeed what Ye Luo had in mind, “gla*ses” would not give him his profile, so he was not sure of his identity, but he did use the same power as this “Nuwa clan” clan member, but whether this was the only basis, Ye Luo did not know.

If this was really the case, Ye Lu felt that his identity seemed to be very strange, and that he should be from the “Haotian Continent”.

After all, Ye Lu didn’t really believe in such things as full screen luck.

As a result, the person from the Nuwa clan looked at Ye Lu for a long time, then stretched out his hand to check again, and finally nodded with great certainty.

“Yes, there is no mistake about it, you are indeed a member of our clan, but, to be honest, this is the first time I have seen a male member of the clan, you are really very strange.”

When he heard the woman’s words, Ye Lu rubbed his chin, because the matter of being strange or not was a bit baffling to him himself.

So, he thought for a moment and said.

“I also know a member of your clan, perhaps she will be even stranger, and she now has a ‘Creation Beast’ in her hand as her ‘Original Spirit Beast’……”

At this point, the “Nuwa clan” person’s eyes were already wide with surprise.

“Are you saying that she can use the ‘Creation Beast’ as her ‘Original Spirit Beast’?”

Ye Lu nodded, then said.

“Also, her bloodline is strange, she only had the ‘Eve’ bloodline at first, but, later on, she awakened countless bloodlines, including that of the Nuwa clan, so I don’t know if she’s a member of the Nuwa clan or not.”

Indeed, Liu Mei’s situation was somewhat confusing.

As a result, the clan member of the Nuwa clan shook his head and said.

“In this matter, how should I put it, I should say that we, the ‘Nuwa Clan’, are her clan members, and your friend has the bloodline of our ancestors, and our name is ‘Creation Spirit’, and we are the a type of ‘Creation Beast’, so that’s why she can treat us as ‘Original Spirit Beasts’, and that’s the only possibility.”

Hearing this woman’s words, Ye Lu was really taken aback, it looked like Liu Mei’s origins were even bigger than he thought.

“A Genesis Spirit? It sounds very powerful, what kind of origin is it?”

Ye Luo asked as he looked at the woman opposite him.

The woman across from him took a breath and said.

“Simply put, she is a bloodline from the higher world ‘The Great World’.”

At this point, Ye Lu did become a little unsettled as he looked at the woman and asked.

“Is it true that the Small Thousand Worlds, the Middle Thousand Worlds and the Great Thousand Worlds aren’t just something that people make up nonsense? I always thought it was a rumour.”

The woman nodded and said.

“Of course it’s not made up, but it’s also slightly different from everyone’s rumours, this ‘Small Thousand World’ we’re in is called the ‘Earth World’, and in the ‘Hao Tian Continent ‘ it appears to be the same as if we were looking at a secret realm, such as our ‘Nuwa Secret Realm’.”

“That is to say, when considered from the perspective of the ‘Haotian Continent’, our ‘Earth World’ is merely one of the thousands of ordinary ‘Small Thousand Worlds’ And from the perspective of the ‘Great Thousand Worlds’ at a higher level, the ‘Haotian Continent’ is again one of their countless ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’.”

“So, our little Earth Thousand World is actually nothing.”

Hearing this woman’s explanation, Ye Lu then basically understood the composition of the entire world, the world was indeed very big.

The woman then continued.

“As for more detailed matters, you and we will talk about it when we get to the secret realm, but it’s really impressive that you were able to escape easily under the siege of these people.”

Because not far away, everyone was still fighting in chaos, which meant that Ye Lu actually tricked everyone.

Ye Lu laughed and did not tell the truth, after all, at the critical moment, he still had to rely on “false” to escape.

So, he nodded and walked into the “Nuwa Clan” group, and the whole group flew away in a flash, obviously these people had other means of communication, or they were not worried that the woman who fought the “Heavenly Demon Clan” would lose.

While following the Nuwa clan, Ye Lu said.

“What about the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’? Why do they keep fighting with you? Moreover, I saw that they are also from the ‘Haotian Continent’.”

As a result, the woman did not answer the question, but looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Candle Dragon, is it with you guys?”

Ye Luo nodded, then asked again.

“Yes, what is going on with the candle dragon? Also, I saw a woman with the ‘Candle Dragon’ bloodline and pattern inside the ‘Heavenly Demon Clan’ as well.”

This time the woman was silent for a few seconds before she said,

“This matter is very involved, so it is better for you not to know about it yet.”

However, Ye Lu sensed a hint of hostility in her attitude, it seemed that “Qin Shiyu” really had some kind of connection with these “Heavenly Demon” people.

After that, the woman asked again.

“By the way, where is that Candle Dragon friend of yours now?”

This time, Ye Luo kept an eye out and said.

“She has been out of contact for a long time and I’m looking for her, someone said they saw her enter a secret realm, I’ve been to that secret realm, but that secret realm is gone, I’m also confused.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s complete bullsh*t, the woman actually frowned and said.

“Did the secret realm appear and then by gone? Could it be that the ‘boat on the other side’ has appeared?”

Ye Luo did not expect his random ghostly bullsh*t to actually have a source, he also asked with some curiosity.

“And what is the boat on the other side?”

The woman did not hide this time but said directly.

“How can I put it? You can interpret it as being a ‘small thousand world’ made by a truly great power.”


Chapter 570

Hearing this woman’s words, Ye Lu was truly dumbfounded.

“What kind of person can even make a ‘Small Thousand Worlds’, this is too bullish.”

As a result, the woman looked at him with a look of contempt, as if Ye Lu was a mountain boy who had never seen the market, and then this was said.

“What’s so strange about that, other than that, a ‘Creation Origin Spirit’ can easily craft ‘Small Thousand Worlds’, even ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’ can be make, and powerful ‘Creation Beasts’ can also do it, there’s nothing strange about that.”

However, to be honest, Ye Lu was still a bit unable to digest this woman’s words for a while.

So, Ye Lu continued to ask.

“To be honest, I am indeed a bit confused, may I ask, since you are of the ‘Haotian Continent’ bloodline, then why did your ancestors come here? Also, who built this ‘boat on the other side’, and if it is equal to our entire world, what is it doing here?”

If this “boat on the other side” is really the same as a “small world”, then it is really something!

As a result, the woman rolled her eyes and said.

“I’m not a ‘Nuwa’, I just have their bloodline and have awakened a part of their heritage, just like those ‘gods’ you know have. We are kind of born and raised in this world.”

Hearing this woman’s words, Ye Lu probably understood.

Most of these women really didn’t know the truth of the matter, because, through the observation of the gla*ses, Ye Lu found out that what she said was true, she didn’t come from the “Haotian Continent”, she was just an inheritor of the “Nuwa Clan”, but, unlike other bloodline inheritors, she was a direct bloodline inheritor.

That is to say, she is a creature who grew up with a drop of Nuwa’s blood.

This must be the secret that sets them apart from the rest of the Nuwa clan.

Then, the woman continued.

“However, judging from the fragments of my inherited memories, that ‘Other Side Boat’ might not be as powerful as you think, after all, the ‘Small World of Earth’ is not some ‘creation beast’ or ‘creation beast’. Creation Beast’ or ‘Yuan Ling’ birthed it, but rather, it was naturally birthed by heaven and earth like the universe.”

“This is different from a manufactured ‘Little Thousand Worlds’, you can draw an analogy, after you are fully proficient in ‘Space Laws’, you make a space the size of an ordinary secret realm and put in all sorts of things and a naturally formed secret realm’s gap.”

“However, there is no doubt that the ‘Other Shore Boat’ is more powerful than all the ‘spiritual treasures’ or even ‘supreme treasures’ you can imagine. ”

Ye Luo also nodded, not to mention a “small thousand worlds”, even the thought of using an earth as a weapon was terrifying.

However, from the sound of it, this “other side of the boat” does not sound like something used to attack, Ye Lu feels that most of it might be something used to hold something, the same as the “Taiji diagram” that “Fuxi” took out before.

In short, Ye Lu felt that this object was still very far away from him.

After that, the Nuwa clan member looked at Ye Lu and said.

“The person you said has the ‘Creation Spirit’ bloodline, where is she now, can you ask her to come to our ‘Nuwa clan’?”

Ye Luo then nodded and said.

“Okay, I will find a way to contact her and have her come over.”

Ye Luo said after thinking about it.

After all, the Nuwa clan sounded like a righteous party, but no one knew who they were, and no one knew how these people would choose in the face of profit.

After all, Ye Luo had seen too many deceitful people along the way, and no one knew if these people would do anything against him.

Soon, Ye Luo put back the “Void”.

“Void, how is it?”

Since they were “original spirit beasts”, the two of them could communicate with their thoughts.

“Void quickly said.

“Oh, it’s a piece of cake, don’t worry, it’s easy.”

Indeed, when it came to escaping, Void was absolutely top-notch, even Ye Lu felt that this guy would never die, or at least he could not think of a way to kill Void.

It didn’t take long for Ye Lu to follow these women into a secret realm.

It was no wonder that no one had found them, as this secret place was really deep in the forest, and it was not very popular here, but if Ye Lu’s “gla*ses” were used to scan them, things would be completely different.

“This seems to be a rather ordinary looking secret place!”

Ye Luo muttered as he looked around.

He originally thought that this place was filled with “spiritual power” like the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”, but he found that it was very ordinary, no different from other secret realms, and it was also a completely developed secret realm, and there were no powerful demonic beasts or anything like that inside.

Ye Lu was a little bored, he had originally thought that this place would be another opportunity.

Now it didn’t seem to be much of an opportunity.

Soon, they reached the middle of the secret realm, and Ye Lu found that all the women in this secret realm were women, just like the Hundred Flowers Clan, but the women here were not ordinary people like the Hundred Flowers Clan, the women of the Hundred Flowers Clan were basically all lonely and miserable, and there were also women who had been saved by the Hundred Flowers Clan and then followed the Hundred Flowers Clan to settle their grudges.

This is also one of the reasons why Ye Lu helped the Hundred Flowers Clan so much. To be honest, the Hundred Flowers Clan was really a very kind clan, although there might be unreasonable people like the Water Fairy Elder, but there were no real bad people.

The people of the Nuwa clan were different. Apart from the Nuwa clan, none of the other people here were simple, all of them possessed terrifying bloodlines, most of them were of the demon clan, such as the woman with the bloodline of the Nine-tailed Fox who caught his eye.

Ye Lu also saw a woman with the bloodline of the “Siren Clan”.

This woman was a foreigner, extremely beautiful, especially with long blonde hair that looked like a golden waterfall.

This woman had the bloodline of Pandora, and it was a pure bloodline.

This reminded Ye Lu of something called Pandora’s Box, which Odin had once said was extremely frightening.

“How could such a dangerous person be in the ‘Nuwa clan’?”

Ye Luo muttered to himself.

He suddenly realized that this “Nuwa clan” was not as simple as it seemed.

After that, Ye Lu saw another familiar demonic beast, a terrifying Teng Serpent, which was not the same as the one Ye Lu had caught before.

Together with the Teng Serpent, there was also a snake-shaped demonic beast, the White Fletching, a divine beast, the Qilin, and a unicorn, the White Zephyr, which were also called the Four Spirits.

In addition, Ye Lu also saw a powerful woman with the bloodline of the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Maidens”.

Of course, what surprised him most was that there was also an extremely beautiful woman who had been beautiful in the legends for thousands of years, Chang’e.

There was also another impressive woman, the snake spirit Bai Suzhen.

In short, this “Nuwa clan” is full of weird stuff.

“Ye Lu, what a miracle, I didn’t think there would be men in the ‘Nuwa clan’.”

When they arrived at the central hall, almost all the people of the Nuwa Clan had pa*sed through the tour, as there had never been anything like this in the history of the Nuwa Clan.

So, Ye Luo stayed here for a few days, after which he felt that although these Nuwa people were strange and weird, they really did not have any malice.

So, after thinking about it, Ye Lu said to the owner of this place, the chief of the Nuwa clan.

“Patriarch, I’ve already contacted the woman with the ‘Genesis Spirit’ bloodline I mentioned before, I’ll have her come over here.”

As a result, the clan chief said with a smile.

“Good, if she really has the ‘Genesis Origin Spirit’ bloodline, there is still a great creation waiting for her here.”