Super School Student Chapter 571-572

Chapter 571

While Ye Lu was arranging for Liu Mei to enter the secret realm of Nuwa, the Mayan gods from the Americas were also searching for clues about Ye Lu.

The Mayan prophecy is the most famous one related to the Mayans.

According to the Mayan calendar, they predicted five events.

The first predicted the end of their civilisation, but there was no way to change it. The second predicted the appearance of the automobile, the aeroplane and the rocket.

The last one predicted the end of humanity on December 21, 2012.

However, the first four came true, only the fifth one did not.

As a result, the credibility of the Mayan gods has plummeted, and many people think that they are nothing more than bullsh*t.

This is not the case.

The Mayan prophecies are nothing more than a conspiracy. In the opinion of the Mayan gods, they do not tell what will happen, but what will be avoided.

And if it could not be avoided, there would be a terrible consequence, the end of the world.

So what appeared to be a prophecy was in fact a warning not to let things go on, but, fortunately, the prophecy of ultimate destruction did not come true.

Within the Mayan community, another version of the prophecy was circulated.

This prophecy said that there would be an “exterminator” who would break the rules of the world, who would break the chains of the world, who would go against the grain, and that the “tide” would appear, and that the “tide” would attack the world like a flood, knowing that the “saviour” would appear.

The mission of the Mayan Gods is to find this Saviour and to follow him to the other side of the boat to save the world.

The Mayan Gods are now very close to the appearance of the Destroyer, so they are already searching for it in the East.

Of course, trespa*sing in the East would certainly meet with resistance, so they sent weak Mayans into China on the one hand, and made contact with the cultivation community in China on the other.

They soon found out that Ye Lu was being attacked by everyone.

“Is this Ye Lu the ‘saviour’ we are looking for or not?”

“Kamenpus, the leader of the Mayan gods, looked at the direction of China and muttered a little, because the prophecy was too vague, so he was not sure about the identity of the ‘saviour’.

However, Ye Luo’s situation was extremely bad, and if they chose to go with him, they would undoubtedly be going against many of the forces in China.

“Where should we go from here?”

While the Mayan Gods were hesitating, Ye Lu had already brought Liu Mei into the Nuwa clan’s territory.

The moment they saw Liu Mei, the people of the Nuwa Clan were convinced that Liu Mei was indeed the bloodline inheritor of the Genesis Spirit.

This conclusion was also confirmed by the latest news brought by the gla*ses.

This gave Ye Lu a new understanding of “gla*ses”, that is, this thing is also unreliable at times, which made Ye Lu feel more and more that this “gla*ses” might be some kind of man-made technology product.

However, all this was still just Ye Lu’s guess.

What Ye Lu was most curious about was who had left the gla*ses at that time.

Ye Lu had been investigating this matter, but to no avail.

At this time, the patriarch of the Nuwa clan looked at Liu Mei and said with a smile.

“Liu Mei, since you have the bloodline of the ‘Genesis Spirit’, there is something that only you can use, this is also your destiny.”

“Go, you guys come with me.”

Ye Lu and the two of them obediently followed the Nuwa clan leader to a place which was similar to a shrine, however, it had basically turned into an empty house, and in the middle of the shrine was the statue of “Nuwa”, according to the “Nuwa clan”, none of them had actually seen “Nuwa”.

Ye Lu looked at the sculpted stone statue of “Nuwa” and found that he did not know this “Nuwa” at all.

Originally, he thought that this “Nuwa” should be related to Liu Mei, but from the statue, there should be no relationship between the two.

“It seems that Liu Mei and Nuwa are indeed not the same person.”

Ye Luo muttered darkly.

Then, that Nuwa clan leader opened a box placed in the centre of the hall and took out a scroll-like object from inside.

“This is the legendary ‘Mountain, River, and Land Map’, it is said that the ‘Great God Nuwa’ once used it during the ancient battle of extinction, but no one could use it after that, anyway, people from our clan have tested it and no one could use it, regardless of cultivation level.”

“You have a bloodline power far beyond ours, so perhaps you can use it.”

She was different from Ye Lu, whose “Nameless Technique” required constant fighting, but Liu Mei only needed to absorb it constantly, so her cultivation level had already caught up with that of Candle Dragon Qin Shiyu, crossing the “God Transformation Realm” and becoming a “First Cla*s Lower God”.

Of course, what was even crazier was her “Original Spirit Beast”, which had already reached the level of “Second Grade Lower God”, one small realm higher than Liu Mei.

This made Ye Lu a little jealous.

Of course, this was mainly because of Ye Lu, because the cultivation level of the “Original Spirit Beast” was related to its master, and was usually only one or two small realms higher than its master, while the unbelievable ones would be higher, but it would not grow indefinitely.

“Looks like I still need to hurry up and find a fight!”

Seeing a few women growing up as fast as a blown up balloon, Ye Luo also felt a huge pressure.

As if she could see Ye Luo’s thoughts, that Nuwa clan leader laughed and said.

“Ye Luo, you want to quickly increase your cultivation through battle right, this is actually not difficult because this ‘Mountain, River, Society and Country Map’ can satisfy your requirements.”

“This ‘Mountains, Rivers, and Social Graces Diagram’ can evolve all kinds of things, so it is possible to fight any kind of monsters you want in it, of course, these are all arranged by the owner of the ‘Mountains, Rivers, and Social Graces Diagram’, so getting you killed is is only a matter of minutes.”

Hearing the words of Patriarch Nuwa, Ye Luo also drew in a breath of cold air, which made him think of the “Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu”, the treasure of the “Fuxi Clan”, where all kinds of battles could also be fought, however, time could also be accumulated there, I wonder if this “Mountain, River, Society and Jigoku Map” could do that.

Of course, it was better to listen to this woman’s words than to see it for himself, so Ye Lu began to observe it directly.

As a result, he found that this “Mountain, River, and Country Map” could indeed be controlled by the master, even the flow of time, but of course the degree of control would depend on the master’s cultivation.

Liu Mei took the “Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map”, and put a drop of blood onto the scroll, which slowly fused into the “Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map”.

Seeing this scene, Matriarch Nuwa smiled happily.

The ability to dissolve the blood meant that Liu Mei could control this treasure, and then Ye Lu saw Liu Mei and the “Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map” emitting a bright light at the same time.

After that, the “Mountain, River, Society and Country Map” flew up and slowly opened.

An incredible scroll unfolded, and then Ye Lu felt an immense power attracting him.


At the moment Ye Lu let go of his resistance, his figure was violently sucked into the “Mountains, Rivers, and Social Grains”, and Ye Lu felt like a heavenly god descending from the sky.


Chapter 572

“Ye Lu, how does it feel inside?”

A voice rang out abruptly from the air, none other than Liu Mei’s voice.

“Fine, fine, at least the environment is good, you’re the god here, right?”

Ye Lu said while looking up to the sky, however, he did not see Liu Mei, apparently this baby was not as simple as making people smaller.

Sure enough, Liu Mei smiled and said.

“I am using my mind to communicate with you la, this is now a space that belongs to me, the so-called ‘one thought becomes the ocean, one thought turns into a mulberry field’, here, I can have whatever I want, watch.”

With Liu Mei’s words, a figure exactly like Ye Lu slowly appeared beside him, no matter the appearance or figure, the clothes all looked exactly the same.


Following that, this identical Ye Luo then reached out his hand and looked at Ye Luo with a smile.

Ye Luo could only look at this person dumbfounded and shook his hand and said.


Then, the other person smiled and said.

“We are carved out of the same mould, so even the size of that one is the same!”

Hearing the other person’s words, Ye Lu almost spurted out a mouthful of blood, he also did not expect Liu Mei to be so naughty, and then, in front of him, he turned into an incomparably huge monster, covered with scaled armour and blood-red eyes, and what surprised Ye Lu the most was that this monster actually had the cultivation level of a “Lower Upper God” in the “God Transformation Realm”.

Her bloodline was indeed heavenly, but it was still difficult to summon a “Lower Superior God”, after all, that was already the strongest level of expert in the “God Transformation Realm”.

However, in this “Mountain, River, and Land Map”, it seemed to be very easy to do so, because a large group of demonic beasts of this level had already appeared around Ye Lu.


Liu Mei’s delicate laughter came over and said.

“Ye Lu, in this figure, you’re no longer my opponent, right, now I can easily beat you up oh!”

Indeed, Ye Lu’s current combat power was comparable to that of a “Medium God” even if he crossed a big level and used various means.

Ye Lu felt that with the use of this “Mountain, River, Society and Country Map”, Liu Mei’s combat power could already sweep through the “God Transformation Realm”, so finally, he no longer had to worry about Liu Mei.

Because of their “Devil Qi”, it was a piece of cake to challenge them across levels.

Therefore, the real members of the Heavenly Demon Clan should not be underestimated at all.

Of course, Nuwa’s clan was just as dangerous as the Heavenly Demon Clan’s nemesis, but since they had given Liu Mei the “Mountain, River and Land Map”, it was obvious that they would not make things difficult for Liu Mei.

“Ye Lu, you can cultivate here, I can divide my mind into two, so it won’t affect me. However, at the moment, I don’t have good control over the time here, I can only use one day as three days.”

In fact, for Ye Luo, this was quite enough, as he could fight to his heart’s content here, although under Liu Mei’s control, it would definitely not be a “life and death battle”, but the cultivation of fighting was definitely many times better for Ye Luo than ordinary cultivation.

Ye Luo knew this very well from the “Eight Trigrams, River Map and Luo Shu”.

Moreover, he had a vague feeling that something big was about to happen in this world, whether it was the appearance of the “Immortal Palace Key” or the “Other Shore Boat”, everything was a sign that big trouble should be coming, before that, Ye Lu had to improve himself as much as possible.

“Right, Mei’er is so powerful now, plus Silk Rain has also crossed into the ‘God Transformation Realm’, I guess it’s time to go to the ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’ secret realm again, I don’t know what that thing that summons me is, anyway, it’s better to hurry It’s better to go and get it.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

However, Liu Mei had just entered the secret realm of the Nuwa Clan, and had just obtained the “Mountain, River, and Social Land Map”, so it would obviously not be appropriate to leave immediately at this time.

In addition, although Liu Mei’s battle power had exploded after she possessed the “Mountain, River, Society and Jig Map”, it should not mean anything in front of the Nuwa Clan, and the Nuwa Clan had treated Liu Mei well, so it was better not to fall out with the Nuwa Clan.

Of course, the Nuwa clan is currently working hard to improve Liu Mei’s cultivation and combat power.

Unlike Ye Lu, although Ye Lu had a lot of skills because of his gla*ses, he was not as close to Liu Mei as the Nuwa Clan, so their skills were more helpful to Liu Mei, especially when they saw the “Creation Violet Whip” and the “Creation Beast” in Liu Mei’s hand.

In the eyes of the Nuwa clan, Liu Mei was their ancestor and god, someone they could follow.

While Ye Lu cultivated, he asked Void to observe the Nuwa clan in secret to see if these people had any conspiracy.

In this way, a month soon pa*sed, and of course, Ye Lu had been fighting non-stop for three months, and his cultivation level had finally crossed into the “Fifth Transformation of the First Infant Realm” and was heading towards the “Sixth Transformation of the First Infant Realm” level.

Liu Mei has also crossed into the level of “Second Grade Lower God”.

In the secret realm of the Beast Alliance, everyone was watching the uninterrupted vibrations on the side of the secret realm as the handsome young man had reached the edge of the “boundary” at the entrance to the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

“As the largest and strongest secret realm known to date, the “boundary” was also the strongest, but even this strong “boundary” was beginning to falter under the handsome man’s constant attacks.

“That lord is really terrifying.”

“All the Venerable Masters, Grand Elders, Supreme Elders and other members of the Beast Alliance were looking at the light shining from one side, which was the power of the laws of heaven and earth.

“From ancient times until now, there has never been any great power, and what a demonic beast can do is about to be achieved by that lord.”

“Yes, next is the moment to witness a miracle.”

“This is truly against the heavens! Even the laws of heaven and earth will bow down before him.”

Just as the crowd of the Beast Alliance was lamenting, the mutation had already begun.


Finally, after a loud sound, the unchanging “boundary” was broken at this moment, followed by a tall and handsome figure flying out of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, followed by an incomparably huge, densely-phobic “Thousand-Faced Demon Beast”.

Next to it was the white circle of the “Taiyin Flux”, countless black and white “Airless Beasts” and nine “Great Sun Golden Crows”, which were even more terrifying than the “Three Legged Golden Crow”.

They were followed by a dense ma*s of demonic beasts emanating a terrifying aura.

This aura was like a dark cloud that covered the sky and instantly filled half of the sky of the Beast Alliance.

“Everyone from the Beast Alliance, it’s been a long time, thank you all for your hard work.”

The handsome man looked at the people of the Beast Alliance and said with a smile.

“Greetings to the master!”

“Greetings, master!”


“The “Beast Alliance” everyone instantly fell to their knees, a kind of heartfelt worship, just like worshiping heaven and earth.

The handsome man smiled indifferently and said.

“No need to be polite, I have broken the biggest ‘boundary’, from now on this heaven and earth is my heaven and earth, this world is my world, in heaven and on earth, I am the only one!”

After he finished speaking, all the demonic beasts and people shouted in unison.

“In heaven and on earth, I am the only one!”

“In heaven and on earth, I am the only one!”


In the midst of the cheers, the handsome man was already flying towards the entrance and exit of the “Beast Alliance” secret realm and the “Secular Realm”, as long as he broke through the “boundary” here, he could break through the last barrier.

At this moment, everyone in the Mundane Realm is still living a quiet life in the dark.