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Super School Student Chapter 575-576

Chapter 575

This time Ye Lu was extremely confident, but of course, she had to discuss this matter with the “Yun Lu Palace Master” first, after all, this was actually the territory of the “Yun Lu Palace Master”, and she was the first one to discover it.

“Fine, I don’t care, as long as my share doesn’t shrink.”

The “Lord of the Yunlu Palace” was very nice, he smiled and agreed.

So, we all went to the fifth level of the “Many Treasures Secret Realm”, where the “Spiritual Treasures” of the “Heavenly” and “Saint” levels were stored.

“The Daoist of Many Treasures is worthy of the name “Many Treasures”, as he possesses many “Spiritual Treasures” of this level, which are “hot” in the eyes of many great powers in the secular world.

Of course, this is also due to the fact that all the really good stuff was taken away.

The “ancient battlefield” is a huge “meat grinder”, full of dangers, so most of the experts who enter there, will bring what they need and the best things to there, and the good things left here, many are lost, and some are replicas.

Before the War of Extinction, the Ancient Battlefield did not exist, so all the great masters were free to enter and leave the secular world, and at that time, there were many super masters of weapon making who had made many things in imitation of various “supreme treasures” and even “heavenly treasures”.

In fact, the method of refining was the same as Ye Lu’s imitation of weapon patterns.

Therefore, these items looked the same as the real ones, but their power was far less than the real ones. However, since in the Secular World, people’s cultivation level could not exceed the “God Transformation Realm”, so even if they had “supreme treasures” or “heavenly treasures”, they could not bring out the power of the treasures.

Even if the unit of measurement in ancient times was different from now, imagine how an ordinary person would fight with this sword.

In fact, it is the same for the cultivators in the “secular world”, a “supreme treasure” for the “God Transformation Realm” is the same as an ordinary person carrying a large sword, which is not only useless, but will also greatly reduce combat power.

Of course, “bloodline weapons” are not included in this list, because some things, even if they are “supreme treasures” or even “heavenly treasures”, can be used easily even if they have a bloodline, such as the “Pan Gu Axe” of the “Pan Gu Clan”, which can be used by Gu Shiqi without any pressure, and the “Genesis Violet Whip”, which can be used by Liu Mei with ease.

However, if you want to exert the full power, you will need a lot of time, just like the “Heavenly Treasure Grade” “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand, Ye Lu can’t exert much power.

It is also because of the inability to exert its power that the legendary “Ten Ancient Fierce Armaments” actually differ greatly in grade. These ten items range from “Heavenly Spiritual Treasures” to “Heavenly Supreme Treasures”, and some of them are replicas, while the real authentic items are in the “Ancient Battlefield”, such as the “Xuan Yuan Sword” and “Chi You Go” are replicas.

However, the advantage is that in the hands of the “God Transformation Realm”, these two items have the strongest combat power, while the “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand, in the “Pill Alliance” for many years, no great power can master it.

Soon, the group finished off the five “Five Element Demon Beasts”.

Although these guys were special, they were not worth mentioning in front of the current Ye Lu and especially the Nuwa clan.

They were all on the level of the Eternal Gun Gargantua, so of course, they were all in the bag.

However, what Ye Lu liked more was the various materials he had collected, which were the best to aid in alchemy.

Next, everyone reached the sixth level, and without surprise, there were six demonic beasts on this level, called “Six Harmonious Demonic Beasts”, and their levels were at the level of “Third Grade Medium God”.

Moreover, the level of cooperation of these demon beasts was also increasing, but, without any surprise, they were ultimately just a companion to Ye Lu’s training.

When Ye Lu’s practice was almost over, Liu Mei used the “Mountain, River, and Land Map” to collect them all and easily subdue them.

This layer is the “Heavenly Spiritual Treasures” in the “Mortal”, “Xuan” and “Earthly” rank treasures, although many Ye Lu himself can not use, but certainly can greatly increase the combat power of their own team.

In fact, due to the rapid escalation of the battle, Ye Lu felt that his team was losing pace, for example, the brothers and sisters of the “Dragon Clan” and “Vermilion Bird Clan”, who had been incredibly strong before, were now several levels lower in combat power.

“The same goes for the Ghost Bats, which are basically incapable of engaging in major battles.

Fortunately, there are only three items that remain strong.

One is the “Blazing God Blade”, which contains a “Fire Beast” that is at the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”, the second is the terrifying “Shura”, and the last is the “King Solomon’s” precious bottle.

As for the others, the strongest ones were the helpers of the Nuwa Clan. These women were worthy of being super strong characters who had fought with the Heavenly Demon Clan for so many years without being killed.

However, at this level, Ye Lu still had not found the thing that had summoned him, which was obviously still on a higher level.

So, after taking down the “Six Harmonious Demon Beasts”, the group went to the upper level, where seven demon beasts were guarding the area, none other than the “Seven Obsidian Demon Beasts”.

These seven beasts were not only powerful, but they also used a formation called the “Northern Dipper”, but in front of the “Nuwa Clan”, all these were just floating clouds.

They were easily defeated by the Nuwa Clan.

The treasures on this level reached the level of “heavenly-ranked spiritual treasures”, which was already almost the ultimate level, so there were only a few dozen left.

The “Nuwa Clan” did not particularly look for these, but let Ye Lu choose first.

At the current level of combat, the protective clothing on Ye Yan’s body, Frigidaire and Freya’s Armor, could no longer keep up with the rate of combat upgrades, so Ye Lu had to prepare another piece of protective armor for each of the three of them.

As for Liu Mei, he did not need to worry about it, as the Nuwa Clan had their own arrangements.

As for the offensive weapons, since there were no suitable “dragon spears” or spears, Ye Lu looked at them and gave up.

The eight demonic beasts were called the “Eight Desolate Demonic Beasts”, but of course, Ye Lu could not intervene in such a battle, so he let the Nuwa clan solve it.

The treasures on this level were the “Heavenly Treasures” of the “Saint Cla*s”, in other words, they had reached the level of the “Fierce Soldiers” in your legend.

Among these treasures, Ye Lu really saw two good things.

The name of the spear was “Dark Moon’s Thorn”, which really looked like a long black thorn with an icy aura, while the name of the shield was “Black Sun’s Shield”, with a round shape that was indeed similar to the “Sun Candle”.

“I’ll take this weapon, you can choose the others yourselves.”

Seeing these two items, Ye Lu couldn’t care less about face and modesty, he quickly said.

Because these two items were too suitable for Qin Siyu.

Everyone had no problem with Ye Lu’s proposal, but the “Nuwa leader” frowned as she looked at the two items and said.

“Why did you choose these two items? Both of them are dark attributes, not good things, do you have friends with dark attributes?”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Attributes are just attributes, it doesn’t mean anything, I do need these two things.”

After all, Ye Luo had also seen women with evil attributes in the secret realm of the Nuwa Clan, such as the Sirens and the like.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the last level and see what it is that summons me.”

Now there was only the ninth layer left, and Ye Luo had become very excited.


Chapter 576

There were only nine items on the eighth level, and if the set Ye Lu chose counted as two, there were only ten, so the items on the final level would definitely be even less.

However, the demonic beasts standing on the last level were really powerful, and these nine guys were the nine sons of the “Nine Sons of the Dragon”.

These nine guys look like all kinds of things, and in general none of them look normal.

The names were also quite odd, such as “Jairus”, “Bashful”, “Bi Xi”, and some other names that Ye Lu had no idea how to spell and pronounce.

Each of these nine dragons was at the peak of the God Transformation Realm, and Ye Lu certainly did not want to kill them, for it was best to leave them to Qin Shiyu, who was an “Ancestral Dragon”, and Ye Lu felt that all the other dragons would submit to Qin Shiyu.

Therefore, he asked the Nuwa clan to be merciful and keep all nine of them.

There were three things on this floor, and the one that called to Ye Lu was a big red bow and nine long white arrows in the centre, the arrows of which Ye Lu was familiar with, they were the arrows of the “Sunset Arrow”.

However, these arrows were all white, while the arrows Ye Luo had were black. It was estimated that the arrow of the Sunset Arrow Ye Luo had gotten must have stabbed something terrifying, such as a great power or a demonic beast, before the arrow broke and the arrowhead was corroded, and finally turned into what Ye Luo saw.

Most of the “Sunset Bow” was not summoning himself, but the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” that had dripped with his own blood, and it was because of his relationship with the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” that he felt this summoning.

He had always wanted to get the Sunset Bow so that the Sunset Arrow could be used to maximum effect.

He had never thought that he would finally get it this time.

“You can have this bow.”

Seeing Ye Luo’s eager eyes, the “Nuwa Clan Chief” said with a smile.

“Anyway, none of us in the ‘Nuwa Clan’ are good at using bows and arrows, but I can’t give you those nine dragons because these nine guys still have a use.”

Without waiting for Ye Luo to say anything, the ‘Nuwa clan leader’ said with a smile first.

“Don’t worry, we’re not keeping these things, they’re for your mother, doesn’t she have a ‘Nine Dragons Chariot’? These nine are just right, and these nine are of the same origin, they can make the ‘chariot’ even more powerful, your little maiden will be a cow, at least she can run fast.”

Hearing the words of “Patriarch Nuwa”, Ye Luo then suddenly came to his senses.

Indeed, if the Nine Dragons were given to Qin Siyu, Qin Siyu could only use them as fighters, but if they were put on the Nine Dragons Chariot, it was unimaginable how fast the chariot could run with nine dragons at the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”, not to mention their combat power.

If Liu Mei had this car, she would indeed be incredibly safe, not only her, but everyone would be incredibly safe.

Therefore, Ye Lu did not say anything about this matter, but thanked the people of the Nuwa clan.

At this moment, all he could see was the big red bow and the long white arrow, which was also the only “heavenly treasure” on the last level.

The bow seemed to have a spiritual nature and actually vibrated when Ye Lu grabbed it.

“Recognize the master!”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then he cut his finger and dripped blood onto the “Sunset Bow”.

It was true that one could also use one’s “divine sense” to acknowledge a “Heavenly Treasure”, but the mark of “divine sense acknowledgement” was easier to erase, so it would be safer to acknowledge it with a drop of blood.


After that, the “Sunset Bow” disappeared and disappeared into Ye Lu’s body.

This was also because of Ye Lu’s spiritual power, otherwise, even if an expert at the peak of the “God Transformation Realm” had taken the “Innate Treasure” directly into his body without his bloodline, he would have exploded and died.

“Haha, great.”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but laugh happily.

“For the remaining two items, ‘Palace Master’ and ‘Clan Chief’, you can share them.”

Having gotten the Sunset Bow, Ye Lu was already very satisfied, the weapon that had been keeping him awake all these days was finally in his hands.

The remaining two items were also of the highest treasure level, one was the “Three Treasures Jade Ruyi”, a treasure from the Kunlun great “Yuan Shi Tian Zun”, which was made of 36 pure blue lotuses, with three precious pearls on it, green, blue and red, corresponding to the sun, moon and stars, and also corresponding to the “heaven, earth and human” in the secular world, a rare treasure.

This item was taken by the “Master of Yunlu Palace”, who happened to have the origin of the “Kunlun” lineage.

This bottle is similar to Nuwa’s other treasure, the “Mountain, River, Social and Tribal Map”, which is an all-encompa*sing object and the nemesis of the demon race.

It is similar to the “Purple Gold Red Gourd” of the Golden Horn and Silver Horn in “Journey to the West” and the “Two Qi Vase of Yin and Yang” of the Lion’s Hump Ridge, in that it can take people in and turn them into nothingness.

In the hands of Nuwa’s people, this would definitely become a terrifying weapon.

However, while Ye Lu and the others were collecting all kinds of treasures in the “Secret Realm of Many Treasures”, the terrifying guy in the “Heavenly Mountain” had already pa*sed the “Thunder Tribulation” and “Fire Tribulation”, and was now in the process of pa*sing the “Wind Tribulation”.

Countless superpowers had gathered around the Heavenly Mountain, and under the ravages of the Lightning and Fire Tribulation, the entire Mountain had been tossed and torn to pieces, with some of the trees turned into pieces and ashes by the Lightning and Fire Tribulation, and even the mountain had been turned into a cake like crispness by the Lightning and Fire Tribulation.

At this moment, the entire Tianshan region was razed to the ground after the horrific “windstorm”.

The wind swept up the debris from the mountains and formed an immense tornado in the air. Everything caught in the wind, be it creatures or stones, was turned into powder and flew in the air.

This scene was simply terrifying.

Many people around the area tried the strength of the “windstorm” with various demonic beasts, and the final conclusion was that whoever entered would die!

“What kind of person is this? He’s already reached the third tribulation and has pa*sed three in a row, that’s too scary.”

“That’s right, and the intensity of these three tribulations is a little too terrifying.”

“Yeah, although it’s not enough for the ninth grade, it should be close.”

“Look, it seems like the wind tribulation is going to pa*s as well.”


“The “Nine Tribulations Realm” was different from all the previous realms, because each tribulation had to experience life and death, so each tribulation was an immense improvement.

For many people, crossing a small realm was already quite impressive.

This also meant that this handsome young man was currently invincible, no one would be his opponent, not even the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace or the Nuwa clan.


The wind finally stopped, revealing the marks cut by the wind blades, each one a deep ravine, the original mountain range was gone, all that remained were deep ravines like knives and axes in the vicinity of the Heavenly Pond.

At this moment, on top of the countless deep ravines, the handsome man was looking up at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, with a forlorn and lonely face.

Then, he waved his hand casually.

As he did so, countless “demonic beasts” suddenly appeared from somewhere.

Not just one or two, but countless ones, and in an instant the sky was covered up, and each of these “demonic beasts” was extremely terrifying.




Immediately afterwards, one by one, black and white demonic beasts flew out, each one attracting a terrifying thunderbolt as it flew out, apparently each one was in the process of a “tribulation”.

Then came the nine golden “Golden Crows of the Great Sun”.

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.