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Super School Student Chapter 577-578

Chapter 577

This is because these nine Golden Crows are not only terrifying, but they have also begun to receive the baptism of the Lightning Tribulation after they appear.

It is important to know that no one has ever crossed the “Lightning Tribulation” here in the “Secular Realm” in thousands of years.

However, seeing the demonic beasts that were still spewing out like thick clouds, many people were already scared and began to retreat, because anyone could see that these wildly spewing demonic beasts were enough to kill everyone, and this everyone was not everyone present, but really everyone, everyone in the entire “Secular World” or the entire “Small Thousand Worlds”.

This scene was so terrifying that in no time at all, the sky above the entire area of Heavenly Mountain was already covered with dark clouds of demonic beasts, too dense to count.

This terrifying scene was seen not only by the surrounding cultivators, but also by ordinary people, as the scene was too big.

If he was there, he would have told everyone that this was just a child’s play. At that time, Ye Luo saw the fierce tide of beasts, and he was so high up that he could not see the end of it on the left and right sides.

If the “beast tide” really rushed into the “secular world”, the earth would not be able to hold it, and I am afraid that all corners of the earth would be filled with these demonic beasts.

“What’s that side?”

“I don’t know, it definitely can’t be a cloud.”

“It looks like a bird!”

“Quickly see if the news has reported it.”


The media was immediately alarmed by such a terrifying display, with all sorts of flying machines and reporters heading in the direction of the “Heavenly Mountain”.

What was even more worrying were the cultivators.

These guys are not ordinary pa*sers-by, they know very well what is coming out, these guys are basically “peak God Transformation Realm” super terrifying demonic beasts, even if the secular world wants to deal with each other is not possible, than after all the number is too big.

There are only a few “peak God Transformation Realm” experts in the entire cultivator community, so how could they possibly counter such a terrifying force?

What’s more, there are also those terrifying “Beasts of No Air” and “Great Sun Golden Crow” that are undergoing the “Nine Tribulations”, which are more terrifying than the others.

Immediately, all the media started to pay attention to the situation on the “Heavenly Mountain”, and with the help of the media, everyone could see what was in the sky like a dark cloud.

It was only with the help of the media that everyone could see what was in the sky like a dark cloud. When they saw the hideous demonic beast, everyone really knew they were afraid.

“Is this going to be the ‘end of the world’?”

“What those weirdos said before might be true when it’s really the end of the world.”

“Sh*t, let’s hurry and concentrate on the city.”

“Okay, hurry up, but where the hell are the ‘saviors’ there?”


Now everyone really believed the media’s previous reports that there was really an end of the world, but what they didn’t know was where the “savior” was.

At this moment, the Mayan Gods were also anxious, they could not find Ye Luo’s whereabouts, because no one knew where the Nuwa Clan was, they had been keeping a very low profile in recent years, and of course, the Mayan Gods were not sure that Ye Luo was in the hands of the Nuwa Clan.

“This is a big problem.”

One of the Mayan Gods looked at the still expanding army of demonic beasts in the direction of Tianshan Mountain and said with some alarm.

No one had ever seen such a large number of demonic beasts before.

This terrifying number and the combat power of each beast had made everyone despair.

The excited Ye Lu, who was in the “Secret Realm of Many Treasures”, also received a message from “Void”.

The “Void” did not enter the “Multi Treasure Secret Realm” with Ye Lu, like the “Magic Puppet”, it was responsible for collecting various information outside the “Secret Realm”, because the only way to communicate with each other was through a doppelganger, or in a situation like Ye Lu’s, where the souls were connected, but no other way to contact the people in the Secret Realm.

“Mei’er, the next step is up to you, there is a big trouble in the ‘worldly realm’, there should be nothing else that can save everyone except your ‘Mountain, River, and Society Map’.”

Following that, Ye Lu briefly told the situation.

“There are such horrible people?”

Liu Mei was also taken aback.

Ye Luo nodded then asked.

“Mei’er, just how many people can you fit into your ‘Mountain, River and Land Map’? Can you fit all humans in it?”

Liu Mei shook her head and said.

“It might be able to, but, there’s no way to do it now, it’s probably a bit hard to fit everyone from China right now, so we’ll have to think of another way for other countries.”

Ye Lu nodded, then said.

“Okay, you go out with the clan leader and the girls to save the people, I’ll go and meet those ‘Mayans’, hopefully they really know where the ‘Other Side Boat’ is.”

While Ye Lu and the others were taking action, various forces in the Secular World were also working to save the people, and the Hundred Flowers Sect had already sent out their entire clan, receiving all the people in the vicinity of their clans into the clan’s secret realm.

For these demonic beasts, it is not that easy for them to find the secret realm, so transferring people from the secular world to the secret realm can at least slow down the time of death.

Of course, the risk of doing so is enormous.

In addition, this action would also be a provocation to the power on the “Heavenly Mountain”.

Apart from the Hundred Flowers Clan, the Pill Alliance, the Weaponry Clan, several clans in Miaojiang, the Ancient Clan, and many other forces have also started similar actions.

Their aim was simple: to save as many people as possible.

However, the handsome man in the “Heavenly Mountain” had already waved his hand and said.

“Go on! Kill everyone, all creatures, first in one round, so that everyone is chilled, and then we will sweep away all the secret places in this world, leaving no one behind.”

“I will make everyone submit to my feet, and I will lead everyone to break through all the cages that bind us.”

With his command, countless “demonic beasts” let out a heaven-shaking roar and then rushed in all directions like a tidal wave.

The cultivation level of these demonic beasts was so high that all of them spread out extremely fast.

“It’s over, it’s over ……”

“It’s all over, this time we’re dead.”

“It’s for us to stay in the city, what’s the use, now stay in the city and wait to die?”


Everyone who saw this scene showed desperate expressions, especially the few cities closer to Tianshan, everyone started to panic and prepared to flee, but everyone also knew clearly that they would not be able to escape.

But at that very moment, everyone saw a car.

A magnificent chariot emitting a nine-coloured divine light.

This chariot was pulled by a dragon with a different image, and was incredibly fast and strong.

On top of this god-like chariot stood a woman of great beauty.

This woman was dressed in a very ancient dress and held a scroll in her hand, and wherever she pa*sed, all humans were absorbed into the scroll.

At the back of the chariot were a group of Nuwa people with a woman on top and a snake on the bottom, and at the head of these people was a five-coloured “Heaven Mending Stone”, which became huge under the control of the people and emitted terrifying power.

Any demonic beast that dared to approach the chariot would be turned into pieces by the merciless blow of the “Heaven Mending Stone”.

With Liu Mei’s cultivation level, this “Heaven Mending Stone” could not be harnessed, but it was indeed infinitely powerful when combined with the power of Nuwa’s clan.

Although the Nine Dragons Chariot did not have the nine times speed of a Peak God Transformation Realm, it was still incredibly fast compared to an ordinary Peak God Transformation Realm.

When they saw the appearance of the Nine Dragons Chariot, the demonic beasts that were expanding were astonished, because the speed of this thing was really too unbelievable.


Chapter 578

However, this did not stop them from expanding, and it was not long before the demonic beasts heading north and west encountered the boundary outside of China.

The immense “Nine Cauldrons Formation” only restricted those on the outside from entering, not those on the inside from leaving, so many demonic beasts rushed out.

However, the situation soon changed as the “Nine Cauldrons Formation” began to restrict these guys from going out.

“What’s going on?”

“Why can’t those demonic beasts get out.”

“Someone should have activated the ‘Nine Cauldrons Formation’, which has the ability to trap people.”

“The Nine Cauldrons Great Formation, is it really controlled by someone?”

“Yes, someone built it, so of course someone manipulated it.”

“What kind of person is so awesome?”


At this moment, in the Central Plains, a tall figure was standing there, and in his hand was a long sword emitting endless power, it was the “Xuan Yuan Sword”, and the person who sent the formation was the doppelganger of the leader of the “Yellow Emperor” Xuan Yuan Clan in the “secular world”.

Originally, this doppelganger was prepared to lurk in the shadows, just like many great doppelgangers, staying in the “secular world” to observe and control his own people in the secular world, and also to preserve his second life, after all, he could die at any time in the “ancient battlefield”.

However, at this point, the Xuan Yuan side had no choice but to take action, as the Nine Cauldrons Formation had always been under the control of the Xuan Yuan Clan.

This formation is a super powerful ancient formation, so it is powerful, not only for the “God Transformation” cultivation level, but the trouble is that it requires the “Nine Cauldrons” to activate it, and the “Nine Cauldrons” are the “eyes of the formation”, once the “eyes of the formation” are broken, it will be difficult to defend it.

If the “Nine Cauldrons” are broken, it will be difficult to defend them again. Looking at the current situation, soon the whole country will be filled with these demonic beasts, and it is estimated that it is only a matter of time before the “Nine Cauldrons” are found.

After all, the Nine Cauldrons cannot be hidden in the secret realm, and the formation cannot be effective in the secret realm, which is a condition for the formation to be activated.

Those who were already following the catastrophe in China were relieved to see the “Nine Cauldrons Formation” activated, trapping all the demonic beasts in the formation.

Soon, all countries issued words of thanks through the official media, meaning that they were grateful for the sacrifices made by China and that all countries would never forget what China had done.

Unbeknownst to them, no one in China could see or was in the mood for such nonsense.

Everyone was too busy running for their lives because the speed of the God Transformation Realm demonic beasts was so fast that it took only a few minutes to get from Tianshan to the capital, so who cared about that?

Even though Liu Mei was very fast in her “Nine Dragons Chariot”, it was difficult for her to do everything because there were really too many cities in China, so she could only put the interests of the most people first, that is, to save the big cities and the cities with many people first.

Now everyone really understood that what the “Mayans”, the guys who were supposedly invading the TV and various media, had said was true.

Their aim was to help everyone, but they had misunderstood them.

Many of those who did not make it to the big city in time were swallowed up by the wildly surging army of demonic beasts, and only some of the luckier ones, who happened to be in the path of the “Nine Dragons Chariot”, were taken away by Liu Mei along the way.

Now everyone saw Liu Mei as a “saviour”.

She was also nicknamed the “Saviour Queen”, and everyone was hoping that the “Saviour Queen” would come to their side and save them sooner.

He had already contacted the Mayan Gods and quickly rejoined them.

“What is it that you want from me?”

Ye Luo asked as he looked at these strangely shaped people.

The lead god, Kamenpus, looked at Ye Lu and said.

“We think you are the ‘saviour’ of our prophecy, so we want you to find the ‘ark’ to save the world.”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, asked in a confused manner.

“And where is the ‘ark’?”

This was also the question that Ye Luo had never understood.

At this time, next to the main god “Kamenpus”, a guy with a patterned face stood out and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I am the ‘Great Prophet’, and I need a drop of your blood as a material to make a prophecy, I think, as long as you are the ‘savior’ in the prophecy, then I can prophesy the location of the ‘Ark ‘ location.”

For his part, Ye Lu looked at the other party with some suspicion and asked.

“You’re not going to do something with my blood, are you?”

The other party hurriedly declared that he would not do so.

After all, he had never seen the Mayan Gods before, and he didn’t know what the other party was thinking.

So, he suggested that they establish a “master-servant contract” with him, under which they could not lie or do anything against their master.

To Ye Lu’s surprise, this guy immediately agreed to his proposal, which made Ye Lu believe in his heart.

Because ordinary people would not dare to do so.

As expected, after becoming the other party’s master, Ye Lu asked about the situation carefully, and the situation was more or less the same as the other party said, so there should be no plans against him.

The “Great Seer” immediately began to divine.

As he waited, he quickly flew into the air. With his eyesight, he could of course see the “beast tide” that was wildly expanding from the northwest.

He found that all the demonic beasts he could see were all at the “God Transformation Realm”, and they were all at the “peak of the God Transformation Realm”, which meant that there was really going to be a lot of trouble this time.

Such a group could only hide, and there was no way for any force to stop such an onslaught.

“These madmen from the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ have finally rushed out.”

The previous “Tide of Beasts” had made a deep impression on Ye Lu, and if he hadn’t been through a hundred battles, he was afraid that he would have had nightmares.

In a short while, the tide of beasts had already spread over half of the country, but Ye Lu had not yet seen the leader of the opposing party, although these demonic beasts were powerful, they were obviously just some minions.

Of course, Ye Lu also saw the “Nine Dragons Chariot” flying around.

After all, the situation was still good, but if the other side’s experts appeared, or if the leader himself appeared, then there would be a big problem.

And Liu Mei is kind-hearted, currently saving people some of the unfocused, saving people everywhere, even a little bit of the small village.

This is indeed a good thing, but this will definitely affect the progress of saving people, I do not know whether the other side will give them this time.

In the depths of the “demonic beasts”, more and more powerful demonic beasts appeared, and after they appeared, they began to “transmigrate”.

The scene was so spectacular that no one could really see it with their own eyes, as everyone was too busy running for their lives.

With so many demonic beasts “crossing the tribulation” at the same time, it has undoubtedly affected the “heavenly dao” and diluted the quality of the “tribulation thunder”, in other words, even the quantity of the “tribulation thunder” is not able to keep up with so many demonic beasts crossing the tribulation at the same time.

In the middle of all the demonic beasts was the handsome man.

“Golden Crow, you guys have finished crossing the tribulation, go and help.”

The nine Golden Crows of the Great Sun were in the middle of the second Fire Tribulation, but the ordinary Three-Legged Golden Crows had already pa*sed the Lightning Tribulation, because the Lightning Tribulation was nothing to a divine beast like the Three-Legged Golden Crow.

Several Three Legged Golden Crows rushed out as soon as they heard the order, these guys had been itching for a long time.

“The speed of the Three-Legged Golden Crow was obviously much faster than other demonic beasts of the same level, not to mention that these Three-Legged Golden Crows were experts who had pa*sed the Thunder Tribulation, the first tribulation of the Nine Tribulation Realm.

Every time you pa*s the “Nine Tribulation Realm” is a great improvement, after all, it is the same as experiencing life and death once.

After several “three-legged golden crows” appeared, they flew towards Liu Mei’s “Nine Dragons Chariot”, and the terrifying “Great Sun Golden Flame” also gushed out, although it could not really hurt the “Nine Dragons Chariot”, but it could affect Liu Mei’s rescue.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu flew in the direction of Liu Mei, and at the same time, the “Sunset Bow” appeared in his hand, and the long white arrow shot towards a “Three-legged Golden Crow” with a terrifying aura.


This “three-legged golden crow” was actually blown up with a bang!