Super School Student Chapter 579-580

Chapter 579

This scene stunned everyone, because although Ye Lu’s cultivation level was now possible, and his real combat power could already compete with the “Higher Gods”, these were “three-legged golden crows” that had pa*sed the lightning tribulation, so how could they be blown up by Ye Lu with just one arrow?

In fact, Ye Lu also knew his own suffering.

However, once the bow was drawn, Ye Lu felt that his whole body had been drained of its power, including his spiritual energy, including his accumulated Origin Fire, everything had been drained away by this blow.

The current Ye Luo was close to a feeling of having run out of oil.

However, this was not the real key point of this strike.

This was because even if Ye Lv had been more unbelievable, even if the “Sunset Bow” and “Sunset Arrow” had been more powerful, it would have been good enough to kill an “Upper God” with a bow and arrow, and it would have been completely impossible to kill a super expert who had crossed the first stage of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.

What really made the “Sunset Bow” and “Sunset Arrow” so powerful was the accumulation of sun and moon.

This “Heavenly Treasure” could absorb the essence of heaven and earth, and it had been sitting in the “Multi Treasure Secret Realm” for a very long time without being used by anyone, so it was like a recharged mobile phone.

If the same arrow were to be shot a second time, its power would be greatly diminished.

The “Sunset Arrow” shot a “three-legged golden crow” and then flew back in a circle, while Ye Luo also arrived near the “Nine Dragons Chariot”.

“Mei’er, let’s give up on the smaller cities, otherwise we’ll have to ‘lose the watermelon and pick up the sesame’.”

It was easy to tell which was more important, the “big city” or the small village, so Liu Mei nodded with a helpless sigh.

She also understood that the best strategy was to save the people in the big cities first, but she could not bear to look at these poor people.

In the end, Liu Mei accepted Ye Lu’s suggestion.

She drove the “Nine Dragons Chariot” towards the big city, and could only clear the big city first, and then save those who could be scattered around.

With that, the Nine Dragons Chariot began to run wildly towards the distant cities.

All the people in the big cities entered the “Mountain, River, and Society Map” and, of course, the news reached the handsome man’s ears immediately.

However, he stood in the middle of the countless “thunderbolts” and smiled, saying.

“What we need to do is to take over the whole world and then sweep all the secret realms according to the information obtained from the ‘Beast Alliance’. “I want to bring out all the demon beasts in this world, I want to liberate all the demon people.”

Then, the man added.

“However, all those who dare to resist us will be exterminated, leaving no one behind.”

However, from the beginning to the end, the “thousand-faced demon beast” beside him never appeared. In fact, the “thousand-faced demon beast” also had its own worries, he was worried that he would be bombarded by a thousand “lightning tribulations”.

After all, it had a thousand heads.

“All those who have completed the tribulation should take their teams to the secular world and have fun at will. Nine Cauldrons Formation’ can be even harder to break than the ‘boundary’ of the secret realm.”

Before walking out of the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, he had already asked the people of the “Beast Alliance” to make all kinds of preparations, and the people of the “Beast Alliance” had drawn up detailed maps about the various powers in this world, as well as the situation and location of the various secret realms, etc. Moreover, the “Beast Alliance” was a big ancient power in the “Cultivation World”.

Due to the business of the “Beast Egg”, it could be said that they had a lot of contacts and were involved with almost all the forces, so the information they had obtained was very detailed and reliable.

Therefore, this handsome man was not worried about this matter.

When they heard the order, the strong demonic beasts began to rush out with their clansmen.

These demonic beasts had been in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts” for too long, so these guys had longed to go out into the world to have some fun.

And so, the time for the demons to dance in chaos finally began.

Suddenly, several teams broke away from the main battle group and flew in different directions.

There was no choice but to speed up again, as the demonic beasts were expanding too quickly and were not normally able to hold back their onslaught.

However, Liu Mei’s speed was fast enough, and she soon collected all the major populations of the major cities into the “Mountain and River Map”.

At this time, the news from the Mayan Gods finally came through.

“Ye Lu, we’ve found the location of the ‘Other Shore Boat’.”

“The Great Seer of the Mayan Gods looked at Ye Lu and said.

“However, the ‘Ark of the Other Side’ is not in your country, but in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean, which is the deepest place in this world, the ‘Marianas Trench’. The ‘formation’ outside your country of China is really too strong, how can we leave?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“You guys don’t need to worry about this matter, I can take care of this matter, however, I need to bring a few people along to get there.”

With these words, Ye Lu asked Void to go to the Abyssal Secret Realm and call Qin Siyu out, this time he wanted to take Qin Siyu with him just in case, who knows what might be next to the “Other Side Boat”.

It didn’t take long for Qin Shiyu to come out, and to be honest, she was shocked by the situation outside.

“What the hell is going on here?”

She looked outside at the dark clouds of demonic beasts in the distance and was a little surprised.

“Void” said with a smile.

“One of the masters, let me explain it to you briefly.”

When she heard “Void’s” words, Qin Siyu was a bit puzzled and asked.

“Void, why are you called ‘one of the masters’ and which other masters?”

As a result, “Void” laughed and said.

“Hey, aren’t there many masters, you forgot, Ye Yan, Flying Snow, and, yes, Jasmine, aren’t they all masters.”

When she heard “Void’s” words, Qin Shiyu let out a sigh of relief.

She had been with Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue for some time, and she knew them all very well.

As for little Jasmine, she had even less of a bad impression.

Although Jasmine was a little older than the others, she seemed to the others to be more simple like a child, so everyone called her “Little Jasmine”.

But then, Hollow smiled and said.

“There’s also that pretty woman on top of the chariot, did you see her?”

In fact, Qin Siyu had long noticed Liu Mei’s “Nine Dragons Chariot”, but because the chariot was far away, she had not been able to see who was on top.

This time, it just so happened that the Nine Dragons Chariot flew over head-on, so she got a clear view of Liu Mei, who was holding the “Mountain, River and Society Map”.

“Liu Mei!”

Of course Qin Siyu recognised Liu Mei, after all, Liu Mei had been helping teacher Liu Xin at school for more than a day or two, moreover, Liu Mei, a half-breed, had caused a stir on her first day at school.

“How is it her?”

Qin Siyu had mixed feelings in her heart at this moment.

However, just at this time, Ye Lu and the others had already arrived.

“Siyu, let’s go, we’re going to the deepest part of this world.”

Ye Luo looked at Qin Siyu and said with a smile.

Qin Siyu, on the other hand, nodded mechanically.

Ye Lu did not notice Qin Siyu’s abnormality as he led the group to the edge of the Nine Cauldrons Formation, and then summoned the super demon god “Astaroth”, the strongest of Solomon’s “Seventy-two Demon God Pillars”, the “Four Pillars of Supremacy”.

“Astaroth, take us out of here, let’s go to the Pacific Ocean!”


Chapter 580

“This was something that Ye Lu had experienced before. Although the Nine Cauldrons Formation had changed, the Astaroth that Ye Lu summoned this time was not the Astaroth from before.

This time, the “Demon God” “Astaroth” was already a “peak God Transformation Realm” expert, and had been summoned by Ye Lu after he had used the “Heavenly Reversal Pill” to raise his cultivation level.

In an instant, everyone appeared outside the “Nine Cauldrons Formation”.

It seemed that the Four Pillars of Supremacy were really something.

These “Seventy-two Demon Gods” of King Solomon might not be particularly outstanding in terms of combat power, but they were indeed very powerful in terms of special abilities, and their various invisibility, transformation and spatial control abilities were truly unbelievable.

“It’s not too late, let’s go.”

After coming out, Ye Lu quickly said.

Because no one knew when those demonic beasts inside would rush to the outside world, after all, those guys even broke the small world, what else was there that they couldn’t do.

So, the crowd immediately flew into the air and prepared to fly towards the side of the Pacific Ocean, when they all stopped in the air.

The reason was that they saw a terrifying “thunderstorm” suddenly appear in the vicinity of Tianshan.

This time the thunder was different from that of the handsome man, in that this time it was terrifying in quantity, while last time it was terrifying in quality.

The three tribulations of the handsome man at that time were so terrifying that even those who had experience in tribulation were shocked to see them, because they knew very well that if they had been in this level of “thunder tribulation” when they were in tribulation, they would have been split to pieces.

This time, the Thousand-Faced Demon Beast’s “tribulation” was like countless “thunder tribulations” falling together. Although there were not a thousand times as many “thunder tribulations” as the Thousand-Faced Demon Beast estimated, there were still hundreds of times as many.

In other words, this guy had the strength of hundreds of Ninth Tribulation Realm cultivators.

However, thinking about it, this creature had a thousand heads, and if all of them launched terrifying attacks at the same time, it would indeed be enough for everyone to drink.

“How many demonic beasts are in the midst of a tribulation? It’s too scary.”

“The Mayan Gods looked at the direction of the sky and their scalps tingled, this scene was really too terrifying.

“If it wasn’t for that woman driving the dragon carriage, I guess the whole Chinese people would have died.”

“Yes, thanks to that dragon carriage, it was too fast, otherwise even someone at the ‘peak of the God Transformation Realm’ wouldn’t have had a chance to save anyone.”

“She’s a ‘saviour’ too!”


To be honest, hearing everyone say this about Liu Mei, Qin Siyu was actually quite twisted in her heart, she was angry that Ye Lu had actually concealed this matter without telling her, moreover, it seemed like Ye Yan didn’t know either, otherwise with Ye Yan’s big personality, she wouldn’t have been able to resist telling the secret.

As for whether Long Feixue knew or not, Qin Siyu was not so sure, because Long Feixue, unlike Ye Yan, was someone who could hide things.


Qin Siyu hummed in her heart, not saying anything.

However, she had witnessed the scene of Liu Mei going around saving people before, so she was not that hostile towards Liu Mei, what she was angry at was Ye Lu.

Therefore, she decided not to talk to Ye Lu.

Although he didn’t think he was a “savior”, he couldn’t just leave the entire world’s human race behind.

According to the latest census, the world’s population has exceeded 7.4 billion, while China’s population is only a billion or so, which is far from the world’s population.

“I guess the ‘Ancient Battlefield’ is going to be busy again.”

At this time, a member of the Nuwa clan, who was following the group, suddenly said.

“Looking at the current situation, there will definitely be many people who will choose to cross into the ‘Nine Tribulation Realm’ and leave this ‘secular world’. ”

“Especially those forces that have already obtained the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, there’s nothing left to stay here.”

“I reckon a lot of doppelgangers are going back too, although, these doppelgangers can’t provide much battle power to the master, but, doppelgangers are still useful in many ways.”

At her statement, Ye Lu nodded as well.

At first, he had thought that this was just a “beast wave” by the Beast Alliance, or even if it was out of control, it was only temporary, but after seeing the momentum on the other side of Tianshan, Ye Lu understood that the momentum was already unstoppable.

Although he still didn’t know what kind of horrible thing was coming out, but, other than that, the horrible “thunderstorm” that had been going on since that guy appeared was enough to show that the demon beasts of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” were probably all here.

“Let’s go, don’t look, there’s no chance of a counterattack.”

Ye Lu sighed, and the group flew towards the direction of the Mariana Trench.

This was the deepest and most mysterious place on the entire planet.

All of us were already at the “God Transformation Realm”, so entering the water was nothing to them.

Ye Lu released his flames for illumination.

With the power of the Origin Fire, this amount of seawater was nothing.

“Great Seer, where is the secret place that you said has the ‘Other Shore Boat’? It feels like it’s hard to find at the bottom of the sea.”

“A member of the Nuwa clan asked, looking at the darkness around him.

“I’m not sure, but the prophecy shows that the boat is in the darkest of deep trenches, so that’s where it should be.”

Hearing this guy’s explanation, immediately some people felt that it might be a bit unreliable up.

However, Leaffall’s suddenly said.

“That’s right, it should be nearby, just leave it to me.”

After entering the sea, Ye Lu suddenly had an odd feeling, this feeling was not like the call of the “Sunset Bow”, but an extremely familiar feeling of déjà vu.

How can I put it, he suddenly felt like he had been here before, but it didn’t seem to be like this at that time.

He felt as if he had made the boat himself. This feeling was extremely absurd, but it crossed his mind clearly in that moment just now.

To be honest, this also made Ye Lu feel a little chill inside himself.

Because, he suddenly felt as if his own had not grown naturally since he was born, all the things that seemed like chance, like luck, seemed to be arranged in the underworld.

“It seems that all things are not as simple as they appear.”

Although Ye Luo could not understand the current situation, he knew very well that this “other side of the boat” should have a great connection with himself.

“Maybe I was ‘Noah’ in my past life!”

Ye Lu wondered if he was like the Tang Monk, a good man who had cultivated for ten lives, each with a different name and story, and in this life he was about to become a “saviour”.

He scanned and located his target with his gla*ses as he thought.

There were not too many secret places in the area, and there was only one secret place in the Marianas Trench, so it was actually very easy to find.

Soon, Ye Luo saw this secret place.

As a result, he found that it was not a secret realm at all, but a huge bone, or rather a large ship made of bones, “Noah’s Ark”, which was the “other side of the boat” that everyone was looking for.

This Ark was also a secret realm, and the Mayan gods had guessed correctly that it was a secret realm that could be moved.

However, after that, Ye Lu found out a dumb thing, this “Noah’s Ark” actually could not be claimed.

Neither “divine sense” nor blood dripping would work, and the brief said that this thing had a central control system, in other words, this thing could only be piloted by someone.

“What the hell is this thing?”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu was also confused.