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Super School Student Chapter 581-582

Chapter 581

The fact that this object could not be claimed meant that this Noah’s Ark was not a treasure, or rather, it was not one of the “spiritual treasures” or even “supreme treasures”.

However, the aura and power emanating from this object is extremely terrifying, very much like the aura of a “supreme treasure”.

“It looks like a rather different kind of thing!”

Ye Luo felt that this thing might be a terrifying thing that surpa*sed the “supreme treasure”, or something that was a completely different system from these treasures.

“Anyway, let’s find the entrance first.”

Ye Lu instructed everyone to hide, then raised his hand and began to stir the seawater around the “other side of the boat”, soon, all the things around the “other side of the boat” were washed away by the water, revealing a clean boat.

However, the boat was more like a part of the boat than a “big boat”.

The ship was so big that all that could be seen beneath the trench were the thick white bones of the bottom.

Ye Lu had just read that this “boat on the other side” was made from the bones of a terrifying divine beast called the “Starry Sky Beast”.

The spine and ribs of this divine beast were used as the main structure of the ship, and then the rest of the hull, including the cabin and various control systems, were made on top of this.

And now all that could be seen was the bottom part of the ship, which was feared to be unimaginable in size.

“You guys wait outside, I’ll go in through the hatch and take a look.”

Ye Lu had asked Astarlo to try, but this strange ship could not be entered directly even with Astarlo’s ability to travel through time and space.

“It really is an odd ship.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly.

However, fortunately, Gla*ses seemed to be very knowledgeable about this ship, and it quickly showed Ye Luo the detailed structure of the ship, including the interior and hatch, etc.

“Gla*ses has seen this ship.”

Since the Gla*ses could give such a detailed structure, Ye Lu felt that most of them had seen it before, but of course, it could also be because the Gla*ses had an unbelievably powerful scanning function that could even scan something like the “Other Side of the Boat”.

However, Ye Lu felt that the former was more likely.

Anyway, in any case, Ye Luo found the location of the hatch and followed it to the front of the hatch.

Just as he got there, a light enveloped him, and then the light kept flashing as if it was scanning.

Sure enough, a beep appeared immediately afterwards.

“The scan is over, identity matched, you can enter the ark.”

To be honest, this prompt also surprised Ye Luo, this mention prompt should mean that Ye Luo’s feeling just now was right, he really had a relationship with this ark.

Otherwise, he would not have been judged by this ark to be in line with his identity.

Ye Luo couldn’t care less as he quietly flew into the ark.

Then, he saw an even more incredible scene.

He saw that the Ark was filled with corpses, extremely strange looking corpses, all of which had three eyes and were not very tall, but each of them exuded a terrifying power.

Obviously, these corpses were all experts of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, and through Ye Lu’s observation, although these guys were all at the peak of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, their actual level should have completely surpa*sed the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.

However, the “gla*ses” did not give their true realm level, but only showed that they were at the peak of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, and that their true level had crossed into the “Immortal Realm”, but they had crossed into the “Immortal Realm” without saying that they had reached the “Immortal Realm”.

This was a bit intriguing.

Of course, what made Ye Luo even more puzzled was why so many super masters had died here, and moreover, Ye Luo had also figured out the origins of these people.

They were all super masters from the prehistoric civilization “Gendaya Civilization”.

“Legend has it that the men in this civilisation had an emerald third eye, which could bring about so-called “superpowers”, such as prediction, water and fire.

However, as the civilisation was invaded by eight peoples, the third eye evolved and became yellow, green, self, black, grey and brown, among other colours.

In short, it was a civilisation with magical powers, but legend has it that this civilisation eventually disappeared because of a great flood.

However, the legend only has the part about the flood that destroyed the world and drowned everything, not the part about Noah’s Ark, but now it seems that people were saved by Noah’s Ark, but, unfortunately, they seem to have died on board.

“Gendaya civilisation, the first solar age of the Mayan calendar.”

Looking at the corpses everywhere, Ye Lu muttered secretly.

It seemed that it was not a coincidence that the Mayan gods had prophesied and found themselves, as well as the “Other Side Boat”, because these Mayans were originally related to this matter.

“It is true that everything is not that simple.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly as he continued to walk forward.

Soon, he saw a big screen on which films were being shown about two races fighting.

It should be a video related to the destruction of the Gendaian civilisation.

However, to Ye Lu’s surprise, he saw another familiar race in the video, that is, the people of the “Heavenly Demon Race”.

It seemed that the people who had really destroyed the Gendaian Civilization were from the Heavenly Demon Race.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Ye Lu found himself getting more and more confused.

He didn’t understand why the “Heavenly Demon Race” was involved in this matter.

“Anyway, let’s go to the central control room first, I guess the ‘Nine Tripod Formation’ won’t last much longer.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

Now was obviously not the time to study these things carefully, as there were still billions of people waiting to be saved by himself in the “Other Side Boat”.

In fact, the truth was just as Ye Lu had feared.

The handsome man had already found the first of the Nine Cauldrons Formation, the Kui Cauldron in the northwest, which was not that far from the Heavenly Mountain.

“It’s really ambitious, it’s actually a ‘supreme treasure’, no wonder it’s so difficult to break open.”

The handsome man looked at the “Kui Cauldron” and said with some emotion.

It was true that a formation made up of nine “supreme treasures” could not be crossed by an ordinary “God Transformation Realm” or a demonic beast that had just “crossed the tribulation”.

Moreover, these nine “Supreme Treasures” had absorbed the essence of heaven and earth for many years, and their aura was now extremely terrifying.

“It looks like we can only take them away one by one.”

The handsome man said confidently.

He could even break the laws of heaven and earth, so this kind of formation was not a problem at all.

Then, he sat down next to the Kui Ding and began to operate it.

The whole country of China had already been bombarded by demonic beasts, and there were no safe places left.

However, Liu Mei and the Nuwa clan were still making a last ditch effort to save some more people.

Ye Lu left the demon god Ashtaroo outside the Nine Cauldrons Formation, and informed Liu Mei through her gla*ses that she could contact Ashtaroo at any time to take everyone into the Abyssal Mystery Realm to escape this crisis through Ashtaroo’s power.

“The Abyssal Realm is a new and unknown realm, so it is relatively safe.

The Astaroth’s ability allows everyone to move unnoticed, otherwise if they disappear somewhere, there are so many demonic beasts that they might find them.

However, even with the “Nine Dragons Chariot”, Liu Mei and the girls did not last long, because the vanguard, those super experts who had pa*sed the tribulation, had arrived.

Even with the five-coloured “Heaven Mending Stones”, it was difficult for everyone to resist the attacks of these terrors.

Of course, the attacks on the “secret realms of the sects” also began.

Anyway, there were as many demonic beasts as there were tides, and each one of them was very powerful, so for these demonic beasts, it was a no-brainer not to go to these secret realms.

Besides, according to the laws of heaven and earth, once they had entered the “secular realm” once, the whole world would be unhindered.


Chapter 582

Seeing this situation, many people from the sects also entered Liu Mei’s “Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map” because they all felt the crisis, especially the people from the Pill Alliance and the Weapon Sect.

Of course, the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect had already entered the “Mountain, River, and Social Land Map” under Ye Lu’s arrangement.

Although Liu Mei did not have time to arrange everyone, they had arranged their own people in a very orderly manner.

As for the people brought from the “secular world”, they had all settled in with the “Hundred Flowers Sect” and several other sects such as the “Pill Alliance”.

“Not only does it form its own world, but also, under Liu Mei’s control, it can become a “sea of ocean with a single thought”, and under Liu Mei’s control, even big cities with clusters of buildings can be created by Liu Mei’s thoughts at once.

So, the people who live here are living quite well.

“What exactly is this place? What a magical place.”

“Let’s not talk about magical for now, who knows what happened to our world? Isn’t it, our world is finished?”

“I don’t know, those demonic beasts are so terrifying, I guess the world is over.”

“Who is this beautiful woman who took us away?”

“I don’t know, it’s really beautiful.”

“It’s a goddess, I think, I saw they had ‘five-coloured stones’, I reckon it should be ‘Nüwa’.”

“Well then, it should be Nuwa who is now in the world.”


To be honest, everyone had deified Liu Mei at this moment, but it was inevitable, if Liu Mei hadn’t fallen from the sky and saved everyone, I’m afraid everyone would have ceased to exist long ago.

As a last resort, Liu Mei and the others had already reached the “Abyssal Secret Realm” with the help of “Astaroth”.

It was the first time that Liu Mei had been in the Abyssal Realm, and to be honest, the gloomy environment made her feel quite uncomfortable, and then she saw Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue, as Ye Lu had said.

Ye Yan was staring at Liu Mei with her eyes crossed, which made Liu Mei’s heart shiver, but then, Ye Yan nodded and said with a smile.

“Not bad, it looks like that brat Ye Lu has quite an eye for it, I see you quite well.”

Liu Mei’s kind of aura of the mother of all things carried with it a strong affinity, so Ye Yan looked at it for half a day the more she thought that Liu Mei looked very agreeable.

Liu Mei was relieved because she had heard Ye Lu say that although this woman was not related to Ye Lu by blood, she was indeed Ye Lu’s oldest sister, so Liu Mei did not want to leave a bad impression.

In this way, Liu Mei and the people she had saved were temporarily hidden in the “Abyssal Secret Realm”.

Ye Luo had already entered the central control room of the “Other Side of the Boat”.

Inside the “Other Side of the Boat”, Ye Lu found that the “Other Side of the Boat” looked more like a super high-tech product, with metal gauges and instruments everywhere, looking futuristic and sci-fi.

It was completely different from all the other “treasures” Ye Lu had seen before.

The “central control room” was full of weird gauges and buttons, and to be honest, Ye Lu couldn’t understand what these things were for.

Of course, he didn’t need to understand them, he had the help of the gla*ses, which could help with everything, all the buttons had clear instructions, and if Ye Lu wanted to complete something, he could just propose a plan and the “gla*ses” could start directing according to Ye Lu’s ideas.

However, before he started to control the “Other Side Boat”, the system prompted another thing, that is, Ye Lu’s current cultivation level or combat power was not enough to handle the “Other Side Boat”.

“Please ask the pilot to go to the ‘Boost Bin’ to raise his cultivation level first, and then proceed with the relevant operation.”

As Ye Lu was about to do so, the system’s prompt suddenly appeared.

“There’s still the ‘Boost Bin’, I wonder how long it will take to boost your cultivation.”

Ye Luo muttered, and then followed the boost towards the so-called “boosting bin”.

This “elevation bin” was similar to Athena’s “War Temple”, however, Athena’s “War Temple” was a chair, while this was a water tank filled with various liquids.

At the top of the tank, pipes and other instruments were hanging down, just like in science fiction movies.

“It looks quite high-end!”

Ye Lu was a bit surprised by this scene, as it looked like a futuristic technology museum, not like the world of cultivators.

“Anyway, as long as I can boost it, let’s try it out.”

Ye Lu reckoned that he would definitely not be able to control the “Other Side of the Boat” if he didn’t enhance it, so he thought about it and walked in obediently.

Soon, his body was covered with all kinds of tubes and other things.

The water began to drain from the tank.

Once the water was released, Ye Lu knew that his cultivation would definitely be improved, because what looked like water was actually “spirit liquid”, the same as the “spirit stone” Ye Lu had used before, except that the “spirit liquid” was wrapped around his body after special treatment and would be easier to absorb.

Then, he noticed that the scene in front of him had changed as well.

Like in the War Temple, various strange lights appeared in front of his eyes, and eventually a scene was formed.

This scene was somewhat like a game interface.

Then a woman with long ears appeared.

“Master you need to improve your cultivation, right, you can choose the mode of improvement, the idea ‘Life and Death Battle Mode’ will be traumatic to the soul, please use it with caution.”

Following that, the various modes that could be challenged were displayed in front of Ye Luo, along with a short description.

Ye Lu found that in this description, it was said that all of his own strengths, including flames and so on, could be realised in this system, excluding of course the “Original Spirit Beast”, which could not be simulated by all “Void”.

The second time was in the “Eight Trigrams and the River Book”, where he could only fight with a single person.

This time, he could do whatever he wanted.

However, in the end, Ye Lu chose the most dangerous “Life and Death Challenge” because time was really running out. He always felt that the “Nine Tripod Formation” would not be able to stop that terrifying guy for a while.

The handsome man had already taken the Kui Tripod in the north-west and was now at the Fuding in the south-west, and this time it would be quicker to take the Fuding because the Nine Tripods were no longer complete.

This time, the “Fuding” was taken even faster, for the nine tripods were already incomplete.

At this moment, the one guarding the “Imperial Tripod” is the doppelganger of the “Xuan Yuan Party”, the official heir to the Yellow Emperor, as the real “Xuan Yuan Party” is currently in the “Ancient Battlefield”.

“It seems that what is coming is still coming.”

“Xuan Yuan Yuan Yi murmured as he held the Xuan Yuan Sword in his hands and looked at the sky.

Then, a dashing figure appeared in the air.

The handsome man didn’t even talk nonsense to “Xuan Yuan Yi”, probably in his opinion, it was superfluous to say anything to him, he directly struck at “Xuan Yuan Yi”.

Seeing this scene, “Xuan Yuan Yi” smiled bitterly and then disappeared with the “Xuan Yuan Sword” and the “Imperial Cauldron”.

This time the handsome man was also taken aback.


He muttered as he looked in the direction where the Xuan Yuan side had disappeared.

However, after that, he shook his head and said.

“No, it should have gone to that so-called ‘ancient battlefield’, it looks like that’s the most lively place.”

Of course, this handsome man knew about the Ancient Battlefield, because the Beast Alliance was not only a large sect in the Secular World, but also a great power in the Ancient Battlefield, so the Beast Alliance also had many super-powerful doppelgangers, and the bodies of these doppelgangers were in the Ancient Battlefield.

With the disappearance of the Nine Cauldrons Formation, countless demonic beasts began to pour into the world like a tidal wave.