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Super School Student Chapter 583-584

Chapter 583

The last barrier disappeared, and the demonic beasts that had been waiting to rush out were no longer blocked, and everyone swarmed out in all directions.

During this period of time, those who had cultivators and had the resources of the secret realm began to bring ordinary people into the realm.

However, it was clear that these people also understood that their own secret realms were not safe, because many of these realms were no longer secrets and were well known, such as Mount Olympus and the secret realms of the Norse gods.

Although they are not known to everyone, they are not difficult to find.

However, many secret secret places, that is, secret places kept secret by clans and powers, are usually not fully developed, meaning that there are many dangers in such secret places, and obviously, it is quite dangerous to put people in such secret places.

However, apart from such secret realms, there are not many secret realms where people can be safely released, so to be honest, only a very small percentage of human beings’ safety can really be addressed, and it is basically the privileged ones.

After all, for most of the clans, the lives of the people in the secular world are not that important, because they are too busy with their clan’s business.

After all, who would make such a big fuss against the secular world?

In fact, many clans have the power to wipe out the entire secular world, which is, after all, just a world where ordinary people and low-warriors live.

Although the people of each clan are actually from the “secular world”, after so many years, everyone no longer considers the “secular world” as their ancestors.

To be precise, they no longer consider the secular world to be a serious matter, and to the clan, the secular world is just a good transit point.

But the problem now is that the clans and the major powers are also in danger.

“In King Solomon’s Secret Realm, everyone is discussing their countermeasures.

“This time, it looks like it will be very difficult to escape the catastrophe.”

One of them said with a sigh.

The others also nodded their heads.

“Yes, the scouts have already looked at it, not to mention the countless ‘peak God Transformation Realm’ demonic beasts, there are also a large group of demonic beasts that have pa*sed the ‘Thunder Tribulation’, there is no way to resist. ”

“Especially that chieftain, he can even break the barrier between the small world and us, I think any blockage is a floating cloud in front of him.”

“The way I see it, the only way to survive at the moment is to enter the remote secret realm that very few people know about, and then hide inside, hoping to escape a disaster.”


Everyone was in a cloud of sorrow.

However, following that, one person then said.

“I don’t think things are so desperate, I think that strong man who came out of the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ in the east should not aim to kill us all, so why don’t we submit to him so that we don’t have to die!”

Hearing his words, another man immediately said.

“Are you a fool? How can this be something that can be solved by simply submitting, they will definitely make us establish a ‘master-servant contract’, and when that happens, everything we have is completely controlled by the other side, and that is simply worse than death.”

After he finished speaking, several other people also nodded.

For cultivators, what they did was originally against the common sense of life, so many of them would do whatever they could to live forever and to improve.

To be honest, these people had been cultivating for many years, and to become someone else’s servant, to have someone else control their life and death, was something that was worse than death for many of them.

So, for a moment, everyone was silent.

And it was at this time that a voice suddenly and abruptly rang out.

“It’s not that troublesome, return the little girl you took away from us and we can save all of you.”

Everyone turned their heads to look at the place where the voice had come from.

The “Void” was nothing to be afraid of, as it slowly revealed its body, which was identical to Ye Lu’s. For the “Void”, it had nothing to worry about.

When they saw Ye Lu’s figure suddenly appear, they were all taken aback at first, but then, King Solomon said.

“You do have some tricks up your sleeve, and I admire you for that, but I honestly don’t believe you when you say you can save us all.”

The others shook their heads at the same time and said.

“Yeah, you might be able to play us around, but those guys aren’t us, there are so many of them ‘crossing over’, how are you going to save us?”

“That’s right, it’s come to this point, just put away those petty thoughts.”

“Young man, to be honest, unless you can get to the ‘ancient battlefield’, no one can escape this calamity.”

“Yes, the vast majority of people are going to become each other’s puppets this time.”


In fact, these people are right, only for people like “King Solomon”, they don’t need to worry because they are originally doppelgangers and their cultivation level has already reached the level where they can break through at any time, so they can enter the “Ancient Battlefield” as long as they directly step out of that step and walk into the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.

However, most people do not have this convenience. Even for those at the peak of the God Transformation Realm, they cannot just break through, and it will take a little time.

However, “Void” looked at the crowd and said.

“You don’t have to worry about that, as the saying goes, ‘hearing is believing and seeing is believing’, come on, follow me out and you will see.”

The crowd followed “Void” out of the secret realm with suspicious faces.

Outside the secret realm, the crowd saw an incomparably huge and strangely shaped ark, which exuded endless power, and even the demonic beasts flying over in the distance were far away from the invisible barrier.

“This is the ‘Ark of the Other Side’, also called ‘Noah’s Ark’, in which there is enough room for everyone in this ‘small thousand worlds’, your time Your time is limited and so is my patience. Give me an answer and all of you will live.”

As the “Void” spoke, countless humans from Europe adjacent to the “Mediterranean Sea” had already flown into the ark, just as the “Void” had said, Ye Lu was in a hurry, because although the ark was powerful, the airspace it could control was currently limited, as it was related to Ye Lu’s cultivation level.

It was impossible to completely cover the Earth, so he could only try to pick as many major cities as possible to save people, just like Liu Mei before him.

The ones he had just saved were the Norse gods led by Odin and the gods of Mount Olympus, as well as those who had been prepared for a long time to come closer to the Mediterranean.

However, this scene had already moved the men of King Solomon.

“Void” continued.

“We have saved all your people around ‘China’ before you, so there is no need for you to doubt this.”

As it spoke, a part of the distant “other side of the boat” began to turn transparent, followed by an enlarged image that appeared in the air.

Sure enough, there were people everywhere in the various areas of the boat.

These people were not in the same state of disarray as the refugees, but were arranging and organising everything in an orderly manner under the direction of the robots.

At the sight of this scene, King Solomon’s men had a hungry look on their faces, for after all, there was hope for their lives.

“King Solomon finally made up his mind and nodded his head.

“Yes, I promise you.”

Then, Jasmine was released.


Chapter 584

With the help of his gla*ses, Ye Lu could easily tell that this person was Jasmine’s real body, and he let “Void” take Jasmine back to the “other side of the boat”.

“Ye Lu, thank you for saving me, I was suffocating these days.”

“Jasmine looked at Ye Lu and sighed with relief.

However, it seemed that she was only suffocating but not suffering much, which rea*sured Ye Lu.

“By the way, Jasmine, you should go to the ‘nutrition warehouse’, you can be genetically modified there, it will make it even more powerful.”

To be honest, Ye Luo felt that if only he had this big ship long ago, this ship was simply too powerful, just like the high technology played in the movie, that is, a mortal could be transformed into a heaven defying expert by it.

This is what the Nutri-Barn is for.

However, Jasmine was more interested in the “other side of the boat” that Ye Lu was piloting, and she looked at the outside of the “other side of the boat” and started chattering.

Because Ye Lu had already turned on the semi-transparent mode of the “Other Side Boat”, many parts of the boat looked like transparent mirrors, and one could clearly see what was going on outside.

It was no wonder that Jasmine was enchanted by this fantastic feeling.

What they saw on the mainland was not like this, but a huge black and white ship, the white part of which was the support for the hull and the black part was the hull, which looked quite beautiful.

Moreover, from the outside, the boat was much bigger than it looked. In addition, thunder flashed on the boat, as if it was an inviolable god, while far away from the thunder, those demonic beasts were looking at the boat with some fear.

All the demonic beasts that approached the boat were blocked out by the thunder.

Every demonic beast that approached the Ark was knocked out by the thunder, no matter how high the level of the beast was, the result was the same, even the super demonic beasts that had pa*sed the “Thunder Tribulation” were no exception.

This made the army of “demon beasts” agitated, but then, something even more surprising happened, because the huge “other side of the boat” suddenly disappeared.

Yes, it disappeared, just like an instant.

This is also a kind of ability of the “other side of the boat”, technically a spatial ability, which allows one to travel through space and time through a “wormhole”.

In short, this “Other Shore Boat” gave Ye Lu a feeling of technology against the cultivation civilization.

Moreover, this technology was quite awesome.

Ye Luo had already arrived in Northern Europe with a single instantaneous movement, and then he was frantically collecting people. While collecting people, he had also spread the news that all the people in the secret realm should also be prepared, because this powerful “other shore boat” could also travel into the “small world”.

To be honest, this ability really scared Ye Lu, it was the first time he had seen something that could travel between the Secular World and the Small World.

Previously, he only had one method, and that was to summon people from the “Small World” or the “Secular World” through the “Bloodline Summoning”.

As for other things, he had never seen anything that could travel to the Small World, and even the formations made by the Chi You Clan could only reach the entrance and exit of the secret realm.

“This ‘Other Side Boat’ is simply a divine object, it’s too powerful.”

At that time, the more he used the “Other Shore Boat”, the more Ye Luo felt the magic of this thing, it was simply an omnipotent thing.

Of course, what excited him the most was that this thing was simply tailor-made for him.

The most important thing that Ye Lu’s “nameless gongfu” needs is all kinds of combat, and this “other shore boat” has all kinds of training rooms, such as “nutrition bin”, “gravity bin”, “genetic reconstruction bin” ……

In short, there are all kinds of places here.

This is not all that Ye Lu can control, he found that in the “other side of the boat”, even if he does not leave home, always in the “other side of the boat” can also break through the entire “nine robbery realm”, this he knows very well.

Moreover, the “Other Shore Boat” was so strong that even killing someone who had crossed the “Nine Tribulation Realm” could not hurt it even a little.

Ye Lu felt that even the “Heavenly Treasures” could be destroyed by the “Other Shore Boat”, but of course, he hadn’t really tried this, so he didn’t dare to guarantee it.

“The speed of the boat was very fast, and it didn’t take long for most of the people from each country to be loaded into the boat.

However, the demonic beasts did not remain idle either, as they pounded into the secret realms.

Most of the secret realms were unable to stop the onslaught of these demonic beasts, after all, they were too terrifying.

“What are we going to do?”

The “Ancient Egyptian Gods” trapped in the Secret Realm said with a sad face.

Although they had created a formation at the entrance of the Secret Realm, they did not think that this formation could really stop the attack from outside.

“We can’t leave here even if we die, everyone’s family is here.”

Someone said.

Many of them had too many ties to this place, and even those who could cross the “Nine Tribulation Realm” and leave couldn’t bear to leave here.

Then, the demonic beasts arrived.

As expected, each of them was so dominant that even the “formation” could not stop the attacks of so many “Nine Tribulation Realms” and experts who had pa*sed the “Thunder Tribulation”.

The crowd attacked in unison, but although the entrance and exit were narrow, there were no super experts among the Ancient Egyptian Gods who could stand alone.

There is no way for a normal practitioner to survive a thunderclap in the mundane world.

A powerful high-level demonic beast that had pa*sed the Thunderbolt was already enough to break through the Ancient Egyptian Gods’ defences.

When they saw a middle-aged man with a moustache walk in, bathed in all the attacks, the gods understood that they had already lost their power.

Not only they, the Ancient Egyptian Gods, but also all the beings in the Secret Realm would die.

“Alas! God has killed my gods!”

“Amun sighed from the sky.

But at that very moment, a huge black and white coloured ark with a crackling arc of electricity appeared above the Secret Realm.

The “other side of the boat” appeared and began to collect people at a rapid pace.

Seeing that the Ark could actually shuttle into the Secret Realm, the moustached demonic beast that had just entered was also taken aback.

However, when he saw this scene, Amon and the others were relieved.

He looked at the few people around him and said with a smile.

“Now we can go in peace.”

After saying that, the aura of these few people began to rise rapidly, followed by a flash of lightning, and “Amon” and the few of them disappeared into the secret realm.

Ye Luo of course also saw this scene.

“So entering the ‘Ancient Battlefield’ can be done from anywhere!”

He muttered secretly.

He had previously thought that he had to be in the Worldly Realm to enter the Ancient Battlefield.

However, what he didn’t know was that similar things were happening in all the “secret realms” and in all corners of the world. For many great powers, they didn’t have that much to worry about, especially some casual cultivators and some super masters in the clan world.

The “Ancient Battlefield” is now bustling with activity.

Because for the “ancient battlefield”, it was very common for no one to break through for many years, so it was very unusual for so many people to appear at once.

Of course, many of them were doppelgangers, and after they arrived, they quickly started to approach the main body.

The riot in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” immediately drew the attention of the major powers in the “Ancient Battlefield”.

Almost all the forces in the Ancient Battlefield understood that the final stage was finally about to begin, with the nine “Immortal Mansion Keys” appearing and the apocalyptic cataclysm appearing, all signalling the beginning of a great battle that would shake the entire “Small Thousand Worlds”.