Super School Student Chapter 585-586

Chapter 585

Near the Heavenly Pond on the Heavenly Mountain, endless armies of demonic beasts continue to rush into the Worldly Realm, as if they will never stop.

The handsome man, on the other hand, had found something new to do.

He was studying how to enter the “ancient battlefield”.

Like those who came out of the Small World, those who defied the rules could not enter the Ancient Battlefield directly, even if they could cross the Nine Tribulation Realm.

From what he had heard about the “Ancient Battlefield”, it seemed that the “Ancient Battlefield” was the best place to improve one’s cultivation.

The reason was that it was the place where the War of Extinction had been fought, filled with countless resources, and even the Yuan Power of heaven and earth was many times purer than here.

It was the cradle of growth for everyone.

However, if this guy wanted to enter the Ancient Battlefield, he would have to break the barrier of the Ancient Battlefield, just like he did when he came out of the Small World.

“It looks like I still have to get a ‘Immortal Palace Key’ in order to get the fastest way to enter the ‘Ancient Battlefield’.”

Obviously, the barrier between the ‘Ancient Battlefield’ and the ‘Secular Realm’ was stronger, and it would be even more difficult to break through, which would undoubtedly take the handsome man more time.

He thought that it would not be too difficult for him to find a key to the Immortal Palace and the Star Destined One.

Of course, there was one prerequisite, and that was that the Immortal Palace Key and the Star Destined One were not together, otherwise, after the nine Immortal Palace Keys were unveiled in the Secular World, those who possessed both the Immortal Palace Key and the Star Destined One could directly enter the Ancient Battlefield through the Immortal Palace Key.

At that time, the battle for the “Immortal Palace Key” would really begin, because the “Lok Ha Immortal Palace” was located inside the “Ancient Battlefield”, but since there was no “Immortal Palace Key”, there was no way for everyone to enter.

“Thousand Faces, arrange for everyone to conquer all the known ‘secret realms’, try not to kill anyone to avoid unnecessary trouble, and wait until we have a clear picture of the nine ‘Immortal Palace Keys’ before we take action. ”

On the other side, Ye Lu finally figured out why so many people knew about the “Immortal Palace Keys”.

It was because the news was originally spread out from the Immortal Mansion, and the news was personally released by the “Lixia Immortal Mansion”, so how could people not believe it?

However, what Ye Lu did not understand now was what this was all about.

As the saying goes, “Water has a source and trees have roots”, there must be a reason why this happened.

According to everyone’s speculation, it should be like this.

There should be great secrets and valuable things hidden inside the “Lok Ha Fairy Mansion”, such as the various things collected by the “Lok Ha Fairy” during her lifetime, as well as the inheritance left behind, and perhaps other kinds of opportunities.

Of course, no one is sure who the “Fairy of the Fallen Haze” is.

No one knew that there had ever been such a person as the “Fairy of the Fallen Haze”, as if there was no such person in all kinds of histories, both authentic and unofficial.

However, this did not lower everyone’s interest in the “Fairy of the Fallen Haze”, but on the contrary made everyone even more curious about the identity of the “Fairy of the Fallen Haze”.

After all, the unknown could fill everyone’s imagination.

However, Ye Luo felt that if the name “Fairy of the Fallen Haze” was not a translation, then this person should mostly be a Chinese national.

Perhaps there was a connection with the “Fairy Zixia” in “Journey to the West”.

However, the details could only be found out after entering the “Immortal Palace”.

Right now, all Ye Lu had to do was to save the people first and talk about the rest later.

This was a battle against an army of demonic beasts, and the speed of the “Other Side Boat” was indeed very fast, but the demonic beasts were large in number, and the number was increasing.

The other point is that it takes some time to save people. The “Other Shore Boat” is different from the “Mountain and River Map” in that it doesn’t drag people in by force, but requires them not to resist.

On top of that, it also took time to collect the person.

So, although Ye Lu had the advantage, the other side didn’t stay idle either, as batches of people were captured by the demonic beasts, or various contracts such as master-servant contracts were established.

At the same time, the organisation that had both the “Immortal Palace Key” and the “Star Destiny Man” was quietly waiting for the last “Immortal Palace Key” to appear, and once it did, they would be the first to enter the “Ancient Battlefield”.

However, Ye Yan had the “Immortal Mansion Key” in her hand, so she had already quietly found the person again, so the “Immortal Mansion Key” in Ye Yan’s hand was a successful match.

Secondly, the “Heavenly Demon Palace” also has a matched pair of “Immortal Mansion Key” and “Star Destined One”.

The “Immortal Palace Key” in Ye Lu’s hand is a pair with Long Fei Xue.

“On Odin’s side, he had also found the “Star Destiny Man”, so his side was also a pair.

In addition, the Immortal Palace Keys of the Xuantian Clan and the Ancient Clan are also paired.

So, there are already six Immortal Palace Keys that have been successfully paired up, the remaining ones are in the hands of Ye Lu, one is Miao Fengling and the other is Jasmine who has just returned.

So, these two forces are not yet paired up.

Lastly, there is the “Immortal Palace Key”, which has not yet been revealed to the world.

However, it was clear to everyone that with the current situation, it would not be long before the key was also revealed.

While Ye Lu was controlling the “Other Shore Boat”, he was making his final breakthrough, just a little short of breaking through to the “God Transformation Realm”.

Once he reached the “God Transformation Realm”, he would no longer be restricted from using any “divine techniques”, and some “supreme treasures” could also be used with corresponding power.

However, there is one problem, and that is, because there are too many people inside the “Other Side Boat”, maintaining these people requires a large amount of energy, which makes it impossible for the “Other Side Boat” to use the “Attack System” at the moment, and it is estimated that it will not be able to use “Teleportation” too often afterwards.

It is still very difficult to recover from this kind of energy loss quickly.

However, there was no way out at the moment, so he thought it was important to save people, so Ye Lu continued to save people in the secret realms of known sects.

As for the unexplored secret realms, Ye Lu decided to leave them alone, after all, every secret realm was huge, and finding people in the unexplored secret realms was a big problem, and there were not many people inside.

In this way, Ye Lu and the countless demonic beasts waged a tug-of-war, but in the end, Ye Lu got the upper hand and saved most of the people in the “clan” and the various forces, but of course, many others were controlled by the demonic beasts, and the demonic beasts eventually took control of all the known secret realms, while the last “Immortal Palace Key” was also obtained by them.

“Alright, let’s get ready to leave and go to the ‘Ancient Battlefield’.”

After taking care of all this, Ye Lu made his decision.

However, before going to the ‘Ancient Battlefield’, Ye Lu decided to take a look at the ‘King of All Beasts’, the leader of the demonic beasts, he wanted to see what kind of person he was.

As expected, the gla*ses were able to identify the other party.

The name of this “demon emperor” was “Di Jun”, the legendary “Haotian God”, the ancient emperor of heaven in mythology, and this was not a doppelganger, but the real one, just like “Candle Dragon” Qin Shiyu, a unique and terrifying existence in the world.

However, what Ye Lu could not figure out was that, for some reason, he had become a native of a “small world”.

Only the natives born and raised in the Small World would be trapped by the boundary, not even the offspring of those who entered the Small World.

“Something strange must have happened in here.”

Ye Luo looked at Di Jun, Tai Yin You Yu, the Thousand-Faced Demon Beast and the Great Sun Golden Crow, then pressed the blue button, and the Other Side Boat quickly disappeared and appeared in the Ancient Battlefield.

The final stage was upon us!


Chapter 586

The strength of the “Other Shore Boat” once again shocked Ye Luo, who could only enter a place that could only be accessed by crossing the peak of the “God Transformation Realm”, but Ye Luo had directly crossed over and brought so many people with him.

“If this completely unlocks all kinds of functions, this ‘Other Side Boat’ will be unbelievable!”

Ye Lu really felt a bit emotional.

Because, due to his cultivation level, the abilities of the ‘Other Shore Boat’ had not been fully unlocked at this moment, and what he could use were the abilities that he could use at the ‘God Transformation Realm’, for example, the operation of travelling just now was an operation that he could only perform after entering the ‘God Transformation Realm’.

Ye Yan and the girls, as well as their “Original Spirit Beasts”, were quietly improving themselves in the various chambers, now was a good opportunity to improve to their limits.

This time, of course, Ye Lu took all the people with him, and he arranged them into various parts of the “Other Side Boat” according to their regions. The various forces of China in Liu Mei’s “Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map” were of course given priority in the best positions, while the “Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map” was completely released.

It was only after it was released that the “Mountain, River, Society and Country Map” was able to give full play to its power.

To Liu Mei, the Map was a rare treasure in her hands.

After entering the “Ancient Battlefield”, Ye Luo heard the “Other Shore Boat” in a place and turned on the “Stealth Mode”, which was one of the several protection modes of the “Other Shore Boat”, so that the inside could not be seen from the outside, but the outside could be seen from the inside.

Of course, with Ye Lu’s current authority, he couldn’t be completely invisible yet, he was only hiding the exterior of the boat, which meant that others couldn’t see it.

However, Ye Lu was not too worried about this matter, because there was actually a map of this “Ancient Battlefield” in the “Other Shore Boat”, and the map showed that the area they were in was at the edge of the “Ancient Battlefield”, where there were few wars, so it was relatively safer.

In fact, even if they were discovered, Ye Lu wasn’t too worried, because as long as the “Other Side Boat” didn’t consume energy to attack, its thick shell was enough to block all attacks, and it didn’t need to consume energy.

The situation would be different if it were a “formation”, which requires the support of heaven and earth energy and the power of laws, and will be constantly consumed when attacked.

After settling the “Other Side Boat”, Ye Lu gathered all the “peak God Transformation Realm” and all the experts belonging to the clans and major “powers”.

“Now that the ‘Ancient Battlefield’ has arrived, I think you all have your own forces, so I won’t stop you, so you can all go to your own forces.

“As for your clansmen and the rest of the people in the secret realm, I will help you protect them.”

At this time, a fellow suddenly sneered and said.

“Ye Lu, what are you tugging at now, you are indeed very powerful, and this what’s-his-name ‘strange ship’ is also indeed very strong, but what is this place, this is the ‘Ancient Battlefield’, our original body is even There are even experts who have pa*sed the fifth tribulation in the ‘Nine Tribulation Realm’, how could we possibly be afraid of you.”

“So, you’d better behave yourself ……”

However, before he could finish speaking, Ye Lu had already raised his hand.


A bright light flashed, and this guy had been split into slag by a lightning bolt.

Then, Ye Luo said indifferently.

“There’s no point in being bullish, and now your essence isn’t here, so everyone behave yourself or he’ll be the downfall.”

Seeing this scene, everyone was silenced.

Ye Lu then looked at the crowd and said.

“Does everyone understand now? Do what you need to do and go, I am not interested in you guys’ death, all of you go, besides I want to tell you that I have no plans to compete with you guys for any immortality quota, my aim is to find my grandmother, so as long as the forces you are in do not come after me, I will not come after you guys, do you all understand?”

This was also Ye Lu’s sincere words, because for Ye Lu, his life had only just begun, moreover, such a high cultivation level was already enough for him to live an ordinary person’s N life, he had not yet reached the level of others who wanted to become immortal and live forever.

As the saying goes, “The day does not understand the darkness of the night” and “The older you are, the more afraid you are of death”. Who hears a child say that he is afraid of dying of old age?

The reason is that, in their view, death is an extremely distant thing.

After that, Ye Luo did not care whether these people believed it or not, and sent all of them away anyway, except for the “Hundred Flower Sect” and the “Pill Alliance” and a few other related sects that did not do so.

After everyone had left, Ye Luo once again urged the “Other Shore Boat”, which had become transparent, to disappear on the spot and fly far away.

Because Ye Lu had to avoid these guys’ entanglement, he felt that there were definitely many people who would not give up, moreover, the situation in this “ancient battlefield” was complicated and no one knew what kind of weird things would happen.

Moreover, Ye Luo knew very well that the “Emperor Jun” who had risen strongly from the “Secret Realm” would definitely enter.

After that, Ye Lu stopped the “other side of the boat” and stepped out.


Feeling the rich heaven and earth energy around him, Ye Luo also let out a long breath, although for himself, this was not the best place to cultivate, thinking that although the “spiritual energy” here was several times more dense than the “secular world”, it was nothing compared to the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm”.

However, it is definitely a good place for other people, especially for the Other Side of the Boat.

Because the “Other Shore Boat” needed a lot of heaven and earth energy, spirit energy and so on to replenish, here the heaven and earth energy was so majestic, of course the replenishment speed was super fast, I’m afraid it wouldn’t take long for the “Other Shore Boat” to launch an attack.

He wanted to see the map of the entire “Ancient Battlefield”, and of course, the most important thing was to see where the “Luxuriant Immortal Mansion” was.

As a result, Ye Luo found that the “Luxuriant Immortal Mansion” was actually in the centre of the entire “Ancient Battlefield”.

“No wonder everyone knows about it.”

Ye Luo muttered as he looked at the map.

Then Ye Lu suddenly realized something, that is, he remembered that there were many secret places that the gla*ses did not know the inner situation, but it was very familiar with this “ancient battlefield”, this seems to be very abnormal ah!

“Could it be that the gla*ses had been here before?”

Ye Lu suddenly thought of a possibility, that is, the reason why Gla*ses knew so much was because it might have been to these places.

At this time, a voice said abruptly.

“You are right, I have indeed been to these places.”

Following that, Ye Luo saw his gla*ses start to fly up, and then transformed rapidly in the air, just like the sci-fi shots in a high-tech movie, which made Ye Luo a bit confused.

Flying fast, the gla*ses had turned into a metal villain full of technology.

“Sh*t! The gla*ses were changed by you?”

Ye Luo asked in surprise as he looked at this little man with metal wings.

As a result, this metal villain said with a smile.

“Wrong, it was Gla*ses that turned into me, because, you have crossed into the ‘God Transformation Realm’, so I can appear as this, and my name is ‘Tartar’.”

Ye Lu thought to himself, “Okay, but, it’s quite a two-stroke name.

However, Ye Luo had a lot of questions that he needed to ask it, so he looked at the little metal man and asked.

“That, Tatar, can you tell me now what this is all about?”

As a result, the creature shook its head and said.

“I can’t, the time is not yet ripe, so wait until you get in there and I’ll tell you everything.”

As he said that, he pointed to the distant “Fuxia Immortal Mansion”.

Ye Luo then looked at it and continued to ask.

“Tatar, so you saw everything that happened to me before?”