Super School Student Chapter 59-60

Chapter 59

Zhao Yang’s eyes widened as he looked at Ye Luo and asked in a surprised whisper.

“No way, is this the elixir that can make that bigger, how come you have it?”

Ye Lu hurriedly made a gesture of silence, then put away the elixir and pointed at the phone.

Since the teacher in charge of the morning study had already arrived by this time, the students were all walking back to the cla*sroom from outside one after another, it wasn’t too convenient to chat.

Zhao Yang nodded solemnly, and then Ye Luo typed on his phone.

“Just now’s is indeed that kind of elixir, this, you can confirm with Hu Ting, just now shouted Liu Xinmei is your favorite target, right, grasp the opportunity oh!”

After inputting, Ye Luo quietly handed the three “breast enlargement pills” to Zhao Yang’s hand.

Zhao Yang looked at the pills in his hand in surprise, and then smiled lewdly.

“Hehehe, okay, then you’ll see.”

Zhao Yang sent over a message and then made a two-stroke “victory” expression.

Ye Lu smiled, then once again began to study the various dan recipes, he was going to refine some more pills today, as they could all be sold by Ye Yan later anyway.

However, Ye Lu found that there really weren’t too many pills that he could make that were also very useful. After looking through them for half a day, he felt that there was an antidote to poison pills that still had some value in making.

This was because, this antidote pill could be taken internally or used externally, and it stated that all kinds of poisons could be solved.

He also wanted to make an elixir called the “Beauty Pill”, which had a simple function: to make the skin more beautiful, like a cosmetic that could be taken orally and used externally.

The reason why he wanted to make this elixir was that the ingredients for this elixir were easy to find, the cost of making it was extremely low and the process was very simple.

It is sort of an elixir that can be ma*s-produced, and it goes without saying that the demand is such that almost everyone needs it.

As a shop, how can you do without some regular stock? This kind of elixir could just be used as a regular product.

While Ye Luo was researching, Zhao Yang had already acted long ago as he sent a message to Liu Xinmei.

“Xinmei, if I say I have the kind of elixir Hu Ting uses, will you marry me?”

When she received Zhao Yang’s message, Liu Xinmei turned her head to look at Zhao Yang, then sent a message and said.

“I don’t believe it, did you give Hu Ting’s elixir?”

Zhao Yang quickly said.

“I didn’t give Hu Ting’s elixir, however, I have the kind of elixir that Hu Ting took, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Hu Ting if it’s this kind?”

As he said that, Zhao Yang took a picture and sent it over.

Soon, Hu Ting gave Liu Xinmei a definite answer, while she asked curiously.

“Xinmei, where did you get the photo from?”

Liu Xinmei also didn’t know where Zhao Yang got the medicine from, so she returned a smiley face and then said.


Liu Xinmei then turned towards Zhao Yang and said.

“I’m sure I can’t marry you, I’m not old enough either, if you can give me that kind of medicine, I can consider being your girlfriend.”

“I see you seem to be very rich lately, why don’t you take me out for a dash tonight?”

These two days Zhao Yang was steeply rich, so he became high profile, first he bought the latest model of Apple mobile phone, not only that he also bought an Apple laptop, and he was generous with his money.

In fact, the cla*s was so big that everyone could see clearly who had changed what, moreover, Zhang Yang’s apology to Zhao Yang that day was done in front of everyone.

“Sure, I’ll take you out for a dash tonight.”

Zhao Yang did like this feeling of superiority of being rich, and he didn’t feel any pain when he got money for nothing anyway.

After the first cla*s, Ye implemented in couldn’t hold back anymore, so he left the school alone to start preparing the various materials to be used for the alchemy.

However, he was a bit puzzled as to why Gu Shiqi hadn’t come looking for him in the past two days.

In fact, Gu Shiqi was even worse off these two days, she had been restricted from contacting not only Ye Lu, but all contact with the outside world.

In the upscale hotel, Ye Qiu Die was pacing back and forth like an ant on a hot pot, she really wanted that kind of elixir too badly, but the other party didn’t seem to be in any hurry at all, it had been a few hours since then and there was no news from the other party at all.

“Ask again for me, just say that the price is not a problem, any amount, I’ll pay.”

On the other side of the room, Ye Yan felt that things had dragged on for almost as long, so she thought about it and said to that chief ma*seur.

“Good, then you can talk to her, it’s not much, one million four hundred thousand a piece, see how many she needs,”

Previously, Ye Qiu Die had hacked Ye Yan for 700,000 at once, and Ye Yan was all out to dislike her this time, moreover, Ye Yan felt that Ye Qiu Die would definitely shell out the money.

However, Ye Yan obviously did not have the economic acumen of Ye Qiu Die, Ye Qiu Die did not hesitate after hearing this news, but asked a question, that is, how much stock was left, she wanted it all.

In Ye Qiu Die’s opinion, it was clearly a curiosity, and she knew plenty of rich girls, and she could be pretty sure those would pay a higher price.

“This B*tch, it seems I still have a small appetite.”

Ye Yan muttered, but she certainly wouldn’t buy the pills for Ye Qiu Die to make money, so she thought about selling her seven pills and kept the rest for herself, as Ye Yan calculated that with the seven pills and the money Ye Lu gave her earlier, it would add up to her being a millionaire.

“There are actually such pills in such a small place, it’s really amazing!”

Ye Qiu Die looked at the pills in her hand and couldn’t help but feel emotional, of the seven pills, she had eaten four and kept three, she wanted to take these three back and find someone to study them, if they could be ma*s produced, then no doubt all the deficits she owed due to gambling would have a chance to be plugged.

However, at this moment, Ye Qiu Die was still unaware of the kind of furore that her three tiny pills would bring about in the capital.

Ye Lu did not know that his old sister had managed to generate close to ten million dollars in sales in half a day’s time, and he had spent the whole day purchasing things, as some herbs were rather special and not available in the herbal shop.

In the evening, Ye Lu then took these things directly to the river.

The river was cleaned twice a day by cleaning workers, so there were often people barbecuing here and stuff, so at least there was no need to clean up all kinds of debris by himself, and also Ye Lu was worried that he would blacken the ceiling of the kitchen at home if he spent a long time at home making pills.

While Ye Lu was working on his alchemy, Zhao Yang had already left the campus with his girl Liu Xinmei and took a taxi towards the “Big Rich Restaurant” in the city.

He did not give Liu Xinmei the “Breast Enhancement Pill” at the first opportunity, but decided to take out the killer pills later, at a critical moment.

Liu Xinmei was not in a hurry either, because in her opinion, she wanted everything Zhao Yang had.

In this way, the two of them had a big meal and then went to one of the best nightclubs in the city, “Blue Diamond”.

Just after walking into the Blue Diamond, Zhao Yang was shocked by the glamorous atmosphere inside.

“Sh*t! This place is really cool!”

It was the first time he had seen girls playing in a nightclub, all dressed in daring clothes, and looking even more glamorous under the confusing lights.

“This place feels like so much fun!”

Liu Xinmei was also a fun-loving person and immediately dragged Zhao Yang to the front of the bar.

“Have the most expensive wine!”

Zhao Yang had never been to a place like this before, so of course he didn’t know what he should order, so he yelled out loud in a very pretentious manner, his principle was to come with whatever was expensive.

Sure enough, soon the two of them caught the eye.

Not far away, a somewhat depressed man also noticed them, it was Feng Biao, the boss of Brother Long, who had been told by his little brother in the past few days that that what’s-his-name Ye Lu had actually gone to a banquet at Elder Shen’s place, as if he was somewhat related to Elder Shen.

Of course he knew Shen Lao, he was well known in both the black and white worlds and everyone had to give him some face, so the fact that Ye Lu was involved with Shen Lao made Feng Biao’s heart a little uncertain.

“Who’s that kid? He’s too arrogant, he’s so arrogant just because he has some money!”

Feng Biao, who was already not in a good mood, looked at Zhao Yang and said with great displeasure.

Following that, a somewhat exasperated voice then said him.

“The most annoying thing is that it’s my money that’s being spent.”

With the words, Zhang Yang also came over with his gla*s of wine, and he looked at Feng Biao and said with a smile.

“Why, Brother Biao also has the elegance to come here today!”

Feng Biao said in a somewhat depressed manner.

“Elegant, my a*s, it’s because I’m depressed that I came here, why did you come here too?”

Zhang Yang took a sip of wine and said.

“I’m just as depressed as you are. By the way, I don’t like that kid, why don’t Brother Biao do him for me?”

Zhang Yang said, pointing at Zhao Yang and Liu Xinmei who were not far away.

He didn’t dare to make a move because after all he had been through, he was already a bit afraid of Ye Lu from the bottom of his heart, and this time Feng Biao was there, so it was just the right time to lend a hand, so he added.

“Don’t worry, that kid is very rich, my one million is still on him.”


Chapter 60

Zhao Yang didn’t know that his was already in danger, he was still leading Liu Xinmei there with his divine banter.

“The feeling of picking up a girl, cool!”

After a few gla*ses of wine, Zhao Yang felt a little drifting, followed by a beautiful woman who came over and looked at Zhao Yang with charming eyes.

“This handsome man, you are so generous! Our boss would like to get to know you, come with me.”

When Zhao Yang heard that he had surprised even his boss, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit better in his heart, and under the effect of alcohol, he followed the woman into a private room without thinking too much.

When she saw Zhao Yang enter, Ren Xue Ying, who was originally in the private room, hurriedly turned her head to look away. Firstly, she didn’t want Zhao Yang to see herself in such an occasion, and secondly, she didn’t want Zhao Yang to see her wretched appearance.

She had just been beaten by Brother Long, and as expected, after knowing that she had no money, Brother Long was really annoyed and must ask her to earn it until she had earned enough hundred thousand dollars.

In fact, Ren Xueying knew very well that she would be fine if she had 100,000 yuan, but it was impossible, because Long just wanted to use her as a tool to make money.

At this moment in Ren Xueying heart is full of remorse and despair.

“Good day, old …… boss.”

Zhao Yang looked at Feng Biao who was sitting in the middle and greeted him with a smile, then extended his hand.


What greeted him was not Feng Biao’s hand, but Feng Biao’s foot, Feng Biao kicked him over to the ground, then lit a cigarette and took a sharp puff and said.

“You dare to act like a P***y in front of me, are you tired of living?”

Zhao Yang was blindsided by the kick, but he immediately realised that the other party was not a boss, but a punk who didn’t like him.

He hurriedly climbed up and looked at Feng Biao and said.

“Big …… Brother, I’m wrong, I won’t dare again, just let me go.”

There are eight punks in the room including Dragon, he doesn’t think he can Bruce Lee possessed to dry all these people down, a good man doesn’t eat the loss in front of him, although in front of Liu Xinmei a little humiliated, but deadly fight, he is expected to not hang or seriously injured.

Seeing Zhao Yang’s attitude, Feng Biao then smiled and laughed up.

“Hey hey, kid, you’re quite up to it, search him for me first.”

With those words, the two young brothers went over and poked around Zhao Yang’s body, while Feng Biao flicked his cigarette ash and said with a smile.

“I heard that you have recently made a fortune, a million dollars, isn’t it?”

Hearing Feng Biao’s words, Zhao Yang’s heart thudded, he suddenly understood what the other party was after, and he immediately regretted coming out to deceive.

“Nima, why did I come out to pretend to be this P***y?”

Zhao Yang hated to smack himself a few times, however, his mouth said.

“Which …… which is not the case! Who are you listening to said, it’s totally a rumor, a rumor.”

Feng Biao didn’t care about that, he held up the cards he searched and looked at Zhao Yang with a smile and said.

“Tell me the pa*swords for all the cards, with or without, I will confirm it myself.”

Following that, he picked up the three pills that Zhao Yang had delicately packaged somewhat inexplicably and said.

“What the hell is this? Ecstasy pills? Or is it pearls, forget it, it’s a reward for you.”

With these words, he tossed the three “breast enlargement pills” to a sultry woman beside him, who curiously picked up the pills.

Behind Zhao Yang, Liu Xinmei’s heart was already in her throat, in her opinion, Zhao Yang’s money was probably out of the question, but it would be fine if she could get these three pills.

“Wow! It smells so good, it feels like it should be edible.”

That woman took the elixir and smelled it, then said with some surprise.

However, the other woman said with a frown.

“You want to eat everything, you’re not afraid to eat yourself to death!”

But, just at this time, one of Feng Biao’s junior brothers suddenly said thoughtfully.

“Boss, I suddenly remembered, that Ye Lu’s sister, the one called Ye Yan also took out such a medicine, I saw it outside a cafe and gave it to a girl, it seems to be really edible.”

Hearing that it was really edible, the sultry woman was about to open her mouth and eat it right away.

Seeing this scene, Liu Xinmei shouted anxiously.

“Don’t …… don’t …… don’t ……”

Hearing her shout, everyone stopped and looked at her.

“What’s going on?”

Feng Biao asked as his eyes stared deadly at Liu Xinmei.

Liu Xinmei was scared by the stare and she mumbled.

“Poison …… poison …… poison …… poison …… cannot be eaten …….”

However, Feng Biao jerked up and raised his hand and gave her a mouthful, Liu Xinmei was beaten and fell to the ground.

“Want to step horse cheat Laozi, also step horse a million years earlier, quickly say, this thing in the end is what, do not say, believe it or not Laozi ……..”

Liu Xinmei where has encountered such a battle, she has long been scared numb claws, followed then shivered and said.

“This …… is an ‘immortal elixir’ that can make women …… women’s breasts bigger ……”

Hearing Liu Xinmei’s words, the compartment burst into an uproar.


“Holy f*ck, there’s still such a thing?”

“Ye Lu really does have an ‘immortal elixir’!”

“Really, it can’t be fooling us.”


In fact, Feng Biao was also a bit skeptical, the “Immortal Pill” was too nebulous, and he was not a cultivator, so he had never seen it before, but he had heard about all the wonders of the Immortal Pill.

So, after thinking about it, he looked at the woman and said.

“Okay, take off your clothes and try it to see if it’s real or not.”

Hearing that she had to take off her clothes to try it, the woman gave Feng Biao a blank look, but, actually, she really did untie her clothes quickly and took off her bra to expose her front breasts, and those minions all coaxed.

After that, the woman took a pill in, she was worried that it would not work, followed by another pill.

Watching Liu Xinmei on the side, her heart ached.

“It’s changed! Awesome, it’s really gotten bigger!”

“Holy f*ck, bull’s-eye!”

“There really are ‘immortal pills’ in this world!”


Soon, the crowd’s exclaims rang out, while the sultry woman took the last elixir as well, then patted her chest and said.

“Sh*t! In the future, I’d like to see you who still dare to show off your big 36D breasts in front of me, and now I have them too.”

It was Feng Biao who was most shocked, as he said to himself.

“Sh*t! This kid really has the goods!”

Following that, he turned his head towards Zhao Yang and gave him a kick.

“D*mn, I almost forgot, you haven’t told me the pa*sword yet? Quickly tell me the pa*sword.”

Of course Zhao Yang would not tell the pa*sword, moreover, the money he got was not all in his hands, his family was not too well off, so he told his parents that he had won the lottery and then left half a million to his family.

Besides, Zhao Yang didn’t believe that the other party could really beat him to death.

Seeing that Zhao Yang was clenching his teeth and saying nothing, Feng Biao squatted down and patted Zhao Yang’s mouth and said.

“A deadly fight, isn’t it? Good, I’ll see how long you can be tough, give me a fight!”

However, before anyone could do anything, Liu Xinmei shouted anxiously first.

“Boss, this matter has nothing to do with me, can I leave first, I have something to do.”

Hearing Liu Xinmei’s words, Feng Biao suddenly smiled and said.

“Hehehe! You’re playing the ‘fly apart in a big way’ game! What’s wrong with all the women nowadays, is there no bit of true love?”

After saying that, he then stared at Liu Xinmei’s eyes and said.

“Woman, listen, I’ll give you a choice, let me slash you once, don’t worry, I won’t slash your face, or let me slash your boyfriend ten times, choose one, after that, I’ll let you go.”

With that, he pulled out his knife and poked it into the table with a bang.

“You …… guys cut him ……”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and you can’t get a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

“Hey, hey, well, then you roll first, I’d like to see how long he can be tough-mouthed?”

Feng Biao said then fiercely pulled out his sharp knife to look at the bruised Zhao Yang.

Now he suddenly understood that Liu Xinmei didn’t like him at all, but just liked the money and the treasure he suddenly got.

“I’ve figured out that everything is fake, only the money is real, so I won’t tell you the pa*sword even if I die.”

Just at this time, a voice suddenly said.

“It’s not that easy to die!”

Following that, Ye Lu pushed the door and walked in.