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Super School Student Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

Seeing Ye Lu walk in, Feng Biao froze for a moment at first, however, followed by a smile.

“Ye Lu is it, I heard that you have become rich recently, shouldn’t you also take care of your brothers and share some money with us to spend.”

In his opinion, Ye Lu was only a bit handsome and well-connected, he did not feel the aura of a “dark jin powerhouse” from Ye Lu, moreover, he thought he was much more capable of fighting than Brother Long, although Brother Long had blown Ye Lu out of the water, but Feng Biao thought that was just an excuse for Brother Long’s incompetence.

He knew that Feng Biao was going to be unlucky this time. He knew how much Feng Biao weighed, and it was absolutely impossible for him to dislike Ye Lu.

As expected, Ye Lu did not bother to talk nonsense with Feng Biao, he raised his hand and punched him straight in the stomach, this punch sent him flying out.

“Holy f*ck!”


“Day, Nima ……”


Seeing this scene, several guys around were not calm and cursed at first, however, Ye Luo followed up with another punch that knocked the guy standing next to him over to the ground as well.

After knocking this guy over, Ye Lu looked at this guy in the eyes and asked.

“You just said ‘f*ck’, so tell me, what do you want to f*ck?”

This guy immediately wimped out, he kowtowed like a garlic and said.

“I’ll f*ck myself, myself, big brother, just give me a break.”

Ye Lu moved his wrist and said coldly.

“How can that be, I haven’t forgotten the rule of your business, which is ‘beat up first before we talk about anything else’, right?”

Following that, Ye Lu began to make his move.

Brother Long, who was sitting next to him, shivered in his heart, the words Ye Lu had just said were his words.

After beating the boys, including Feng Biao, into a pig’s head, Ye Lu then took a tissue and wiped his hands and said.

“Alright, now I’m cool, you guys can get lost, Brother Long, you stay.”

Hearing Ye Luo say that they could leave, these guys were like being pardoned, one by one they all flew and ran out with a crawl.

“Liu Xinmei, you should go out too.”

Zhao Yang looked at Liu Xinmei and said coldly.

Liu Xinmei also did not expect things to turn out this way, she looked at the unfriendly Zhao Yang, finally gritted her teeth and pushed the door to leave, she understood that everything that might have belonged to her was lost forever in that moment just now.

The entire private room was left with Ye Lu, Zhao Yang, Long and Ren Xue Ying.

“Ye, Brother Ye, I didn’t move my hand just now, this woman can testify that I didn’t touch a single finger of your friend.”

Brother Long said as he looked at Ye Luo and swallowed.

Ye Luo did not say anything, but raised his hand and slapped the coffee table in front of him, “Boom!” The solid wood coffee table was broken into pieces by this slap.

Brother Long shivered in fear.

Only then did Ye Luo look at him and slowly said.

“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, from now on, you and your men should not pester this woman again, or this is what will happen to you, do you understand?”

By “this woman”, Ye Lu was of course referring to Ren Xue Ying.

It was Ren Xue Ying who had just sent a message to Ye Lu to rescue her, otherwise Ye Lu would not have known that Zhao Yang was already trapped here.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Brother Long hurriedly said in a loud voice.

“Brother Ye, don’t worry, I’ll never mess with this woman again, I’ll go around when I see her from afar, she’ll be my grandmother from now on.”

Ye Lu nodded and then waved his hand at him.

Outside in the hall, Zhang Yang greeted Feng Biao and the others who were nose-to-nose.

“Brother Biao, what’s wrong with you guys?”

He said knowingly.

In fact, he had just seen it hard outside when Ye Lu entered in a blaze of glory, but it was already too late to inform, so he thought he would simply let Ye Lu pull some more hatred and forget about it.

Feng Biao spat out a mouthful of blood and said.

“Bad luck, this time I, Feng Biao, have kicked the iron plate, I didn’t expect that kid to be so capable of fighting.”

Following that, he followed Zhang Yang’s to the loose seat and briefly told him what had just happened.

“You said he has ‘Immortal Pill’ in his hand and more than one?”

Zhang Yang said with some surprise, at this moment, his heart was filled with shock, but then he thought about it, he felt that this Feng Biao was right, why did Ye Lu seem to be not very powerful when he started to fight him for the first time, but soon he could fight a group of people by himself.

He had actually never been able to figure this out either, but if Ye Lu obtained and ate the Immortal Pill, just like his brother, then it would all make complete sense.

Following that, Zhang Yang’s heart turned hot, if things were true, then if he got the Immortal Pill from Ye Lu, wouldn’t he be just as strong as Ye Lu.

Seeing Zhang Yang’s expression, Feng Biao then realised that he had let his mouth slip.

He hurriedly and quickly said.

“Hmm, but it seems to be an elixir used for breast enlargement, there is no egg use.”

Zhang Yang then looked at Feng Biao and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Brother Biao, I won’t say anything, the less people know about such things the better, right?”

Feng Biao nodded somewhat awkwardly, while in his heart, he had already cursed himself a thousand times, just now his mouth was too indebted, and he was blamed for being dumbfounded by Ye Lu in the moment.

However, he did believe Zhang Yang’s words, he also knew that Zhang Yang would definitely not spread this matter outside, however, Zhang Yang would definitely find a way to get the elixir in Ye Lu’s hand first.

“I can only hope that Lao-san will come out of seclusion sooner.”

Feng Biao muttered helplessly in his heart.

In the private room, Ren Xue Ying looked at Ye Lu with tears in her eyes and said.

“Ye Lu, thank you so much, thank you so much, I now realize that it is still you who is good to me, I am sorry for what happened before, it was all my fault ……”

Ye Lu didn’t let her continue, but raised his hand to interrupt Ren Xue Ying and said.

“Ren Xueying, no matter what, just now, thank you for helping me to report the news, from now on the grudge between the two of us will be settled, you can go.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words and seeing Ye Luo’s expression, Ren Xue Ying opened her mouth to say something else, but in the end all the words turned into a sigh.


She said with a sigh.

“Well, I understand, I wish you happiness.”

After saying that, Ren Xue Ying walked straight past Ye Lu and opened the door to the room and left.

“Ahem! Ye Lu, you’re really big-hearted, she has lied to you several times and made small moves behind your back, and you just let her go?”

Zhao Yang said as he got up from the ground.

Ye Lu smiled lightly and said.

“Just like that, after all, it’s someone I once liked, besides, who wouldn’t make mistakes, don’t you come out blindly fooling around with a bit of money?”

By Ye Luo so you say, Zhao Yang immediately embarra*sed he he he laughed.

“Okay, don’t laugh blindly, let’s go, I’ll go and refine some pills for you to take, I guess this injury will be healed soon.”

It was not difficult to refine pills for bruises and injuries, and the herbs were not hard to find either, so soon Ye Lu bought all the herbs.

He took out the pot and began to weigh the various medicines to prepare for refining.

“Ye Lu, what kind of strange encounter did you encounter, you actually even know how to refine pills?”

Zhao Yang looked at Ye Luo with an incredulous face and said.

Ye Luo then said indifferently.

“There are some things you shouldn’t know or it’s better not to know, haven’t you suffered enough? What’s going on with that Liu Xinmei just now, is it considered a breakup?”

As a result, Zhao Yang skimmed his mouth and said.

“Break up what, haven’t even held hands yet, women nowadays are unreliable, still brothers are reliable, by the way, Ye Lu, do you have a potion that can lose weight, let me be thin as a lightning bolt.”

Fat, has always been a hidden pain in Zhao Yang’s heart, he always felt that no girl liked him just because he was fat.

What he didn’t expect was that Ye Lu actually nodded and said.

“There, let me help you refine it when there is a chance.”

And at this time, Zhang Yang had already hurried back to his house, in front of him sat a boy who looked slightly older than him, this person was his brother Zhang Tian, at this moment, Zhang Tian was dressed in white, he really looked a bit out of the world.

“Big brother, I’ve got some incredible news today.”

Zhang Yang said with an excited face.

Zhang Tian, on the other hand, said with a cloudy face as he sipped his tea.

“It’s really sullen, what’s worth such a fuss, your composure is too bad.”

As a result, Zhang Yang said with a glare.

“It’s news about ‘immortal pills’, and a bunch of ‘immortal pills’ at that.”


Hearing Zhang Yang’s words, Zhang Tian spewed out a large mouthful of tea.


Chapter 62

Nima, immortal pills, or a whole lot of them, do you think immortal pills are winter storage cabbages?

Zhang Tian muttered helplessly in his heart, he felt that this brother of his was becoming more and more clueless, believing in such news, what on earth was he thinking.

So, Zhang Tian wiped his mouth and asked.

“What the hell is going on, where would so many ‘immortal pills’ appear, do you think you can pick up ‘immortal pills’ all over the street?”

Hearing Zhang Tian ask, Zhang Yang then told Zhang Tian about the things he had encountered in the past few days.

“If what you said is all true, this thing does seem quite evil.”

Zhang Tian said as he rubbed his chin and thought about it.

“However, what you can be more sure of is that the elixir that can enlarge your breasts is real, right?”

Zhang Yang thought for a moment, then nodded and said.

“Yes, but it wasn’t something I saw with my own eyes either, it was that Feng Biao who said it, as for the rest, it’s true that it’s all speculation on our part, but I feel that it should be true.”

When Zhang Yang finished speaking, Zhang Tian said with a sigh.

“Ai! I can’t blame you for saying that, because you haven’t used ‘Immortal Pills’ so you don’t understand them, in fact, most of your guesses are wrong, because ‘Immortal Pills’ that can make people so strong all of a sudden need a process to be absorbed, that’s also the reason why I’ve closed the door twice And according to your description, it seems that he didn’t delay anything and didn’t go into seclusion to become stronger naturally, right?”

Zhang Yang said after thinking carefully.


Then, Zhang Tian concluded as if to say.

“Alright, I know about this matter, there is indeed something odd in it, I will find the time to help you deal with it, but before that, we have more important things to do, tomorrow, I am going to welcome the Gu Family’s eldest miss Gu Shiqi.”

Hearing Zhang Tian’s words, Zhang Yang almost did not jump up as he stared at him and asked.

“Big brother, what did you say? You are going to marry Gu Shiqi, you are not joking.”

Zhang Tian once again picked up his cup of tea and said with a smile.

“Do you look like I’m joking with you?”

This time Zhang Yang was completely nonchalant, he clenched his fist and looked at Zhang Tian and said.

“Big brother, you obviously know that I like Gu Shiqi, why do you say that you are going to welcome her, what exactly does that mean?”

Zhang Tian took a sip of tea and then said slowly and methodically.

“Ah Xiao Yang, let me ask you, are you and Gushiki boyfriend and girlfriend? Have you ever held hands with her? Ever watched a movie? Ever been in love?”

Without waiting for Zhang Yang to answer, Zhang Tian continued.

“None of them, right, so there is just no relationship between you and Gushiki now, I am not wrong, right?”

In response to Zhang Tian’s words, Zhang Yang wanted to retort, but he opened his mouth but found that he really had no reason to retort, he could really only be considered a deadbeat suitor of Gushiki.

Zhang Tian then continued.

“As you know, I have a master who is a worldly man because I got the ‘Immortal Pill’, in fact, he also asked me to do this because he saw that Gu Shiqi is actually a Nine Yang body, which is perfect for male and female dual cultivation, if I get her, my cultivation will definitely increase again, and then maybe If I get her, my cultivation will definitely increase again, and by then I might be able to break through ‘Hua Jin’ and even cross over to ‘Xiantian’.”

“Therefore, our family is determined to get this matter, so you should give up your heart.”

Hearing Zhang Tian’s words, Zhang Yang then fell silent, it was obvious that this should be a unanimous decision made by the family, ever since Zhang Tian had received his strange encounter, he had become the family’s treasure, so Zhang Yang knew very well that there was no way to change this matter, he had to grit his teeth and left in depression.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t know these things, he was currently making a new pill, specifically for bruises and injuries, named “Spring Return Pill”, with the experience of yesterday’s “Breast Enhancement Pill”, this time the pill was made with ease, and soon a glittering white pill came out.

This time, because of the simplicity of the pills, there were thirty-three intact pills with a better yield.

“Here, let’s combine external and internal application and see the healing effect.”

Ye Lu picked up one of the pills and smelled it before handing it to Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang then said with an incredulous expression on his face.

“Sh*t! You kid is too awesome, you can even refine this, jealousy and envy!”

As he said that, he took one, because the injuries on his body really hurt, those people from Feng Biao were used to fighting, and they all hit hard.

Following that, he found something to wrap the elixir in and placed it on a stone and smashed it into a powder and applied it to the wound.

As soon as the powder came into contact with the wound, a “hissing!” sound was immediately emitted. A numbing sensation came from the wound, and the pain was immediately relieved.

“Don’t say it, Ye Lu, this thing you made really works well.”

Zhao Yang said as he finished applying it and lay down on a rock by the river looking at the sky.

“I really want to see the world outside the sky one day!”

Ye Lu also looked up at the sky in the same way, he was wondering where the world outside the sky was. Was it the Haotian Continent? Or was it somewhere else? He suddenly realized that from the moment he put on his gla*ses, the world seemed to have changed.

Following that, Ye Lu suddenly thought of a question that he had never considered.

“Who exactly made these gla*ses, and where did they come from?”

He recalled the day he had gotten the gla*ses, they were under the sofa, and there was no way the cleaning aunt couldn’t have seen them if they had been there all along.

“That is to say, the eyes would have been placed there deliberately by someone, and most of them shortly before I went in, so who could it be?”

With that in mind, he found the bar owner’s phone number then called.

“Oh, Master Ye ah, let me think ah, you wait a minute, that day was your last day at work, Brother Long came over, at ten o’clock ……”

The barman said as he began to think.

“Right, I remember, another person did go in that day before Brother Long opened the room, I remember it was a woman with a great body, wearing a mask so I didn’t see her face, breasts above 36D, long legs and a nice a*s, didn’t sing either, seemed to sit there for an hour and then left.”

Hearing that it was such a bizarre woman, Ye Lu immediately asked in detail.

However, the bar owner said with a sigh.

“How can I know the details, it’s been too long, I just remember that it was a wretched woman anyway.”

As it turned out, there was no news of anything other than that it was a woman over 36D.

“Where am I going to find someone with just B**bs?”

Ye Luo muttered a bit depressed, then he found that Zhao Yang had fallen asleep, probably related to drinking too much, he didn’t bother to care about Zhao Yang, so he continued to refine the Antidote Pill and Beauty Pill.

After an hour or so, Zhao Yang woke up, and to his surprise, he found that the injuries on his body had already healed to a great extent, as the scabs had crusted over and the swelling had gone down.

“So divine!”

He couldn’t help but exclaim, but by this time, Ye Yan was already starting to urge Ye Lu to go home, and the pills were almost done being refined, so Ye Lu packed and gathered his things to go back.

The next morning, before Ye Lu had breakfast, a strange phone call came.

“Ye Lu, it’s me, this is Gu Shiqi, come to my house quickly, just now, come non-stop, know my house address, I don’t have time to talk to you in detail, come and snatch me away ……”

When she said this, Gu Shiqi quickly hung up the phone, seemingly the call was made secretly, afraid of being known.

“How many times does this mean?”

Gushiki’s inexplicable action made Ye Lu somewhat confused, however, he still quickly haphazardly put on his clothes and picked up his bag and called a car to quickly rush towards Gushiki’s home.

Gou Shiqi’s home was a detached riverside villa, decorated in antique colours, a glimpse of their antique family’s style could be seen.

However, from afar, Ye Luo saw many luxury cars parked around the Gu family’s home, what with Aston Martin, Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley, Bugatti Veyron …… looking very much like a luxury car show.

This made the taxi Ye Luo was sitting in look unusually abrupt.

However, Ye Lu couldn’t care less, and after getting out of the car, he ran straight towards the entrance.

As a result, the security guard at the entrance reached out and stopped him.

“May I ask if you have an invitation?”

Ye Lu shook his head, then looked at the door guard and asked.

“So early, so many luxury cars, what are these people doing here?”

The doorman looked at him and said with a smile.

“Looks like you still don’t know, of course they are here to propose to our lady, look, the city’s riches, the grandsons of respectable families are all here, you’re not saying you’re here to propose too, are you?”

Hearing the doorman’s words, Ye Lu suddenly laughed and said.

“Big brother, you are really discerning, you can also see that I am really here to ask for a marriage, moreover I almost forgot just now, I actually brought an invitation with me.”

As Ye Lu said, he took out a pile of pink banknotes from the package he was carrying behind him and put it into the doorman’s hand.