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Super School Student Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73

“Ye Lu, come and see, look at your sister’s face.”

As she spoke, Ye Yan had already run over, and Ye Lu also saw Ye Yan’s beautiful face, indeed, the effect of the “Beauty Pill” was quite good, after using it, Ye Yan’s face not only looked exceptionally moist but also clean and smooth, and could be blown apart, of course, this was also related to Ye Yan’s good foundation.

Ye Luo couldn’t help but reach out and touch a handful and said.

“The effect is really obvious! Older sister, how much did you use?”

Ye Yan said as she spread her hands out.

“I’ve used them all!”

Hearing that they had all been used, Ye Lu immediately had a black line, “If you have rice, you have a pot, if you have wood, you have a stove”, this was the style of compounding this old sister, how much she had created, however, this effect was really not a cover.

In fact, Ye Lu had tried it himself before, but he had already shed his “mortal body”, so using this thing had no effect at all, so he had to give up.

“Quickly, Ye Lu, give me all of your stock.”

Ye Yan reached out and said.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, shook his head and said.

“No, I have to keep some of it, I have someone to give it too.”

Since the “Beauty Pill” was so effective, Ye Lu must give some to Qin Shiyu, Gu Shiqi and Liu Mei, these girls should also use cosmetics, but this “Beauty Pill” was obviously more effective.

“Oh! You’re going to use this to pick up girls, aren’t you? Quickly, tell old sister, which girl do you like, old sister will give you a hand and help you get into bed.”

Seeing Ye Yan’s open-mouthed appearance, Ye Lu hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“Alright, alright, do you still want the elixir or not, any more nonsense one is not available.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ye Yan immediately smiled and shut up, then extended her small white hand to Ye Luo’s front.

Ye Lu had no choice but to take out a bag of “Beauty Pills” and give it to Ye Yan, who then happily carried the bag back to her room.

Ye Lu shook his head, then also went back to his room and started to cultivate, he had to hurry up his cultivation to be able to release the flame by his body as soon as possible.

The next morning, Ye Lu received a call from Gushiqi. He had to quickly wash up and then tell Ye Yan to go out for breakfast before running out.

“Gushiki, send you something good, it can be beauty care!”

After meeting him, Ye Lu handed a bottle of “Beauty Pill” to Gushiki.

“It looks like pearls, where did you get it, is it for eating?”

Gu Shiqi opened the bottle and looked at it, the “Beauty Pill” was crystal clear and looked quite beautiful, it was indeed similar to a pearl.

Ye Lu didn’t say it was made by himself, just said it was a gift from a friend, and then said a little about the usage.

“Sure, I can’t do it today, I’ll use it tomorrow.”

Gu Shiqi said with a smile.

“This is the proof of eligibility to participate in the ‘public auction’, I’ve got it all done for you, don’t think about the money later, just consider the value for money, feel free to bid when you see a good item.”

Gu Shiqi said with an air of greatness.

Of course Ye Lu smiled and nodded.

Gu Shiqi then followed and said.

“The ‘public auction’ is once a year, so not only are the things good, but there are also many, it is estimated that several thousand pieces must be there, the two of us did not participate in the preview, so I guess you have your hands full, let me briefly explain the rules of bidding.”

“The morning starts with a ‘dark bid’, all the stones that are ‘dark bid’ have a number next to them, the buyer who likes them can write down the price according to the number and then put it into the corresponding box, and finally see who has the highest price, who gets the stone. The trouble is, however, that we don’t know what price someone else has written.”

“In the afternoon there will be ‘open bidding’, which is as simple as auctioning, where everyone raises their bid and the highest bidder wins.”

“Of the thousands of stones, the semi-clear stones with open windows are the most common, the hooded stones that are all gambled on are relatively rare, however, the hooded stones will be huge if they are picked up, plus the vast majority of the stones will be ‘dark bids’ ……”


While Gu Shiqi was explaining to Ye Lu about bidding on the “public market”, in another shop not far from them, a beautiful woman was also studying about the “public market”.

She had come from the capital, but her reason for coming here was not to participate in the jadeite auction, she had come to attend the “puja”.

However, as a woman, she has a pa*sion for jadeite, so she came early when she heard that there was a “public auction” here.

“Miss Long, I didn’t expect you to like jadeite so much, but it’s a pity that there’s nothing in my shop that can catch your eye, but don’t worry, there’s definitely something good on the ‘fair’ this time, I’ll definitely help you pick a good stone.”

A middle-aged man sitting opposite this beautiful woman looked at the woman and said with a smile.

If Ye Lu was here, he would have recognized that this middle-aged man was the owner of the “Stone to Run” shop that he and Gu Shiqi had visited yesterday.

Hearing the man’s words, Long Fei Xue smiled and said.

“Good, I’m really an amateur in this area, so I’ll rely on you, don’t worry, you’ll get the benefit, you’re the only relative I have in this place.”

In fact, Mr. You was not good at identifying jadeite stones, but, in his opinion, Long Feixue had plenty of money anyway, so she could just pick the expensive ones and buy them when the time came.

For Long Feixue, she also has her own troubles, her troubles come from two points, the first point, she is a little dissatisfied with her body, especially her breasts, only the national average of “B”, she feels not prominent enough.

This is one of the reasons why she came here, because in the capital there is a legend that there is an elixir for breast enlargement, of course, because the quantity is too small, she has never seen the real thing, but there is a rumour that the elixir came from this city to the capital.

Long Fei Xue could remember how big a stir those three pills had caused, so even though she felt incredible, she believed seven or eight percent of it.

Another point was that her cultivation seemed to have reached a bottleneck and she had not made any progress for a long time.

So, she came here to see if she could get a breast enlargement pill, and to see if she could find something useful at the “puja” to break through the bottleneck, and of course, to relax, as she had been feeling a bit irritable lately.

Soon, the two of them finished their meal and went to the site of the “puja”. When they arrived, Long Fei Xue realised that there were really a lot of people here, and there were also a lot of stones, and each stone had a number and a card attached to it.

“Miss Long, do you see that man, in a moment, whatever he buys, we will also buy, absolutely right.”

At this time, Boss You pointed at Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi who were not far away and said with a smile.

Long Fei Xue followed Boss You’s finger and ended up seeing a handsome man with quite a handsome aura and a big beautiful woman with a pearly smile, but both of them looked very young, estimated to be less than twenty years old, she didn’t think someone of that age would be an expert in gambling stones.

“What, are they experts? They look too young!”

Long Fei Xue asked, somewhat puzzled.

Boss You, on the other hand, scratched his head and said.

“I don’t know if they are experts, but I feel that the man should be a god ……”

Following that, Boss You then told Long Fei Xue about what he had encountered yesterday.

“They left, I cut the stone he said, it was really high ice and colored, I was stunned, what do you think it was if not a god?”

Boss You gossiped with some excitement, as if the person who was appraising the treasure was not Ye Lu but himself.

“It’s that godly?”

Having been told so by Boss You, Long Feixue’s interest was also piqued, and following that, she observed Ye Lu from afar.

Ye Luo did not notice Long Fei Xue and Boss You, as his attention was all drawn to these thousands of stones, there were really too many of them, and they were obviously not of the same magnitude as yesterday’s, many of them were very large, the largest one was probably several tons in weight.

“Open your eyes, this is the real gambling stones.”

Gu Shiqi said, pointing to the courtyard full of stones.

Ye Luo did not say anything, but nodded silently, then started looking at the first stone, so many stones, Ye Luo understood that he had his hands full.


Chapter 74

On each stone was written the weight, the reserve price and so on. Whether it was a ‘secret’ or ‘open’ bid, the price had to be higher than the reserve price, which was said to be the lowest price that had been agreed upon by a large number of experts.

“This doesn’t seem to work.”

Ye Luo muttered in a low voice while looking at it, while Gu Shiqi followed him, because Ye Luo knew the internal structure of the stone, but did not understand the value of the stone, so it was not very clear to Ye Luo which one was suitable for bidding and how much was the right bid.

“This one seems to be good, the inside is the same as the surface, the colour is very even and there aren’t any locks and cracks.”

There were really quite a lot of good things here, and soon, Ye Lu pointed at one of the stones and said.

Gu Shiqi looked at it from the side and said.

“Well, that’s bracelet material, it’s estimated to produce more than a hundred bracelets, it’s really good, but there’s no colour, so it won’t fetch a big price, it’s just a few times more.”

To be honest, a few times was already quite good, but what Ye Lu needed was more than a billion dollars, so it would not be possible to achieve that by doubling a few times.

Seeing that Gu Shiqi shook her head, Ye Lu continued to look at the next stone, there were still more stones here anyway.

Long Fei Xue, who was not far away, had of course heard their conversation, and she looked at Ye Lu with some surprise, because listening to Ye Lu’s tone, it seemed that he could really see inside the stone.

In fact, it was probably clear to Ye Lu that the stone wouldn’t work, which was why he asked Gushiki about it face to face; there were many people here, so if he was actually seeing the treasure, Ye Lu obviously couldn’t ask so directly.

In fact, the two had agreed a long time ago that if they really saw something good, like a gla*s seed, or a full green, or the strongest imperial green or something like that, the two would use their mobile phones to exchange, while the poorer ones could have a conversation to exchange a bit, because this would save a lot of time, thousands of stones, ah, spending a second or two per stone, and hours of time.

So, Ye Luo was very fast, sometimes directly scanning two or three together, and he was much more experienced now than before anyway.

Soon, however, he still ran into a problem.

As he watched, he quickly sent a message to Gu Shiqi.

“I saw a stone that wasn’t green, it was purple inside, it was ice enough and a bit pink in colour, probably.”

As he sent the message, Ye Lu took a picture with his gla*ses and sent it to Gushiqi.

Gu Shiqi then quickly responded.

“This is a ‘violet’ ah, and it’s also a top-grade ice-grain pink violet, this thing is worth old money, buy it!”

Ye Lu looked at the low price, the reserve price of this stone was not very high, I guess it had something to do with the open window, because the opening was more upwards, so the purple colour that could be seen was not too strong, but the further down the stone the more intense the colour was, and the better the water variety, it was just a pity that it could not be seen on the surface.

Ye Lu then gave a price slightly higher than the reserve price, as he was the first to bid, so he felt it was better not to give too high a price for the time being.

Shortly after Ye Luo walked past, Long Fei Xue also walked past, and then after thinking about it wrote down a triple price.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, continued to look ahead but, by Gushiqi’s standards, there weren’t really many stones worth bidding on and, as time went on, many of them were starting to be bid on.

After another long search, Ye Lu finally found one worthy of a bid once again.

“This stone is gla*sy with green flowers floating inside, it should be good.”

Ye Lu sent a message to Gu Shiqi once again.

Gu Shiqi, in turn, replied quickly.

“Gla*s seeds with floating flowers, buy.”

Ye Lu first looked at the highest price the others had bid, then added a few tens of thousands and wrote it down and cast it inside the corresponding box.

Long Feixue, on the other hand, still directly tripled the reserve price and threw it in.

In this way, Ye Lu began the long process of figuring out what to do. According to Gu Shiqi’s standard, he would not start for the time being if he did not reach a profit of more than 10 million, and would wait until the second round to make his bid, as he still had to leave some money to participate in the open bidding, which, despite the fact that there were very few items in the open bidding, were basically good items that could be seen at a glance.

Of course, whenever Ye Fei Xue selected a stone, Long Fei Xue would follow suit and bid on it.

It was close to noon when Gu Shiqi bought food, but Ye Lu didn’t stay idle while he ate. He was going to finish looking at all the stones so that he could shoot the open bids in the afternoon.

If the “dark bids” were about eyesight and luck, then the “open bids” were actually about money, and there would definitely be a battle of the tigers.

“This, this should be the best jadeite you’ve ever heard of.”

When the meal was nearing its end, Ye Lu looked at a hooded material and said in a small voice to Gu Shiqi.

By this time almost the vast majority of people had gone to eat and rest, so whispering was not a problem.

When Gushiki, who was eating her lunch box with Ye Lu, heard Ye Lu’s words, she said without hesitation.

“Then what are you waiting for? Buy it! Look at the volume, you can pay off half of your bill.”

Gushiki’s words startled Ye Lu, he really didn’t think that just such an insignificant looking big stone would have a price of several hundred million.

After bidding on this one stone, Ye Lu continued to look at the rest of the stones, but there were no more big surprises. The two of them found a shady place to sit for a while, and then went to the hall and found a seat to wait for the start of the open bidding.

Long Fei Xue also found a seat not far from them and sat down.

The auctioneer didn’t say too much nonsense because, according to her, there were many items to be auctioned and she wanted to leave as much time as possible for everyone.

“The first open bid is for the original stone, number 5944, do you see this line of positive Yang green in the cut, just this one intense line is also worthy of this starting price, the starting bid is 2 million.”

When this starting price appeared, Ye Luo was stunned, indeed the price of the stones in the open bidding was really expensive, this price was basically the highest level in the reserve price of the dark bidding outside.

“Actually, it’s not that expensive.”

Gu Shiqi introduced at the side.

“There is a saying when choosing a jadeite stone, ‘I’d rather buy a line than a piece’, this line is really worth it, just wait, soon the price will go up several times.”

As expected, the price skyrocketed and immediately reached the ten million level.

“Sh*t! These people are so rich.”

Ye Lu said somewhat helplessly.

Gu Shiqi, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Actually, because this is the first lot, that’s why it’s so good and so expensive la, the purpose is to heat up the atmosphere of the scene, and when people get excited they naturally go crazy and bid money, of course, there’s the last stone which is also very special, because that’s the finale, so it will definitely be a good one too.”

“However, these two pieces are not the ones we should make a move on, because there are no more big leaks to pick up, we have to aim for the ones that can make money… Right, the bright mark is estimated that there are not many chances to pick up big leaks, so let’s make a move on the ones that are almost ready.”

Hearing Gu Shiqi’s words, Ye Lu nodded his head.

Following that, every time a lot came up, Ye Lu scanned it and discussed with Gushiqi about the disposal method. As a result, Ye Lu found that the profit of the open bids was really low, and there was nothing worth bidding for a long time, at this time, another stone was pushed up.

“This is the original stone number 9875, everyone has seen it, pinkish-purple ‘Violet’ ice seed has no problems, the value of this thing think than you all should be clear, the starting bid is 4 million, cabbage price there?”

Although the auctioneer said so, people didn’t really buy it, because this stone was also risky, after all, people didn’t know if the cut was all purple inside, and whether the purple would deepen or lighten, which was also a problem.

“This stone is very special, the purple inside gets darker not to mention the other side is sunny green, and the inside part is close to gla*s, is this worth a lot of money.”

Ye Lu sent a message to Gu Shiqi.

Gu Shiqi quickly replied back.

“Of course, this kind of jadeite is called spring band colour, if it’s as deep pink and purple as you say plus positive Yang green and of ice seed, it’s the ultimate, let me take it.”

Gu Shiqi said and held up her card.

“Number 88, raise the price to ten million at once, ten million any more bids?”

Gu Shiqi’s fierce price increase was to make everyone else know what to do and tell everyone that she was bound to win.

“Ten million once, ten million twice ……”

Just when Ye Lu thought the item was in his hands, a voice suddenly said.

“I’ll give eleven million.”